The President's Daughter and I 2 – batch 1


Story of myself who changed to be a better person in the hard way . I tried hard, overcame temptations and found favour when i got involved with Mirabel (The President’s Daughter). Even when i thought that my past would hunt me in my future relationships but to my greatest dismay, Mirabel accepted me and my past.

I had a very supportive family, a friend at school Promise whom fell in love with me unknowingly to me. I resisted the sed-ctions of Lola (Mirabel’s friend) yet, she didn’t give up trying.

My greatest fear came sooner than i expected when a video of me k-ssing Mirabel on campus surfaced online.

What happened next?

Read from this intriguing story, full of suspense by Victor U. James (Vict-Vames)

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆


What my heart started doing wasn’t heartbeat anymore, it was hitting hard. I if hadn’t calmed my heart that moment, maybe I would’ve been the youngest guy in history to have an heart attack.

Me: Nancy! (my younger sister) Nancy!!

Nancy: Yes senior bro **from the background**

Me: Come here please

Nancy: See me

Me: Take **handling her ₦1,000 note** go buy me two hollandia yoghurts

Nancy: What’s the occasion?

Me: Nothing, just thirsty

Nancy: Hhmmm… senior bro, are u expecting someone? and why are u sweating like this??

Me: No… Nancy please go quickly I don’t have time for this

Nancy: Okay, ah… **she went out**

Chai! If I’m not dreaming, then my life right now is a film trick,,, I’ve never been this scared in my entire life. I became restless, breathing like a dog, sweating profusely like a suffocated pig.

Nancy: Here senior bro **giving me a leather containing my yoghurts with my change**

Me: Thanks **collecting it and burst one open immediately**

Nancy: Bro

Me: Yes?

Nancy: Won’t u give me some?

Me: Nancy…. take this and buy whatever u want
**giving her ₦100**

Nancy: No senior bro, I want yoghurt too

Me: Oya add this one and buy your own yoghurt **gave her another ₦100**

Nancy: Thanks… buh senior bro, u don’t look ok

Me: I will be fine

Nancy: Are u sure?

Me: Yea, lemme be alone for now

Nancy: Or has she left u?

Me: Nancy…

Nancy: Okay,,, I’m out. Thanks for the money anyways, I’ve been looking for money to recharge my phone.

She talks too much geez! Every moment is a joking time for her.
I burst the second yoghurt open and rushed the drink till it remained small. Now I can focus on my thinking on what to do … before I could think of how,,, my phone rings. I wanted to ignore it and switched off my phone, but the caller was a special one.

Me: Hello Mirabel, have u seen it? Has your father seen it? What are we going to do? Should I run to my village and hide? Or i shoul…

Mirabel: Relax Victor, I’m on my way to your place now, I will call u when I get to the junction u told me.

Me: Okay… please answer this question I’m going to ask u

Mirabel: What is it?

Me: Has he been told about the video? I mean your Father??

Mirabel: Yea

Me: Oh no…

Mirabel: What?

That was the last thing I heard before I found my self on the hospital bed.


I opened my eyes slowly, my sight was kinda blurry at that moment. I heard a voice calling doctor, it was my mother’s. I couldn’t recognize or understand what was going on until a special voice called my name, then I got back to my senses and realized that i was in the hospital.

Mirabel: Victor? Can u hear me? Victor?

Me: Mirabel…

Mirabel: Hi, what happened to u? U got everyone worried

Me: What am i doing here?

The doctor walked in with my mum and my sis. The doctor examined me using his stethoscope.

Mum: How is he doctor?

Doctor: He will be fine madam, u don’t have to worry. He just need a little more rest and something solid to eat in order for him to regained his strength. I advise u get him his favorites

Mum: Okay doctor, thank u very much

Doctor: U are welcome madame

**The doctor walked away**

Mum: Nancy?

Nancy: Ma…

Mum: What can we get him?

Nancy: Errmmm… I dunno, maybe beans

Mum: Be serious, U know he dislikes beans

Mirabel: Ma, He needs fried rice and chicken with cool hollandia yoghurt, trust me

Mum: Sorry, U haven’t told me who u are

Mirabel: I’m his friend from school ma

Mum: His girlfriend i suppose

Mirabel: Ma?

Mum: **Smiling** don’t lie to me, are u guys dating or not?

Mirabel: We’re dating ma **with a coy smile**

Mum: So,,, he loves fried rice?

Mirabel: A lot ma especially with hollandia yoghurt

Mum: Woah,,, I didn’t know… I don’t really prepare it at home. Nancy, u will go and buy it,,, come take the. money

Mirabel: Don’t worry ma, I will go and get it for him.

Mum: Ok my dear

Nancy: I will go with u Aunty

Mum: You’re not going anywhere

Nancy: But mummy…

Mirabel: Please let her ma

Mum: She’s going to delay u with her talks that has no limit

Mirabel: Don’t worry ma, we’d be fast i promise

Mum: Hhmmm… okay oh…

Nancy: Thanks mummy **hugs mum** Aunty lets go lets go

-They left-

All this while i pretended to sleeping, it wasn’t intentional though because i was so weak and sore. I opened my eyes minutes after Mirabel and Nancy left.

Mum: Victor?

Me: Ma…

Mum: How are u feeling now?

Me: Very weak

Mirabel: Its okay, Nancy and your, your friend went to get u something to eat. I heard u like fried rice and chicken with yoghurt, they’re going to buy them for u so u regain your strength. Don’t force yourself to talk if u can’t, u will take your medicines after u eat. Maybe u will be discharged today, that’s if u respond well. U better respond well so that u leave this place or do u want to remain here?

I shake my head in a gesture that means no.

Mum: Good, so u better eat enough and take your medicines ok?

Me: Yes ma

Chai! My mother can talk eh… that’s why i’m not surprised about Nancy. She took after my mother, talk talk talk and talk,,, geez! I won’t lie, it really irritates me, i don’t like too much talk especially with repetitions. Imagine, if Nancy starts talking, mum would complain that she talks too much and vice versa.

**Door opens**

Nancy: I’m telling u Aunty, even when i go to the saloon its the same thing, I rememb…

Mum: Nancy! Nancy!! Ah!!!

Nancy: Mummy what nau

Mum; U talk too much, give yourself a break ah

Mirabel: How is he ma?

Mum: He’s fine, he just woke up. Victor oya seat up

Mirabel came to help me seat up. Seeing her gives me joy, i feel happy around her and forget my worries. Talking about worries, Ah! Mr. President oh… he saw the video of me k-ssing his daughter, i’m sooo gone. I forgot about it again when i saw Nancy shaking the hollandia yoghurt meant for me…my another source of joy.

Mirabel arranged a plate of the fried rice for me, i saw her smiling while putting it.

**Phone rings**

Mum: Its your father.

My Dad wasn’t around by that time, he travelled to Ekiti for business.

She put it on speaker

Mum: Hello sir

Dad: Ab’ele? (How u doing?)

Mum: Olafia sir (Fine sir)

Dad: Abu ‘ola Victor de ajoi? (How is Victor doing now)

Mum: e da che chi me, e mo’lu ji me (its getting better, he has woken up already)

Dad: Ok, has any drug been administered to him?

Mum: Not yet, he’s about to eat now. He would do so afterwards

Dad: Alright, any outstanding payment to be made?

I knew it! If my Dad doesn’t mention the word ‘outstanding’ then he hasn’t concluded his speech yet.

Mum: We haven’t made any payment yet

Dad: Okay, u have money on u right?

Mum: Yes, but I don’t know if it would be enough

Dad: It should be enough na, afterall,,, how many treatment was carried on on him.

Mum: Okay sir

Dad: I still have a meeting tomorrow morning, so i dunno if i would be able to come tomorrow

Mum: Hhmmm… okay

Dad: Gwo ma chaka (greet them all)

Mum: Ma’a gbo (they will hear)

Dad: Ok bye

Mum: byee…

Nancy: Daddy byee

Dad: Ok bye, is it Nancy?

Nancy: Yes sir

Dad: Ab’ele (how are u?)

Nancy: Fine sir

Dad: Take care eh… I will be home soon

Nancy: Ok Dad, byee…

Dad: Alright

**Hangs up**

I trust my Dad but sometimes i couldn’t help but suspect if he’s doing it out there. By ‘doing it’ u should know what i mean.


They placed a small table across my wa-ist and put the food on top. A tumbler was filled with yoghurt.

Mum: Take **giving me a spoon** start eating. Make sure u eat a lot, lemme go and close the shop. I will be back soon.

Me: Ok ma

Mum: And your medicines, make sure u take them accordingly ok?

Me: Yes ma

Mum: Please uhmmm… is it errmmm Miracle?

Mirabel: Mirabel ma

Mum: Ok Mirabel, please help me look after him

Mirabel: I will ma

Mum: Help me make sure he eats well because he hates food whenever he’s not feeling well, and please make him take his medicines accordingly

Mirabel: Okay ma

Mum: Thank u very much. Oya Nancy let’s go

Nancy: Mummy…

Mum: Come on!

Nancy: **she starts doing that child-like angry attitude and walked out**

Mum: Ok till i come back

Mirabel: Okay ma

Mum: Victor eat well oh…

I didn’t say anything, she left.

Mirabel: What happened to u sweetheart?

Me: U said your Dad saw the video, do u know what that means?

Mirabel: Wait, what? I never said such

Me: U answered yeah when i asked u

Mirabel: Oh (laughs) I said where not yea, Like where would he have seen it

Me: U mean he hasn’t seen it?

Mirabel: Yeah

Me: But news as such should’ve gotten to him

Mirabel: Not if something has been done

Me: How do u mean?

Mirabel: Don’t worry, eat first we’d talk about that later. Go on, eat

I start pretending like i’m not interested in the food. Well its like that for sick people, buh am i really sick? I’m just weak. I still couldn’t help but pretend.

Mirabel: Eat dear, don’t u want to get better? Its your favourite… oya eat for me, for my sake please… see yoghurt, u can drink as much as u like,,, come on start eating already

My mind sweet me eh….. i dip the spoon into the rice, fetched out small of it and ate

Mirabel: There u go, try it again or should i feed u?

I took my yoghurt and sipped it like i was drinking a bitter herbal medicine. Mirabel supported my hand to make it flow more into my mouth, i tried to decline but she persisted and i really enjoyed it,,, just pretence. After finishing it, i looked like a baby that was just fed.

Mirabel: Excuse me lemme use the rest room

I nodded in agreement. As soon as she closed the door behind her, i grabbed the hollandia and start s-cking it from its container.

The door just burst open

Mirabel: Gotchaa!!

I freezed immediately with my eyes wide opened facing her speechlessly. She caught me!!

Mirabel: I knew it! That nothing can make u avoid hollandia yoghurt no matter what.

I didn’t know what to say or do, i slowly dropped the yoghurt

Mirabel: Hhmmm… do u have anything to say?

Me: Sorry…?

Mirabel: Good! U know what to do now

So jeje i started eating my rice, the chicken was so many. I ate and drank as much as i could before i retired. Mirabel gave me the medicines which i took.

Mirabel: How do u feel now?

Me: Hhmmm… **forming sick**

Mirabel: Talk jare!!

The shout shocked me. Seems like Mirabel don’t take nonsense oh…

Me: I feel much better now, thanks dear (I humbled myself)

Mirabel: Did u enjoyed the meal?

Me: Yes it was good, uhmm… why were u smiling when u were putting the food on the plate for me?

Mirabel: *laughs* I saw how u were swallowing your saliva on seeing it

Me: No i didn’t

Mirabel: Yes u did, U didn’t ke. Tell that to the gods

**The Doctor and a Nurse walks in**

Doctor: How u feeling now Victor?

Me: Better sir

Doctor: Okay, lemme see…

He examined me.

Doctor: Ok good

He collected a paper from the nurse and wrote down some things.

Mirabel: How is he Doctor?

Doctor: He is okay now, I will discharged him immediately the bills get settled. Where is his mother?

Mirabel: She’s not around buh i can take care of it

Doctor: Ok lets go

Mirabel: I’m coming Victor

Me: Ok

She came back some minutes later

Mirabel: Time to go, you’ve been discharged

Me: Thanks sweetheart, u are dah best

Mirabel: And you’re so welcome my love

Me: Hhmmm… can i get, U know **touching my lips** I miss it like crazy

Mirabel: No u can’t

Me: Please….

Mirabel: No! **arranging my stuffs**

Me: But why?

Mirabel: U pretended not wanting to eat and drink ‘coz you’re ‘sick’, so,,, why don’t u wait till u get better before u get ‘this’ **giving me a sharp k-ss**

Me: But i’m fine now that’s why i’m being discharged

Mirabel: I don’t care

Me: Babe…?

Mirabel: Yea?

Me: Come on

Mirabel: No no no no

Me: Why?

Mirabel: That’s what u get for pretending,,, I don’t like pretence, not even from u. So beat it

Me: Arrghh!! **I fell back on to the bed and unintentionally hit my head against the steel frame of the bed**

Mirabel: Oh my god! What happened?

I was holding my head in pain

Mirabel: Sorry dear, i’m coming lemme call the Doctor

Me: No!

Mirabel: Why?

Me: I don’t need the Doctor

Mirabel: Then what do u want me to do? U are in pain

Me: k-ss! I want k-sses from u, arrghh

Mirabel: What?

Me: Aish! k-ss oh… k-ss k-ss k-ss please k-ss

Mirabel: Ok! Alright calm down

She k-ssed me for like 3 seconds

Mirabel: Alright that’s enough

Me: No, more more more… my head oh… please more

She k-ssed me again, this time i grabbed her so she won’t escape, she tried to get off but i held her tight until she gave in and responded, we then k-ssed passionately. We continued until the door burst open bringing in my momma.

We disengaged immediately.


About my family in brief…

Igala by tribe, my parents has three children and I’m the only male and second child. My older sister Joy, who got married last year to her Pilot lover and she’s currently pregnant with her first issue. She lives in Kano and has not visited the family since she got married.

My younger sister Nancy is a jambite, she stays at home and also helps momma in the shop. I’m suspecting her of having a boyfriend, iffa catch any guy near my sister eh…

U all know about me already, i’m the boyfriend of our President’s lovely Daughter,,, sweet description for me Lolz

My Momma is still young and pretty that one useless guy abi man tried to toast her, person mama wey don born finish *imagine*. He got the most suitable insults he could ever get from any woman, its a good thing i wasn’t around by that time, That was when i was in custody and being tortured by that wicked soldier woman and her colleagues *tear drop* Momma owns a big provision store.

My Father is a Chartered Accountant and he travels a lot. I do suspect him a lot that he’s still s€×ually active and i hope i’m wrong. He his the kind of father that children would want to be around, he always bring goodies from his trip. He is nice and very cool. He doesn’t shout out of anger, he provides every needs of the family.

☆☆☆ ☆ Continues ☆ ☆☆☆

Momma: *Coughs*

Me: Errmm… Mummy u are back

Mum: Yes, hmmmm and I guess you’re fine now

Me: Yes ma, the Doctor have discharged me already

Mum: What did he say?

Me: He said i’m fine now that i can go home

Mum: No, I mean what did he said about the bills?

Me: Its being taken care of

Mum: By who?

Me: Her **smiling**

Mum: U did? **Referring to Mirabel**

Mirabel: Yes ma

Mum: Thank u my daughter, God bless u

Mirabel: Thank u ma,,, where is Nancy?

Mum: I sent her ahead, to start preparing dinner

Mirabel: Ok ma,,, so let’s be going

Mum: Put on your shirt Victor let’s go home

I put on my shirt, Mirabel supported me to stand up. I saw how my Momma was smiling when looking at us, i pretended not seeing her.

We got outside, there was two cars. One for my momma and the other for Mirabel. I had to go with my mum’s

She quietly spoke to me not letting my momma hear.

Mirabel: Excuse me lemme call the guards to go and lodge in a hotel, I will be going with you and your mum

Me: Ok

Buh, is she planning on staying over? Hhmmm…

We arrived at our house.

Mum: Go and rest on the big chair (couch) lemme join Nancy in the kitchen

Me: Ok ma

Mum: Mirabel make yourself comfortable Ok? I’m coming

Mirabel: Ok ma

**She went into the kitchen**

A loud awkward silence just emanated from within.
I saw her smiling whenever i take a glance at her.

Me: What’s up with the smiling?

Mirabel: *laughs* Nothing… U look cuter when you’re sick

Me: Go ahead, keep teasing me

Mirabel: *laughs* No i’m not teasing u, u are cute

Me: Ok thank u. Mirabel, we need to talk

Mirabel: Why? U want to break up with me?

Me: Of course not! why did u say that?

Mirabel: Well uhmmm… that’s something i learnt from Hollywood movies

Me: What did u learn?

Mirabel: That’s ermm… whenever a guy or a girl tells his partner that ‘we need to talk’ its probably about break up.

Me: Hhmmm…

Mirabel: So what do u want to talk about?

Me: About the situation at hand.

Mirabel: Okay yea, but not now

Me: Why? Aren’t u worried at all??

Mirabel: Why are u worried? are u a shame of me??

Me: Are u kidding? Why should i be ashamed of u??

Mirabel: Then why are u so worried?

Me: Mirabel u should understand the situation

Mirabel: What situation?

Me: I could get into trouble, how do u think the President would feel seeing me k-ssing his daughter in campus? His image? Status? Responsibility? Don’t u think it’d be scandalous and can lead to controversies of his administration by his adversaries??

Mirabel: U dunno know anything about my father and i told u already that its been taken care of

Me: But how?

**My mum just showed up**

Mum: What is this that i just heard? President? Daughter? Father? And who is k-ssing the President’s daughter??

Me: Mummy… U

Mum: Alu we de! (Close your mouth!) I’m asking u Mirabel, are u the President’s daughter? Because i clearly overheard that part

My sister Nancy brought herself into the sitting room as well

Nancy: What’s going on mummy? *confused*

Mummy: Myself don’t understand, I’m trying to understand

Nancy: But i heard your voice

Mummy: I’m trying to get answers that hasn’t been provided,,, yet.

Nancy: Senior Bro, Aunty Mirabel what’s this about?

Mirabel: Okay, Alright I’m gonna clear the air by telling u guys the truth

Me: Mirabel…

Mirabel: Its okay,,, lemme do this

Mummy: Go ahead i’m listening

Mirabel: Uhmmm,,, okay its like this, I’m the President’s Daughter

Mummy: Ehn?!

Nancy: Whoa…..


Now my momma has known my girlfriend, what does that mean now? We get married later?? No way!! Did i just say no way? Yes way! Infact Yeapie!!

No I meant, not that i wouldn’t want to marry her. After all, i hit it first,,, geez! what am i saying. The thing here is her family background and status. Well, anything can happen sha but this is definitely not happening, maybe i should think about it.

Mum: An org-nizational President in your school or which type of President are u talking about?

Mirabel: The country’s President ma

Nancy: Woah!

Mum: Ein? Ojo mi eh… (My God o)

Me: Mummy ewn le? (Mummy what’s wrong?)

Mum: U are asking me what’s wrong? Have u forgotten how an ordinary soldier dealt with u because of their daughter? Now u are dating the wh0le commander in chief of the armed force’s daughter?! The President’s Daughter! Ah! What’s wrong with u?! Haven’t u learnt your lesson? Do u want to kill me? Eh Victor?!

Mirabel: Don’t worry ma, nothing like that is going to happen

Mum: Wait, which of the country’s President are u even talking about?

Mirabel: Our country, Nigeria ma

Mum: And u said nothing like that is going to happen? what are u trying to tell me?? President of Nigeria, ah! I’m finished. An ordinary soldier nearly killed him because,,,,, ok i know Victor did very bad on that aspect but its all the same.

Mirabel: I promise u ma that, nothing as such is going to happen. I will everything not to let it happen, and i trust my Dad that he wouldn’t do such

Mum: Is it not happening already? I heard Victor saying something like that, himself is even afraid

Mirabel: He is only imagining things, I’m trying to convince him not to worry about my Father.

Mum: He is your father and of course u wouldn’t know what he is capable of. He is a Nigerian Politician for goodness sake.

Mirabel: With all due respect ma, my father is not just a politician but also a great father. His administration so far has been good and promising with little or less criticism compared to his predecessors.

Mum: My mind will only be at peace if both of u resolve the relationship because i’m not comfortable with it **walked towards the kitchen**

Me: Mummy…?

She didn’t answer me nor turn to face me, she just left. I turned to Mirabel to apologize for my momma’s attitude, only for me to see tears dripping down her eyes, one part of my heart developed a soft spot for her while the other part triggered my anger.
Seriously, when someone or something i love got hurt, it really pains me and the person that caused it will have to answer to me. Its a good thing that its my another loved one that caused it, if not….
Well, love + love = love. So what can i do to my momma?.

Me: Mirabel…

Mirabel: I have to go now **picking up her bag to leave**

Me: But u don’t have to, Nancy help me talk to your new friend

Nancy: Uhmm uhmm i think uhmm u know,,,, i need to help out in the kitchen. I will be right back guys **She ran into the kitchen**

That useless sister of mine, now that i needed her to talk, she didn’t. Lemme hear her talk more than ten words around me again yeye.

Mirabel also walked out of the house while i followed her.

Me: Come on Mirabel, are u picking offense on what my momma said?

Mirabel: No maybe i should not pick offense when your mother tried to insult my father

Me: She was only trying to prove a point

Mirabel: What? Prove a point u say??

Me: I mean uhmmm,,, u know, the ugh…

Mirabel: U know what? Just…

I rushed to hug her tightly immediately in order to avoid the next thing she might try to say. I watch Hollywood movies a lot, so in this kind of situation, she might just say forget about it and then break up with me.

Me: Sorry my love for every hurtful words my mum said to u, i sincerely apologize for all what my momma said about your father, she’s only trying to protect her only son. Remember what i told u about what i went through in the hands of those soldiers? My momma also went through a lot. She went to the quarter guard everyday during my detention, crying and begging for many hours to see me and for my release of which they didn’t oblige to until five days later. They actually released me because of her, if not,,,, the colleague of my ex girlfriend’s mother swore that i will be there for more than three weeks, I could’ve died but my momma saved me, she saved my life sweetheart. Even after my release she abandoned her shop to take care of me for almost two weeks like a mother nursing her new born. U have to understand her my love, we really have to.

Mirabel: U know mother’s love are Naturally genuine and undeniably obvious. Buh U never told me she went through all that

Me: Well uhmmm,,,, it didn’t came up

Mirabel: But u had the chance

Me: Yea i know, i had to skip that part sweetheart. They say talk brings another talk, so here we are.

Mirabel: Its okay, i will do my best. After all she seems to be nice. She was cool with our relationship at first.

Me: Until she overheard our conversation, gosh! u were so loud

Mirabel: Are u now blaming me? Weren’t u the one she overheard??

‘Tsup’ i gave her a quick k-ss

Mirabel: And what was that for?

Me: Just trying to kill any argument arising

Mirabel: I’m rising an argument? **pretending**

I understood she wanted me to do it again. I drew her face nearer

Mirabel: What are u trying to do?

U dare not answer that question. I didn’t say anything, i didn’t even smiled. I gave her a k-ss then looked at her face, she didn’t respond, probably waiting for an answer of which none will be given. I k-ssed her again and still got no response from her. Woah,,, i love this. This time, i grabbed her wa-ist and drew her very close and started devouring her lips of which she responded to after few seconds. She even laughed to my aggression. She pushed me away after k-ssing for many minutes….

Mirabel: Go away u naughty lover, u take advantage of every situation. How do u do that?

Me: Lemme say, i know my girlfriend more than she give me credit for

Mirabel: Oh really…? **Placing her hands around my neck**

Me: Yea really… **Placing both my hands around her wa-ist**

What follows?

**Lots of passionated k-sses**

Mum: Is this how the two of u want to spend the night? Talking,k-ssing, k-ssing and k-ssing for dinner?

We disengaged immediately and saw Momma and Nancy standing with both hands crossed. Chai! like mother like daughter.

Mirabel: Sorry ma, i’m even about to leave **stylishly cleaning her lips**

Mum: Really? How come it doesn’t seem so??

Mirabel: Uhmmm…

Mum: Its okay, enough of the explanations. I just came to ask who cares for dinner, i guess some people are satisfied with their ‘dinner’ already. Dunno when that husband of mine will come home and…. Let’s go Nancy the food is getting cold already, U m’ewn chi ke du mi w’igbada ami sef (I don’t even know why u brought me out here) **she walked inside**

Nancy gave me a thumbs up and a supporting smile before she went inside.

Yeah,,, now that’s my sister being her brother’s keeper.

Me: Let’s go in sweetheart, It is settled

☆☆☆ To Be Continued ☆☆☆

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