The President's Daughter And I 2

The President's Daughter and I 2 – batch 4


Do not joke with the power of PRAYER for it is the KEY to your PROBLEM,,,, There is NOTHING TOO BIG to ask GOD for and in the same way NOTHING TOO SMALL. The Bible says,,, ASK AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN UNTO YOU. You don’t just seat down and get everything You need without ASKING. Even when You need something from someone, Pray to God first for FAVOUR. For when God Favours You, Men will Favour You BIG TIME.


It’s a good thing that Mirabel wasn’t suspicious of anything,,, I went in,side to join them.
Promise: It was my Aunt from Zaria that was able to convince my Mum to let come
Mirabel: So you and your Mum are very close?
Promise: Very close,,, we don’t hide anything from each other
Mirabel: Same with me and my Mum, even with her busy schedule, she always try to make up for it
Seeing them talking, I went to help myself with a chill hollandia yoghurt from the fridge and went back to the parlor to continue surfing the internet untill they’ll call my attention. I don’t know why the three of us can’t gist together,,, these girls sef **Sips yoghurt**
**Phone Rings: Unknown Caller**
I excused myself from the parlor before answering the call.
Me: (Waited for some seconds) Hello
Caller: Its me Lola, move away from Mirabel now
**I quickly set the call on record**
Me: Why? and why did you hid your number and change your voice ??
Lola: Don’t be afraid handsome, just want to let you know that I don’t need your little d!ck,,, gosh! I thought you were so hude
Me: What are you talking about?
Lola: Well I kinda touch and felt it last night,,, and i was so disappointed at myself to stoop so low for that little thing, jeez!
Me: So what does that mean?
Lola: My s€×ual urge for you ended last night, so we can be very cool friends from now on
Me: You’re serious?
Lola: Yeah I promise
Me: Woah,,, thanks so much, I really appreciate this
Lola: Nah,,, you don’t need to appreciate me, you should appreciate your little thing
Me: Okay oh
Lola: Alright bye, we’ll talk later
**Hangs Up**
Woah,,,, It happened! Glory be to God!!
Did I mentioned that I prayed over the issue of Lola? I have actually been praying over it. It became my top prayer point since the day I dreamt that I married her. I prayed over it seriously in the Night Vigil we did recently back home. God works in mysterious ways, I mean, look at how He did it,,, Of course my thing ain’t little at all, I think God confused her so she’ll leave me alone and I bless God for that. I started singing praises to God when going back to the parlor.
Mirabel: Honey…?
Me: Yeah…?
Mirabel: What happened?
Me: Like how do you mean?
Mirabel: Why the sudden happy face and singing?
Me: I’m happy
Mirabel/Promise: **both chrosed** Why…?
Me: Nothing,,, I’m just happy. I mean, who wouldn’t be happy to have such a great and extremely beautiful girlfriend as you my dear
Mirabel: You never talk true
Me: I’m being serious
Mirabel: You left here to receive a phone call and returned happy,,, and you’re telling me something else
Me: Okay relax dear,,, uhmmm its about a friend of mine that’s been delivered from something evil
Mirabel: What evil?
Me: Trust me on this babe, You don’t wanna know
Mirabel: Why?
Me: Just trust me,,, so what are you girls talking about?
**They now face each other**
Mirabel: Yes, so Promzy what happened next?
Promise: He had to free me of course,,, I made him realized that he’s not my type and if
he continue to send me such messages and those disgusting pictures of his again, I will show it to my Father, that he should know what that means. (Her Dad was an Air force actually)
I can see they’re talking about guys, I just took my laptop and focused on it while sipping my yoghurt as well.
**Phone Rings**
Mirabel: Hey Nancy how you doing?
Mirabel: How’s Mummy?
Mirabel: Okay… are you at home or the shop?
Mirabel: Alright tell her I say Hi
Mirabel: Yeah I’m at His place right now
Mirabel: Okay thank you
Mirabel: Byeee…
**She dropped her phone down**
Mirabel: Its Nancy
Me: Ok how’s she?
Mirabel: She said they’re fine
Me: Okay…
Promise: Who’s Nancy?
Mirabel: His younger Sister
Promise: Ok
Then they continued with their discussion. That useless Sister of mine, she doesn’t call me oh,,,, only my girlfriend.
**Phone Rings**
Me: Hello
Nancy: Hi Senior Bro
Me: How you doing?
Nancy: Fine oh…. Aunty just delivered a baby girl
Me: Really? Woah,,, that’s good news, hope they’re all doing fine?
Nancy: Yes they are and Mummy is now preparing to go there tomorrow, and you know Daddy will be travelling next week… so i will need to stay with someone till Mummy arrives
Me: What are you saying? Why won’t you follow Mummy?
Nancy: But Bro its not necessary, I don’t have anything to do there
Me: You can be of little help there,,, besides, don’t you want to see the baby? or is it not your wish for her to deliver a baby girl?
Nancy: Yes, but let the baby grow up a little first
Me: If you don’t want to go there, then where do you want to stay?
Nancy: Errmmm…. I’m thinking of
Me: **Cuts in** Don’t even think about it, You’re not coming here!
Nancy: No its not your place, its Mirabel’s
Me: What?
Nancy: Yes I spoke to her about it, and she said its okay for her but I should ask you first
Me: You wanted to skip me in the first place by going to her first right?
Nancy: No its not like that Bro, its just that…
Me: **Cuts in ** You are not coming here,,, you should go with Mummy!
**I hanged up**
Mirabel: That must be Nancy, why were you so hærd on her?
Me: Don’t just mind her
Mirabel: Why don’t you want her to come?
Me: Mirabel I think you should stay out of this
I got up with my yogurt, laptop with modem and walked in to my room. Mirabel came in about three minutes later.
Mirabel: What’s wrong with you?
Me: I’m fine
Mirabel: No you’re not,,, I mean look at you
Me: Listen, I know my sister very well, she’s an opportunist. She’s not just trying to come here because she needs a place to stay, She just want to use that as an opportunity to come to you
Mirabel: Is there anything wrong if she want to stay with me? Or Am I a bad influence
Me: Come on babe, don’t say that
Mirabel: Then what is the problem?
Me: Like I said, she’s an opportunist,,, she wants to use this medium to see other part of the world
Mirabel: How do you mean?
Me: She wants to engage herself on what she sees in the movies,,, having the opportunity to be partying, clubbing, dating, and all that
Mirabel: Are you sure of what you’re saying?
Me: Positive
Mirabel: You were also like that before untill you learn to be of good behaviour the hærd way,,, wait, just out of curiousity…. was your Parents like this in their youthful age?
Me: Stop it,,, please don’t go there
Mirabel: I’m sorry dear
Me: Its okay…
Mirabel: But I won’t let her engage in such activities with me
Me: Can you refuse her pleas?
Mirabel: Yeah if it comes to that
Me: Mirabel, You and I know that you can’t refuse her,,, I know You, You don’t want her to see you as a terrible person, You wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings by refusing her. To tell You the truth sweetheart, You don’t have the boldness to handle Nancy, You really can’t handle her. And of course You girls would put me in the dark when You give in to her.
Mirabel: So are we just going to refuse her like this?
Me: See what I’m talking about? It hasn’t even gotten to a minute that I said it and You’re already manifesting Your Nature.
Mirabel: It will make her very sad
Me: There You go again,,,, She will get over it, I know my Sister very well and She knows me too, I don’t tolerate her stupidity or any nonsense emanating from her
**Phone Rings**
Me: Hello Ma
Momma: Ab’ele? (How are you)
Me: O lafia Ma (Fine Ma)
Momma: Joy just gave birth some minutes ago
Me: Ok yeah, Nancy told me just now
Momma: Okay good,,, and I shall be travelling there tomorrow
Me: Okay…
Momma: Nancy wants to stay with you people there at school ,,, specifically with Mirabel as Your Daddy will also be travelling too
Me: But why can’t She go with You?
Momma: She said she wants to be learning some things about the school as she’ll be coming there later this year or next year by God’s Grace. Please let her go and learn whatever She wants,,, me I’m tired, just let her
Me: Okay Ma
Momma: I will call You before I leave tomorrow
Me: Okay Ma
**Hangs Up**
Me: Ok Mirabel here is the deal
Mirabel: What?
Me: She will stay here in this house
Mirabel: Why?
Me: So I’d watch her movement while under my control
Mirabel: Its okay… you’r the boss!
I felt so good hearing that from her… That’s why we need WISDOM and BOLDNESS to handle situations and then YOU CAN BE RESPECTED FOR IT and you can also BE THE BOSS!


A week later after resuming school, Nancy came in and We made her stay in my place as planned without her knowledge at first untill we explained to her how I got to be living in that huge house. She had no choice but to concur to the arrangement we made. She thought I was staying in a single room with room mates thats why she wanted to stay with Mirabel. We told her that, both Mirabel and I don’t have room mates. She asked why but no explanation was provided for her. She concluded on already having a place to stay when She starts schooling with us. And as for me,,, I now have a cook for two to three months. Even though Dad will return home before then, still he won’t be stable so there’s no need for Nancy to be going and coming. She will only go home when Momma arrives.
I later spoke with my Sister; Joy on phone to talk to her and also congratulate her for giving birth safely,,, Her Husband wasn’t even around, He flew to Cape Town, South Africa. He was a Pilot.

On a Tuesday afternoon after school, Mirabel and Promise went to their places while I left for mine,,, I got a call from Dorothy before I entered the house and the following conversation ensued…
Dorothy: I want to come stay with You even for a week
Me: Why?
Dorothy: Because I miss You and I’d also like to know the School that I’d be going as from next year
Me: You applied for the University?
Dorothy: Yes, I didn’t tell You?
Me: I don’t think so
Dorothy: Its okay… hope I can come?
Me: No You can’t come,,, If You really want to know about the school, You should look for a girl to stay with or better still, wait for the post UTME Exams
Dorothy: Are You refusing me again?
Me: Look D’thy, I’m in a relationsh¡p, a serious one and I won’t jeopardize that ok?
Dorothy: Oh! I see… I should have known, now I get it,,, so this is what all this is all about? abandoning me for some cheap s–t?
Me: D’thy You have to calm down
Dorothy: Calm down? I should calm down?? After everything You did to me and all what I went through for You, this is what I get?
Me: We’ve talked about this before, I asked for Your forgiveness and You forgave me so why are You like this?
Dorothy: I might have tried to forgive You, but never to forget! and besides, I told You I only forgave You partially not fully
Me: Come on,,, You were pulling my legs by then
Dorothy: No I wasn’t! I was serious about it and I made it pretty clear to You
Me: Then what should I do to get Your full forgiveness?
Dorothy: You know what to do
Me: I don’t know
Dorothy: Yes You do
Me: No I don’t
Dorothy: Text me Your address so we can talk face to face
Me: I can’t do that, You can’t come over here D’thy, We can talk on phone
Dorothy: Okay,,, I want You to get rid of that s–t You call Your girlfriend so We can be together
Me: No way, that’s never gonna happen, I mean… it won’t work
Dorothy: It will happen, No girl can have You if I don’t. Even if You turn g-y, no guy will have You still. You are for me
Me: I have always known that You’re not smart, but I didn’t realized that You’re this stup!d,,, can You listen to Youself?
Dorothy: I have told You, its either me or no other
**Hangs Up**
I just laughed to Her stupidity and went in,side in,side the house. Nancy served me a good meal which I ate and drank a cool yoghurt, then I went to sleep while Nancy has been using my wireless modem all day. I woke up later in the evening around 4 or 5pm (Nigerian time) I checked my phone and saw some missed calls from Momma and also from Mirabel whom I saved as ‘Love Mi’ of which the Yoruba can translate to My Love but I actually abbreviated her name to ‘Mi’ – Love Mirabel so it became of two sides either ‘Love Mirabel’ or ‘My Love’ and I also missed a call from Dorothy too.
First of all, I dialled Momma’s number,,, we just exchanged pleasanries, asked about our wellbeing and all of that bla bla bla. Before I dialled Mirabel, She picked the call in no time.
Me: Hei Sweetheart
Mirabel: Hi, where have You been that I’ve been calling You?
Me: I was sleeping, I had to rest from the hot lectures we had today
Mirabel: I thought as much because I know You can’t just refuse to pick my call, but even at that, you should’ve known that I was the one calling and You should’ve woken up to pick
Me: How?
Mirabel: From Your dream na
Me: Very funny
Mirabel: Yeah,,, It was meant to be joke and t…
What I heard was “Your call credit has been exausted and Your call terminated” and You know what that means. I didn’t even get a warning like “You have one minute remaining”.
She called me back in less than 10 seconds and I picked up immediately.
Me: Hello
Mirabel: Don’t tell me it was Your call that finished
Me: What else do You expect it to look like? Or I just hanged up on You?
Mirabel: I was only teasing, You don’t have to answer me that way
Me: **Laughing** I was teasing You as well,,, So what’s up?
Mirabel: I’m home watching a cool movie, So I won’t be coming around today
Me: Okay,,, and what movie is that that captivated You like that?
Mirabel: Its a Korean
Me: You watch it too?
Mirabel: Yeah… just started it recently,,, with the influence of Lola and Cynthia
Me: I see,,, If such a movie could hinder You from coming here, then I think its very interesting
Mirabel: It is very interesting
Me: Okay,,, You should bring that particular one You’re watching to me tomorrow
Mirabel: Ok I will
Me: Alright continue Your movie, we’ll talk later in the night before I sleep
Mirabel: Ok dear, love you… Nnmuah
Me: I love You too sweetheart, bye
Mirabel: Byeeee…
**Hangs Up**
I refused to call Dorothy, I might even block Her again. I checked my unread messages and I saw two messages from Mirabel which read “Where are you and why are you not picking up my calls?” and the second one “Are You there??” I supposed It was when I was sleeping and missed Her calls. I saw a message from First Bank then I recalled when Momma said She’ll back up some money in my account. I opened it quickly and saw that my account has been credited but it wasn’t from my Mum nor from the Boss because I know their account number. I relaxed to think for a moment…
*Could it be Mirabel?
*And why would She send me money after all what Mum had told Her about not giving Me Her money?
*Or Mirabel did it so I won’t know that its from Her?
*But who else can send Me money?
My thought got to my Engineer Uncle, but He doesn’t send me money just like that, untill I call or something
*Or was it a wrong transfer?
*Should I contact the Bank?
I called Momma but She said She didn’t send the money, I called the Boss,,, thinking He’d asked if I have I gotten the money but He didn’t, which means He wasn’t the one. I called and asked Mirabel but She denied responsibility.
Then who is responsible for crediting my accouunt??
And what should I do??
It could be a wrong transfer.


After much thoughts, I decided to call My Uncle to greet Him and there I can also know if He’s the one that sent the money or not,,, afterall, He told me to call Him whenever I get to School. I dialled His number… and He picked up.
Me: Hello Sir
Uncle: How are You Victor?
Me: I’m fine Sir
Uncle: I spoke with Your Dad, He told me Joy has delivered a baby
Me: Yes Sir, We thank God for the save delivery
Uncle: Yes,,, and I’m made to understand that You’re in School already
Me: Yes, We’ve resumed Sir
Uncle: I told You to call me when You get to school right?
Me: Yes You did, I apologize for not calling
Uncle: Did You get the alert?
Me: Yes I did, thanks a lot Sir,,, I really appreciate Your support and kind gesture
Uncle: Its okay,,, make sure You study hærd, We need a better result in the Family or don’t You want to beat my record?
Me: **Laughs** Sir We’re trying
Uncle: Don’t just be trying, ensure that You get to be sure of Yourself
Me: Okay… thank You Sir
Uncle: Alright, I just got home from work,,,, so bye lemme rest a little
Me: Ok bye Sir.
Woah,,, I came to School to study, but I’m balling in School!
I went to the Parlor, Nancy was there watching TV
Me: Now You’re tired of browsing and chatting abi
Nancy: The thing just stopped working
Me: How do You mean?
Nancy: I don’t know oh,,, its connected but not browsing and the network is ok
Me: Chai! You have finished My MB
Nancy: What?
Me: Quiet jare! Msteeeew chai! exausted 10 Gigabytes of data in less than three weeks,,, Great!
I left Her in the Parlor, went in,side my room, grabbed my notes and went to the house library to read. That’s my secret for answering well in class and also performing well in tests. I study whatever that I was taught in School later in the evening and also raed it again in the early morning of when We have the Lecture again. All what We were taught from Monday to Friday, I studied them at home on Saturdays and sundays. So don’t think that I’m so intelligent or calling me a genius for my intelligence,,, Its because I studied hærd.
My Uncle wants His record of having Second Class Upper to be broken, I thought for a little. He was the one with the highest result in the family, My Dad had Second Class Lower which put him in the Second place after My uncle. That day was the day I officially set My goal of beating My Uncle’s record. And You know what that means, First Class things.
I left the library after for almost two hours, I dropped my notes in the room before walking to the Parlor, Nancy was still there watching TV, Although I perceived something coming out from the kitchen’s direction.
Me: What are You preparing?
Nancy: Spaghetti
Me: Again?
Nancy: We ate rice in the Afternoon, what’s again?
Me: Are they not the same thing? Can’t You cook something else rather than these starchy foods? If not rice its spaghetti or noodles or yam sometimes
Nancy: But there’s nothing else in the kitchen
Me: What about Semo or pounded yam
Nancy: There are no ingredients for soup in the kitchen
Me: Can’t You buy them and other things from the market?
Nancy: With which money? and things like what?
Me: Things like Platein, both irish and sweet potatoes, like that
Nancy: Bro just give me money and I will get them tomorrow
Me: No problem, but You will use Your money to buy meat and fish
Nancy: Why?
Me: Are You not the one that eat it more? See how You’re getting fat here
Nancy: I am Your responsibility na, You’re my senior bro and I’m in Your place so You will have to take care of me
Me: Na true, go check wetin dey fire jare… I’m hungry
Nancy: Yes boss
She went to the kitchen while I took the remote to the channel to either music or sport channel. She came back a couple of minutes later with my food, I ate and rested before calling Mirabel and then retired to bed after praying for the night and the new day I’ll be entering.
The next day in School, I met and chat with lola, Mirabel and promise with some quarter-friends that we only greet each other or talk about lectures only. Lola and Cynthia came to our Department when we were free,,, We all had lunch together, that is Lola, Cynthia, Mirabel, Promise and I.
Our first semester result came out and I did great except for Maths that I had “C”, I really needed to work very hærd on Maths. Mirabel and Promise did very well too,,, And surprisingly, Lola and Cynthia’s result wasn’t bad at all. I guess they have their way because,,, those girls ain’t really serious with their studies.
As time goes by, Lola and I became close friends. I snatched her from Mirabel same way She snatched Promise from Me. I got to learn the other side of Lola, She’s fun to be with, full of exciting stories and experience.
I couldn’t take it anymore from Dorothy, so I brought the situation to Lola not telling Mirabel about it. She told me to play along with Dorothy, that instead of giving her my house address, I should give her another address where she (Dorothy) would meet me and She’ll take care of the rest. I did what Lola told me to do,,, I pretended to give in to Dorothy’s pleas and made her to meet me in a certain place. She came at the appointed time and I drove her with the car Lola gave me to use to the address she provided. I didn’t know what she wanted to do, and my mind didn’t even think of Lola killing Dorothy at all.
We arrived the location, an uncompleted building and I horned as Lola directed me to do.
Dorothy: Victor don’t tell me You live here
Me: No I don’t
Dorothy: Then what are we doing here?
Me: Just came to check on someone
Dorothy: Victor I’m not comfortable with this place, let’s go
Lola: Nobody is going nowhere,,, yet
Lola showed up with Cynthia and other two girls looking weird and dangerous, I was scared myself.
Dorothy: Victor what’s going on here? Is this a set up?? You want to kill me,,, Victor You want to kill me???
Cynthia: Shut up b!tch!
Dorothy: Victor please don’t do this to me I beg You **Almost crying**
I didn’t know what to say or do, I couldn’t even understand what was going on
Lola: So You’re scared huh? **Lighting a cigeratte for herself**
Dorothy: Please don’t harm me…
Lola: Shut up! Now tell me, why are You even begging?
Dorothy: What?
Lola: Why are You begging for Your life? Do You know me from somewhere??
Dorothy: No
Lola: And why are You begging? I’m not even holding any weapon
Dorothy: I’m sor-ry
Lola: Now listen and let this be clear to You, Victor is my boyfriend and I’m not sharing his d!ck with no b!tch,,, You got that?
Dorothy: Yes yes yes (Shivering)
Lola: Stay clear of his d!ck, is that understandable?
Dorothy: Yes I understand
Lola: Good girl,,, just make sure that the next time You and I get to meet again, It shouldn’t be like this okay?
Dorothy: Yes pleaseee…
Lola: Victor darling, take this girl to where You got her from (Walked back to where she came out from with the girls)
Me: Okay…. D’thy lets go
I felt pity on her, She was so scared and terrified. She stood up walked out in a hurry, I ran after her.
Me: D’thy wait
**She kept on moving**
Me: D’thy wait lemme drop You
Dorothy: So this is how wicked and heartless You are? How dare You put me in this kind of situation?! How dare You do this to me?
Me: I never wanted this to h…
Dorothy: **Cuts in** You’re very wicked! I was too blind to realize it all this while,,, I was so stupid and foolish geez!!
Me: Please hear me out
Dorothy: What for?
Me: Please just hear me out,,, it wasn’t my…
Dorothy: **Cuts in** Cut the crap You b—–d! I will never forgive You for this, Never! **Walks away hastily**
Me: D’thy! Dorothy!!
She left without looking back. I felt so horrible.
I kept dialling her number from that day but she kept rejecting my call till her line stopped going through, I thought she had blocked my line so I tried using another line but it still didn’t go through.
In School on a Wednesday afternoon, Lola announced that her birthday was coming up on Friday but she’s going to celebrate it on Sunday evening. One talk led to another and they came up with an idea to have a dinner in respect of Lola’s upcoming birthday at Mirabel’s lodge. That would be the first time Nancy will be going there. I begged Lola specifically not to involve Nancy on any act, because Nancy claimed to like Lola on their first meeting and always want her around. She promised to be cool and friendly with Nancy and nothing else. Promise said she can’t come and didn’t give any suitable reason for not coming. Mirabel tried to talk her in but she still declined.
When I got home, I told Nancy about the upcoming birthday and she appeared to be very happy, I causioned her to behave herself for I won’t tolerate any misbehaviour from her.

Sometimes I thought about going easy and cool with Nancy, because she might rebel against me later in the future when she realizes some things. And I also thought about something, if Nancy should go out and start doing bad things now,,, what can I even do to her?


I refused to eat that afternoon pending the dinner later. I set myself ready to eat as much as I could. But I still did my two hours study, there is no barrier for that because I have a goal to achieve.
I left the house with Nancy later in the evening and got to the VIP Inn where Mirabel, Lola and Cynthia resides. The Gateman opened the gate for us, they even changed their Gateman. We alighted from the car and went in,side the Mirabel’s lodge that’s where they fixed the dinner. Entering the parlor, I met Cynthia and two other girls dancing. I recognized the two girls, they were the ones Lola used to intimidate Dorothy the other day. They paused the music to welcome us, I asked after Lola and Mirabel, Cynthia said they went to the restaurant to get the eatables for the dinner that they’ll be here in few minutes time. She offered us Champagne, I declined for myself and Nancy as well and requested for juice instead.
Nancy: But Bro, I have never seen champagne before except in the movies,,, let me taste it small please…
Me: Nancy it’s not as good as You see in the movies
Nancy: Have You tasted it before?
Me: Yeah and I regretted it
Nancy: But how is it like?
Me: Its alcoholic
Nancy: Really?
Me: Yeah
Nancy: I hate alcoholics
Me: Me too, that’s why I refused it
Mirabel and Lola arrived few minutes later and the bodyguards dropped the bags they were carrying on the dinning table. Lola greeted me with a hug and Mirabel with a k-ss. Lola directed the girls and the lady guard Jummy to arrange what they brought in for dinner and Nancy also helped out on her own accord.
Two huge guys came in some minutes later, Lola introduced the dark one to me as Dax her boyfriend and the other fair one as Vincent, Dax’s friend. Cynthia said her boyfriend couldn’t make it today but promised to come on the main birthday party. After the introduction, we settled down to eat,,, there was so much to eat and drink. I watched Nancy very closely so that an unplanned event will not take place. I ate as much as I could especially the chicken. We first ate fried rice and chicken with wine or juice in the first hour, rested for 30 minutes then ate meat pie with egg and well-prepared roasted fish with any drink of choice. Some rested, others danced for another 30 minutes then they brought in suya that expensive and well-prepared one, that was the day I ate suya like no other. After that, they shared cake and enough ice-cream. Then they increased the sound of the music and started dancing and drinking whatever You like. I also danced very well that night. I saw the fair guy Vincent getting closer to Nancy when dancing but she avoided him which got my mind settled. My eating didn’t end there,,, I still ate suya and the roasted fish later on and ended it with a cool hollandia yoghurt.
Around or so, I told Mirabel that We’d be going home, She told me that we should all spend the night there but I refused her till she had no choice. I had to go home because of my Sister, can’t leave her for that huge guy. They even tried to convince us to stay but I gave them a ‘NO’ that signifies no hope at all. Its a good thing Nancy didn’t even want to stay.

We arrived home safely, I had to set an alarm before I slept that night in order to avoid waking up late for lectures.
The following day, I gave Nancy some money to go to the market and get what we needed in the kitchen while I went to School.
Mirabel followed me to my place from lectures with the korean movie I told her to bring for me. Got home, Nancy served us lunch,,, Beans and plantein.
Nancy: Woah this korean movie
Mirabel: You’ve watched it?
Nancy: Yeah but I didn’t started from the beginning and I haven’t watched it to the end yet,,, so interesting
Me: Alright go and play it
We started watching the movie, I read the summary on the disc’s cover,,, Oh! its titled “Boys Before Flowers”. We watched and discussed on the movie till nightfall with generator because the power was seized. I didn’t even read my book that evening but I promised myself to read very early the following morning. Mirabel didn’t go that night, she came prepared to spend the night. We went to bed around because of School the following day, but we left Nancy with the movie.
I went to have shower first to avoid being called a dirty boy…

**While in the shower**
Mirabel: May I join You honey?
Me: No!
Mirabel: **Laughs** I’m serious this time
Me: Leave me alone
Mirabel: Okay oh…
(She thinks she can fool me again, lai lai)
Before I knew what was happening, She slowly came into the bathroom and startled me when she slowly car-ssed and k-ssed my back.
Me: I thought you were trying to pull my legs again
Mirabel: Nah… I don’t joke with my words all the time dear
Me: I see…
We bath ourselves, but nothing happened oh… I wasn’t in the mood anyway **Winks**
**After the shower and dressed for bed**
Mirabel: So what was it that you’ve been wanting to tell me about?
Me: Me?
Mirabel: Yes,,, about my friends or so
Me: Oh! yea uhmmm… just wanted to know why I don’t know their boyfriends or they don’t stick to one guy? but I’ve known Lola’s own now**I lied,,, ‘coz I couldn’t tell her what Lola was trying to do again,,, since we’re cool now**
Mirabel: Well, They have their boyfriends,,, not for love though. They’re just having fun and playing around
Me: Okay… I get it now
Mirabel: Goodnight dear, really need to sleep
Me: Ok babe, goodnight
**Few minutes later**
Mirabel: Baby,,, are u awake?
Me: Yea, anything?
Mirabel: Yea… just need to tell you this
Me: What is it?
Mirabel: My Mum is planning to pay you an unanounced visit
Me: Are you serious? the first lady wants to visit me?
Mirabel: Yea, I’m not supposed to tell you because she told me not to
Me: What’s she paying me a visit for?
Mirabel: You’re dating her daughter hello…? She wants to know and confirm everything I told her about you
Me: And what have you told her?
Mirabel: Everything I know about you,,, your good side though
Me: I see… so when is the visit taking place?
Mirabel: I dunno
Me: Baby please tell me, I need to be well prepared
Mirabel: She refused to tell me, she knows i’ll snitch
Me: So I should be expecting her any time?
Mirabel: Yea… don’t worry, I’ll help you out

Chai! eleyi gidi gan oh… I said this one this thick.


Sunday came up so fast with lots of expectations for Lola’s birthday party. I wore a cool fitted suit, my best suit actually with a hat. While Nancy wore a dress Mirabel provided for her.
We arrived the place before and the place was wow! full of exotic cars, that was my first time of seeing a Lamborghini car and others. Music was booming the environment, I saw so many good looking and sophisticated persons in attendance. That was when I had a thought of pride that I’m rolling with bigger girls. Well, I didn’t feel intimidated at all because, I got a nice ride and well dressed as well.
I met Mirabel’s guards standing at the frontage of her lodge, I asked them if Mirabel was in,side, they replied positive. Some guys and girls were seated in the parlor but Mirabel wasn’t. I greeted them before asking after her and they said she went to the room to get dressed. I went straight to her room and knocked…
Mirabel: Who is it?
Me: Your boyfriend
Mirabel: Come in come in come in
I slowly opened the door and walked in, she was backing me
Mirabel: I’ve been waiting for you, Now tell me, how do i look? **Turning around to face me**
Me: Woah… you’re a true definition of beauty, a virtue of grace, I’m incredibly graced by your grace, I’m highly favoured beyond imaginations, you have no idea to how happy i am to have you, you’re like a figment of my thoughts but thank God you’re real, thank God for creating you, I’m extremely blessed. Oh my! what am i saying? Come give hug please baby…
We hugged each other for so many minutes, i also car-ssed her hair emotionally that I didn’t know when a tear dropped off my left eye.
Me: I will always love you Mirabel, I will continue to love you no matter what… The love I have for you is irreplaceable.
Mirabel: I love you so much and you know it, I believe whatever you tell me, I trust the love we have for each other,,, I’m made to understand that, sometimes in life, the best doesn’t come first but mostly comes last. Yes I was born with everything i need, but you stand as the best thing that has ever happen to me. With you in my life, I have everything I want and my love for you is unconditional.
**We were still hugging each other before someone opened the door**
Cynthia: Oops! sorry for intruding guys, didn’t know uhmmm… excuse me, Mirabel everyone is waiting for you outside, they’re about to start
Mirabel: Ok I’m coming out, just give me a minute. Is Lola out yet?
Cynthia: No, she’s waiting for you
Mirabel: Ok, just a minute please
Cynthia: Alright hurry up. Hi Victor
Me: Hi **I just waved at her with a coy smile then she left**
Mirabel: Victor
Me: Yes?
Mirabel: Everyone will know today that you’re my boyfriend
Me: I don’t understand
Mirabel: As you know, this is a high class party and everyone you see out there are sons and daughters of dignitaries like Senators, Ministers, Governors, big business men children and all that. So,,, people like us are not expected to come here with any random person, we can only come with our date, friends or spouse
Me: Okay…
Mirabel: You and I will be together throughout the party, that is after I esc-rt Lola to the Celebrant’s seat then We’ll seat together by her right side. And I will introduce you to anyone I meet as my boyfriend
Me: Its cool, no problem
Mirabel: Sure?
Me: Yea, sure, even if the your Father gets to know I won’t be bothered
Mirabel: Really…?
Me: Just kidding
Mirabel: He’s not gonna do anything nasty I’m sure of that
Me: Well, he is your Father, you should trust him,,, He should only know about us when the time is right
Mirabel: Of course, that’s what I’m waiting for. Put this in your mind that I’m taking you to my father in Aso rock two weeks after our final exams
Me: Aso rock?
Mirabel: Yea, why?
Me: But his tenure will expire months before we graduate
Mirabel: So? what happens to second term?
Me: Oh… I forgot
Mirabel: By the way, where is Nancy?
Me: Oh my God!
Mirabel: What is it?
Me: No, nothing, She’s outside… let’s go join them, they’re waiting for you
Mirabel: Yea, let’s go. What about Promise?
Me: I dunno, we haven’t talked today. She didn’t call me
Mirabel: The securities will deny her access if she should come because we only invited her with our mouth as our close friend and not with invitation card and she doesn’t even have a car. Let’s call her quick,,,, where is that my phone
Me: Lemme call her **I brought my phone out from my pocket** my phone has been switched off all this while and i didn’t know **I quickly switched it on**
Mirabel: Maybe she’s been trying to call you, who knows? Woah… eleven missed calls from her
**She dialed Promise’s number and she picked up at once, then Mirabel put on loud speaker**
Mirabel: Hello Promise
Promise: Hi I’ve been calling you but you didn’t pick up and Victor’s line is unreachable
Mirabel: I apologize, I’ve been busy. They refused to allow you come in?
Promise: Yeah at first, but I’m in now,,, thanks to Cynthia. Where are you guys by way?
Mirabel: In my room but we’re coming out now
Promise: Please hurry up, I’m feeling awkward and nervous out here
Mirabel: Just meet us in my lodge
Promise: Ok, on my way
**Hangs up**
Mirabel: Lets go lets go
Me: After you my darling
We stepped out together, the guys and ladies we met in the parlor all stood up when we showed up in the parlor. She greeted them in a hurry while stepping out and they followed us or they followed her rather,,,, who know me? Lol.
The guards opened the entrance door and there stood Promise, glowing like a star, where did she hid her beauty all this while that i did not see? I was stunned by her beauty but refused to get carried away.
Mirabel: You’re looking good Promise
Promise: Thanks, and you’re looking gorgeous
Mirabel: Thanks,,, come on, let’s go and esc-rt Lola out to her seat, we’re already late. Guys you may go have your seat (Referring to the ones with us) Victor please wait for me here, Promise lets go
They left for Lola/Cynthia’s lodge to esc-rt the celebrant out while I stood in front of her lodge as she told me to wait for her. I was looking around for my sister Nancy, I didn’t know where she was.
Mirabel came out alone some few minutes later and went to grab a mic, she signaled them to pause the music. After which, she welcomed everyone in attendance and also said other things. Gosh! her voice sounded so good on the mic, God help me ‘coz I so much love this girl.
She then announced the arrival of the celebrant, every one stood up clapping their hands while Lola and her esc-rts came out, my mind became cool when I saw Nancy with them. Mirabel however, handed over the mic to the MC after making a comment that…
“Lemme quickly go get my boyfriend before these beautiful ladies in the house do something nasty”
The guests cheered and applauded to that,,, while she left the stage and walk towards me smiling with confidence.
All eyes on me! I started feeling so nervous that I felt like I was gonna collapse even though I was standing upright.


She came and stood in front of me smiling,,,she looks so adorable and extremely beautiful. I looked at her with love written all over my face… I took charge of the situation by offering her my hand, she accepted then we walked like newly weds to our seat at Lola’s right side. The MC continued with the menu after the cheering from the guests.
The MC called on the celebrant to get her man by her side. Another rom-ntic drama took place when Lola brought her guy Dax to her side.
The party continued from one interesting item to the other… from cutting the cake to dancing, artistes performances and other entertaining performances. Lola’s boyfriend, Dax also performed a special song for Lola,,,, that was when I know that he was a Musician.
The time for general dance,,, everyone started taking their lady to the dance floor, I also did the same. I noticed how Nancy looked at me when that Vincent, Dax’s friend offered her his hand as a request for her to dance with him. I just nod a ‘go ahead’ for her so she’ll not fall his hand. I wasn’t focused on my dancing because I was watching them for any wrong dance moves but he danced like a gentleman,,, although I was still suspecting him (Vincent).
The refreshments were extremely refreshing, I didn’t ate much though,,, I reserved myself for later when I can eat comfortably, probably with familiar eyes and not otherwise.
Later in the evening around or thereabout, the MC announced the main event of the menu which is the “Pool Party”. Everyone cheered and applauded to the anouncement. Then they brought in costumes for the Pool party for both male and females. Bikinis for females and shorts for males. The MC further said that…
MC: Its time to see dah sis packs in dah house and some banging bodies baby! leeets do this!! **Drops mic**
(Instantly, the lights turned red and blue)
Personally, I wasn’t OK on that one, I felt somehow uncomfortable.
Mirabel: Hey handsome
Me: Baby is this necessary?
Mirabel: Well, this is the best part Lola loves on every birthday party she attends ,,, so she also want to do it on her own birthday party, so here we are
Me: I don’t think I can participate on this one
Mirabel: What? honey please you have to
Me: I can’t,,, I’m not feeling this
Mirabel: Honey let’s do this for Lola pleaaase?
Me: Mirabel….
Mirabel: Honey pleaseee… just for today, for Lola please honey
Me: OK alright
Mirabel: Thanks hun,,, don’t be shy of your invisible packs
Me: What?
Mirabel: Lemme get a short for you, gimme a minute
Dax: Hey guys… Mirabel and ermmm sorry?
Me: Victor
Dax: Yea my bad, how is it going bro?
Me: Just good **handshakes**
Vincent: Hey man
Me: Bro whats up **handskakes**
Vincent: Good,,,, its a nice party
Me: Yea…
Mirabel: I’m coming guys **runs away**
Me and both guys who were already on shorts showing their six packs chatted a little about some things before Mirabel showed up with a short for me. I excused myself and went in to put it on before joining them,,, I had my siglet on though, I don’t have packs and I don’t even like appearing bare-bodied in public.
We all surrounded the pool in groups, some in twos and others in,side the pool already having fun with non-stop party music and drinks. There were balls, water-guns and so many things that made the pool party fun for them.
I was with Dax and Vincent chatting and getting to know each other, I was very comfortable with them,,, that was how we became friends.
Mirabel: Excuse me guys, can I borrow my boyfriend?
Dax: Sure of course, I should be with my baby too… Vince I can’t help you tonight again bro, this is what I’ve been telling you about,,, get yourself a girlfriend
Vincent: Guy leave that thing, I don’t need a w—e or should I kill myself for not finding the type of girl I need?
Dax: You will start doing ultimate search after the loneliness you will feel today, everyone will be in twos soon and there isn’t any single girl here
Vincent: You guys should just go and leave me alone, loneliness won’t kill me
Mirabel: (Laughs) Of course we’ll go,,,, honey let’s go (Drawing my hand along with her)
Me: Guys i’m coming…
Vincent: Ok bro
I smell conspiration among those guys, Infact I was sure that they’re trying to get my sister for Vincent and trying to make me know that he is a good and responsible guy but I refused to concur.
Mirabel took me to the garden where we once met, then we started strolling around slowly.
Mirabel: You remember this place when we started our relationsh¡p? I come here whenever I feel lonely to relax myself and also smiled sometimes with tears when I recalled that day we met here. I have loved this place since then because of the good memory.
Me: I remembered everything, even from the first time I saw you, I can still remember vividly like it was all yesterday. How it all started from hate to love
Mirabel: Yea, you were so annoying by then…
Me: Do you know I hated you at first sight?
Mirabel: What? but why?
Me: Because of how you showed up that day, how you spoke with your guards that are older than you and how you spoke with the Lecturer made me thought you were a spoilt arrogant brat
Mirabel: Hhmmmm… I only disliked you because I thought you were a proud guy that shows off his intelligence to make everyone think you’re the best or something,,, and I hate pride.
Me: So we totally misjudged each other
Mirabel: Yea absolutely,,, then I fell for you before I knew it. You hurt me alot when you played hærd to get.
Me: I played hærd to get?
Mirabel: Have you forgotten?
Me: Well, it wasn’t like that… I saw you as a lover girl that needed real love not with someone like me who wasn’t sure of himself. Hey what are we even talking about? we’re spoiling the mood already, lets forget about all that and focused on the rom-ntic night
We stopped for a while then faced each other, she placed her hands on my shoulder and we looked straight to each other’s eyes.
Mirabel: So… how rom-ntic could this be?
I smiled sheepishly then drew her closer and initiated a k-ssing session that led to a hot rom-nce for many minutes. The rom-nce came to an abrupt end as I pulled off when the thought of my sister popped up.
Me: Lets go in,side (Smiling)
Mirabel: Victor please no
Victor: Why? you don’t want to go in,side?
Mirabel: You know what i meant
Me: I don’t think i do
Mirabel: You know we shouldn’t go beyond k-sses and rom-nce
Me: Yea I know. Oh… wait, you thought I was going to…..? Nah… far from it, my mind was far from that. I just want us to go in,side and probably continue there ‘coz its late already
Mirabel: Is that so? Alright, lets go
I went back to the pool and saw that the party was over and most of them had left, remaining some in twos that were just talking while others were making out. I was looking around every corner my eyesight can reach to catch them red-handed,,, by that I meant my Sister Nancy and that Vincent but I couldn’t find them. I met with the male bodyguard and asked him if he has seen her. He replied saying he hasn’t seen her all night. My heart started beating with rage, I thought of what i’d do the instance I catch them together. I went in,side Mirabel’s lodge, there she was sleeping on the chair. I became speechless…. Mirabel woke her up and showed her where she’d sleep. I told Mirabel to join me go to Lola’s lodge to eat that I didn’t eat well earliar, She agreed that she also want to eat too.
We went there, and I saw that the party continued in there, they were dancing nude.


Mirabel and I stood dumb for many seconds to collect what our eyes were seeing,,, they were drunk and still having more, the place was smelling crazy, they’ve been smoking marijuana and other type of weeds, and substances like cocaine and all, they were smoking their lives out. I don’t even know any of them there. Lola, Cynthia, Dax, Vincent and those two friends of Lola’s weren’t there with them. We irritatingly walked passed them to the rooms.
Mirabel: Seems Promise left
Me: I guess so
Mirabel: But she didn’t inform any of us
Me: Was she even at the pool party?
Mirabel: I didn’t see her there
Me: It could be that she left during that time, She’ll never party like that
Mirabel: Decent girl huh?
Me: Very decent
The first room we entered was hell! we saw a real live hærdcore p-rnography going on among about eight of them both girls and guys. They didn’t even care to noticed if anyone opened the door before we closed up to next room looking each other but remained speechless. Cynthia and her boyfriend were already asleep completely unclad in her messed up room. At Lola’s room? I got the shock of my life,,, three in one with Dax, Lola with those two friends of hers… they were extremely high on drugs.
Dax: Hey, don’t you guys knock?
Mirabel: The door was left opened dummy
Dax: Oh… but s..
Lola: **Cuts in** You guys care to join the fun? Victor you can take on my girls, I don’t need yo little d!ck ‘coz I won’t even feel it anyway **Laughs out crazily** Mirabel how do you cope with that guy? girls… that dude is so so tiny **three of them laughed crazily, one of the girls had c-ms on her face and mouth**
Mirabel: You’re sick,,, let’s go Victor **walked out**
Lola got me extremely angry that night, I looked at them in disgust before walking out of the room. I was headed to Mirabel’s lodge before I heard her voice closed-by. I looked around and saw her at a corner talking with someone unfamiliar to me at that moment. I went closer and that it was Vincent.
Me: What’s happening here?
Vincent: Hey bro
Me: Hey,,, why are you sitting out by yourself?
Mirabel: He was actually sleeping when I saw him
Me: Why don’t you go in,side?
Vincent: I’m ok here,,, here is more cool, in,side there is hell even with all the AC’s… gosh!
Me: So you’ve been all alone all this while?
Vincent: And I’m very cool with it
(Hhmmmm… seems he’s really a good guy)
Mirabel: But Dax is your friend, why aren’t you with him?
Vincent: Sure I’m with him and that’s why I’m still here
Me: Alright get up let’s go to Mirabel’s lodge, its more comfortable there
Vincent: Yea it should, i can see it’s less noisy. Please show me in before I catch cold out here **Standing up**
Mirabel: Sure, lets go
Vincent: After you
(I was like hmmmm…. Lol)
She took him to a room where he’d spend the night.
Mirabel: We need to talk
Me: About what?
Mirabel: About what happened back there, what was she talking about?
Me: Lola?
Mirabel: Yes
Me: Forget about that sweetheart, she’s not ok. Lets just go to bed dear
Mirabel: I need to understand
Me: Sweetheart, there’s nothing to understand OK? trust me my love
Mirabel: I’m being serious Victor, tell me why she said that, she’s high but not out of her sences
Me: You listened to her? didn’t you see how high she was?
Mirabel: You can’t tell me that, Lola will never say such thing just like that. Yes she’s high and that’s exactly when she exposes stuffs
Me: Will you calm down? Now tell me, what’s your point in this?
Mirabel: I dunno, you tell me what she’s talking about
Me: Why don’t you go ask her yourself, go on… she exposes stuffs when she’s high right? go on and ask her as she’s still high… excuse me **I walked into the room**
I got into the room and was about to remove my suit before she stormed in
Mirabel: So this is how you want to treat me?
Me: Mirabel you better stop this, you’re irritating me already
Mirabel: Baby why can’t you talk to me?
Me: Answer this questions, she exposes truth when she’s high right?
Mirabel: Yea and it’s true
Me: Ok tell me what brought this issue?
Mirabel: She said you have a little tiny,,,,, d!ck
Me: Is that true?
Me: Why can’t you answer me? or you’re not sure?? **Smiling**
Mirabel: But…
Me: No but sweetheart…
I went behind her and placed my hands around her wa-ist
Me: I love you sweetheart and you know I won’t do anything to hurt you, not even a bit will I feel comfortable in hurting you. That which doesn’t please you, will never please me. What you hate, that I will also hate for your love is my love.
Mirabel: I’m really sorry baby, I just…
Me: It’s Ok,,, can we go to bed now?
Mirabel: Yea sure
Me: Good **Removed my dress and about to jump on to the bed**
Mirabel: But only after shower
Me: What? No, You just go ahead I’m very very tired as it is right now
Mirabel: I didn’t ask for your opinion neither am I giving you a choice,,, get up and lets shower
Me: Look dear its very late already,,, let today’s shower slide by please
Mirabel: Not a chance, you will save yourself more time if you comply now because you will only sleep after shower,,,, we’ve spent almost five minutes debating on this when you can shower within just three minutes.
I was so weak, I didn’t eat well from the party, I managed to gather some strenth before I could have my shower that night. I first had my shower before she did.
Mirabel: Now how do you feel? (After I had my shower)
Me: Terrible! (Actually, I felt better)
Mirabel: Liar… Baby you should be taking your bath two to three times daily and also wash your teeth as well, you will feel free, more relaxed and feel cool when you shower before retiring to bed
Me: I’ve heard you, can I have my sleep now?
Mirabel: Nope
Me: You must be kidding yourself **rested my body on the bed to sleep** Goodnight!
Mirabel: No goodnight k-sses?
Me: Mirabel please I’m very weak, I might even collapse if I should sit up
Mirabel: You’re refusing to k-ss me?
Me: As I am right now? I will even reject $ex
Mirabel: Woah… this is serious. Sorry baby for bothering you, I didn’t know you’re that tired
Me: Its okay… **feeling somehow unusual** please switch off the AC its like i’m feeling cold
Mirabel: Ok,,, sure you’re Ok?
Me: Yea,,, goodnight
Mirabel: Goodnight, love u…
Too tired to say I love her too, I just slept off. During my sleep, I had weird and uncomfortable dreams, I only have such kind of dreams when I’m sick.

**The following morning**

Mirabel: Victor wake up **tapping me** wake up
I opened my eyes,,, I woke up feeling heavy
Mirabel: You’re burning up! we need to take you to the hospital. Please put on your shirt and trousers lets be going
I managed to stood up
Me: What about lectures? **feeling uneasy**
Mirabel: You need to get checked first, you’re sick and you’re talking about lectures we can easily catch up with
Me: I promised not to miss a single lecture, I have to go to school, I will be fine
Mirabel: At the expense of your health? don’t be sturbborn, You’re going to the hospital
I put on my shirt and trousers, she called on the guards and they took me to the hospital, the next thing was me lying on the hospital bed while the Doctor ran some tests on me.
Mirabel: I called Nancy and told her what happened, she requested to come at once but I told her to wait till later that the guards will fetch her
Me: She’s still at your place?
Mirabel: Yea, I told her to remain there while we’re still here
(Then I remembered Vincent spent the night there and he might still be there)
Me: No, she has to go back to the house… She can’t stay close to Lola
Mirabel: Lola and Cynthia are on their way here, they will go to school from here
Me: They’ll make it to school today after last night?
Mirabel: This is not the first time dear, they will go to school if they want to
Me: Still I think she should go back to the house to,, to,,, to you know, freshen up, change her dress before coming here
Mirabel: **Laughs** So its true?
Me: What?
Mirabel: Don’t worry darling, Vincent left the lodge earliar with Dax
Me: Really…?
Mirabel: Yeapie
Me: Then what’s the truth about that?
Mirabel: **Smiles** Nancy told me everything dear,,, girls talk
Me: About what?
Mirabel: How you’ve been strict on her concerning boys
Me: She’s exaggerating
Mirabel: Really? is that right??
**Doctor walks in**
Doctor: Hello Victor
Mirabel: Doctor, are the results out?
Doctor: Yes
Mirabel: What’s wrong with him?
Doctor: Malaria and typhoid and also his sugar level is very high
Mirabel: Is he going to be admitted?
Doctor: That won’t be necessary, I’ll just prescribed some drugs for him
Mirabel: Ok, thank you Doctor
Doctor: I advise he should stop taking anything that contains more than 2% of sugar. Mr Victor what do you take much that contains sugar?
Mirabel: Doctor he takes yoghurt excessively
Doctor: I advise him to resist yoghurt for minimum of four months
Me: What?! four months?
Doctor: Wait, is he like addicted to it?
Mirabel: Doctor I really dunno, I only know he drinks it excessively
The Doctor started lecturing me on the implications of taking excessive yoghurt. My mind wasn’t with him, It was the four months exile that bothers me.


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