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The president daughter episode 20 – 21

The president daughter episode 20 – 21





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Episode 20:

Ace’s POV:

Her question throw my off guard. She…..she literally just proposed to me.

Yes I want to marry her, I want her to be the mother of my children but.

But want her to remember first, I want her to remember everything. Our history together. Both my bad and good sides that she had experience before,

i want her to remember it again.


“Answer me Ace.” She said impatiently.

“What do you want me to reply you? That I don’t want to marry you? That i don’t want you when you know that you’re whom I live for!” I shouted.

Haven’t I proved myself enough? I f**king love this woman.

“Ace I…….I……..I’m sorry.” She said and lowered her head.

Well you should be sorry.

I turned around and opened the door then walked out of her office.

I was hurt, my ego was hurt.

Everything that I have done for the past 2 and half years was all for this woman.

For her to remember me, for her happiness.

For our happiness.

But she seems to doubt me a lot.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, then reopen it.

I got inside the elevator and pressed the first floor number.

The elevator ride was the longest I’ve ever ride it, or maybe my frustration made it the longest.

Getting out of the elevator,I walk straight to the front door ignoring the greetings from the employees here.

I got inside my car and drove off.

My phone started ringing and I didn’t even bother to know the caller, I connected it to my earphone.

📞Fairweather.📞 I said but there was no reply.

Who the f***k is this, please speak up.

I wanted to hang up when the voice made me stopped on my track.

📞Ace.”📞 my head spinned around at the knowledge of whom the caller is.

Why is she calling?


📞Isabella,”📞 I breathed out.


Can today be any messier? Now she is calling. For what exactly?

📞I came back to new York fewdays ago, i was trying to reach you on the phone but couldn’t. Thank God I reach you today.” She said and I scrunched up my face.

Just say what the hell you wanna say .

“Why did you called Izzy?” I asked.

“Can’t i call to know how you’re fairing Ace, you must have forgotten but I love you, you’re the man I love.” She said and I squeezed my eyes shut, slamming into the brake forcefully and causing some cars to hit each other.

“Oh my God, are you driving….is everything alright? I’ll call you later. Take care, I love you.” She hanged up and I took a deep breath. That was such a relieve.

How can she be back, among my ex girlfriends. Izzy is actually the persistent one among them.

I loved her I guess.

She was pretty, and actress.

Stop thinking about her Ace, think about nobody and compose

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A knock came on my car door and I wind down the glass.

“Oh, it’s you Mr Fairweather. Can you move the car please.” And officer said to me.

I glanced at the side mirror and true to his words, there were lots of vehicles on the line.

“Sorry officer.” I apologize sincerely, I put my hand inside the dashboard and brought out a bundle of money.

“Sorry for the inconvenience,” I hand over the money to him and drive off.

No I didn’t bribe him, there is a huge difference between bribery and appreciating one’s dedication.

He definitely didn’t say, oh it is Fairweather I’ll

let him stay as long as he wants.

He came to me and politely told me to move while I apologized.

That is called, intelligence of ones job.

Since it was already very late, I drove back to my house.

As I settle down on my bed after removing my clothes and wearing another one.

I placed a call across to my secretary.

📲Mr Fairweather📲

📲Cancel all of my appointments tomorrow, I’ll not be around.📲 I told her.

📲Okay mr Fairweather, where are you going to sir?📲

📲 My beach house.📲


Avril POV:

Did I offended him so much that he left me there without a word?

It has been 12 hours now and he haven’t called neither is he picking up mine.

I want to apologize, I didn’t mean to hurt his feelings.

I sigh and looked down at the busy highway.

Should I try yet again?

I dial his number yet again but it wasn’t going through.

Where are you at Ace?

I’m sorry.

Forgive me, forgive me for ever doubting you or your love.

I also want to get married to you,have kids running around. Going to vacations together.

Why did I just ruined it?

Will he still talk to me again?

“Dont be a frustrated person sweetheart, the man waited for you for almost three years now.” My subconscious mind said and I nods in agreement.

Yes she is right, he waited for me.

He is mine.

All mine.

Episode 21:

Ace’s POV:

I walk inside the kitchen and make myself a mug of coffee while pressing my phone.

Yes, I have been here for two days now and she has been calling me every given minute.

At first I was tempted to pick it up, but then I couldn’t.

I really want her to realize her wrong, I want her to feel my pain. The pain of seeing her with another man, the pain of waiting for her for some long.

The pain of not giving up.

I sigh

and sip on my coffee. I miss her, seriously I was the one avoiding her but still missing her.

Crazy right?

I walk out of the kitchen with my coffee, I got outside the balcony and stare ahead.

The ocean waves was quite fast.

Then I saw someone walking towards the beach house.

Izzy? What is she doing here?

She looked up and saw me then smiled .

“Hello handsome.”

“What are you doing here Izzy?” I asked her.

“To visit you of course, can’t i visit my boyfriend again?” She asked and I groaned.

“Ex. It is ex boyfriend Izzy and no you are not welcomed here.” I hastily said.

Why in the whole wide world is she here?

To cause more trouble for me.

She smiled and brought up her hand to touch my face but I quickly avoided it.

“We should go inside and talk.” She said but I refused her.

“No we ain’t going nowhere, not in my house.” I said sternly.

She grabbed my hand and lead me back inside the house.

“What the hell is wrong with you Izzy, I’d know what you’re DG doing here or your purpose of being here but I’ll tell you. It ain’t gonna work one bit.” I seethed out.

“Why are you getting so worked up love? I’m here to talk.” She said and grinned.

Oh good God!

“Talk about what exactly?” I asked her.

She pushed me on a couch and pressed herself down on me, slowly grinding herself on me.

“Stop it Izzy, f**k please stop this madness.” I tried pushing her away but she holds me tightly.

The next thing she did throw me off balance. She slammed her lips on mine, kissing me.

I was too shocked to react. When did she even leave the rehabilitation center?

She was forcefully dragged away from me and the next thing I heard was her wail.

“Get your dirty a** out of my man’s lap.” I heard that voice said.

The voice that I missed so much.


How did she know this place?

Avril POV:

I grabbed my jacket and car key then drove straight to the white house.

I have to talk to mom. To know where Ace beach house is located.

I knocked on her office door and heard a come in.

“Good afternoon mom.” I greeted.

“Same sweetheart, you’re back early today. What’s up?” She asked.

“Do you know where Ace beach house is? He has been avoiding me, avoiding my calls for days now and it is getting unbearable for me.” I said and tried not to cry.

Why is he running away from me?

“The beach house is located at the beach of course.” She said and I rolled my eyes.

Please don’t be sarcastic mom.


“Okay it is………”

“Alright mom, thanks.” I walk out if her office and quickly climb the stairs up to my room.


“Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I’ll be leaving for UK in an hour time.” He said.

“What about Jane?” I asked him.

“Oh, she is still your maid. I don’t know……..if you can let her go? I don’t want her to work as a maid anymore.” He said.

“Okay,she can quit…..I just want to go grab my purse and go somewhere quick. Sorry I couldn’t see you off.” I said and hugged him then peek his cheek.

I grabbed my bag and soon i was already in my car.


I got out of my car and removed my sunglasses.


This house is so beautiful. I walk towards the house and slowly opened the door.

My eyes widened at the scene in front of me.

Wait, he left me to come and make out with this woman?

“I just want to talk.”

“Talk? There is nothing to talk about.” I heard him say.

When she started kissing him, I rushed towards them I yank her out of his lap.

“Get your dirty a** out of my man’s lap.” I gritted out and slapped her.

“And who are you?” She asked me.

“I am his girlfriend!” I yelled and pulled on her hair.

“Well I am the mother of his child bitch!” She yelled and my hand froze.


“What!!” Ace yelled.


This woman is a psycho.

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