President Son And I

The President Son and I – Batch E (season 2)

THE PRESIDENT’S SON AND I *War Against Love* Season 2 Episode 1

I wasn’t taken to prison direct that night,I was blind folded again and taken to one bungalow building roughly painted white,I saw these when the blind fold was taken of.
I was made to seat on a stool while my mouth was blocked,my hands and legs tied to the stool,my eyes were as red as hell from the tears I cried,on the wall facing me was a wall clock and it says 12:30 pm,all over the room were scattered shot cards all over while some of the guys *about 6 of them* were seated in a circle gambling,only two had their singlets on while the rest had no shirt on,one was just on boxer while the rest had trousers on.
About 11 guns of same height were arranged on the floor. The room was indeed having foul odour mostly due to the smokes they were puffing out of their mouth and the beers they kept themselves company with.
I thought only hefty men steal but I was really seeing something different, about four of the guys were slim,one was even looking like an HIV/AIDS patient, I could had easily counted his ribs if I had wanted.
They kept gambling and shouting,a times it would look as if they want to get into a fight with each other. Three guys entered the building,they were looking hefty and their faces can easily get a soldier into taking to his heels on seeing them,I one the guy that entered first,that was tanko
Tanko: pikin wetin una dey do,shey I tell una make una no dey gamble in front of Client
Pikin: *stop the whot* the boss,we just dey feel bored,no be me even start the play na kodo
Tanko: oyah make una park that rubbish as I dey watch una so,Kodo?
Kodo: yes boss
Tanko: why you dey like rain business for me na,see as una dey here they shout when police dey town dey search for our client,if they hear una noise enter here na wetin una go talk
Kodo: the boss,I greet your regime, but make u no vex,your boys just won dey busy
Tanko: una don give her food?
Pikin: TK na u the boss dey ask
TK: boss no vex,I forget
Tanko: if I say make thunder strike mama wey born u shey u go say I wicked,so u chop your own forget another person
Me: I don’t want your food,just let me go
Tanko: your fada,c’mon keep quiet,who ask you weda u wan go or stay,here resemble ajebuta children house,in fact you go H today your belle go tell you
Me: please,let me go I beg of you
Tanko: come una dey get ready o,by seven pm we go go drop these girl for prison as instructed so una dey watch out for funny movements
Pikin: the boss e be like say u don forget,na me be pikin,my papa na soldier,my mama na aboro me pikin na hustler,any eke wey life tire na me e dey meet to finish him life for ram so boss no fear
The Slim Guy: the boss make I still remind you,na me be biology, I dey find my missing rip,na im make other rips dey show,my worst enemy for these life na police and you know dem no dey escape my bullet
Another Guy: bros forget,in fact if you wan travel make you just dey travel,you know me na,na me be error and I no need introduction maka nnwane nnwayi emede be introduction since she come life
TK: hand dey your sister case be dat,woman wey never get man to do introduction for im head na casala that is why I be TK,the only graduate for Africa as a wh0le wey graduate himself for 100 level,collect certificate dey go house,u nor dey hear the name? TK Take and Kill
Tanko: better,I dey come,make I go withdraw the hundred million so we go share
All: yessss ooo *he takes his leave and the other two boys that came with him followed behind him*
The other guys stopped the gambling,each started picking their guns one after the other,five guns where left on the floor after they had take
Pikin: Biology, take Error and TK outside and stay on guide,when bomboy and Ore come they go join una,you hear wetin boss talk,gun down any funny movement,as for the bae,me and the rest go dey here dey observe am
Biology: you no make mistake,we go guide these capala well till these illegal goods is disposed *they went outside*
Imagine these HIV/Aids victim calling me an illegal goods, I really don’t blame him,all I need right now is leave here but I don’t know how I was going to do that.
As at 4 pm sharp the building became very noisy,they were all rejoying,Tanko has arrived with the money,they scattered money all over the room in celebration,some were shouting “hundred million,for just a goods,e no easy.”
I needed no smooth sayer to tell me that was they pay on me.
As at 7 pm they bundled me up after loosing me from the stool and lead me to a open car outside.
These hoodlums drove me to an unknown destination, they stopped, I wasn’t begging anymore because I was tired of begging,as they stopped, three men out of the five in the car with me came down and the remaining two drove me off,before five minutes we were in a prison yard,they forced me out of the car and handed me over to the police men on guide
1st Police: so these is the girl
Tanko: yes,carry her make she join the rest of her kind for there,we done do our own part so continue from where we stopped
2nd Police: no eahal,make una dey go.
Tanko: fine girl,enjoy your new home,so unfortunate sha,guy let’s go.
a policeman lead me in,side the large building handing me over to a warder,a female one at that,as she lead me to unknown destination I thought it wise to plead with her
Me: please ma,am not a thief,I wasn’t even presented to any court of law,its a fellow woman like me that is doing these to me,please ma,help me go home
Warder: e be like say but don loose for your head,na me u wan put for trouble,my friend keep moving
Me: please ma,see I would make sure you are rewarded greatly
Ward: I will slap you o,keep moving,no be who dey alive dey chop money? is it not the living that eats money?
she got to a cell and opened it then pushed me in and locked back the gate then I heard a voice “na who be these one wey them use night dey carry come cell,your papa na security man?” and another voice “chai,na wetin make you leave the land that flows with bread and honey say na here were suffer win award so tey im self tire for the award you wan come” and another voice “quiet,no be bread and honey na milk and honey,so you no even go school?”.
I got confused still standing by the gate,I turned to see the people talking,then I heard “come here monkey,come greet the president”


I was griped by fear as the girl shouted again “monkey,i say make you come see the president,come greet am” i walked closer in a stumbling manner,i had watched so many movies about prison life and the mere memory of those movies makes me shiver
C.P: *Cell President* fine girl,you don’t greet people right?
Me: good evening
C.P: what brought you here
Me: I don’t know ma
All: *lol*
C.P: e be like say crazy dey worry you,na me dey ask you question you dey tell me you nor no,so because say I speak English give you you think say I gentle,if you make me stand up from these bed eh na your body go tell you *shouts* I say na wetin bring you here*
Me: nor..nor..nothing ma,I swear *crying* I don’t know why am here,please believe me
C.P: you get mind still dey lie,Roger
Roger: yes mama
C.P: I want make these girl push motor these night,if she nor fit push am to leave the s₱0t wey e dey that one go mean say she go sleep there
Roger: mama,trust me,hey you,oyah you see these motor for these wall,e don tey wey e park here,oyah begin push am
Me: ah,please,its not possible that car moves,its a drawing
Roger: your father there,you never go chaina before? my friend be creative
Me: please,I can’t push these thing,I don’t even have strength,I haven’t eaten since yesterday
Another Inmate: hunger go kill you here be that
Me: President,please,am humble,I promise to remain that humble to you
C.P: aunty push that motor abi you want make them beat you first before you begin push am?
Me: no,no,I will push
Roger: put your hand for the back of the motor make you begin push.
I placed both hands at the back of the car drawn on the wall of the cell and started pushing
C.P: Roger,make sure she push that car well
Roger: yes mama,oyah my friend push that thing well.
I felt like crying out my pains but my eyes had been dried of tears,I was weak but I continued forcing myself to push to avoid beating,soon the president was fast asleep on her bed,the bed was just a small foam having no layer,someone was fanning her as she slept.
Soon others were sleeping too,I simply rested my forehead on the wall and slept off.
Early the next morning a warder brought my own wears for me,asking me to change into the prison wear of blue which I did to avoid further problems for myself then we were taken out to work on a senior officer’s farm.
I wasn’t used to farm work so I found it difficult weeding the farm land.
around 12:pm I noticed out prisoners gather together and they began singing
“since morning,I never smoke,God go punish e warder,okolo onyeochi p-nt” they continued singing while I battled for strength with myself to complete my work,soon a warder brought food and summoned us all,I was really grateful food finally arrived but when I saw the food,I lost appetite for food for the wh0le day,it was a meal of beans,the beans seeds in the cooler can easily be counted because it was half done and has lot of water in it.
the red oil used in preparing the meal were all up smiling at everyone of us,I watched as those already given food of about three spoons dishing rushed the food,some were even licking the plates,I felt so irritated.
when I was finally given mine,I collected it and sat at a corner with the food in front of me while I mopped at it,wondering how the worms in my stomach would react if I take in the food.
a girl came closer to me and sat close to me
Girl: hi,am Alice,you?
Me: Precious
Alice: you haven’t finished your work yet unlike every other person here
Me: I will finish it
Alice: hmmm,eat up then and finish up
Me: I can’t eat these
Alice: why?
Me: these is more like poison
Alice: * carried the food * really? to you sha,so I can eat it abi?
Me: yes
Alice: thanks
I watched her consumer the food,after eating she said thanks then stood up,took her cutlass and started working my remaining portion,I no time she was done,she came back to her earlier seating position at my side
Alice: one good turn deserves another
Me: but I did nothing for you
Alice: well forget that,what brought you here?
Me: love
Alice: meaning?
Me: its a long story,would tell you later
Alice: if you say so,so friends?
Me: why not
Warders: * voiced out * take position everyone, we are going back to the prison.
we all were lead to the prison and back to our cell,I realized Alice was in same cell with me.
i was weak,the worms in my stomach was grumbling still I was asked to fan the cell president, I stood on stumbling feet as I forced my hands up and down.
As at 5pm we had a new inmate,immediately she was pushed in the president and co tried intimidating her not knowing the girl is a stubborn type. they ordered and ordered her but she didn’t even act like she was the one they are talking to.
she moved over to the side Alice is seated and sat,the president was so angry and ordered Roger and co to beat her up but the new girl gave the president a welcome surprise by beating hell out of Roger and co that went to fight her.
The president got shocked
New Girl: * to those lying on the floor in pains as a result of her beating* I no dey find trouble but if you find my trouble I go kill you be that.
she went back to her seating position and sat down while the president was still in shock.

The cell presido like she is fondly called stood up from her bed
C.P: so you get mind beat people wey I send to handle you *the new girl kept quiet* I dey talk to you *she still said nothing* no worry your judgement day dey come
New Girl: you are a fool,Vero no dey fear any body,who tell you say I beat them,I just touch them but you,you no go dey lucky like them because I go beat you eh and you no say u thin
C.P: Vero abi na wetin dem call you,we shall see *she walked back to her bed and sat down
Me: please am tried,am so weak
C.P: you dey craze,in fact you dey mad,fan me idiot
Vero: * to me * come here,come sit here,you are not going to fan her again,she dey craze
C.P: if you move from here eh,I will kill you
before she could even finish her statement I had ran to vero,I knew I would be safe with her and no one dared come to me again.
As days go by myself,Vero and Alice had formed a separate group in the cell,I was eating good food now becaus Vero’s people bring her food every day,she had probably told her people about myself and Alice so whenever they bring food they bring it in a big cooler and also most of the time Alice people brings food too.
The C.P and her gang never bothered us again probably because of Vero but they kept throwing side talks at us.
Well I was eating good food but not enough food because these families only bring food once a day just few times they bring morning and night,the only prison food my stomach permitted was bread and garri so when ever they serve us bread or garri I never reject.
The work in the prison was getting much,most times we will work on farm lands from morning till night falls,weed around the large prison and the rest.
I realized something in the prison,whenever a man of God comes to preach the warders wouldn’t let me be part of these teachings,most times too lawyers do come to the prison to visit us but they never allowed any of them talk to me nor come close to me.
My complexion was gradually changing,my skin also suffers from mosquitoes bite each night,I never bothered thinking of Richærd nor my family because I never wanted anything that would keep me crying though their thoughts come across my mind once in a while but I never harbored them,I flush them off immediately without a second thought.
Alice was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for killing her uncle who had practically killed her father,mother and only brother just to inherit her father’s wealth,after she had killed them he threatened sending Alice out of the house if she doesn’t sleep with him of which she refused. on a certain night her uncle tip toed into her room to rape her,on trying to free herself from his grip she pushed him hærd to the wall and he hit his head on it and gave up the ghost.
While Vero has seven years to spend in prison for almost killing a wh0le family for assaulting her mother while she was away at work,well she’s luck her home is not too far from the prison.
And as for me,I would be spending my wh0le life here till death comes.
Well I soon began noticing some changes in my body just a month in the prison yard,like my left b—-t always paining me especially when I touch it,my change of colour almost each day,today I would be very fair next tomorrow I would be a little fair then the upper day I turn black or chocolate, I was very much afraid,the only thought that came across my mind was that I must had contacted a disease,some time Vero and Alice would ask
Vero: what is wrong with you Precious
Me: I just don’t know,am really dying in silence
Alice: am really scared for u,you are turning into a shadow these days
Me: don’t be,am not scared of dying,the earlier I die self the better for me
Alice: stop saying that,you want to die and live us here! we are one family and non of us must die
Vero: hmmm,don’t worry Precious,we would try support you in every way we can.
deep in,side me,I was scared of dying but I really felt I heard no choice,it should be the best thing now to relief me of these pain,no one knows am here,my family don’t know even Richærd wouldn’t have any idea of my being here.
Now the thought of my ill health began bringing back the memories of my family and Richærd,I wondered how Ella was,if she had forgotten about me,my mind ran to James and Jerry,I wondered if Jerry was still together with Ella,I remember all our jokes those year and smiled to myself but when I remembered my parents,my mother especially tears began dropping my eyes,I wonder how they would be coping now,my lovely kid sister Juliet and my elder brother Michael Luxguy,I hope mother was able to move on without me.
my dad must have said “I said these from the on start,now look what the out come has become” Michael on his own part would have searched every hook and corner he knows in search of me.
As for Richærd i just don’t want to think of him but I really pray he is fine,I hope he hasn’t forgotten about me,well why are my even bothered,we never would get to meet again.
One day we were working on the farm when I passed out and was taken to the hosiptal,when I regained consciousness, I realized that.
a female warder was seated close to me with smiling
Me: what are my doing here?
Warder: calm down,you fainted earlier at the farm
I tried moving my legs but realized the left leg was cuffed to the iron bed,I felt like a common criminal but managed asking
Me: would I die? *I noticed tears run down my cheek*
Warder: *she smiled* no,you would be okay,you are just pregnant.
Me: Jesus
her voice  echoed in my ears over and over again..

Warder: yes,you are a month and three weeks gone
Me: *crying* oh my God,oh my God
Warder: *surprised* any problem?
Me: *cried louder* it shouldn’t be,no it shouldn’t be
Warder: *still surprised* why?
Me: I am on a life sentence,why would God increase my punishment by giving me a child,who would raise him or her,the government? I will give birth in prison? God why,why God,I can bear the suffering but why punish an innocent child to come into these world and suffer
Warder: * now very surprise * what are you saying! why say all these eh? don’t you have family,your family would take care of the child of course,you should be grateful to God he is consoling you with a child at last,even if you die it would be that you left something behind
Me: ma you don’t understand my pain*cried for some seconds* my parents,my family as a wh0le don’t even know my where about
Warder: * felt pity * what about the man responsible for these?
Me: * immediately,thoughts of Richærd ran through my head,it made me cry the more* oh God
Warder: *looked anxious* don’t tell me you don’t know the man responsible for your pregnancy!
Me: I do,but even Richærd don’t know my where about
Warder: Richærd? who is Richærd? did you run away from home or what and by the way what crime brought you to prison?
She asked all at once looking so confused,I myself got confused as at where to start from,from my lying position on the bed we stared at each other,she stared at me in eagerness while I stared at her with mixed feeling
Me: I didn’t run away from home,I was kidnapped and brought here to serve life imprisonment *tears would stop flowing my eyes*
Warder: * she gave those funny laughter,stared deep into my eyes * tell me another lie * those words shocked me * I know Nigeria is a corrupt nation but it isn’t spoilt to the extend of kidnapping and bringing to prison*cold blood ran round my veins, i just looked away from her stares* so don’t think of lying to me
Me: you don’t know? * it seem my tears stopped flowing in shock *
Warder: about what? I was transfered here about a month ago
Me: * the already circulated tears finally continued flowing * its a long story ma,a very long story but i will tell you.
i told her everything that has happened
Warder: oh Jesus,so our dear country has spoilt to these extend? why would a human created by God be so inhuman,does being opportune mean crucifying the poor? these is wickedness at its peak,chai has the world spoilt to these extend? so to love is now a crime in Nigeria,because a man once dated you now means he can’t love another peacefully but the president made a big mistake,permit that I call him a big fool *held my hand on one of hers while she used the other to dry my tears before supporting it to the one holding my hand* cry no more,as long as i live i will make sure I help you get out of these prison
Me: *surprised* you will?
Warder: yes i will,i will meet with the doctor now to discharge you then i would let you go pretending you escaped
Me: no,no,don’t risk your life for me,just help me go to aso and inform the president,or Richærd of my being here, i would appreciate it,in that way I won’t have problems leaving here
Warder: I swear to you my child,i will do as you have said immediately
Me: since I came to prison,no warder has offered helping me,they all feared their life,why do you offer to help me?
Warder: *took a deep breath* my daughter everyone is not same,we all differ from one another though we can make same choice or different choices,that’s is one freedom God has given us “freedom to make our own choice” *takes a deep breath again* you see my daughter,before I became a warder,in my youthful age,I used to belong to one of the most dreaded group that gives these country headache to the call,it is called “the Aninie Ladies”,I wasted souls both that of the innocent and guilty till one fateful day all my group members were killed,only i managed to escape,then I met Jesus and gave my life to him,ever since then,I have decided to do things right, if I didn’t die while doing the wrong thing then why would my God let me down while am treading the right path,besides you look very much like my daughter Ruth,thought its been 8 years I last set my eyes on her and her two brothers Yemi and Ayo
Me: what happened?
Warder: my husband took them away,because I became a warder,a prison warder
Me: that’s bad,please ma,you have been good to me but I don’t even know your name
Warder: I am warder dear let me call on the doctor to discharge you
Me: okay ma *she stood up,unlocked the cuffs from my leg and walked away,I felt I found new hope once again,I felt alive again and had a reason to smile,so am pregnant,Richærd would be so glad to hear of it*
I was discharged and taken back to the prison by warder Bisi,Alice and Vero were so glad seeing me again,I also I was really happy because I have got good news for them too,as I was thrown back to the prison by another warder we embraced each other
Alice: what was wrong with you?
Vero: bae you needed to see how you fainted,I got scared
Me: *lol* let’s go to our corner *we did,and in a very low tone* am pregnant
Both: Jesus!
Me: hey don’t shout,just prepare yourselves,we would be leaving these prison soon enough
Vero: how?
Alice: are you planning prison break?
Me: no,that new warder decided helping me,am sure by now she is on her way to aso villa to inform the president of my where about
Both: wow
Alice: best news ever
Vero: wait,she wants to do that?
Me: yes
Vero: I thought you said its very risky
Me: well she decided taking the risk
Vero: well that would be great but I pray nothing bad happens to her
Me: Amen
Alice: Vero,these means double ration of food for precious always because they are two now
Vero: yes,these needs to be celebrated
A week past without any sign of warder Bisi again,about a week and three days I over heard warders saying she is dead,I was so shocked,I couldn’t believe my ears,warder Bisi dead! I cried and cried till I lost my last strength, I saw my hope of getting out of prison fade,Vero and Alice where shocked too,they tried consoling me but I refused to be consoled,I knew she must had died trying to get to the president to relate my orals.
What got me very scares was that election was just 3 months ago,if the current president leaves his seat I wonder if any hope would be Lett for me.
I had lost hope of leaving these prison before and I was even trying to adapt to the prison way of life if not for my pregnancy which is now two moths gone I wouldn’t have bothered,I don’t want to give away my child after birth.
after I learnt of the death of warder bisi my life became a thing of the past to me,I was still alive though but was considering my life to be a past event,I knew I heard enough reasons to question God but I never did,I only await death any gave my life to prayers,praying for death alone..

like Michael would always say any time he faces misfortune,” my life had become a miss call direct from MTN customer car service. ” I was more or less like an abandoned project by the federal government.
I wasn’t tired of praying,I prayed for my death,I prayed for my unborn child to die too rather than coming into these world to suffer unnecessarily.
I had just one reason to smile each day when I wakeup and that was because Alice and Vero were always there for me. when we are given labour to work they would share mine into two and add to theirs,when their people bring food,they would divided it for me to eat morning and night or afternoon and night pending on the time the food was brought. they went as far as collecting money from their people each time they bring food just for my up keep and these has made it be that whenever I want to question God for not haven’t taken my life so far and I remember the suffer and stress Alice and Vero had gone through so far for my sake I have a change of mind instantly.
soon i was 3 months gone,though in prison I was looking so good and fresh,my beauty was glooming each day,my stomach refused giving any sign of me being pregnant but my friends Vero and Alice were those suffering it,they were so unkept and slim,most times I found myself crying whenever i remember the suffering they were taking just for my sake and for that of my unborn child. most times they could stay two days without food and working on empty stomach just to provide enough for myself and my unborn child.
Alice: see Precious,if you know anything wey you go do for these child to resemble go do am o because if these pikin no resemble me e go be war o
Vero: you don try,but na me the pikin resemble
Alice: tah machionu gi,pikin wey I don see for dream
Me: you both should stop these jhoor,na una give me belle ni?
Both: *lol*
Vero: well I just want a fat baby o,I mean healthy
Alice: yes I support you,the pikin should have my shape
Vero: hahaha,you don kill English,see bomb,the pikin should have my shape
Me: *lol*both of you please don’t kill me o,who even gave you both the idea that the baby would be a girl
Vero: before nkor,no be girls surround you here so,na girl you go born.
Alice: see let me tell you,once you just give birth to a baby boy,just from hospital yell the warders to change cell for you
Me: *lol* yes ma,I have heard you.
Well the only food you would see both not sacrifice to me are those their meal of beans,they know I hate it so much, then soaking of garri,because Vero wouldn’t let that
Vero: no just try take that tasteless garri o make our baby no vomit o.
Another thing was that the memory or warder Bisi couldn’t just leave my head,I think of her most of the time,I had just an opportunity speaking with her but I must confess she was indeed a nice person,if I had known I wouldn’t had ever asked her of my pains maybe she would have still been alive.
Though treated like a queen in prison by my two friends my life was still complicated and being that I now have enough reason to think of Richærd.
Four months gone and my stomach was still flat,most times my friends would jokely say
Vero: bae you sure say you get belle?
Alice: me mah wan ask say question o abi we no dey feed you well
Me: I myself am really confused,I wish i can open my stomach and check
Both: *lol*
Vero: no fear,na joke we dey
Alice: I heard most women don’t really get big tommy on pregnancy and am certain that’s the kind of stomach Precious has
Vero: I hope I have that kind of stomach o
Alice: who dash you,abeg bae how the antenatal of yesterday go,hope say that doctor no demand money again
Vero: yes,you just reminded,sorry I forgot to ask,so how was it?
Me: she said am fine and I should try do much Uncooked meat or fish.
Raw or partially cooked eggs, and products such
as fresh mayonnaise which may contain raw
Milk that has not been pasteurised.
Soft cheeses which are mould-ripened or made
from unpasteurised milk, such as Brie and
Camembert, or soft blue-veined cheeses such
as Danish Blue.
Pâté of any sort.
Raw shellfish.
Shark, swordfish and marlin (due to high
mercury levels).
More than two portions per week of oily fish.
Unwashed fruit or vegetables. (Fruit and
vegetables should be washed due to the small
risk of toxoplasma from soil.)
Vero: abeg e don do,na were u wan see all those ones for here
Alice: nna tell us the important aspect
Me: all are important na,well she said I should increase my exercise and the level of vitamins D
Alice: that’s no problem,just don’t worry you would have a fast and safe delivery
Vero: yes that’s true
Me: thanks to you both a lot
Vero: do born make I carry pikin
Me: am worried
Both: about what?
Me: my child,I don’t want to give it out to anybody
Vero: that shouldn’t bother you,my parents would take care of the child
Alice: if her parents no still f
gree,mine will accept
Me: really?
Both: yea
Me: oh thank God,one of my worries is gone,guess what girls
Both: what?
Me: guess jhoor
Vero: you are happy?
Me: of course I am but that’s not it
Alice: you met a new guy at the hospital who is willing to help
Me: craze girl,man call woman no
Vero: tell us na
Me: hmmmm,the doctor said I should expect a set of twins
Both: heyyyy
Me: stop shouting jhoor
Alice: oh my God,you don’t mean it
Vero: tell me its a lie,you just joking right?
Me: no,the scan showed it
Alice: for these small belle you wan born twin?
Vero: na same question me wan ask be that o
Me: if una ask me all these question na who I go ask kwanu?
Both: baba God
All: *lol*
As time goes by,a pastor came to the prison to take fellowsh¡p,when he saw me he asked to speak with me but the warders refused,he insisted so he was permitted to chat with me in private
Pastor: am pastor James
Me: Precious sir
Pastor James: I saw you locked up alone in the prison while the rest have fellowsh¡p with me,why?
Me: nothing sir
Pastor James: no no dear,talk to me or are you not a Christian?
Me: I am sir,just that they don’t want me to associate with anyone here,especially visitors sir
Pastor James: why?
Me: nothing sir
Pastor James: nothing? oh c’mmon,talk to me,no matter what the problem is I want you to know God is in control
Me: sir its really nothing
Pastor James: hmmm,so tell me,what brought you to prison
Me: nothing sir,I rather prefer not to talk about it
Pastor James: oh c’mmon,just trust God
Me: *whisper* sir you better leave,your life might be at sake
Pastor James: don’t worry,am under the protection of the most high God.
I tried to make him leave me in peace but he insisted and insisted till I decided giving him a trial.
He was touched by my story and promised to help,he said he would be going down to Richærd immediately he leaves and promised talking to Richærd alone,I was grateful and thanked him,I wasn’t that excited,I only prayed he succeeds but the next morning I was greeted by a shocking news, pastor James had been murdered in cold blood the previous day on leaving the prison.
I couldn’t cry,I was shocked to my marrow,but it wasn’t my fault,I tried warning him but he insisted,now look the outcome,first it was warder Bisi,now pastor James,I wonder what the future holds,now I know close eyes are fixed on me and when I finally  put to bed,whom so ever I gave my children to nature might be in serious trouble..
To be continued..

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