The President's Daughter And I 2

The President's Daughter and I 2 – batch 3


In life, there is no Victory without Battle, No Man or Woman is free from Challenges. How u win depends on how u fight for Victory. Success doesn’t come on a platter of gold, the ability of manifesting your gifts depends on how u worked it out!


The morning came so late, or maybe it was because i didn’t really sleep that night. It was a Sunday so we started the necessary preparations for the Sunday’s service. We normally go to Church as early as 7:30 against 8:00 which was Sunday school service before the normal Church service at 9:00am. During our morning devotional, Daddy gave a Testimony.

Daddy: Last night when you all went to bed, when i was here (Living room) doing some work with my computer. I checked my E-mail, I received three mails from three large companies for me to Audit.

Nancy: Woa… that’s nice Daddy

Daddy: Yes, It’s a great one. It is a great favour and also a great challege, because i’ve never had this kind of opportunity before in my 9 years of Auditing. Three large companies at once, and their dates did not clash with the other, which means i shall do them one after the other. This is a big favour from God. The companies are Nestle Nigeria, First Bank PLC, and Flour Mills Nigeria.

Nancy: Daddy are u serious?

Daddy: Yes, and i shall be leaving for Lagos on Tuesday to process some things before starting the job on Monday next week. I can’t tell when i will return

Momma: We thank God, it’s a blessing, a wide door opened for us

Me: This is really great, it’s more than a open door, we should call it an Open Gate From Heaven

Nancy: Only God knows the amount of money Daddy will get from these jobs,,, i’m so happy!

Daddy: Like i said earlier, It is a great favour and also a great challenge. So i need God’s favour; wisdom, knowledge and understanding; His mercy and also the strength to do the work. So we are going to pray seriously for that this morning. But we are going to thank God first for the huge favour

Momma: The God that granted us this huge favour, will also favour u to do the work effectively

Daddy: You all will be praying oh,,, U know it’s not for me but all of us will benefit from it. Who knows, Victor may even go back to School with a car

Momma: Amen oh…

Oops! could this be good? that was when i remembered my range rover sport car which my Parents don’t know about. Well, Momma knows about Mirabel already so i will tell her about the car and to let her convinced Daddy not to buy me another car.

Nancy: Daddy what about me?

Daddy: I know U’ll want a promise Nancy, just let me do the job first before we exhaust an invisible money. Oya let us pray, we’re running late already.

We went to Church, the service was awesome. The Speaker was a guest Pastor and i was really blessed. Daddy also gave the testimony he testified earlier at home and the congregation rejoiced with him. After the service, we had to wait for Momma because she had to wait for their Women Fellowsh¡p Meeting. Dad and Nancy were in,side the car. I leaned on our car replying messages on whatapp and forgot i had been trying to avoid someone. My ex girlfriend i didn’t date, Dorothy.

Dorothy: Hei Vickie

(Distracted from my chat, i raised my face to face her)

Me: D’thy how far

Dorothy: Fine oh, you’re waiting for your Mum right?

Me: Yap

Dorothy: Me too (Leaning on the car right next to me) I’m so tired of this their meeting, almost every Sunday, imagine. Women and never-ending talks

Well, i quite agreed with her in,side my mind because the worst thing is that, My Mum was the Leader.

Me: Yea, that’s how it is

Dorothy: So what’s up, with school and everything?

Me: Very well, I thank God

Dorothy: I’ve missed u so much, that your number hasn’t been going through or did u changed number?

She didn’t even know i blocked her line.

Me: Nope, still using the same line

Dorothy: Then why can’t reach u?

Me: Could be network or maybe u weren’t trying it

Dorothy: Of course i was, wait lemme try your number now (reaching for her hand bag)
My heart skipped, didn’t know what to do. Maybe i should quickly unblock her since i’m holding my phone

Dorothy: Oohhhh Daniel!

Me: What?

Dorothy: He’s having my phone. He always took it without my knowledge

Me: Come on, don’t be mad at him (I was happy) He’s your little bro and he looks up to u

Dorothy: Buh he should’ve ask me first

Me: Would u have given him silently?

Dorothy: He is still a boy, what does he know? he’ll just spoil my phone, i know how much i got that phone.

Me: Small boy at 14? U and I know Daniel is a smart boy. Besides he might just be playing games with it

Dorothy: That’s what he does, my phone is so full of games he downloaded and installed that are not deletable

Me: Not deletable?

Dorothy: Yea, and i don’t want to flash my phone

I laughed deep in,side my heart on what i just heard, chai! I wish i could tell her how foolish she was. I have always known that her brother, Daniel is far smarter and intelligent than her, although he is very stubborn.

Me: Just let him use it, let him be learning from yours till he get he’s. Who knows, he might even teach u some things about phone day.

Dorothy: And be mocking me? just the other day he managed to show me how to upload profile picture on facebook and how to use voice note on whatsapp, he kept bragging about it since then

Me: He is just being proud of helping his elder sis, u know that kind thing na

Dorothy: Whatever, its annoying… So will u still be around?

Me: Not really, i will be leaving next week or upper week

Dorothy: There’s still time, i will check up on u tomorrow,,,, or even later today if you’ll be free

This girl won’t leave me alone,,, i don’t want her or whatever she has to offer.

Me: No u can’t come, u know my dad is around

Dorothy: But i’m not just any girl, your Parents knows me. My mother and your mother are good friends

Me: They will know something is fishy because u haven’t been visiting before, why today all of a sudden

Dorothy: U should quit being negative na, I promise to do whatever u want when i get there

Me: Whatever i want? (Tempted)

Dorothy: Yes i promise and i mean it

(No! devil is a liar!!)

Me: The thing is that, My Parents will at home, and We may also have visitors

Dorothy: What about tomorrow when Your Father go to his office and your Mother and Nancy to the shop?

Me: Worst, My Dad said, He will be taking me to His office for an orientation instead of staying at home doing nothing.

Dorothy: Then how about u come to my house later today? My Mother won’t be around, it’d fun just like before (Her Father was dead and her Mother was a big business woman).

Chai! bursted!! what excuse am i going to feed her with now?


Telling lies shouldn’t be an excuse from abstaining from sin, it’s like running from death to death. Be bold enough to say the truth at every given time even when they don’t believe or understand u for you’re not doing it for them, just know that your Father in Heaven knows what you’re doing. Your Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Uncle, Aunty, Spouse or Master won’t kill U for telling the truth. It could be a means of obtaining Favour and Trust. U and I need BOLDNESS!!!


Me: Look D’thy, sincerely i don’t want to hang around with u. I am no longer that Victor that U use to know. We can just be normal friends and not with benefits. U really have to stop offering your body anyhow, it’s not good and u know it when u think about it the right way, even toda…

Momma: (coming) oya let’s go let’s go

Dorothy: Good afternoon ma

Momma: Afternoon my dear,,,,, Victor (Getting into the car)

Dorothy: Bye ma

Momma: Eh ehn… bye my dear, take care

Dorothy left after looking at me some how without saying a word to me. I entered the car and we zoomed off.

We got home, had lunch, rested a little then spoke with Mirabel on phone… I even told her about the good news and she claimed responsibility for it, that she did it. I appreciated her for the huge favour. She also told me that, My Dad will go places because of what she did through her connections and also be a big deal in ICAN (Institute Of chartered Accountants Of Nigeria). She advised that, My Dad should do his best so that he’ll get personal favours and good deals from very big businessmen.

Woah,,, I can’t believe how my life is going smoothly, peacefully and sweet,,, This is surely the hand work of God. My life hadn’t have turned this way if i hadn’t changed from my bad ways. I believe God punished me so that i will follow the right path and also fulfill the life He has orchestrated for me. I really thank God for His Goodness, Faithfulness, Love and His Mercy.
I had my siester, after that, we held our House Cell Meeting which lasted for an hour. I became bored,,,, I can’t play my Play station game because Dad was in the Living room watching ChannelsTV. The Tv in my room is faulty and i left my laptop at my school house (The house Mirabel left for me to use). I don’t enjoy playing games with my phone,,, I think i need an iPad for games. One thought led to another, so i decided to spend time on Facebook. I came across a page that posts stories, i checked on a story which was on Episode 17 and saw lots of good comments. I decided to follow the story, i wasted lots of MB because of pages i had to load before getting to the Episode 1 and pages i had to load again in order to continue the story. I read to Episode 26 and couldn’t further because the person posting it stopped there. I really need to continue the story, so i thought of trying Google because i know it got answers to almost everything. The story was titled “Adebimpe The Facebook Girl” i really liked it. It was written by one Onihaxy.
I searched and i got many results,,, i clicked on one link, the site was so disorg-nized for me to understand. I left it because i got other options from Google, I clicked on another link and it was the same thing, I clicked on another link and i discovered that the one i read was the season 2. I couldn’t find the season 1 in the site so i checked in another site. In this site, the Story was arranged from Season 1 to 4, I started reading from the season 1 till i got exhausted. The site was actually toriperi. com, i explored the site and discovered many Stories and many talented writers.
Even after saying good night to my Parents, i still continued the Story on my bed till i decided to sleep around 2am and woke up past 5am by Momma for our morning devotion.
Daddy left for Lagos on Tuesday as he said, I requested permission from Momma to go to Aso rock (Presidential villa) to see Mirabel and Nancy will go with me. She obliged saying it would be a 3-day visit because she don’t like being alone. She was still on the process of getting another house help since she let the previous one go because of me. Why? well,,, ermmm, Momma caught us in the act on three different occasions. She knew i’m a changed person now, that’s why she reconsidered having another house help.
I informed Mirabel about our visiting on Thursday, She sent her bodyguards to pick us with a cool tinted SUV ride which we were later told by the guards that the car was bullet proof. They came on Wednesday evening and lodged in a hotel before coming to our house the following morning. Mirabel sent many stuffs for my Momma through her bodyguards Frank and Jummy who happens to be secret lovers. On our way to Aso Villa, Nancy was far more excited than i am. She claimed to fully charged her phones so she’d take enough photos when she gets there.

**Phone rings**

Me: Hello Mummy

Momma: Victor you have to start coming home immediately, your Daddy called that he is in the airport on his way back

Me: What? But i thought he won’t be coming back anytime soon?

Momma: Yes,,, he said he forgot some important doc-ments and hærd drive that he will use for the job, that he underestimated the job not realizing how big the job is. Are u there already?

Me: No, but we’re almost there. we’ve passed the first two gates already

Momma: U have to turn around now and get here before your Dad gets here before u

Me: But Mummy,,, Isn’t there a way u can cover for us?

Momma: No way, what do u want me to tell him? did we inform him that you and Nancy will be going out to anywhere?? Besides, U know i don’t lie,,,, not to you or to anyone else most especially not to my husband,,, call Mirabel and tell her what happened. It’s better to unintentionally disappoint your girlfriend than deceiving your father. I’m still feeling guilty for the one u did the other day

Me: Okay ma, we’ll be on our way back

Nancy: What?! what’s going on?

Me: Frank we have to go back, something came up

Frank: What about Mirabel?

Me: I will call her on phone and explain to her

Jummy: Hope it’s nothing serious?

Me: Not at all,,,, just that, Daddy is on his way back home

Jummy: Ohhh… can’t Mirabel do anything about it?

Me: I don’t think so,,, he actually forgot something very important for the job

Frank: hærd luck bro (Chuckles)

**Turning back**

Nancy: But Dad hærdly forget anything, why today of all days?

Me: Mummy said he didn’t know the job will be that big,,, that the doc-ments is essentially necessary for the job

Nancy: Oh no,,, what will i tell my friends now?

Me: U told your friends? why are u so stupid?

Nancy: But bro i don’t see anything wrong with that

Frank: U shouldn’t have done that Nancy,,, it’s not save. Please don’t do that mistake next time

Me: That’s if there will be a next time

Nancy: Am sorry senior bro nau,,, am i forgiven?

Me: Yes u are

Nancy: Thanks bro,,, hope i will join u next time?

Me: Not a chance

Nancy: Haba bro nau,,, pleaseeeee…?

Me: Just let me be, i have a lot in my mind to think about so please don’t add yours to it

I took my phone and placed a call on Mirabel and told her about the setback. She was really sad about it, she said, she’s made all necessary arrangements for our stay. I apologized to her of which she sadly accepted.

We got home before Dad came later in the evening. After three days of his stay, the job got postponed till upper week Monday which unfortunately, i won’t be able to make it to Mirabel’s invitation because i will be gone to school by then. She tried her connection to cancel the postponement but was an abortive attempt because the company wasn’t ready. The company will have to produce every necessary doc-ments before the audit can take place. Nancy was deeply hurt, she felt so disappointed.
I can’t tell my Dad about Mirabel, He wouldn’t tolerate me having a girlfriend,,, he’s so strict about it. Even when i got into trouble with those soldier women, left for him he wanted me to remain there as long as it would satisfy them.

Dorothy came to my house on a Sunday, she came to my room when i was sleeping, she got her self unclad and tried to get me unclad as well (I was sleeping shirtless) before i woke up to see what she was trying to do.


Although, I initially woke up thinking someone was trying to kill me or something, so i rose up aggressively and pushed the intruder away immediately before i could even know who the person was.

Me: D’thy? what are u trying to do??

Dorothy: Relax Vickie (crawling towards me) I promise i won’t scre-m like i use to

In this kind of situation, i had to insult her harshly so she’ll get angry and leave me alone,,, besides, she can’t tempt me because i don’t like her. Actually, i hate her but i won’t admit it because it’s not proper to hate someone.

Me: Is this how desperate and cheap u are? do u know why i can’t fall for your pleas? it’s because i hate u with passion, i hate seeing u entirely because of how cheap u are. You’re such a biatch!

Dorothy: What? all these coming out from your mouth Victor? Yea i act like a biatch, i do behave like a w—e i know. But do u know i only do that when i’m around u? Go find out about me and get to know the kind of person i am. Go tell them that you’ve had s€× with me and see what their reaction will be like.

Me: What are u trying to say?

Dorothy: No guy has ever k-ssed me not to mention have s€× with me if not u alone. I should proof it? U deflowered me didn’t u?

**I didn’t say anything,,, but i did what she was asking me**

Dorothy: Answer me (sounding like she wanted to cry) why can’t u answer me? How old was i when u deflowered me? I was 17. Although i planned not to do anything like that until i clock 18 but it was u,,, you’ve always been my crush. Even when u were dating girls anyhow u wanted, i didn’t stop liking u, even though i felt bad about it. I broke my 18-years rule the day i had s€× with u. I opened my legs for u whenever u wanted thinking it’s the only way i could have u for myself, i waited for u to officially ask me to date u but u never did. I’m still intact as u left me,,, I can still give u the chance here and now even if its for a minute to confirm if i’m lieing or not.

**Speechless and confused me**

Dorothy: I’m not a b—h Victor (Now dressing up) I have never been one except to u i guess… thanks for all the insults,,, i brought this upon my self anyway

(Grabbed her hand bag and left)

I didn’t know what to say,,,, i dropped back unto the bed to think about the drama that just happened about a minute ago. I think i am the bad guy in this situation,,, i felt terrible. I didn’t know about all what she said, I have always seen her as a free giver not sure of who she’s given though.

I went to her house the next day, her mother wasn’t around and she was in her room with two of her friends who i also thought was in the same category with her, but who am i to judge what i don’t know?
I sent her younger brother to call her for me, she sent him back to me that she doesn’t want to see me. I sent him back to her again with a message that, I won’t leave there until i see her. She eventually showed up about 38 minutes later while i was already enjoying the movie i was watching,,,, “Fast & Furious” to be precise.

Dorothy: What do u want now? or have u come for the continuation of your insults??

Me: Look D’thy…

Dorothy: Call me Dorothy please

Me: All the same, I came here to apologize for everything i did to,,,, I am really sorry. I regretted everything i did.

Dorothy: Are u done?

Me: See,,, I know i messed with u,I abused your feelings, I toiled with your emotions and all that,,,, I regretted my bad deeds towards u and to everyone it affected including myself. I called u names,,, I had the wrong impression about u. It was even the wrong impression i had that developed my anger and dislike towards u. I beg for your forgiveness Dorothy, please forgive me and let’s be friends again

Dorothy: Friends again U say? were we ever friends before?? U made me your s€× mate and nothing else. U are a devil Victor! U used me, dumped me and then hate me for nothing. What did i ever do to u? is it a crime to give u my body just to get u to love me??! I gave u my everything,,, my body, any money i get i gave to u just for u to love and ask me out,,,, but what did i get? Pregnancy!!

Me: What?

Dorothy: Oh yes u heard me right! I put my life on the line when i had an abortion not to mention the torture i got from my mother. She tortured me for getting pregnant and even dealt with me more, when i couldn’t provide the person responsible for it just to protect u. But what did i get? insults!! I overlooked u the other Sunday when U treated me that way, I just reached an understanding that maybe it was the preaching that manifested in u, not knowing that u really hate me.

Me: I’m terribly sorry for everything i put u through,,, I never knew u went through all that. I can imagine the kind of pain you’re feeling deep in,side your heart right now because of me. I wish there’s something i can do to erase the past, but there’s nothing i can do but to plead for your forgiveness. (I went down on my knees) please forgive me Dorothy from your loving and humble heart, I beg of u…

**Her eyes was already filled with tears**

She raised me up and hugged me

Dorothy: U really hurt me Victor

Me: I know, and i am very sorry,,,, can i resume calling u D’thy now?

Dorothy: If u wish

We disengaged from the hug,,, I noticed she was trying to draw her head closer to k-ss me or something….

Me: So,,, am i forgiven?

Dorothy: Hhmmmm,,,, just partially

Me: Partially? why?

Dorothy: If u want my full forgiveness, U will have to do something for me

Me: Something like?

Dorothy: U don’t worry about that, I shall let u know when i’m ready for it

Me: okay…

We talked and gisted about so many things,,, I also confessed blocking her line from calling me. I unblocked her on the s₱0t while we were still talking before her friends showed up from in,side.

Dorothy: Oh,,,, I even forgot they’re here,,,, Hey girls

Girl1: U try well well no be small

Dorothy: Make una no vex jare. Victor these are my besties, Mirabel and Salome aka Sally Cue

Me: Mirabel?

Dorothy: Yea,,, and Sally Cue.

Me: Okay nice meeting u girls

Mirabel: Nice meeting u too

Sally Cue: It’s nice meeting u too

**Mirabel laid on the couch while Salome abi Sally Cue sat at the other end**

Sally Cue: Msteeeew,,, that’s why i hate this chair, i can’t watch the TV comfortably

She stood up from where she sat and sat right beside me. I stood up to leave after seating uncomfortably for many minutes.
They eventually let me go after a little debate on why i’m leaving too soon. I got home, continued the story i was reading online. Later on,,, Mirabel and i spoke on phone and i also chatted with Dorothy on whatsapp.

Dorothy: My friend SallyCue seems to like u

Me: Stop the joke please

Dorothy: I’m being serious, she admitted it,,, although i warned her to get her mind off u

Me: Why?

Dorothy: Never mind,,,, what do u have for me?

Me: Nothing o,,, just feeling sleepy

Dorothy: Hhmmm *sad face*

I just sent her a flower then bade her goodnight and went offline.


The next day, I told momma about my car,,,, that i don’t want another car from Dad. But she wasn’t happy about it. She doesn’t like the idea of a girl spending for a guy,,, She advised me again telling me all sort of things. She said that, she’ll also talk to Mirabel about it, to stop spending on me. She continued saying that, She can use her money to support your home when u get married if possible and not to be spending on me anyhow now. Telling me to wise up and be the man in the relationsh¡p and not otherwise. She added that she will be sending me extra money apart from my Dad’s so that i won’t depend on Mirabel. It was then she understands why i don’t call home for money when I’m in school. She made me promise to be man enough like my Father.

I didn’t enjoy her advise at first, but when i later think about it,,, she’s absolutely right.

Later that day, I decided to call my Uncle the Engineer… But he didn’t pick up, he could be busy or something.

I called Promise, we spoke for a while about when we’re resuming because the school has resumed already. She said she will resume next week, i told her i will be leaving home next tomorrow. She then changed her mind to resume in three days time.

I called Mirabel, and the following conversation ensued after the pleasantries…

Me: I shall be leaving home in two days time and u still haven’t told me about the stuff u hid for me

Mirabel: (Laughs) Did u even try to find it at all?

Me: Well, i did tried

Mirabel: I doubt if u put in your best to find it,,, I know u. Check in,side your old school bag u hung on the wall

Me: U came to my room?

Mirabel: Yep, Nancy gave me a tour

Me: So, she knew about the stuff?

Mirabel: Yep but not the content

Me: Okay, i will check it out after the call, So when are u going to school?

Mirabel: You’re going next tomorrow right?

Me: Yep if nothing comes up

Mirabel: Okay, see u then

Me: Next tomorrow?

Mirabel: Yes

Me: Great, i miss u so much

Mirabel: I miss u too sweetie

After a little more chat, we ended the call. I went straight to my old school bag to fish out the stuff. I saw a parcel, i brought it out and sat on my bed to rip the wraps open …

**Phone Rings**

I picked it up.

Me: Hello Sir

Uncle: How are u? I saw your missed call

Me: I’m fine sir,,, I just called to hear from u

Uncle: Okay, I was busy supervising a building site. So how’s everything, studies and all?

Me; All fine sir, but I’m at home still on break

Uncle: Okay, it’s alright. Call me when u get back to school

Me: Okay, bye sir

Uncle: Okay, greet Naomi for me

That’s what he calls Nancy, saying he don’t like the name ‘Nancy’

Me: I will sir and greet Jonas and Justina for me

Uncle: They’ll hear,,,,, take care ko

Me: Yes sir

Uncle: Alright

**Hangs up**

I ripped off the wraps, it was an iPad and a 4G SMILE wireless modem. Then i saw a piece of note that read….

“The small device is a 4G wireless modem containing 10gigabybe of data that u can be using without subscribing with your phone anymore. It will be renewed every month but u shouldn’t worry about the subscription, it’s in place to be renewed automatically and u will be getting 10gigabyte of data every month. The wireless password is ************ and please share with Nancy, it can cover the wh0le house. It’s charger is in there, U charge it when the battery runs out.

The iPad is yours baby, go to the video folder and see something.
Bye for now my love”

Woah! Unlimited data for me,,,, enough internet activities for me. My happiness faded a little when i remembered what Momma told me.

I switched on the iPad, and went straight to the video folder, there was only one video in it. I opened it and saw that it was the video tape of us k-ssing on campus. I was like what?!

I quickly placed a call on her and she picked up almost immediately

Me: Hello Mirabel

Mirabel: Hi sweetheart, I’ve been expecting your call

Me: Anything?

Mirabel: Not really, I believe U’ve seen the package?

Me: Yeah,,, Thanks sweetheart, i appreciate it big time but,,,, what’s the video for?

Mirabel: U don’t like it?

Me: No as in, I thought u and your cousin got rid of it all?

Mirabel: Yea, It’s kinda rom-ntic so i kept the last copy for myself and u, but it seems u don’t like it

Me: Not like that babe,,, its just that, u and your cous did a lot to get it off the internet and individual’s devices, so what if it get leak again?

Mirabel: Who is going to leak it? Me or u?

Me: Babe, U should understand that anything can happen,,, it’s truly rom-ntic, i know, and it can be a good memory of us being together but anything can happen dear

Mirabel: What can happen?

Me: If anyone apart from u and i get to know about it, then it’s out

Mirabel: How can u be so sure?

Me: I watch a lot of movies babe

Mirabel: So, U are telling me that, Lola and Cynthia can’t be trusted?

Me: What? They know about it?

Mirabel: Sure, it was even their idea to keep it and share to u as well

Me; Mirabel…..

Mirabel: What?

Me: Tell me, who specifically brought the idea?

Mirabel: Lola,,, why?

Chai oh!!


No human is so perfect that challenges won’t come his/her way. We need wisdom and courage to overcome any kind of challenges or trials. Get wisdom and boldness, be a Victor over challenges and trials that comes your way and your life will be successful. WE NEED WISDOM AND BOLDNESS!


Me: Mirabel, the videotape should be our 100% privacy until we’re clear to take our relationsh¡p public. Our Parents needs to approve our relationsh¡p so that, whenever anything as such gets to the internet, it will be a news and not a scandal.

Mirabel: Baby, what can i do?

Me: Tell me where u keep the videotape

Mirabel: It’s in my iPad, my computer and i backed it up in my external drive.

Me: Your friends have access to your iPad and computer right?

Mirabel: Yeah

Me: Mirabel there are things that i need to tell u about,,, but that’d be when we meet. For now, U should delete the video from your iPad and computer then hide the external drive in a secret place.

Mirabel: Okay

Me: Or u can back it up with your genius cousin Ike and get rid of the drive.

Mirabel: Okay….

Me: Sweetheart, please watch your friends closely,,, they might be something else

Mirabel: Why did u say that?

Me: We’ll talk about that when we meet,,, do u trust me?

Mirabel: Of course! and with all my heart

Me: Good, and u know i will never do anything that’d hurt u

Mirabel: Yes i know,,, what’s all this about dear?

Me: Nothing much, just investing my innocence and good intentions towards u, just in case something comes up in the nearest future

Mirabel: Is that so?

Me: Yep

Mirabel: I hope u are not doing anything illegal in the course of our relationsh¡p?

Me: **Laughs** illegal?

Mirabel: Yes illegal, and u know what that means

Me: I know dear, I’m very clean

Mirabel: I know my love

Me: Thanks again for the gifts, i really appreciate it

Mirabel: Thanks for accepting it

Me: She’s even thanking me again, woah,,,, what a lovely girlfriend I’ve got, I’m so lucky to have u

Mirabel: I’m happy to have u too,,, Mum knows about u already

Me: Your mum the first lady?

Mirabel: Yea

Me: How? when? is she Ok with it? what did she say?

Mirabel: Relax love, Mum is the best, and so my Dad

Me: U haven’t answered my question

Mirabel: I guess we’ll have a lot to talk about when we meet at school

Me: What does that mean?

Mirabel: I will answer your question when we meet, or we should shift it to tomorrow?

Me: No, I’m not prepared for tomorrow, i will wait till we meet

Mirabel: Its Okay…

Me: So,,, goodnight?

Mirabel: Alright dear, lemme take a shower

Me: May i join u?

Mirabel: Only if u can

Me: Yea i can’t now, maybe when we get back to School

Mirabel: Good night sweetheart, love u…

Me: Love u too

**Hangs up**

Well, well, well,,,, Little by little our relationsh¡p is going forward. Both our mothers knows about our relationsh¡p, now remaining the bosses, our fathers.

I took my new iPad and wireless modem and started browsing immediately, It’s so fast. I set everything in the iPad, my google account, whatsapp, Facebook among others. I downloaded more than 15 applications and over 20 games.

I spent my night on the internet browsing and downloading till dawn. After the morning activities, Momma and Nancy left for the shop leaving me and the boss at home. The boss was in the parlor working with his laptop, he goes to his office anytime he likes because he is the boss and he can work at home using his laptop. I called Mirabel, recited a poem for her and professed my love for her. I silence my phone before i went to my bed to have a cool sleep. I had a daymare, I saw myself getting married to Lola, and i wasn’t happy . It was as if i was forced to marry her. Something was about to happen when the minister asked if there’s anyone here that have a reason why the two of us should not be together, I saw someone like a figure from afar,,, i felt some kind of feeling instantly before i was interrupted by the boss (my dad) he called me to open the gate for him that he’s going to the office.
After he left, I tried to sleep again but i couldn’t sleep anymore. I kept thinking about the dream, why did i dream of getting married to Lola of all people, and who was the one that wanted to crash the wedding?

I had to pray seriously that moment using Isaiah 7:7 to terminate the dream from ever coming to pass. I struggled with courage to wash my clothes as i will be leaving the following day,,,, i so much hate washing. Why? because i started washing my clothes when my elder sister Joy got married last year and left our house. Thank God there is a washing machine at the house Mirabel gave me to live in. After washing, i spent the rest of my day on the internet, without even checking the games and apps i downloaded. I met new cool friends online especially at torperi website.  i love online friends better than close ones.

Later in the night, the Boss called me to his room to talk as Father and Son.

Boss: U are my son, and i expect to see myself in u,,, but it doesn’t seem so yet. Why I’m trying to trust u now is because, many youths of our society start doing wayward life on higher institutions but instead, u got better. Your mother has been very happy and pleased with u recently, she says you’ve really changed, that u are now a good sensible boy and all that. For me, its your grades in school that will make me to trust u completely. If your first semester result comes out, and u performed well beyond my expectations,,,, Then i will purely understand what your mother has been telling me, I will surprise u, I will provide for u whatever u will need, i will support u in any way that will enhance your motivation. I thank God for blessing me with those jobs, with it and other connections from it will make me fulfill my promise. For these jobs has increased my level, professionals higher than me were dropped because of me. I don’t know how it happened but i know its a favour from God. So please, make me believe in u, so that i can trust and know that u won’t cause any trouble, then i can fight for u no matter what to prove my son’s innocence. Are u following?

Me: Yes sir

Boss: Good,,,, as u are going back to school, do not keep bad companies, be prayerful, study hærd and make me proud. Stay away from girls,,, Victor stay away from girls,,,, that’s the area that i don’t trust u with…. i know what I’m saying,,, abstain from them completely. It’s better to keep one than be flirting around,,, but I’m not telling u to be in relationsh¡p yet. U may probably get my blessing and the go ahead to have a girlfriend on three conditions. First and fore-most, your first year results must please me, both first and second semesters,,,, secondly, u must introduce her to me and your mother, which means,,,, you will have her as your future wife and that’s if i find her suitable and worthy. And thirdly which is very important even to God,,,, U must not have s€× with her and to anyone else. For it is only for married couples. Do I make myself clear?

Me: Yes sir

Boss: Do we understand each other?

Me: Yes Boss,,,, sorry, sir

Boss: So u will go and write down everything u need, sum it and bring it to me

Me: Ok sir

He then prayed blessings for me before i left his room to write down my needs.

I didn’t even know what to write, i feel like I’m okay. My bank account is still intact, i didn’t use the money that was sent to me when i was in school. I just wrote down some things with a total of #6,800 and gave to him. He looked at the paper and looked at me, he looked at the paper again and then went in,side to his room and came with some Naira in his hand and gave to me.

Boss: That’s 20,000 you’re holding, U may need it for other expenses

Me: Thank u sir.

Boss: Its okay…

Momma also gave me her own piece of advice, both morally, educationally and otherwise. She asked how much my Dad gave me, I told her the amount,,, she then gave me #25,000 and promised to backup some money in my bank account. I tried to resist it but she insisted and left me with no choice.

I felt like too much money, i gave Nancy #5,000 and she hugged me crazily and happily.


The following morning, after our morning activities, i started getting ready to leave anything 11am. Momma arranged foodstuffs for me of which i declined the ones i don’t like such as beans. I only collected small quality of it so i can prepare it with rice.

After much preparation, i left some few minutes past 11 and arrive my apartment about an hour later. Did i mentioned where i was schooling? OK, I was schooling at the University Of Abuja studying Business Administration.

I informed Mirabel of my arrival, she said she’ll join me shortly. I also informed my Parents. My uncle told me to call him when i get to school but i don’t want to,,,, I know he wants to give me money.

I was about doing some clean up before i discovered that the place is even tidier than the way i left it. I was surprised a little because i was relieved from doing the cleaning. So,,, who else could have done it if not my lovely Mirabel. But how??

*I quickly dialed her line*

Mirabel: Hello dear

Me: Sweetheart,,, how did u do it?

Mirabel: Do what?

Me: The house, its cleaned up

Mirabel; Oh yea,,,, I sent some cleaners with my guards to get it done. Hope they did well?

Me: Sure, they did great. Thanks dear,

Mirabel: Its okay… i think its my duty to clean for my boo especially when he’s too lazy for house chores

Me: I’m not lazy

Mirabel: I know, that’s why i said for house chores,,,, U re lazy on that

Me: No I’m not

Mirabel: Really?

Me: Yeah

Mirabel: Ok tell me, what do u do at your family house? And how often do u do your laundry?

Me: Well,,, there’s nothing much to do there and Mother and Nancy takes care of the few ones

Mirabel: There u go,,,, there are some little things that u should be doing at home sweetheart

Me: But i mop the floor

Mirabel: After Nancy sweep the floor right? Why can’t u sweep and mop alone? Imagine, u started washing your own clothes just last year

Me: What? Who told u that?

Mirabel: Oops! Never mind, I will be with u shortly,,,,, and I’m coming with food. Not fried rice though, love u…

*Hangs up*

Chai! Nancy is a traitress!

Few minutes later, I went to the gate to check who was horning,,,, The car doesn’t look familiar but i know it was Mirabel, she got another ride for another semester,,, cool. She drove in, parked, and then alighted from the car were Cynthia, Mirabel and Lola.

But she didn’t tell me that she’ll be coming over with them,,,, Chaai Mirabel!

Cynthia: Hi Victor?

Me: Hello Cynthia,,, long time

Mirabel ran towards me and gave me a cool rom-ntic hug,,, I lifted her up and turned her around rom-ntically and we shared a cool k-ss while i was still holding her before i dropped her to her feet.

Mirabel: I’ve missed u so much

Me: I miss u too…

Lola: Hello Vames **Smiling**

Me: Lola, how are u? how’d u know that name?

Lola: Why don’t u usher us in? instead of questioning us under this scorching sun **helping herself in**

Cynthia looked around then joined Lola

Mirabel: Let’s go in na **pulling me**

Me: Wait

Mirabel: Why?

Me: I thought u were coming alone so we can talk alone

Mirabel: Yeah,,,, but they insisted on coming, that they would be bored at the lodge

Me: We have some serious issues to tackle,,,, so how can we get to talk privately?

Mirabel: Serious issues? what are u talking about?

Me: I will tell u everything when we get to talk

Mirabel: Okay uhmmm,,,, I will let them go while i spend the night here

Me: Ok good

Mirabel: Till then,,,, let’s go in

Me: Wait….

Mirabel: What now? They’re waiting for us

Me: **drawing her closer** Do u know how much i’ve missed your k-sses?

Mirabel: Not now Victor

Me: Come on…

Mirabel: I miss u too but now is not the right time,,, I thought we have some serious issues to tackle?

Me: Yeah… but my mind doesn’t recognize the right time for k-ssing u,,, U should know that with u, every time is right…

She started blushing while i draw her and placed my l-ips on hers and she responded….

Lola: The food is getting cold,,, do u guys mind? **Went back in**

What will i do to this Lola sef??

Mirabel: Sorry dear, we’re coming in now….. Victor i’m going in now

We went in together, Mirabel served the food. I don’t know why she’s the one doing it while Cynthia and Lola were there. The food wasn’t fried rice and the drink wasn’t hollandia yoghurt but the food was irish potatoes with egg and fried chicken with some kind of spice I’ve never seen before,,,,, with one nice orange juice like that which i later discovered that it was imported.

Cynthia and Lola ate on their own, while Mirabel and I ate together but not in a rom-ntic way because i wasn’t comfortable with Lola’s presence.

After eating,,,, she (Mirabel) took all the dishes to wash. Her humbleness surprised me a lot,,, how can she, being the leader of their friendsh¡p and the President’s Daughter be be doing dishes for her friends?? I really can’t understand why.

I helped her in the dishwashing of which she tried to decline but i superseded her. We wouldn’t had completed the dishes without some cool k-sses initiated by me…. we were yet interrupted by that Lola again!

Lola: **Clears throat** Do u have korean movies in this house? I’m bored

*This girl is annoyingly funny sha*

Mirabel: Lola, there’s no Korean movie here

Lola: But he lives here, let him answer,,, he might have, who knows…

Me: Mirabel answered u correctly Lola,,,, I don’t even watch Koreans

Lola: What? Why?? they’re really good, U will love their movies just try it and see

Me: Okay,,, maybe I’ll try it out some time

Lola: Yeah u should,,,, first u should try City hunter, Coffee prince, Playful k-ss or Personal taste, Sea god or even Fugitive: Plan B it’s awesome.

Me: Okay…

Lola: OMG! Please try as much as possible to watch Boys Before Flowers,,, I love the movie like crazy

Mirabel: Lola follow me let’s talk

Lola: Talk about what?

Mirabel: Follow me

Lola: Okay, alright

Mirabel: I mean now**walks away**

Lola: I’m coming oh…..
Vames sweetheart,,, long time no see

I boldly brought out my phone from my pocket and start recording,,, I did it boldly so she won’t notice my real motive.

Me: What do U want from me?

Lola: **laughs** Is that a question?

Me: Yes it is a question and i demand an answer

Lola: I don’t need anything from U dear,,, wake up boo

Me: I don’t understand

Mirabel: **cuts in from distance** Lola!!!

Lola: Hey I’m coming! got to go handsome,,, your girlfriend needs my attention *she winked at me and left*

That’s how the witch left without leaving any evidence for me to hold against her.

I didn’t know what they talked about…. Later in the evening, Mirabel and I lay on the couch together waiting for Lola and Cynthia to get going but they seem to be very comfortable.

Mirabel: Don’t u girls have any where to go? No party? No clubbing No dates and all?

Lola: Since when do u care about that? Or aren’t u the one preaching change on us?

Mirabel: Ok now U have changed?

Lola: Errrmmmmm,,,, I just don’t feel like going anywhere. We just arrive campus na, we’ll rest for today

**58 minutes later**

Mirabel: U girls can go,,,, I will spend the night here. Lola? Cynthia? Cynthia? Lola?! Lola wake up jare! **Hitting them to wake**

Lola: **Sleepy** allow person to sleep na

Mirabel: U should go to the lodge then, before it gets too late. Lola? Lola!

Lola is really a witch!

Mirabel: (Whispering to me) What should we do now?

Me: We’ll leave them let them sleep here while we go in,side the room

Mirabel: Okay….

We went in,side the room, Mirabel had a shower. She told me to join her of which i jumped up to feet before she declared that she was only joking. I told her that i will only shower that night if only i join her,,, She told me to suit myself.

She came out after a few minutes

Mirabel: Its your turn

Me: Did we arrange for that?

Mirabel: Alright, go and shower

Me: I’m okay….

Mirabel: But u stinks

Me: I told u that, i won’t shower if not with u,,,, so I’m keeping to my word

Mirabel: Okay,,,, but u will keep your distance oh,,, and we’ll only talk

Me: (sed-ctively) Are u sure about that?

Mirabel: Hold it there, don’t even think about it…

Me: Really?

Mirabel: I’m very serious (boldly)

Me: Okay,,, its alright, i didn’t intend to do anything anyway

Mirabel: Says your mouth but can that thing down there attest to that? (Using her face to point at my private area that is nodding on its own)

Me: Hey stop looking at it,,,, it got mind on its own and its alive because of the available frequency

Mirabel: So I’m the frequency?

Me: Yes of course, its not my fault that its nodding like that. I can only control it as its master but can’t stop it from nodding to available frequency. Its like that, so can we talk now?

Mirabel: Alright, what is it that u want to tell me about ?

Me: Its about your’ fr……

**Knocks on the door twice then came in without waiting for permission**

Lola: I need to take a shower, sorry i had to wear this, can’t find anything else to put on **walks into the bathroom**

She was wearing my shirt. I was stunned and speechless so was Mirabel.

She finally came out after spending almost 30 minutes in the bathroom. She laid on the floor

Lola: Goodnight guys,,,, woah the floor is so cool

I thought Mirabel was going to get angry and react, but she actually looks as if she wanted to laugh while i was burning in,side of me

Before i could say ‘Mi’ the door opened without knocking

Cynthia: (Sleepy) So all of u camped here and left me all alone in the parlor,,,, msteeeww **She also laid on floor side by side with Lola**

Mirabel started laughing out,,, I looked at her with an angry face.


During the night, I felt something rubbing my feet up to my leg,,, I quickly grabbed my phone and switched on the light to the direction only to see Lola smiling at me by this time of the night **What a witch** I adjusted and laid back, this time holding Mirabel very closely till i managed to sleep. I woke up the following morning feeling a slight headache but kept it to myself not telling Mirabel. I was alone in the room when i woke up,,, I went to check if they were still around, I got to the parlor and heard their voices in the kitchen. I went back in,side to brush my teeth and had my bath as well. Of course I didn’t feel good when Mirabel said I stinks last night.

Mirabel: Honey where are you?

Me: I’m in the bathroom

Mirabel: Ok hurry up’ Breakfast is served

Me: Alright give me a minute

Mirabel: Or may I join you?

**She wants to trick me again, once bitten twice shy**

Me: No need for that, I will be done in a minute

Mirabel: Are you sure you don’t want me to come?

Me: Yeah

Mirabel: Okay,,, I will be with the girls in the guest room

Me: Wait dear were you serious about joining me?

Mirabel: (Laughs) Of course not, enjoy your bath dear

*Hhmmmm,,,, bitten twice*

I had my bath, dressed up then went for breakfast. I got ready to leave, I told Mirabel to come back later in the day to talk on the matter at hand, She agreed to come before they left. Home alone and you know what that means,,, thinking of what to do to while away time and other weird imaginations. First thing i tried to was to watch TV, I got bored and switched to video games before i realized something. That I have always wanted to use my laptop to surf the internet. Now I have the means with my Smile 4G wireless modem. I dashed to my room at once to get my laptop and wireless modem. I got them, switched them on, connected the laptop with the wireless modem and gained internet access in no time and i let out a satisfactory smile. I downloaded so many softwares that i have always wished to have in my system. They seized the power, I on the generator because I was so into the internet and can’t leave it not even for a minute. I was so in to it that i didn’t know when i passed lunch time, yet I didn’t feel hungry but I’m actually hungry

**Phone Rings**

Me: Hello Promzy

Promise: Hi are you at home?

Me: Yeah, what’s up?

Promise: I’m around, on my way to your place

Me: Okay,,, please do me a favour

Promise: What?

Me: Errmmmm,,, help pass by an eatery and buy me something to eat,,,, something simple like maybe meatpie and burger,,, don’t worry about drink, I have some

Promise: I haven’t even agreed yet and you’re already telling me what to do

Me: I know you can’t refuse me

Promise: Really? what if i don’t have enough money with me??

Me: Please Promzy, I will pay you as soon you get here,,, I’m very hungry biko

Promise: Okay,,, I will get it

Me: Thanks dear

Promise: And what have you been doing that you couldn’t get yourself something to eat?

Me: It’s a long story

Promise: What’s the long story on not having lunch again?

Me: *Laughs* You won’t understand,,, get here first

Promise: Okay…

**Hangs Up**

I continued browsing and downloading till she arrived a couple of minutes later. She gave me a cool hug when i opened the gate for her before i ushered her in to the house.

Promise: The place is looking really good, who did it?

Me: What are you insinuating now?

Promise: Come on,,, you and know that you didn’t do it

Me: And if i say i actually did it?

Promise: Then I’ll say you’re lying

Me: Please give my food, I don’t know what you girls take me for

Promise: So who did it?

Me: Its Mirabel! Can I have my food now?

Promise: **Hands the package to me** By Mirabel, you mean she did it manually or automatically?

Me: How do you mean?

Promise: As in, if she did it with her hands or she brought people to do it?

Me: Okay it was automatically

Promise: So, what’s the long story you talked about?

Me: **Chuckles** I was only exaggerating,,, just busy with the internet

Promise: I see,,, and who were you chatting with that kept you busy?

Me: Not chatting,,,, just surfing the internet and downloading from the clouds

Promise: Okay oh,,, too much Mb, so you are on subscription?

Me: Yap

Promise: How many Mb

Me: Promzy I want to eat oh please,,, care to join me?

Promise: Tell me jhoor

Me: It’s 10Gb data plan

Promise: For how many months?

Me: For 30 days

Promise: Is it not too much? what would u be doing with it?

Me: It hasn’t been up to a week, I have consumed about 3Gb

Promise: What? with this your phone?

Me: Yea and my laptop

Promise: Okay U connected your phone with your laptop,,, cool

Me: Not really, I’m using a wireless modem that can connect both of them and even more together. Look at it **Showing her the modem**

Promise: Woah,,,, its nice

Me: Yeah,,, I’m coming

I went in to get some drink, the one Mirabel brought yesterday with two glass cups.

Me: Let’s eat

Promise: No thanks, I’m okay

Me: Not even a glass of juice?

Promise: Ok that will do

I offered her the juice while i helped myself,,, We gisted on so many things while eating till she finished her drink and boldly asked for more. While talking, a part of me wanted her to go so I could continue surfing the internet.

Me: Or should I connect you?

Promise: Yes oh,,, I need to do some things,,,, hope you won’t mind if i download?

Me: I hope its not large files?

Promise: Yes

Me: Okay then

I connected her thinking i would be free to focus on the internet but I was wrong, She kept asking questions upon questions.

**Phone Rings**

Me: Hey dear

Mirabel: Hey,,,, where are you? I’ve been horning out here

Me: Really? sorry dear I didn’t know, I’m coming out now

**Hangs UP**

I rushed to open the gate for her,,, She drove in

Me: I apologize sweetheart, I didn’t know **Hugs her**

Mirabel: Its okay,,, and what have you been doing all day?

Me: Just been surfing the internet

Mirabel: And what did you have for lunch?

Me: Some snacks,,,, Promzy is even around

Mirabel: in,side now?

Me: Yeah

Mirabel: Why didn’t you tell me?

Me: But I just did

Mirabel: How long has she been here?

Me: I think for over an hour now,,,, what’s this about?

Mirabel: What do you mean by what’s this about? She’s my friend too and I miss her soooo much **Running in,side** Promzy!!

I was like “pheeeeww” I let out a sigh of relieve.


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