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The President's Daughter and I 2 – batch 5

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Lola and Cynthia arrived when we were about to leave the hospital, they left for school from there while we went to Mirabel’s lodge. I managed to eat some plantains so I could take my drugs. I took my drugs; slept for over three hours then I woke up feeling much better. I even had a video chat with Ike (Mirabel’s cousin). We talked on many things; actually he did most of the talking while I followed up. He was quite a jester, He even said that “If your Parents won’t approve of you both, just elope and come to the states” He said it jokingly though and it made sense but I thought about it again that it’s not right. Marriage without parental blessing is not right. I also thought about my sister Nancy, so I decided to be making her happy and to make her feel comfortable with me as her big bro. I wanted her to look up to me, to always listen to me with clear understanding and trust me completely. So, instead of imposing power on her that she won’t have a boyfriend, I switched to advising her, making her see reasons why I don’t want her to have a boyfriend and I also coached her on relationship issues. I started showing her love and care as well as showering her with gifts. I made sure I get something for her whenever I returned to the house most especially ice cream and other snacks. I knew why I had to change my attitude towards her, because,,,, she might rebel against me in the near future when her eyes open fully,,, and she might also start dating secretly. Since I started doing all what I mentioned, she as well changed. My sister and i became friends. She started opening up to me, she mentioned to me all the useless boys that has wooed her and the pending ones. I was surprised to know that some of my useless friends were among. Being close to my sister is what i should’ve been doing instead of forming senior. All thanks to Mirabel that brought such a wonderful idea,,, or were you thinking it was my idea? Nah…
My sister can talk from morning till night, she always have gist for me, she never run out of gist,,, it’s no surprise she inherited it from our Mother.
I waited for Mirabel’s mother for many days but she didn’t show up. I remained indoors after my daily lectures awaiting her surprised visit. I asked Mirabel why it is taking her mother so long; she said her mother has been busy from one meeting or conference to another.
Ike (Mirabel’s cousin) and I retained good communication with each other, he did most of the calling though. We became friends. He taught me so many things on computer and technology, how to hack on devices, how to spy on someone, he sent me a lecturing video by him on how to design a website and tips on creating traffics and many more.

Momma returned home after two months and two weeks,,, Nancy also had to return home two days after, I went with her to spend the weekend at home.
On Sunday after service, I approached Dorothy’s Mother to know why she didn’t come to Church. She said, Dorothy travelled to one of her Paternal Aunt at Asaba, Delta State. She also said that, they’ll all be relocating to Port-Harcourt in two weeks’ time. I asked for Dorothy’s phone number but she told me that she lost her phone and hasn’t gotten another one yet and that they only get to communicate through her Aunt.
As time passed by without reaching Dorothy, I unintentional forgot about her.
The second semester exams was fast approaching, I didn’t allow anything to hinder my study. Although I still watched movies, chats, play video games and all my normal activities was still in place but with timing as there’s time for everything,,, I set time to do whatever I wanted. All this while, Mirabel’s mother still didn’t show up.
After some uneventful months, I came back for my second year (200L) while Nancy joined me weeks later as she got admitted,,, she studied Mass communication.
One peaceful evening when I was chilling with my girlfriend Mirabel before she suddenly ruined the mood with no-good news.
Mirabel: Baby…?
Me: Yes dear
Mirabel: Remember when we talked about our past relationships?
Me: Yea,,, sure
Mirabel: You remember the one I told you that we didn’t get to break up, that was forced to school abroad and eventually got jailed?
Me: Yea, what about him?
Mirabel: The thing is uhmm… uhmmm…
Me: What is it dear?
Mirabel: He is back. He came in last week and has been troubling me to go see him; I dunno how he got my contact
Me: You can make it clear to him now that you’ve moved on,,, nothing much there
Mirabel: There’s nothing I didn’t tell him, he told me to cut whatever tie I gat with you that he’s back for me
Me: Forget about him, he can’t do nothing
Mirabel: He is a crazy guy, he just came out of jail, and we dunno what he’s capable of
Me: Are you afraid of him?
Mirabel: Of course I am, he is crazy
Me: Have you forgotten who you are?
Mirabel: What should I do?
Me: You get him locked up if he tries anything stupid
Mirabel: Okay
Me: What’s his name again?
Mirabel: Marcus
Me: Don’t take him serious dear,,, he can’t do nothing, I’m here for you
Mirabel: What if he gets to know that you’re my boyfriend and he comes for you?
Me: I can take care of myself dear, besides I’m not worried at all
**Phone rings**
Mirabel: He is the one calling
Me: Give me the phone
**I answered it**
Me: Hello…
Marcus: Who dah f–k is this?!
Me: Dah f–k is Mirabel’s boyfriend and who are you?
Marcus: Give the f*cking phone to Mirabel mahn, I ain’t got no business with yo’ a-s
**Chai! This guy messing up with 2Pac’s number 1 fan,,, A self-gangster**
Me: Ok listen up motherfvcker! She told me about you and everything you both had before you left her
Marcus: I didn’t leave her!
Me: Well… she moved on, I advise you do the same
Marcus: And I advise you to give her a-s up mahn, I didn’t go through all what I went through just to come back and get nothing for it
Me: What are you talking about?
Marcus: I ain’t explaining sh!t to you, just give the phone to Mirabel and go blank
Me: She’s not gonna speak with you ever again,,, I’m in charge, got that?
Marcus: I ain’t got no beef with you hommy, Mirabel is mine. Let her go like nothing ever happened between you two, only then this town will be cool for you and I…. I love Mirabel like crazy and I ain’t gon’ let you or anyone else hold me back from getting her back, she’s mine!
Me: You’re just ranting dude, it’s long been over between you two ever since you left
Marcus: I didn’t just leave motherfvcker!
Me: Yes you did; she lost you and found me
Marcus: F–k you!
**Hangs up**
Mirabel: What’s all that about?
Me: Just forget about him dear, everything will remain as it is,,, he can’t nothing
Mirabel: I hope so but I don’t like how you talked to him
Me: I’m not a weakling dear; I’ve never been and can’t even pretend to be. I have to be strong for us; I will always fight for us. Nobody will ever come between us except the inevitable. I haven’t told you this before but I want to spend the rest of my existence on this earth with you and not even that ex-con can make me bow down.
Mirabel: Whoa… I dunno what to say
Me: Just don’t worry about anything, we shall overcome anything that tries to come between us, let’s just see them as trials…
Mirabel: Ok my love **Smiles** my life is getting more interesting and I’m getting stronger all because of you,,, I love your courage
Me: I love your submission
Mirabel: Hhmmmm…. we’ll make a wonderful couple
Me: Couple? More like a beautiful home
We laughed out
I got back to the house and couldn’t stop thinking about this Marcus of a guy. I think he’s going to be a problem.
I got into the house as unknown huge guy wearing black suit and blank shade opened the gate for me and saw a big SUV car parked inside. All my guts went off, I started sweating and breathing hard. I instantly locked car so he won’t come and drag me out. The only thing that came into my mind was that, they were robbers.
*What am I going to do? And my Sister is inside the house, what if they do anything to her? I dunno how I’d take it if they should rape or kill her.
The guy came knocking on the car; I didn’t know what to do and the guy kept knocking. Out of fear, I quickly grabbed my phone to call Mirabel for help. I dialed her number and it started ringing before I turned to look at the entrance and saw a woman walking out. She resembles the woman I see on TV somehow; I looked closer to be sure before I saw Nancy flaunting her white teeth. Then I heaved a sigh of relief that we’re save and I thanked God immediately. When the woman removed her shade, I saw that she’s the perfect description of the woman I always see in TV and the portrait in Mirabel’s lodge,,,,, Mirabel’s mother the First Lady is finally here! I thought surprisingly inside my mind.

Episode 27

It was indeed a surprise visit, even though I already knew she’d be coming, I just wasn’t expecting her today. I took out my handkerchief and wiped off sweats on my face and composed myself so I won’t look or act like an idiot. I alighted from the car and walked towards them like a gentleman that I am. I fixed my gaze at the First lady; she was such a beauty even though Mirabel resembles her Father – the president instead. She was light skinned averaged height and weight cladded with a fitted outfit.
First lady: Hello Victor
**She greeted me first… ope o**
Me: Whoa… good afternoon your highness… sorry I mean, yo your Excellency. I’m deeply honoured having you here
**My confidence just quench**
First lady: Thank you
Me: Please…. **Ushering her into the house**
First lady: Okay… but I won’t be staying longer; you know this is not an official visit that’s why I came in disguise and also I’ve been here for almost an hour now
Me: Sorry I kept you waiting ma
First lady: It’s okay; I enjoyed your sister’s company, she’s good in talking; I like her
Me: Thanks ma
We got inside; I saw that Nancy has already offered her the wine I bought for her months ago expecting her coming.
First lady: John…?
The two security guards standing in the parlor walked out. I guess one of them is named John and the First lady called on him to excuse us. She came with three security guards and a car. Like she said earlier that she came in disguise that’s why she didn’t come with her convoy.
Nancy: Hhmmm… I will be in the kitchen (She excused herself)
I was seated looking around like a stranger, didn’t know what to say…
First lady: So… Victor; Mirabel told me many positive things about you and your family of which indicate that you’re from a good home. So your Dad is a Chartered Accountant right?
Me: Yes ma Your Excellency
First lady: **Smiling** Please just see me as Mirabel’s mother for I didn’t come here on official ground as the First lady but as a mother that want the best for her daughter
Me: Ok ma
**Confidence restored**
First lady: Good! Now tell me, what’s your vision in life?
Me: I’ll say visions ma, for I have many visions and wish to accomplish them all
First lady: Okay…
Me: I have a vision of being a big businessman; a manufacturer, importer of raw materials and exporter of finished goods. I see myself establishing a business empire with industries and manufacturing plants planted all over the country and beyond. By improving standards of living in the Country, establishing a special institution in training the orphans and the less privileged. I see myself representing my generation and also to be an influence to many generations to come.
First lady: That’s a big one Victor. What makes you think you can translate these visions into reality?
Me: Ma, ever since I became a believer, so many favours has been coming my way. I believe and have faith in God. I started praying over these visions of mine against my future since I started studying Business Administration. That is to say, I’m investing my prayers on what I want in future.
First lady: I see…Impressive
Me: And again, having Mirabel is another reason why I know that my vision will turn into a reality
First lady: And how is that?
Me: Ok look at it this way Ma, I’m young I know but I’ve learnt and observed many things about relationships and having a good, peaceful and influential home. Mirabel has every capacity of building a home as much as I know. With Mirabel, I know I’ll have a peaceful and influential home for I want her to be my future wife. We have absolute love for each other, she’s extremely humble, caring, and hard-working – she loves learning positive things, she’s kind, she has the spirit of giving. In fact, she’s perfect in all aspect of a woman that God has made to perfect a man…having Mirabel from now already shows how successful my visions will become in reality.
First lady: You sound so sure of yourself. I’m impressed with your courage, your determination and your belief
Me: Thank you Ma
First lady: You see… my daughter has been very happy since you both started getting close to each other and seeing my daughter happy, makes me happier. She told me everything from when you both met to when and how you started dating and all of that. Although I blamed her earlier for trying to woo a guy instead of the other way round. I tried to discourage her and make see reasons on why it’s not proper for a girl to express her feelings to a guy first. But my smart daughter proved my belief wrong when the result of her actions did her good instead. From how you snubbed her at first to how you passed her tests and how you eventually did the wooing. I trust my daughter very much and I support her decisions. So…assuming you were after her money, she would’ve detected it because she’s very smart but I just don’t know if you’re a master in your game and maybe your smartness surpasses hers to get what you want.
Me: **Confused** I don’t understand
First lady: I see…I’ve seen how things like this happen. When a guy claims to love a rich girl, he invests his time and love on her then later disappoints her after getting what he wanted. Like I earlier that Mirabel told me a lot about you and your family, but I want to hear from the horse’s mouth to give me reasons why I should belief that you’re not after my daughter’s money, hope you don’t mind?
Me: Not at all… well, I have a contented family that provide all of my needs, as you know my father is a professional chartered accountant; his income is enough to take care of the family but still my mother own a big shop that brings in more income. So…I and my family are not lacking Ma by God’s grace. And most importantly, I’m not lazy; I’m doing very well in school getting high grades so I can attain the utmost knowledge and qualifications in establishing my future goals. And with all due respect Ma, my father didn’t depend on his wife or any person to get to where he is right now, he only needed supports and that’s what I need too. My Parents taught me never to depend on a woman or allow her to perform my responsibilities when I’m still fit, for it’s not going to help the home. I love your daughter for who she is; her character, her perfection, her upbringing, her nature, and her kind of person. Lemme use this opportunity to thank you ma for raising such a wonderful daughter. Even with your busy schedule and little time you spend with her, you still managed to train her well. Her morals are too excellent for a girl from a wealthy home. She cooks pretty well too, all thanks to you as she’d say.
First lady: **Smiling** I’m short of words,,, So far you’ve proven to be of good behavior and come from a good home. I’ll like to meet with your mother some time so uhmmm… we can have a chat.
Me: That can be arranged ma
First lady: And your father, hope he’s cool?
Me: Cool but very strict only on morals and academic matters
First lady: Okay… uhmm… its ok, I like you (smiling) even though you look shy, you still know what to say that’d make someone follow your lead. With the few minutes I have spent here I’ve learnt some things about you. I see some aspiring greatness in you and I can see that you have the flair of a leader.
Me: Thank you ma
First lady: I have to get going now Victor **Standing up**
Me: Ok ma, I really appreciate you coming here
First lady: Anything for my daughter
Me: Is she aware of your visit?
First lady: Sure and so are you
Me: Ma…?
First lady: **Smiling** No need pretending, I know she told you about my plan of coming here and that stand as one of the reasons why it took me this long to show up.
Me: Honestly I wasn’t expecting you to show up today of all days. It’s indeed a surprise visit
First lady: Yea, even when my daughter tried to compromise my plan – she forgot that I gave birth to her.
We both laughed as I walk her to the door. Something then came into my mind to ask her of but I couldn’t, I became nervous. I don’t know when I’m going to get this type of opportunity again so summoned courage to ask her.
Me: Ma?
First lady: **Turns back** Yes…?
Me: Ma, I will also use this opportunity with your permission of course; to ask for your blessing to court your daughter
First lady: I thought you will never ask. You have my blessing and my full permission
Me: Whoa… thank you so much ma
First lady: But!
Me: What ma?
First lady: Don’t you ever hurt her
Me: Not a chance, trust me on that ma
First lady: And I’m sure you know your limit right?
Me: Absolutely!
First lady: Good… where is my new friend Nancy?
Me: Inside ma, lemme call her… Nancy! Nancy!! **She answered from the background**
(We’re now outside)
First lady: John…
The two security guards at the doorpost opened the car boot and off loaded stuffs from it.
(Nancy now with us)
First lady: Well… I didn’t come empty-handed; here, I brought to you some presidential supplies, you can have them
(Before I could utter a word from my already opened mouth, Nancy took over.
Nancy: Whoa…you’re very kind ma, thank you very much. **Already checking the supplies**
Me: Thanks a lot ma, I really appreciate the gesture
First lady: You’re both welcome… Ok time to go **Walking into the car**
Me: Goodbye ma
Nancy: Bye ma, hope to see you again soonest!
First lady: Not a problem, byee **waving at us**
Me/Nancy: Byeee…. **Waving at her too till they zoomed off sight**
I closed the gate and rushed back to the house to see what she brought. I saw Nancy already biting a strawberry fruit. The supplies contained so many stuffs such as: seven packs of frozen chicken, two crates of eggs, dozens of soft drinks, and a carton-full each for apples, strawberries, grapes and much more including food ingredients. I called Mirabel and told her how it went with her mother and also invited her to come over. She came in about 35 minutes later and we canceled a pack of the frozen chicken that night with no left overs courtesy of me.
Later in the night when we were already sleeping around 11.pm or so, I had a call from an unknown caller. I just managed to pick up and the following conversation ensued.
Me: Hello
Caller: Let this sound as a clear warning to you, stay away from Mirabel effective from this hour. And if you chose not to, I promise to make life unbearable for you. This is Marcus and my words don’t come back to me empty without accomplishment…like I said earlier, it’s a clear warning.
**Hangs up**
All what he said was like a dream to me that night because I was so weak and sleepy that I just fell back to bed.


I woke up the following morning thinking about the call from Marcus last night; I checked my phone to review my call history, then I realized it wasn’t a dream but real. I talked with Mirabel about it, she felt uncomfortable about it. I told her not to fret that he can’t do anything that’d make me bow.
We went to School and came back in the evening because a Lecturer shifted his period to 4.pm and made the day a stressful one. Later in the evening, I had a video chat with Ike (Mirabel’s cousin). The following conversation ensued after exchanging pleasantries.
Ike: So… are you earning on your own as a business student?
Me: Nope
Ike: Have you thought about the kind of business you want to engage in from now?
Me: Not yet, I’ll think about it more after school
Ike: Are you kidding? After school? So you’ll keep depending on your parents till you graduate?
Me: Seems so, I mean they’re capable
Ike: I’m not talking parental capability mahn! I stopped receiving a cent from my billionaire parents even before I got into college. I earned my first million dollars at age 19. Wake up mahn! You start your career and future now not after you start growing matured beards or something.
Me: Ok I’ll think about it
Ike: Do you have anything in mind?
Me: Hhmmm… not really
Ike: What about your passion or visions of life?
Me: I have them but they’re not something I can start with here in the University
Ike: Which are?
Me: Building a business empire in summary
Ike: That’d require a lot of capital to begin with as well
Me: Yea
Ike: And how do you intend to raise the capital to finance it after you graduate?
Me: **Speechless**
Ike: See what I’m saying? You need to be productive and career-focused from now then you begin your establishment after school
Me: Whoa… I come I never thought about this? Thanks a lot mahn; I’ll start thinking about it from today
Ike: Too late already
Me: What?
Ike: To me, you’re already late. Now look at this; you’re already in your second year and you have two years to graduate right?
Me: Yea
Ike: Ok now look it, before you think about what to do, before you start doing whatever it is you want to do and before you start earning handsomely? Two years won’t be enough believe me
Me: So what do you think I should do?
Ike: Good! I’ve decided on handing over the ownership of one of my top-earning websites to you to begin with**Smiling**
Me: Really?
Ike: Yea
Me: Whoa… that’s awesome, thanks a lot
Ike: The market price of the site is worth $2.7 million
**Both my eyes and my mouth opened up wide in shock**
Ike: **Continued** you earn a monthly income of about $24,000 even more as much as you manage it well
Me: For real?!
Ike: Yea and I’ll partner with you for the next six months with no benefit so I can be able to put you through on how you can run the site effectively.
Me: Thanks so much bro, I really appreciate this; I really can’t thank you enough
Ike: Come on mahn, I’ve empowered so many youths I don’t even know; besides being my sister’s boyfriend, you’re also my friend Ok? So just chill and start preparing for your future
Me: This is great; I shall forever be grateful for this favor
Ike: It’s okay…you will have to text me your email address so I’ll send everything you’ll need to know about the site and how to run it and I’ll also arrange how you’ll be getting your money.
Me: Ok bro, I’ll do that right away
I texted him my email address without wasting time; then I started thinking about it with excitement and astonishment. If I should save such kind of income in three years, I know what I’ll get.
My future is sure! Vames Empire On The Way!! I screamed out loud. I couldn’t even eat that night. I bought suya and ate it with hollandia yoghurt.
I woke up the following morning and the first thing that came into my mind was my new source of income. I couldn’t even focus on my morning reading because of it and we have test that day.
Later in school, I told Mirabel about Ike’s offer; she was happy for me. She called her cousin that moment to appreciate him. After the test, we had another lecture before rounding up for the day. I was so eager to go home; even when I was in the lecture hall, business ideas kept roaming through my head.
I had to drop by an eatery to buy something to eat because Nancy remained in school; she has lecture. On reaching the house, I had to drop down and open the gate as no one was around. I drove in, alighted from the car to go and close the gate only for me to turn around and saw someone with a big scar on his fore-head.
Intruder: Hi, I’m Marcus **Gbow!!**
He accompanied the introduction with a punch straight to my nose; I shifted backward but another intruder behind me pushed me forward to receive a kick from Marcus, but I pushed his (Marcus) leg away. I quickly turned around with a punch hit to the face of the guy behind me – he shifted backwards as well. Two other guys came along to get me down. On seeing them, I adjusted a little to balance myself while they rushed me with punches from all angles till I fell to the ground.
While on the ground, I tightened my fist then rose up and hit one of them straight to the jaw (Uppercut) he went down; I hit another one on the chest before Marcus gave me a super-kick from behind then the force from kick prompted me to head the guy in front of me on his nose before we both fell down. I quickly got up and ran towards Marcus with rage. We engaged in a fist fight. He was very muscular and strong but I didn’t care about it that moment because I fight with anger and I won’t stop until my opponent goes down or something else happens. The other guys dragged me back from him but I shook them off with all my strength and went back to face their leader. I came extremely hard on him this time with a push that got him down; then I pounced on him punching his face as if I was crazy that I totally forgot about the other guys he came with until a heavy plank wood landed on my head and send me off to the other side of the ground. I held my head in pain for many minutes.
Marcus: I warned you! You got lucky that I even gave you a chance; but still you didn’t adhere to my warnings motherf*cka! This is what you get for being a coward!! What you gon’ do now? Common get up and face me! Why can’t you?! You think you’re a tough guy huh? huh?!! Answer me mother*cker! **Kicking me**
Marcus: Guys?
Guys: Yes boss!
Marcus: You know what to do with him **Walking away**
On hearing that, I prayed a fast prayer to God in my mind for mercy and I also declared that I will not die but live and accomplish my life-mission on earth! I started gaining strength while praying before the three guys came closer to me. The first guy that touched me got it back from me as I kicked hard against his penis while I was still on the ground before I quickly stood with my pen and stabbed the second one on his shoulder as he was about to bend down. The third one came hard on me but didn’t get me as I blinded his eyes with a strong slap and punched his stomach continuously till he fell down. Then I ran towards Marcus who was standing before the opened-gate watching the action. On getting closer to him, I suddenly stopped when he brought out a gun and pointed it straight to my skull.
Marcus: Step back!
**I moved a step backward**
Marcus: Now get into the f*cking house! Where you’ll die slow motherf*cker… hahahahaha
**I hesitated thinking of a way of getting his gun**
Marcus: Get in motherf*cker!!
Me: Then what will you do? Kill me? For what? For a girl you have no chance with? Go ahead and kill me!
Marcus: Of course I will kill you. She has loved me more than she ever loved you!
Me: That’s a lie and you it! Your relationship with her didn’t even last for a month
Marcus: Doesn’t matter, she still loves me; you’re the problem for us not coming back together. So with you outta the way…? She’ll crawl back to me!
Me: That’s never going to happen!
Marcus: Maybe not, buh I don’t mind trying or is there harm in trial?
Me: Killing me won’t bring Mirabel back to you; she knows how monstrous you’ve turned into
Marcus: You know… I discovered that, it was only you she had date after me right? So getting her back won’t be much of a problem
Me: She will never get back to yo…
Marcus: **Cuts in** Shut tha f–k up! Now turn around!!
Marcus: Turn around you mother*cker!!
Voice: Drop your weapon!
He got distracted when he faced where the voice came from. I didn’t bother to know whose voice it was; I grabbed the opportunity by attacking him with a spear (Those who watch wrestling like WWE will understand what Spear Attack means) the gun fell off his hand then I rushed to get it and pointed it at him while he was still on the ground groaning. Then I saw Police men coming to the scene.
Police: You drop the gun! **talking to me**
Mirabel: He is the victim here officer!
I dropped the gun; one of the Police men collected it from the ground and handcuffed Marcus. I showed them the other three guys behind my car and they arrested four of them.
The Police told me to visit the station tomorrow to write my statement of which I promised to show up. Then they zoomed off. Mirabel was already hugging me.
Mirabel: Are you Ok?
Me: Yea…I’m still alive **Smiling**
Mirabel: Stop joking **Hits my chest** It’s a good thing that we didn’t come too late
Vincent: But bro, how come those guys are also wounded? What happened here?
Dax: I’m shocked myself, how did you do it Vickey?
Mirabel: You guys should let him get medical attention first before questioning him na. But baby how did you managed to…you know…what really happened?
Me: You guys don’t expect me to stay and watch some guys kill me without fighting back right? It will be nicer if you guys can get me a first aid box or something. I need to call Nancy to know if she’s Ok
Vincent: I will do that!
**I turned to look at him somehow suspicious**
Vincent: I meant the First aid stuff **Sounded suspiciously**
Me: Hhmmmm…
I dialed Nancy’s line when going inside; she said she’s fine, that she’s on her way.
Me: I appreciate you guys for the help; thank you guys
Vincent: You’re welcome bro
Dax: We got your back
Me: But how did you guys know that I was in danger? I was surprised
Mirabel: Well…it was from school I sighted Marcus from afar when he sent one guy to call me of which I ignored. I kept an eye on him to see his reaction. When you announced your departure and left, I saw him also stood up with his gangs and left too after some seconds of your departure. I dialed your number multiple times to inform you maybe they were after you but you didn’t pick up.
Me: Yea…I put it silent during the lectures and forgot to remove it from silent
Mirabel: Okay…I got worried; then I informed Dax and Vincent about it before we drove to the police station in the town, we got some police men and hurried here.
Me: Thanks a lot; you saved me from that psychotic obsessed fellow.
Vincent: So…your own side of the story bro; what happened here? How did you manage to…to to…injure them too?
Nancy interrupted with a knock on the gate; Vincent offered to open the gate. She asked what happened to me as soon as she saw me. I told them everything that happened, the scenes, the action and all except the last conversation between me and Marcus.
Mirabel’s mother – the first lady called me later in the evening to greet me about what happened; Mirabel told her. I saved her number after the call and started calling her from time to time. Mirabel call my mother almost every day as well.


Mirabel spent the night with me to take care of me and the injuries I sustained from Marcus and his gang. But it didn’t stop me from going to school the following day.
After the incidence and the arrest of Marcus and his gang; everything started going smoothly and peacefully.
Ike did exactly what he said he’d do. He handed over his website’s ownership to me with every arrangement necessary. It’s a downloading site that has anything downloadable like Application softwares, games, Hollywood and Bollywood movies, Tv series, Wrestling WWE and TNA, football highlights and full match, music audios and videos, technology features and so much more. He taught me everything I needed to know on how to run the site. The site was extremely large. That was when I got to understand fully that success doesn’t come easily without working for it. I had conflicts with both my studies and the site that made every day a stressful one for me. There were already six people working at the site before I became the owner; I became the boss of six foreign people.
I started earning thousands of dollars (millions of naira) as time passed by. I opened three current accounts in three different banks. I still didn’t stop collecting money from my Parents because I don’t know how to tell them about my source of income
With the underground help from the first lady; Marcus got tried where he was found guilty and got convicted for attempted murder to serve 27 years jail term along with his gangs. The news got into the newspapers because his Father was a notable man in the society and a billionaire at such. The press met with him and questioned him on what he’d say about his son’s case that could ruin his reputation. He simply replied saying that he has no son. Then sources reached the media saying that he has long disowned Marcus as his son.
Sometime later, the meeting for my mother and Mirabel’s mother to meet were arranged and they eventually met in the house I was staying (I was staying there temporally, so I can’t call it my house). My Father was on a work trip when she came with a girl (Her house help) she was quite pretty and well statured. Mirabel’s mother – the first lady came a day after my momma’s arrival. Good compliments came from both ends after their meeting. Momma left a day after their meeting.

Day after day, my bank account kept growing big – odikwa large!
I pay my tithes and also keep 10% from my income for my personal use. I always buy gifts for my sister and my girlfriend and sometimes for my best friend Promise.
One certain day when I was in my best mood because of how happy I was; Vincent approached me requesting for my permission to date my sister Nancy. He caught me unaware seriously. I knew that my sister was matured enough already so I played cool and gentle.
Me: Well…You’ve been a nice guy since I know you and you’re Ok. You can talk to her first then face me if she’ll agree to date you
Vincent: Actually…it was her idea that I should ask for your permission
**Inside my mind I was like what?! Although I still remained cool but my facial expression changed instantly**
Me: That means she has agreed to date you? **controlling myself**
Vincent: Uhmmm…not fully bro, that’s why she told me to seek for your permission
Me: Ok listen up; she knows why she asked you to seek my permission. You can go ahead; she’s smart enough but if you lose your cool towards her? May God help us! She’s never had a boyfriend before which will make you her first. Don’t ever even think of seeing her [email protected] talk less of attempting to, because she won’t dare give in and you also shouldn’t even try it.
Vincent: Chill bro…why all this? I’m not s*x inclined please. I came from a Christian home and I was brought up to fear God. I’m not lusting after your sister bro! I fell in love with her because of the kind of person she is. She’s all I ever I dreamed of. She’s a virgin I know and so am I. I hope it doesn’t surprise you. My ex-girlfriend who was also a Christian and we fellowship together broke up with me because of s*x; she thought I was impotent. I don’t like girls that will allow a guy have s*x with her before marriage. Girls that have s*x disgusts me bro! That’s the first thing that got me attracted to your sister when I discovered how reserved and cool she is and how you’ve been protecting her as well. I won’t even kiss her because I’m made to understand that kissing before marriage isn’t right as well. I think you should know that too.
Me: I feel like I’m being blasted
Vincent: **Laughs out** Ahhh! Not like that bro; I’m only trying to defend myself and also present myself clean as well
Me: So…what do you want from my sister?
Vincent: Well…my real intention is to court her. She’s a nice girl and I wouldn’t want her to fall into the wrong hands in the near future by not presenting my intentions towards her from now. So…I’ll like to reserve her for myself before the bad guys come get her first for I wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity because girls like her are very rare.
Me: It’s okay….just trying to make things clear so there won’t be any mishap in the near future
Vincent: I understand; I will do the same for my sister
Me: Good thing we understand each other
Vincent: Absolutely!
Me: So you have a sister or sisters?
Vincent: Three sisters; two are out of the country
Me: And you protect the at home from guys?
Vincent: Not really, she’s a big girl; she can take care of herself and I trust her
Me: You both are very close?
Vincent: Not really but we share with each other
Me: You know if she has a boyfriend?
Vincent: Yea
Me: You seem not to worry about it
Vincent: You won’t be dating her in the first place if I should be over protective of my sister like you
Me: How do you mean?
Vincent: Mirabel is my kid sis bro
Me: What?! **Shocked and confused** how is that possible?
Vincent: Surprised? What an irony of life. The guy who disvirgined my sister is threatening me not to even see his sister’s [email protected]…catch you later bro **Walks away**
**I was like what?!**
I felt so ashamed of myself. But how come Mirabel never told me about this? I need some explanations
I dialed Mirabel’s line and she picked up
Mirabel: Hi love
Me: Hi…who is Vincent to you?
Mirabel: He told you?
Me: Please answer my question
Mirabel: He is my brother
Me: Why didn’t you tell me?!
Mirabel: Baby I will come over so we can talk about this; I didn’t know he’ll reveal it himself
Me: What are you talking about?
Mirabel: We’ll talk about this when I get there please dear
**I hung up**
I was too annoyed to hear another word from her
I think I owe Vincent an apology.
Me: Nancy! Nancy!!
Nancy: **From the background** Yes?!
She came to me in the parlor
Nancy: Yes?
Me: What do you know about Vincent?
Nancy: As in?
Me: Are you aware that he is Mirabel’s brother?
Nancy: What? I don’t understand…how?
Me: Meaning you don’t know?
Nancy: I don’t get it; he is Mirabel’s brother?
Me: He just told me that few minutes ago that Mirabel is his kid sis. I called Mirabel to inquire from her and she confirmed it
Nancy: Does that mean…he is the President’s son? **Surprised**
Me: Seriously…I’m confused. I can’t believe she hid this from me
Nancy: What do we do?
Me: Mirabel is coming over to explain
Nancy: If this is true **walking slowly around** then we’ll both be dating the President’s children; isn’t it cool?
I just looked at her not much surprised; of course she’ll love it.


Something I got to realize from what Vincent revealed earliar was that…”Do not do to people what you wouldn’t want them to do to you”.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

I closed my computer and walked straight to my room deep in thought and confusion. I waited patiently for Mirabel to come explain the whole thing.

She walked into my room a couple of minutes later after a sharp knock on the door.

Mirabel: Hi

Me: Hi

Mirabel: Can we talk?

Me: Yea…you should start explaining

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Mirabel: **Sat down at the edge of the bed** Firstly, I apologize for not telling you about him. Just that, he made his reasons very clear to me. He doesn’t like to be seen as the country’s president’s son. Infact, he wasn’t happy when our Dad contested for presidency in the first place. So…he strictly warned me not to tell anyone that we’re siblings most especially to those that already knew me as the president’s daughter. He hates being seen as a big personality…he is always on a low key to accomplish his missions.

Me: What mission?

Mirabel: Soul winning for Christ

Me: Serious?

Mirabel: Yea…he is not just friends with Dax, he is on a mission of converting him from his evil ways.

Me: So he is very serious with his Christian life?

Mirabel: Extremely serious. He has succeded in converting many youths. So he thinks that, his ministry will be ruined when people knows who he is.

Me: Ok, now he wants to court my sister Nancy; how is that going to work?

Mirabel: Well…seriously i don’t know but i know he’ll make it work.

Me: How?

Mirabel: He is very influential in our family. He does whatever he wants to do as far as it doesn’t contradict the word of God.

Me: That’s good to know

Mirabel: What about your parents and tradition?

Me: I don’t know about the tradition. I only know my Parents aren’t a big fan of it.

Mirabel: Okay… Vincent will make it work; trust me.

Me: Wait a minute… you weren’t surprised when i said Vincent wants to court my sister.

Mirabel: Well…he kinda made his intentions known to me

Me: Did you help him in anyway to woo my sister?

Mirabel: I kinda provided all the information he needed to know about Nancy and your family.

Me: Runs girl

Mirabel: Ah! **opens mouth the way yoruba people do**

Me: I was just joking

Mirabel: Hhmmm….

Me: So how come he knew we…uhmmm…you know, you told him?

Mirabel: Yep! He asked me and i can’t lie to him. He was so disappointed and extremely mad at me. I had to beg him to forgive me. He even warned me to stay away from you that you can’t be trusted. He got to calm down after i told him that you and i have agreed not have s*x anymore. Although he kept asking from time to time if you made any attempt towards but he kept hearing ‘no’ from me till he finally forgave and trusts us.

Me: What about kissing? He told me it’s not right

Mirabel: Yea…he’s been telling me that too.

Me: So…?

Mirabel: So what?

Me: We should stop it?

Mirabel: I dunno…or should we?

Me: I feel like kissing you right now

Mirabel: Me too…

*******Two years later*******

In 400L; I was in a haste to get the hell out of school so I’d start building my business empire.
My website kept growing on daily basis. I added many African features on the site mostly Nigerian. By now i have already become a multimillionaire.

My Parents were living fine; My Dad became a big deal in ICAN (Institute of chartered accountants of Nigeria). He built a bigger family house in Abuja and in the village. He also expanded his company with many staffs. My Dad went ahead to buy me a cool toyota camry even when my momma tried all her possible best to discourage him from buying it. I liked the car though, instead of driving range rover to school, the camry seemed to be better.

My older sister – Joy gave birth to another daughter, making two.

Nancy and Vincent has been in their relationship for almost two years now. He’s been helping her a lot with good morals, the word of God, praying and with her studies too.

Vincent’s mission is pretty much yielding good results from Dax, Lola and Cynthia.

Promise is there as well; still single and most focused on her studies. She became the class representative when the department voted the former rep out.

As for me and Mirabel; things were going on fine and lovelier more and more.

Frank and Jummy(Mirabel’s guards) had a secret court wedding while still serving Mirabel.

Everyday passed by in a blink of an eye because of how peaceful and happy we were.


It was indeed a very sad moment that my Uncle the engineer died. He fell off from a six-storey building he was supervising and died instantly on the spot. I shedded tears and mourned him for a long period of time. We just arrived from the burial in Edo few days ago. My favorite Uncle just died like that. My Dad promised to take care of my Uncle’s wife and train his children till they grow up and become somebody in future. Although, my Uncle left a lot behind for his family that can sustain them for the next three years or more.


One evening when I was working in my website; I checked on Linda ikeji’s blog where I read news daily. Then i saw that there has been a break from the prison where Marcus was serving his jail term. It was said that some unknown gunmen attacked the prison and freed some prisoners. The names of the escaped prisoners are yet to be discovered. My prayer that moment was that, Marcus should not be among those that escaped.

I took my phone to call Mirabel and inform her about the prison break but her line was switched off which was totally unusual. I also tried Nancy’s line because she was at Mirabel’s lodge but didn’t go through.

I kept trying till I heard a knock at the gate. I went out to check who was there.

Me: Who’s there?

Frank: It’s me Frank

*I opened the gate and allowed him in*

Me: Why are you here alone? Where is your wife and Mirabel?

Frank: There’s a problem

Me: What happened?

Frank: Mirabel and your sister has been abducted

Me: What?! How did that happen?!!

Frank: Some gunmen attacked the lodge two hours ago and took away Mirabel and your sister with Jummy.

Me: What?! Who are they?

Frank: I really dunno; I just came back from the villa where i went to get some supplies for Mirabel only for me to return and heard what happened from neighbors that witnessed the attack.

Me: This must be Marcus!

Frank: Exactly! I heard about the break

Me: They broke him out

Frank: We need to rescue them fast before they do something to them.

Me: Is the president aware of this?

Frank: I called him immediately I found out

Me: What about Cynthia and Lola?

Frank: I dunno, they weren’t seen around

**Someone starts banging the steel gate**

Frank got hold of his gun while i peeped through the gate and saw Vincent looking fierce. I opened up the gate for him.

Vincent: Guys…we need to save our girls!


After staring at ourselves for a couple of minutes, I ushered them into the house to talk more on the situation at hand.
Vincent: We need to start planning on how to get the girls back in one piece
Frank: I dunno but do you guys think we should leave it for the President to tackle? Of course he’ll do everything to get back his daughter and the others won’t be left out.
Me: Marcus knows that before he abducted them which means he had this planned all along and it won’t be easy for the President to get them
Vincent: What’s the plan guys?
Frank: First and foremost; I suggest we vacate this house at once for the main time, it’s not save. Victor you know Marcus will come back for you right?
Me: I guess
Vincent: You guess? Have you forgotten how you kicked his a-s when he attacked you which landed him in jail in the process? He’s not through with you bro; I suggest you come stay with me
Me: Alright; lemme go grabbed some things **I went into the room and arranged some clothes and other important stuffs that I needed.
We vacated the environment that moment to Vincent’s apartment. He was living in a simple self-contain apartment with nothing special about it. He was indeed on a low level. After settling for a moment, an idea popped into my head. I picked my phone and dialed Ike’s line.
Me: I need your help bro
Ike: What’s up mahn?
**I told him everything**
Ike: Who’s that crazy dude? He really got guts! What can we do to nail that [email protected]?!
Me: We will be going ahead of the President to get the girls back
Ike: How do you intend to do that? Do you have any lead on how to reach them?
Me: Not really…that’s why I need your help
Ike: What do you want me to do?
Me: I’ll need some tracking devices from you and other necessary technological devices that will be used to reach them
Ike: That can be arranged
Me: Like how soon can it get here?
Ike: I’ll go to the plant as soon as I drop this call and fix up everything that’d be needed. I will make sure I ship the supplies in two days’ time
Me: Please bro…We need to act fast
Ike: We’ll surely get the girls in one piece

I told Vincent and Frank about my discussion with Ike and they agreed that it’s a good idea.
I called the First lady; she wept on phone. I comforted her that nothing bad will happen to Mirabel and I’ll do everything I could to get her back. She thanked me then I ended the call.
Now I dunno how to tell my Parents that Nancy has been kidnapped, especially my mother. I decided not to tell them about it.
I told promise about it; she was shocked. She promised to pray fervently for their save return.
Cynthia, Lola and Dax called me that they heard about the abduction when they returned back from where they went to. They promised to do everything they could to rescue them.

Frank later went to the house and planted some security cam all around the environment to see if Marcus would come around.
I went to the School the following day not to receive lectures but to meet with all my departmental lecturers to let them know what’s going on and that I won’t be attending their lectures till I return from my quest. They all approved easily because they know me and Mirabel as well.
I went back to Vincent’s house and had a chat with Ike. He told me he is seriously working on the devices that they’d be shipped anything tomorrow.
Frank: Come check this out Victor
I walked to him where he was seated
Me: What is it?
Frank: My hunch was right; Marcus and his gangs visited the house early this morning. He wouldn’t have hesitated in killing you
I watched in Frank’s laptop how Marcus and his boys find their way into the house in search of me before they left a couple of minutes later.
I still have a purpose to fulfill here on earth; I won’t die!
Vincent: You should remain indoors bro…they might be monitoring your movements. You going to the school today was extremely dangerous. What if they had spotted you?
Frank: I heard the other guys that were broken out from prison were convicted criminals. They were freed to work for Marcus. As it is right now, the President still in Dakar Senegal has instructed the information and communication Minister to make a public announcement about the kidnap of his daughter and her friends and who is behind it.
Me: Will that be necessary?
Frank: Well…he’d be needing the public cooperation in the search of the girls just in case they see something as the government don’t have any lead on how to find the girls yet
Vincent: I’ll talk to my father to make sure every border is to be secured so Marcus won’t succeed smuggling them out
Frank: The orders are already taking effect. There are thorough check points on every part of the road and Marcus will be regarded as a terrorist.
*This time I know that my mother will definitely hear the news.*
The Information & Communication Minister came online live on TV exactly 2:00.pm in a press conference to do the announcement. He called on the general public to be an ambassador of peace and security. He announced the act of terrorism being portrayed by Marcus and his group. He said a lot before ending the speech that “Marcus is the most wanted man in Nigeria”.
**I got a call from an unknown caller some few minutes later after the announcement**
I picked the call and put it on loud speaker but hesitated to speak up
Caller: How you holding up Victor?
Me: Sorry…who is this?
Caller: I’m the new crowned most wanted man of the Nation mahn **Laughing out**
Me: Marcus!
Marcus: What’s up?
Me: What have you done to them?! Why are you keeping them? Wh…
Marcus: **Cuts in** easy there mahn…one question at a time. You’re already weeping; I thought you’re strong? I paid you a harmless visit today but you weren’t around. Are you hiding from me?
Me: What is it that you want?
Marcus: Good question! But the question is; can you give me what I want?
Me: What is it?
Marcus: Can we meet?
Me: I thought you’re smarter than this; you know there’s no way that’s ever gonna happen
Marcus: Why? You can’t do that for the safety of Mirabel?
Me: I know you’r not going to hurt her
Marcus: Is that so? Can you say the same for the other two?? **Laughs** reason why I took them as extra; they are of no use to me and I’m sure you wouldn’t want anything to happen to your sis
Me: How’d you know that she’s my sister?
Marcus: Lemme say…I did my homework
Me: What exactly do you want from me?
Marcus: Maybe you think I’d gun you down; nah…I made an agreement with my partner not to harm you and I wouldn’t want to breach our agreement. So I’m not goin’ to kill ya
Me: And who is this your partner?
Marcus: You will meet her soon
Me: Your partner is a lady?
Marcus: I will call you back in the next 15hours to hear your response. You know how to keep simple instructions right? Better don’t be a snitching a$$ ba$tard. Mirabel might be save but your sister is not! **Hangs up**
Me: Guys…?
Frank: I don’t believe him, it’s a trap
Me: We’re not sure about that
Vincent: Then what? You will give a thought to what he said?
Me: I dunno…he sounded sincere
Frank: How can he be sincere? Which lady would spare you from him?
Me: I need to speak with Ike
**I dialed his line and told him everything**
Ike: Is that so?
Me: Yea…
Ike: We shall play a risky game with him
Me: How?
Ike: I will be in Nigeria tomorrow with experts and the devices; then we’ll make a master plan.


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