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The President's Daughter and I 2 – batch 6

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The First lady called me later in the evening to know if the kidnappers had called to ask for anything, I didn’t tell her about it. I only assured her not to worry that we’re seriously working on their rescue. I made it known to her that Marcus is not going to hurt Mirabel because he is obsessed over her and wants her for himself.
Vincent and I engaged ourselves in both joint and personal prayers for God to deliver the girls from the hands of Marcus save and unharmed.
My mother called me that she heard what happened and asks if I’m Ok; I told her I will be fine. She then asked why Nancy’s line isn’t going through. I couldn’t lie to my mother so I summoned the courage to tell her that she was also kidnapped with Mirabel. She screamed in shock and started crying out loud instantly. So I ended the call. The boss (My Dad) called me minutes later asking how it happened; I told him that Nancy is friends with the President’s daughter and she was with her when the kidnap took place.
The boss: How did she even become friends with the President’s daughter?
Me: Through me because she’s my friend and course mate
The boss: The President’s daughter School here in Nigeria?
Me: Yes sir
The boss: I think that boy Marcus is being used by those politicians. The election is in few months’ time and they could be using his daughter against him and I do hope that my own daughter doesn’t fall victim in their political affairs
Momma: **Weeping from the background** They should let my daughter go oh… ritualists leave my daughter alone oh… politicians my God will punish you if anything happens to my daughter…..**Weeping continues in the background**
The boss: The President has to do something fast about it
Me: We just have to be praying hard for their save return
The boss: It’s okay…do not hesitate to call if there’s any information
Me: Yes sir
The boss: Alright take care of yourself
Me: Ok sir
**Hangs up**
Marcus must pay for my mother’s tears!

I took some time to work in the website and put some things in order as the other guys must have already done the uploading.
Vincent: Have you thought about his request?
Me: I dunno…could it be a trap as Frank said?
Vincent: **Puts his hand on my shoulder** I know you will make the right decision because I trust you
Me: Thanks mahn
Vincent: **Walks back to the kitchen**
I really had no idea on who the lady could be. I couldn’t even think of anyone that would be partnering with Marcus. And what does she even want from me if Marcus is telling the truth? Chai! Lord have mercy.
Vincent did an all-night prayer while I managed to sleep.
I woke up the following morning; did my prayers; took my laptop and sat in the parlor. Frank walked in and dropped what brought on the table.
Me: What’s that?
Frank: Breakfast
Me: Okay…
Frank: I also purchase some papers because of the headlines
I took the newspaper and saw the handsome and innocent face of Marcus being the mastermind in the kidnapping of the President’s daughter.
Then I started thinking of what my response would be; whether to go to him or not. I started expecting his call. Then I’ll tell him whatever that comes out of my mouth.
Ike called me later that morning that he’s already in the airport and the following conversation ensued.
Ike: Accept to meet with him
Me: Are you sure about that?
Ike: Positive
Me: What’s the plan?
Ike: The thing is, you’re going to stall him so that the meeting won’t take place today. We’re going to place a tracking device in your possession that will lead us straight to him.
Me: Wouldn’t it be risky? What if he guns me down on the spot?
Ike: You shall put on a bullet-proof vest just in case that happens. Oh! The jet is ready…time to go; see you in few hours’ time
Me: You’re coming with a jet?
Ike: Yep my jet
Me: Oh okay…. Save trip
**Hangs up**
He guy even own a jet…I told Vincent and Frank about Ike’s plan; they agreed that it’s a good one.

Many hours passed and Marcus still didn’t call me. Ike landed safely in Abuja. He called me that he is now in his house. He built the house while in the U.S and this is the first time for him to enter the house.
Vincent, who knew the house, drove us there and the mansion was a wow! Ike himself was a billionaire.
Vincent stopped in front of the gate; stepped down from the car towards the gate; he spoke and waved his hand at the security cam and the gate opened on its own. He walked back in to the car and drove us in. On driving in, we saw Ike walking towards us before we alighted from the car.
Ike: Welcome guys!
*Ike and Vincent hugged each other for many seconds*
Vincent: Longest time bro…I once again apologize for not attending your wedding
Ike: I will get mad if you apologize again **Laughs** Victor!
Me: Thanks for coming **we shook hands**
Ike: You look horrible mahn! Don’t worry; we’ll get your girl soon
He also shook hands with Frank
Ike: Has he called yet?
Me: Nope! He didn’t keep to the time
Ike: He’ll call. Let’s go in please…
We went into his fabulous mansion; both the exterior and interior were extremely beautiful.
He introduced the four experts he came with to us and they showed us how the devices work. We waited for Marcus’ call till nightfall but he didn’t call.
The first lady called me that night; I told her about Ike’s arrival to help in the search of the girls. I assured her that everything will be fine.
We slept there in Ike’s mansion that night after eating a delicious meal for dinner.
The experts trained us the following morning on how to defend ourselves from danger, how to use a Taser and a gun using blunt bullets to neutralize the enemy (That’s for Vincent, Ike and I because we don’t want to kill someone using a real gun) they also taught us how to defuse a bomb in case the situation gets to that.
Marcus called me during the training as an unknown caller and the following conversation ensued.
Me: Hey I’ve been expecting your call
Marcus: Leave whatever you’re doing right now and go to your apartment; you will meet someone there
Me: Who? Is it the lady?
Marcus: Make sure to be there in twenty minutes and any foul play? Your sister will pay for it with her life; got it?
Me: Please make it thirty I’m very far from the apartment
Marcus: Twenty-five **Hangs up**
Me: Hello hey?!
**The ba$tard hung up on me**
Me: Guys I need to get going ASAP
Ike: Alright alright! Go put on your shirt…
I put on my shirt; they fixed the tracking device chips all over my body about seven of them as they were very tiny. They fixed in all in my pockets, in my socks and my boxers; I also put on the bullet-proof vest. Ike and the rest reminded me of the instructions and then they wished me luck. Vincent hugged me as if I going to die or something before I hit the road with Mirabel’s SUV that Frank has been with.
I drove as fast as I could to meet the time.
My phone rings after about eighteen minutes of my drive and it was Marcus.
Marcus: It’s been twenty-six minutes; hope you’re there already?
Me: Yes I am
Marcus: No you’re not there a$$hole!
Me: I’m very close; two more minutes please
Marcus: Stop where you are now
Me: What? Why?
Marcus: Just stop there!
Me: Ok…alright I’m pulling over
**He hung up**
I pulled over at the spot and alighted from the car. The area was very free; no passer-by and there were bushes all around the area.
A mini-van drove to where I was standing; some guys came out from it and told me to follow them that Marcus sent them and I did. They first drove me to the apartment where they parked the SUV. From there they took me away to heaven knows where.
They stopped about seventeen minutes later and drag me down from the van. We walked a couple of steps before they stopped.
There I saw myself standing in front of Marcus in a thick bush.
Marcus: Here you are
Me: Can I see them?
Marcus: Not so fast **Nodded at his boys**
The boys came ripping off my clothes
Me: What’s going on?!
Marcus: Don’t worry…I’m not going to kill you; sorry for the inconvenience, it’s just for security reasons
Me: A terrorist being security conscious…are you kidding me?
Marcus: You and I know that I’m not a terrorist. I might have been a bad guy but I also take precaution. You even wore a bullet-proof **laughs** that’s smart but unfortunately…I’m not going to shoot you
The guys completely got me [email protected] leaving no piece left on me. They brought a bag and dropped it on the floor beneath my feet.
Marcus: Open it and wear the clothes inside
*I did as he said*
Marcus: Nice dress, it really suites you
Marcus: Now!!
Me: What?
I got a very hard hit behind my neck that made me passed out.
I woke up feeling pain around my neck and my sight was somehow blurry. I looked around and found out that I was in an uncompleted building full of spirogyra and all sort of dirt.
Things will be more complicated as I don’t have the tracking devices on me. Now that I’m also missing…how will they find us?

I heard footsteps and looked at the entrance and saw three people coming in with a lady in their middle.
Lady: You’re finally awake
Me: **Shocked** You…?
Lady: Miss me?


I couldn’t believe who I saw… someone I knew that couldn’t even hurt a fly is now working with Marcus. What has happened to her? This is incredible!
Me: D’thy?
Dorothy: Awwww… I really miss how you call me that name; it’s super romantic
Me: **Stammering** Wha…wh…what what happened to you?
Dorothy: Why? Do I look sick?
Me: No; what have you turned yourself into? What are you doing with these criminals? I mean look at you; how will your mother feel when she finds out that her beloved daughter has become something else?
Dorothy: You have no right to talk to me that way! No! **Walks away**
Me: D’thy! D’thy!! Please don’t leave me like this D’thy! D’thy!!
She left the room without turning back, I tried to run after her even though I was tied down but one of the guys she came with knocked me down with a rifle; I screamed out from the hit.
Dorothy: **walks in** what just happened here?
Guy 1: (The one that hit me) He tried to go after you; so I knocked him down
Before I knew what was happening, Dorothy pinned the guy to the wall with a gun.
Dorothy: Don’t you ever lay your filthy fingers on him again! Don’t you ever!!
Guy 1: Yes queen
Dorothy: Do we understand each other?!
Guy 1: Yes queen
Dorothy: Get out! **Letting go of him**
**He bowed then walked away**
Dorothy: You leave us
**The second guy also bowed and walked away**
Dorothy: I apologize for walking away from you and what that guy did to you
Me: Queen…? What’s all that about? Or are you married to a king?
Dorothy: Nah…forget about that; what would you like to eat dear?
Me: I’m not hungry… where are you keeping the girls?
Dorothy: They’re save
Me: I want to see them
Dorothy: No you can’t
Me: And why is that?
Dorothy: Because… to them; you’re already dead
Me: What are you talking about? Who told them that?!
Dorothy: Well… they saw your lifeless body with their own eyes
Me: You see… I’ve always known that you’re stupid, but didn’t know you’re crazy too
Dorothy: Here! **threw some pictures at me**

I took it and saw myself with blood all over my body and bullet holes

Me: What! How did you do this?!
Dorothy: Don’t you watch movies? Of course it’s a make-up costume. You were deep asleep when all these were carried out
Me: You drugged me?
Dorothy: Yeap
Me: Why are you doing this to me? You even kidnapped my sister Nancy who you were so fond of
Dorothy: We freed her and the other lady the moment they brought you in. We held her as a bait to lure you in
Me: And you left Mirabel with Marcus? What if he tries to rape her?
Dorothy: I care less, she is his responsibility and you are mine
Me: And what do you want from me?
Dorothy: Just you, even if I don’t get to have your heart; having you here is enough
Me: You know I’m a final year student right? You can’t keep me here; I should be in school
Dorothy: That can be arranged; you don’t have to be there in person
Me: Don’t threaten any lecturer on my behalf
Dorothy: Okay…
Me: D’thy please stop this madness and let me go
Dorothy: Letting you go is backwardness for me. I can still remember what I told you three years ago that “No girl can have you if I don’t and even if you turn gay in the process, no guy will still have you”. You’re for me dear. I forgive you for what you did to me with that girl that claimed to be your girlfriend; while she’s just Mirabel’s friend or were you s——g her too?
Me: What do you think?
Dorothy: I don’t care; but I will soon get her and all her girl’s creed members
Me: What’s that?
Dorothy: You haven’t heard of the girl’s creed?
Me: I have but what’s that got to do with Lola?
Dorothy: She’s their leader helloooo…?
Me: What?!
Dorothy: I’ll soon get her
Me: Are you a cultist as well?
Dorothy: Yep you know I won’t lie to you
Me: Why did you join them? See what you’ve become
Dorothy: This is the life I chose dear and it’s because of you
Me: Me? How?
Dorothy: You did to me lots of wrong and you kept hurting me. I grew to hate you from that day you set me up with that b!tch. I set my mind to deal with you so severely for all what you put me through, so I left for Port-Harcourt where I told my cousin who was already a cultist to recruit me. I got recruited and became their member till I got admission and returned back here where I wasted no time in belonging to a confra. I scrolled past the ranks till I reached the second in command. The leader got killed during a clash with another confra then I emerge as the leader that’s why they call me Queen.
Me: You went through all this just to get back at me right? So why am I still alive?
Dorothy: My anger and quest for destroying you subsided when I found out who was your real girlfriend; I got extremely envious of her then changed my quest. Instead of destroying you, I chose to have you all for myself. And you know how much I love you; I can’t even bear seeing you get hurt. Sometimes I ask myself, how I got to love you this much that I can’t let go… I just dunno.
Me: For how long will you continue this madness?
Dorothy: As long as you’re with me
Me: D’thy I’m begging you to let me go; you’re already ruining my life
Dorothy: Sorry babe, I can’t do that
Me: Please don’t let Marcus touch Mirabel I beg you, he might do something stupid
Dorothy: I can’t do that either; we had an agreement. He’s got Mirabel and I gat you; no trespassing. Talking about doing something stupid **getting closer seductively**
Me: Stop it!
She started romancing me
Me: D’thy please stop this
*Note: I was tied up on a wooden chair*
Dorothy: I’ve missed you… It’s you alone I want; I want to feel you this minute baby
Me: Is this what Marcus is doing to Mirabel?
Dorothy: I dunno and I don’t care **removing her dress exposing her cleavage**
**I turned my face away so little vame won’t get excited.**
Voice: I can see you guys are having fun
**I turned to see Marcus**
Dorothy: What are you doing here? **she backed him while wearing her dress**
Marcus: Just came to see how you guys are catching up
Me: You ba$tard! What have you done to Mirabel?
Marcus: Hey don’t get upset ‘coz I interrupted your little fun **Smiling**
Me: Don’t you dare touch her!
Marcus: And why not? See Dorothy is touching you
Me: You both should leave us alone! Is it by force to love? Why won’t you let us be?! Leave Mirabel and I alone!
Marcus: Coward! You want reap from where you did not sow; haven’t you gotten enough from her? She got you a house with two cars and all her money you’ve been using, isn’t it enough for you?! You greedy ba$tard!
Dorothy: Marcus that’s enough!
Marcus: No let me talk to this f*ckin’ ingrate
Dorothy: Marcus!
Marcus: Bullsh!t **walks away**
Me: You see who you’re working with?
Dorothy: Don’t start with me **walking away** I will send you some food **Walked out of sight**

D’thy is now the leader of a cult group? That innocent and stupid girl I used to know that couldn’t even stand a cockroach is now something else. I still find it very difficult to believe. Wait a minute…Lola is also a leader of a cult group? What’s going on? I do hope Mirabel isn’t among them.
No wonder Lola got guts and influence. Maybe those two girls she used to intimidate Dorothy are her members; Hhmmm… it’s now making sense.
A guy brought food for me, I ate while thinking.
Now I need to start planning my escape. I’m going to create a problem between Dorothy and Marcus.

**The following morning**

When one of Dorothy’s boys brought breakfast for me, I asked if Dorothy was around but he said no. Marcus came, mocked and laughed at me then left. That was when I came up with a plan. I threw myself to the ground still tied to the chair; I started hurting and injuring myself till I heard footstep closing in. It was Dorothy; she ran towards me as soon as she saw me on the floor grunting in pain.
Dorothy: What happened to you?
Me: Leave me alone!
Dorothy: Tell me who did this to you
Me: Like you care
Dorothy: Of course I care… just tell me who did this to you
Me: Can’t tell you
Dorothy: Why?
Me: He’ll kill me
Dorothy: What? Not after I kill the ba$tard first!
Me: Just leave me alone! It’s all your fault! You brought me here to die
Dorothy: That’s not true!
Me: Then look at me; see bruises all over my body. Only God knows what he’d do to me when next he attacks
Dorothy: Tell me who is the ba$tard that did this to you!
Me: Who else if not your partner Marcus
Dorothy: What?
Me: He threatened my life
Dorothy: I warned him of the implication of breaching our agreement… anyone who touch you; touches me. Anyone that touches me; touches the queen of the phantoms and anyone that touches the queen of the phantoms; toils with his or her life!

*She briskly walked out of the room in anger*


After she left the room, she came back a couple of minutes later with Marcus.

Marcus: Hey what’d f–k did you say I did to you?!
Marcus: Huh?!
Marcus: He’s f*ckin lying mehn! Why can’t he speak out?
Dorothy: You threatened his life!
Marcus: This dude is lying! I didn’t do nothing!!
Dorothy: Victor say to me again what he did to you

**I didn’t feel comfortable for lying earlier because I detest lying**
Me: D’thy I’ve told you everything and he knows what he did so there is no need repeating myself
Marcus: Dorothy can’t you see what he’s doing? He is doing this on purpose! To cause a rift between us.
Dorothy: What are you talking about?
Me: Ask him if he came here or not
Marcus: This is bullsh!t
Dorothy: Did you?
Marcus: I did came here but i did nothing to him
Dorothy: We had a clear agreement Marcus; remain on your path and keep the agreement intact so there won’t be a mishap between us
Marcus: Dorothy you should be smarter than this; this guy is going to use your brain. Don’t listen to what he’s telling you; you can’t trust whatever he tells you now after all he’s done to you. Remember he dumped yo’ a$$ without looking back
Dorothy: That’s enough
Marcus: How is it enough? I hate it when I’m being accused wrongly!
Dorothy: Excuse us Marcus
Marcus: That’s it?
Dorothy: I need to have a word with him so excuse us

** He left us**

Dorothy: Are you lying to me?
Me: What’s the use of explaining myself to you when my life is at stake on either way
Dorothy: **Moves closer to me and started caressing my head** Victor are you scared of me?
Me: Yes; for you’re no longer the Dorothy that I use to know. Now you’re the bad girl that claims to love me; boosting that anyone that touch me, touches you and all that empty words of threat you stated earlier. What did you do to him? Nothing! You can’t even keep your word.
Dorothy: I meant what I said darling
Me: Well…?
Dorothy: I know you weren’t telling the truth
Me: Really now?
Dorothy: You want to play a smart one on me… nice try
Me: Like I said earlier, there’s no need explaining myself. He’s your partner in crime and you both work together. So… I’m not surprised at all
Dorothy: Yea, do not be surprised that I’m not that stupid girl you use to know
Me: Your problem. So how many members do you have in your confra?
Dorothy: 28 excluding our new converts
Me: No girls?
Dorothy: Sure there are
Me: Why am I not seeing them around?
Dorothy: They have no business in here
Me: But they’re outside?
Dorothy: Yea
Me: With all your 28 members
Dorothy: Nope
Me: For how long do you think you’ll keep me here?
Dorothy: For as long as it takes
Me: I see… you know; there’s one peculiar thing that haven’t changed about you
Dorothy: By that you mean my stupidity?
Me: Yea… how’d you know?
Dorothy: That’s the only thing you think you know about me and you’ve been seeing me as a stupid person for over 10 years now. So… I should know
Me: I’m just sorry for your mother; she’s a good woman. Too bad she gave birth to a goat instead of her likeness
Dorothy: What’s your game plan now? You think I’m going to fall for it?
Me: I’m so surprised that you’ve been keeping your cool all this while not throwing yourself at me. Why is that? Or maybe Marcus has already satisfied you
Dorothy: Me? **Laughs** I wonder how Mirabel would be feeling now after all she’s been receiving from him
Me: What? Marcus has been sleeping with her?
**She burst into laughter**
Me: Talk to me!
Dorothy: See how I got you with only one attempt **Laughs** you think I will fall for your enticements? I don pass that level na
Me: D’thy has he been sleeping with her?
Dorothy: I dunno and I don’t care

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My heart was already pounding hard, what could he be doing with Mirabel? I went into frenzy mode because I was so disturbed. I need to come out with another plan that’d work out well before my heart detonates out of anger. I was silent thinking hard while she’s there operating her laptop.
Me: You said you came back when you gained admission, does that mean you’re in school now?
Dorothy: Yep… 300 level
Me: Why aren’t you in school now? Or you don’t have lectures?
Dorothy: You don’t worry about me
Me: Why not? And you seemed to be worried about me?
Dorothy: That’s because I love you, got that?
Me: But i care about you
Dorothy: Nice try
Me: No i mean it
Dorothy: Alright thanks
Me: Sure you’re Ok?
Dorothy: Perfecto
Me: Where can i urinate?
Dorothy: Double?!
*A guy answered from outside*
Dorothy: Bring the container
Me: Container for what? You need to untie me so i’d pee properly
Dorothy: Nice try
Me: D’thy what’s your problem? Please let me go
Dorothy: Let you go? Only death can make that happen
Me: You’ve really gone crazy you know that?
Dorothy: **Speechless**
**The guy came with the container**
Me: Atleast you can untie me so i’d help myself
Dorothy: Give me the container and go
**The guy did as she said; then she stood up with the container**
Me: What are you trying to do?
Dorothy: **Pulling down the zipless sport trouser Marcus provided for me**
Me: No Dorothy stop that… ah! **she’s giving me a head** Dorothy! Ah!
She pulled down the trouser completely, removed her undie then sat on me moving up and down after finding it a little bit difficult to place it in her because she was very tight. She raped me!
-I cvmmed a couple of minutes later before she stood up-
Dorothy: Whoa… I missed that
Me: You b!tch
Dorothy: Like you didn’t enjoyed it **she wore my trouser back on**
Me: Is this what Marcus is doing to Mirabel? Answer me!
Dorothy: Well…just as he didn’t know what just happened between us now, same way i dunno what happens there
Me: You both are animals! shameless animals!
Dorothy: You guys are the cause for all of this… you both broke our hearts!
Me: Are you guys the first to have a broken heart? Mirabel also had a broken heart but she moved on with her life. Look at you, you’re no different from a dog! You both are animals!!
*Marcus rushed in*
Marcus: What’s going on here? Why is he shouting?
Dorothy: Just a little misunderstanding
Me: You ba$tard! What have you been doing to Mirabel?! Where are you keeping her?! Why won’t you both move on with your life and leave us alone?! You’re so shameless!
Marcus: He needs to be shut off **He went and came back with something in his hand; he injected me with it. Then i dozed off instantly**


I found myself waking up with a blurry sight not knowing how long i slept but everywhere was dark, it was already night and i dunno what the time was saying.

Those two shameless people were really so obsessed over me and Mirabel. If Dorothy could do such thing to me, I wonder what Marcus is doing to Mirabel. I was so worried and disturbed. Marcus and Dorothy have really gone crazy.

I started thinking positively, the thought of encouragement, the thought of inspiration, the thought of strength and hope. Because, it is very difficult and rare for anyone to live a peaceful and perfect life of success without trials and challenges. No matter who we are, no matter what we do; there must be a time where we’d face some challenges. So it depends on how we’d overcome it. The Bible says that “For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith” so this is a challenge for me and i need to overcome it with faith! My name is Victor and Victor means overcomer or conqueror or winner. My name has always worked for me and this challenge won’t be any different from my past victories!
I started meditating on the word of God and made certain declarations. I asked God for forgiveness for what Dorothy did to me before i started praying throughout the night having faith that something would happen: that my life will not end up this way.
I prayed that night like never before.I prayed and sang till daybreak and the glory of God manifested.

**I started hearing gunshots outside**



“Ask and it shall be given to you”. Our earthly Parents may know what we need but they’d expect you to tell them by yourself what you really want. We all know that GOD is our FATHER and HE knows our various heart desires; He expects us to have it in mind that HE’s always there for us and for us to ask HIM for our needs. There is nothing neither too big nor too small to ask our GOD. HE is always there for us only if we could go to HIM. HE is our ALL SUFFICIENT GOD! And always remember to thank HIM for everything. How would you feel if you did someone a favour and he/she refused to say ‘Thank You’?


I started hearing gunshots from the outside; I didn’t know what to do because I was tied down and I can’t call for help, who will I call when I don’t really know what was going on?

I struggled to throw myself down but I couldn’t; I started praying slowly while facing the entrance door. Just then Lola burst in.

Me: Lola? **Surprised** what are you doing here?
Lola: Came to rescue your a$$, where is Mirabel?
Me: I dunno where they’re keeping her
Lola: **untying me** we need to find her before Dorothy and her full gang gets here
Me: Ok but how did you know we’re here?
Lola: Now is not the time to talk about that, we need to leave this place as soon as we get Mirabel
(She untied me)
Me: Thanks Lola
Lola: You can thank me when we leave this place in one piece. Now that I’ve found you, I need to call Mirabel’s mother for reinforcement because we’re no match for Dorothy’s gang. But the problem is how will they trace us?
Me: Where is your phone?
Lola: Here… **Handed her phone to me** Lemme go look for Mirabel
Me: Ok

I wanted to call Ike but I dunno his number off-hand not even Vincent or Frank’s. Then I dialed Nancy’s number since she’s been freed but it was switched off. I swiftly scrolled through her contact list in search of the first lady’s number; I dialed it as soon as I found it. She picked the phone…

Me: Hello? It’s Victor Ma
First lady: Victor what happened to you? Where have you been? And why’d you call me with Lola’s cell phone?
Me: Please send me Frank’s number ma. It’s urgent
First lady: Urgent? Where are you?
Me: Ma this is extremely urgent; please send me Frank or Vincent’s number I need it very badly to get myself and Mirabel out from here
First lady: Ok Ok… give me a minute
Me: Please hurry up Ma or better still, just send this number to them. Tell them to track it and get to the location as soon as possible with the Police or the Army
First lady: Ok alright I’ll do that right away

*She hangs up*

I put the phone on silent and hid it somewhere in the room then I walked out of the room to see what’s going on outside. On stepping out, I saw the lifeless body of those two guys that came into the room with Dorothy of which one of them knocked me down when I tried to follow Dorothy. I picked up one of their gun (a rifle) in case of anything.

Mirabel: Victor!
*I turned around and saw Mirabel with Cynthia*
-She ran towards me and hugged me very tight while I did the same-
Mirabel: Oh my God… thank God you’re alive! I thought you died, I mean I saw you dead. They brought your body to me and you were dead **crying**
Me: They faked it, I’m not dead
Mirabel: What happened? Where did they keep you?
Me: They tied me down on a chair in that room **Pointing the room** so what happened to you? Where is Marcus?
Lola: Here…

**We saw Lola coming with three other girls and Marcus with his hands tied together **

I left Mirabel immediately and ran towards Marcus and beat him up
Lola: Victor that’s enough, we need to get going now
(They had to dragged me off him before I could let him go)
Lola: The car is parked somewhere along the way, so we need to get there fast because it’s not too close

While getting out of the building, Lola and Cynthia with Marcus were behind us while I and Mirabel were in the middle as the other three girls take the lead ahead of us. So I couldn’t help but ask Mirabel something that has been bothering me.

Me: Did he touch you?
Mirabel: Who?
Me: Marcus
Mirabel: **Speechless and uncomfortable**
Me: Talk to me, did he sleep with you?
Mirabel: We will talk about everything that happened here when we get home
Me: I don’t want you to say everything; I just want a yes or no

At that point, we were on verge of stepping out of the building before we heard gunshots killing the girls who were already out of the building so we ran back into the building to take refuge

Lola: Dorothy is here!
Cynthia: What do we do now?
Marcus: Surrender
Me: Shut up!
Marcus: You can’t escape now
Me: How about I blow your head off?
Marcus: I will have nothing to lose

Dorothy: **From outside** Lola! You’re outstripped! I give you all 50 seconds to come out and surrender or we will shoot aimlessly at you till you all die. 1…2….3…..4…….
Marcus: Your time is budging very fast
Me: You shut your mouth up!
Mirabel: What are we going to do now?
Dorothy: 29…30….31…
Lola: Let’s go
Me: I will take the lead
Mirabel: Are you sure?
Me: Yea let’s go

I dragged Marcus with me as I take the lead out of the building to Dorothy.
Dorothy: Drop any weapon you have on you
**Lola and Cynthia unharmed themselves; I already dropped the gun I had with me inside**
Dorothy: Go check them and take the guns**Ordering her guys**
Guy 1: Clear
Dorothy: **Came closer and stood face to face with Lola** Remember me?
Lola: Yea you’re that b!tch I ditched off some time ago
Dorothy: Really? Good thing you remember and I hope your guts save you today. Now let Marcus go
*I hesitated*
Dorothy: Let him go now! **Pointing gun at us**
*I let go of him go; immediately he punched my stomach two times. Mirabel screamed out. I thought Dorothy would scold him for punching me but she didn’t. Instead, she shot him three times in the chest *
Dorothy: You ba$tard! I warned you **referring to Marcus**. Now move inside all of you
**We went inside the building and stayed in the bigger room**
Dorothy: Victor come here
Me: **Refused to move**
Dorothy: come here!
Me: No!
**The next thing I heard was pow! She shot Lola in the chest**
Mirabel: **Screamed** Lola!

**I saw Lola on the ground with blood spilling down from her mouth and her body where she was shot**
Dorothy: I’m not playing around Victor; come to my side
Me: You crazy b!tch! (I ran towards her with rage to harm her)
Dorothy: Victor! **Pow**
Me: Ah! **she shot me at the left side of my chest; I fell down**
Mirabel: Oh my God! Victor!
Dorothy: **Shocked** what have I done?

**Just then we started hearing serious gunshots outside; more like a gun battle this time**
Cynthia: (Peeping through the window) the army is here

Dorothy was still standing dumb; still in shock when Cynthia stunned her with a hit and pinned her down so she won’t escape while Mirabel was telling me to hold on and be strong that help is here.

The military came into the building and took over it. One of them said ‘clear’ then Ike and Frank came in to identify the victims. They pointed us excluding Dorothy so the military arrest her and immediately took us out for medical attention.


They started providing medical attention from the military’s moving vehicle before we got to their clinic for proper medical service. They injected me something and I slept off immediately; that’s when they did operation on me to remove the bullet without me knowing.

I dunno how long I slept but I woke up and the first person I saw was Vincent who was seated on a nearby chair reading a book and then Mirabel seated side by side with Nancy. None of them could see that I was awake and I couldn’t utter a word. I could feel the pain from where I was shot; so I was like that till Vincent sighted me.

Vincent: He’s awake
*Mirabel and Nancy instantly upstretched their heads facing me**

Mirabel: Victor?
Nancy: **Runs out of the room probably to call the Doctor**
Mirabel: Thank God you’re awake **smiling with tears in her eyes**
**The door burst open letting in the Doctor and a nurse with my Mother, Mirabel’s mother – the First lady and surprisingly my Father – The boss**

{The military Doctor examined me for a many seconds then injected me}

Doctor: He need to rest for now, please don’t let him speak much maybe for the next 12 hours so his wound will heal up fast
Momma: Ok Doctor; should we give him food? He hasn’t eaten for the past two days
Doctor: The drip is Ok for him now but if he would like to eat, no problem. Will you like to eat something Victor?
Me: **I nodded my head left and right meaning No**
Doctor: What about a drink?
Me: **Thinking about it in my head**
Doctor: Do you want a drink?
Me: **Nodded my head up and down meaning Yes**
Doctor: Ok Madam, you can make enquiry on what he’d like to drink and provide for him
Momma: Ok Doctor
Doctor: **Walks out with his nurse**
Momma: What will you drink Victor?
Me: **I turned my head facing Mirabel; she understood and smiled**
Nancy/Mirabel: *Both chorused* Hollandia yoghurt! (I just smiled)

Nancy and Mirabel ran out to get the yoghurt; My Dad talked to me a little then left saying he’d come back tomorrow; Frank came in with Jummy to check on me; Mirabel’s mother – the first lady kept thanking me for rescuing her daughter before she left; Cynthia came in as well, I managed to ask her about Lola, she said Lola is in the intensive care unit on life support battling for her life. She lost so much blood before the help came. Poor Lola, I pray she make it; she’s a great friend even with her little flaws and the issue we both had.

Mirabel and Nancy came back with the yoghurt and Mirabel fed me with it.

Me: Where is Ike?
Mirabel: Oh… he already left; he said something came up so he returned back to the states
Me: How long have I been here?
Mirabel: Two days
Me: Hhmmm…
Momma: Won’t you eat something?
Me: No
Vincent: Hero how far
(I knew he was teasing me)
Me: Not funny
**They all laughed**
Vincent: I’m serious, see for yourself **showing me a newspaper then another one**

Both papers headlined the happenings that took place. The first lady spoke on how Lola, Cynthia and I risked our lives to save her daughter. They pictured the lifeless body of Marcus and how Dorothy killed him and got detained by the Military.

Vincent, Cynthia, Frank, Jummy and Nancy left later in the evening while Momma remained with me and Mirabel; she (Mirabel) refused to go. Momma says she wants to go get food for dinner; Mirabel offered to go with her. I told her to stay back that I want to talk to her but she dissented and followed her.
I noticed she’s been trying to avoid my question, why? I dunno, all I know is that she can’t escape it. Her attitude tells me the answer I fear but I want to hear it from her mouth.
A Military Nurse (A lady) came after they left to administer drugs on me.
Nurse: Hi Victor
Me: Good morning
Nurse: Morning… how are you feeling now?
Me: Better
Nurse: Okay… lemme inject you so you’ll get well and strong sooner
Me: **Speechless till she injected me and changed the drip**
Nurse: You’re really brave to go into the den of the most wanted man in Nigeria to rescue a girl
Me: She’s not just a girl, she’s the President’s daughter and….
Nurse: And?
Me: Nothing, never mind
Nurse: Okay… would you consider joining the Army? The Army needs brave personalities like you
Me: **Smiles** Nah… **Sounded funny to me**
Nurse: Common… you’re great, just say you’re interested then boom! You got it. You will be scrolling past the ranks like pages of a book
Me: **Laughs**
Nurse: I’m serious, you saved the President’s daughter; do you have any idea of what that portends? You have earn yourself a great favor in the eyes of the President and the first lady
Me: Thanks for your concern Nurse, but I have my own plans
Nurse: Just have a rethink and volte-face about it dear
Me: Alright
Nurse: I’m Norah by the way
Me: Yea I know, it’s tagged on you
Nurse: Oh yea… just want to do the introduction myself
Me: Ok then… I’m Victor
Nurse: I know that **we both laughed** Nice meeting you
Me: Same here
Nurse: I’m hoping this clinic won’t be our last place of meeting **Smiling**
Me: I dunno… we’ll see

**Door opens**

Nurse: Ok we’re done here
Me: Thanks Nurse
Nurse: **Walks away**
Me: Welcome
Mirabel: Thanks
Me: Where is my mother?
Mirabel: In the ladies room
Me: You’re yet to answer my question
Mirabel: But I just said she’s in the ladies room
Me: I know and I’m not talking about that one; you know what I’ve been asking you of
**Momma walks; we had to suspend the topic**
They both ate what they bought and gave me an energy drink which I drank.

**The following morning**
Momma left for the house to have her bath and change her clothes; she asked Mirabel to stay with me till Nancy comes around.
I noticed how Mirabel was roaming about in and out of the ward probably trying to escape my question. So I decided to confess mine so she’d feel even and confess hers as well.

**I told her immediately she walked into the room**
Me: Dorothy forcefully had $ex with me **Expecting her response**
*She stood still and faced me looking surprised for many seconds with disappointment written all over her face*
Mirabel: **Grabbed her jacket and vacate the room without saying a word even when I called her**

*I couldn’t understand why she reacted that way; I kept on thinking and wondering before the Military Nurse walked in*

Nurse: How are you doing today my hero?
Me: Much better, good morning
Nurse: Good morning… hope you slept well?
Me: Yea
Nurse: Did you urinate at night?
Me: No
Nurse: Okay… **She changed the drip, injected me and gave me some tablets to gulp** Seems you’ll be discharged anytime soon
Me: Thanks Nurse
Nurse: Norah please
Me: Okay…
Nurse: Call me lemme hear
Me: …Norah?
Nurse Norah: Yeah…**Smiling** so you will give me your number now just in case you get discharged when I’m on shift
**I called my number for her**
Nurse Norah: It’s switched off
Me: Oh… yea I forgot I lost my phone
Nurse Norah: When you went to rescue the President’s daughter I guess
Me: Yea
Nurse Norah: You will do a welcome back right?
Me: Yea
Nurse Norah: Okay… or give me your address
Me: Why?
Nurse Norah: In case you fail to do a welcome back
Me: I will do it
Nurse Norah: I still want to have your address, or you don’t want me to visit you sometime?

**I just gave her the address and she wrote it down**

Nurse Norah: Thanks, lemme go and attend to other patients
Me: Okay…

**She gave me a peck and left** seriously, this Norah is another person to be worried about oh… because I don’t understand all this her attitude. And I’m very sure she’s like 4 to 5 years older than me.

*Vincent came in some minutes later with Frank and Jummy; we exchanged pleasantries and natters*

Vincent: Where is Mirabel?
Me: Uhmmm… she left for a while
Frank: **Speaks into his official ear piece** Copy that
Vincent: Who’s that?
Frank: Your father’s personal security detail; he says the President is here to see the boy, that’s Victor
Me: **I was shocked, bemused, flummoxed, surprised, dumbfounded and speechless**


I just had to compose and calmed myself from that awkward moment, the feeling was hard but I had to be a man as he is also a man.

Vincent: Victor? Victor? Victor!

Me: Yea… yes?

Vincent: What’s up with you bro? What have you been thinking of that you couldn’t even hear your name?

Me: Nothing… just uhmmm… nothing really

Vincent: My father is here is see you, and where is Mirabel? He will need to see her too

Me: I dunno, she left here briefly and hasn’t come back yet. I think she’d be somewhere around

Vincent: Alright, let’s go look for her Frank; we’ll be right back

Me: Ok

That’s how they left me alone to face Mr. President… {O.M.O – On My Own}. I waited for almost 10 minutes before the door finally got opened by two high ranking army officers paving way for the President himself, His Vice and some other Government officials and some reporters as well.

There standing in front of me, the number one citizen of the Giant of Africa’s Nigeria.

Mr. President: Victor

Me: Good morning sir

Mr. President: How are you? **Offering me his hand**

Me: Fine sir **Shook hands with him**

Mr. President: I heard everything that happened, so I came personally to thank you for your support in rescuing my daughter.

Me: It’s nothing sir, just helped a good friend

Mr. President: How can you say it’s nothing when you took a bullet in the process? You did very well Victor; God bless you

Me: Thank you sir

Mr. President: Your Parents must be very proud of you. Are you a student?

Me: Yes sir

Mr. President: Where?

Me: The University of Abuja, final year

Mr. President: That’s good, what are you studying?

Me: Business Administration sir

Mr. President: Ok **Smiling** we’ll talk more when you get discharged from here; I had to visit you here for it wouldn’t be nice of me if I don’t visit the person that took a bullet in the process of rescuing my daughter

Me: Thank you sir

Mr. President: I heard she’s been here ever since

Me: Yes sir

Mr. President: Where is she? I haven’t seen her yet

Me: Sh…

Mirabel: I’m here Dad

**The President turned around and saw his Daughter. I felt relaxed too, because she came back**

After hugging her Father, she came and sat down beside me with her right hand around my shoulders. The position made me uncomfortable but I’m sure she knows what she’s doing. No doubt everyone present in the room will know something is going on. They talked for a while; the reporters asked the President some questions of which he replied back. They also asked me some questions of which I gave my best in answering them. I’ll be seen on national TV today, big boy. The President told Mirabel to bring me to the house when I’m well enough before he left with his entourage after they all shook hands with me. Mirabel escorted her Father out of the ward or so I thought because she didn’t come back. Both my Parents came in smiling few minutes after the President left.

Dad: The President shook hands with us when he heard that we’re your Parents. My son is great, I’m so proud of you

**Believe me when I say I’ve never in my life seen my Father this happy**

Momma: He even invited us to the Presidential villa

Dad: What’s really between you and that girl?

Me: She’s my girlfriend **No need to lie, I’m no longer a kid. I should be getting married in the next two to three years**

Dad: As in dating?

Me: Yes sir, we’re actually in a courtship

Dad: Without the knowledge of your mother and i?

Me: She knows

Dad: Who?

Momma: Me

Dad: What? When did you plan to tell me?

Me: I planned on bringing her home after we finish school

Dad: But that’s not what we agreed on

Momma: Daddy leave the young man alone, it’s enough that I already know about their relationship

Dad: This is the President’s daughter we’re talking about, what if something had happened; would you have handled it alone?

Momma: **Laughs** since when did you start losing your trust in me? You should know I’ll never put my children on harm’s way. Mirabel’s mother and I have been good friends since we both approved their relationship

Dad: Even the first lady knows? What about the President? Does he know about it too?

Momma: Not yet, but I’m sure he’ll soon know the way things are right now.

Dad: But how could Dorothy do this kind of thing? I thought she was a good girl

Momma: I still find it hard to believe. And she always asks of Victor when she was in Abuja and Victor in school. I spoke with her mother the day before yesterday and she was fragmented and broken.

*The Doctor and Nurse Norah walks in greeted my Parents and examine me. He brought down the drip and changed the bandage*

Doctor: You can give him something to eat; I will discharge him later in the evening

Momma: Thank you Doctor

Dad: Doctor thank you

**I noticed how Nurse Norah was staring at me**

The Doctor left the room while the Nurse followed after she winked at me.

Momma asked what I’d like to eat, I told her to get me any snack and drink. My Dad was talking to me but I wasn’t paying attention. I needed to speak with Mirabel before I leave the clinic. She’s definitely still mad at me even though she acted cool when her Dad was around.

I waited for Mirabel till in the afternoon to come but she didn’t show up.

*Vincent later walked in*

Me: Mirabel went home?

Vincent: No, she’s in Lola’s ward

Me: Ok she’s awake?

Vincent: Lola is dead

Me: Oh no!

*I was touched, I really felt it that I didn’t know when tears pour down my cheeks*


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