The Power Of Destiny

The Power Of Destiny : Final Episode

…The doctors worked tirelessly, trying to resuscitate him. But at 11:45, the doctors pronounced him dead.
While everyone was wailing the death of Chisala, Madam Lusaka called her pastor on the phone, and told him to rush to the hospital.
Madam Lusaka: “I believe that if we join our faith with yours, that God can bring our son back to life” she said into the phone sobbing.

The pastor came with some other pastors in the church. They began to intercede, raising their voices to heaven in a loud cry, asking that the soul of Chisala be returned. While they prayed, the body of Chisala was being prepared to be taken to the mortuary.
Kopakopa wanted to be sure that Chisala was dead, so he came to the hospital, and from the lobby heard the news of the boy who was shot and had just died. He left the hospital, satisfied. They had lost the contract with their client because they could not carry out the operation but he was happy that the boy who betrayed them and caused them all that trouble had left the land of the living.

But the God with the longest hand that stretches forth from heaven to wrought wonders among men, heard the cry of the saints. Even Tasila’s mother who was a Muslim was shouting the loudest ‘Amen’ to the prayers of the pastors. God heard their cry and just before Chisala was deposited in the refrigerator, he coughed. The people bearing him, flung him away and ran for their lives. How could a dead person cough, it definitely was the work of evil people, they thought.
Chisala opened his eyes and saw that he was unclad, he looked around and he could feel the stench of death around the mortuary. He ran out of the mortuary and in the hallway, he saw a green surgical garb. He quickly donned it and began to walk away from the mortuary.
The people who ran away peeped and saw him walking, they stared at him in amazement. The news spread like wildfire, and got to his family who were still praying in the lounge. They hurried to meet him, and Chisala could not believe his eyes.

The last thing he remembered was falling because he had been shot, but now he was seeing his family and even the woman whom he always esc-rted to the market, Tasila’s mother. He touched his hand, to be sure he was alive. It was his father who rushed and embraced him first.
Kamulaza: “Oh my son, oh my son” he was too stunned for words, he kept crying and mumbling. Ernest joined the hug, he had forgotten about his wife who had just been diagnosed with cancer.
After the doctor had certified him alright, his family gathered around him and began to tell stories of their lives after he disappeared.

Chisala: “So this is my grandmother?” he asked looking at Tasila’s mother. He could not believe that he had been so close to his roots and had not known. He embraced her.
Kamulaza’s mother: “I am your grandmother too, I gave birth to your father” she said and everyone laughed. Then they asked him to tell them what happened. He told them everything about the look he saw in Queen’s eyes before she swerved the car. That he ran away because he was afraid of Queen. He told them about coming to Livingston to look for Madam Lusaka and falling into the hands of a ritualist. As he talked, they oohed and aahed. They could not believe all the trauma he had gone through right from when he ran away.

Kamulaza: “Queen is dead however” he announced and everyone fell silent to respect the dead.
Kamulaza called the police and after hours of drilling, under the supervision of the doctors, they got the wh0le facts and knew that Chisala was forced into the gang. Elizabeth and Aisha also gave their testimonies of how Chisala warned them, even at the expense of his life. Chisala told the police that Kopakopa and his gang were not armed robbers but assassins who robbed to cover their true intentions.

The news of Chisala being brought back from the dead spread all over Livingston and even the country. Reporters travelled far and wide to see the boy, and many who did not believe on God and his saving power were converted. There was a great revival in the country, as many were led to the Lord through the miracle of Chisala.
However, Kopakopa was determined to finish what he started, he had heard that Chisala had been brought back from the dead, so he watched him. The police, with Chisala’s permission, used him as a bait. He went to the park with his father, Kamulaza. His father, did like he was going to get something and went away. Kopakopa who had been lurking in the shadows came out and stared menacingly at Chisala.

Kopakopa: “I treated you well, but you betrayed me. The price of betrayal is death and this time you will stay dead” he said and pointed the gun at Chisala. Chisala had been kitted with a bulletproof vest, but he was still shaking in his shoes. He was staring death in the face. However, before Kopakopa could pull the trigger, he was fired from behind, he fell and gro-ned, and immediately, police men sprang out from bushes and captured him.
Purity underwent chemotherapy, her skin became pale, and all the hair on her head fell off. She looked like a scare crow as a result of the chemotherapy, but yet, the cancer did not go into remission. She had three months to live. The cancer had become worse and now she was bedridden. She asked to see Chisala, and Kamulaza brought Chisala to Ernest’s house.

When Chisala stepped into Purity’s bedroom, he knew immediately that she was going to die that night. He could smell death before he had been touched by the hands of deaths and could recognize its cold, dark, presence.
Chisala: “I forgive you, I hold no grudges” he said to the frail, sickly woman on the bed.
Purity: “Thank you my son. It shall be well with you” she said.
Chisala went back home with his father, and that night, a call came, Purity had left the land of the living.

James had lost his mother and the love of Elizabeth because she was now so besotted with Chisala, it was like Chisala did not leave. But he was comforted with the support of his family and friends. Three families were joined as one because of Chisala. Before Purity died, she had admonished his son to be a good man, even when it was not easy to be good, and so James heeded his mother’s words and lived amicably with Chisala.
After the burial of Purity, James and Elizabeth went back to school in the States, and Kamulaza processed his son’s papers and sent him to the United States to study Medicine and Surgery at UCLA.

The hands of God are not short, that he cannot touch whatsoever is the ache in your life. He says call on me in the time of trouble, and I will deliver you. Strive to be good, even when it is not often easy to be good. Forgive all those who hurt you and never scheme evil against your fellow human, for the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life. Embrace light and flee from evil.

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