The President's Daughter And I 2

The President's Daughter and I 2 – batch 7


I knew Lola to be a strong girl, very strong and tough. I never pictured her dying, although she was hit straight to her chest; a dangerous point. She was strong enough to live up to three days after the hit before giving up. The news of her death really shocked me; she was truly a great friend. Her death pained me seriously; I just wished she could come back.

Vincent: She’ll be buried later in the day

Me: What? Why?

Vincent: She was a Muslim

Me: Lola was a Muslim? How is that?

Vincent: Yea,,, her Father is a Muslim. He refused to allow his children to be converted to any religion. Lola doesn’t really like being a Muslim; I tried to convert her but her only fear was her Dad.

Me: I didn’t know all this

Vincent: My worry is if she confessed and accepted Jesus before she died

Me: That’s another thing

Vincent: I heard you’ll be discharged in the evening?

Me: Yea

Vincent: That means you’ll attend her burial?

Me: Yea but this is really not cool,,, it’s just too soon

Vincent: There’s nothing we can do about it bro

Me: Please take me to where they are

Vincent: Will they let you?

Me: Sure, why not? Besides I’m no longer on drip

Vincent: Alright

*I was already getting up before Nurse Norah walks in*

Norah: Where are you going to?

Me: To another ward where I just lost a friend

Norah: Ow… really sorry about that but you can’t go out yet

Me: Why not?

Norah: I’m here to give you your last injection before you get discharged

Me: Ok that’s not a problem, it won’t take time

Norah: I will advise you to remain in one position so it’ll function well in your body because it’s not just any injection; so… please

Vincent: Listen to her bro, she knows better. There’s still time

*I annoyingly lay back on the bed*

Vincent: I will be outside **Walks out**

Norah: **After injecting me** Sorry about your friend

Me: **Still feeling annoyed** Thanks

Norah: I know how it feels to lose a friend **She sat down on my bed** I also lost a friend. She was a very good friend of mine. She nicknamed me ‘Noriz’ back in our secondary school days. So believe me when I say I know how you feel right now **she held my hand and started car-ssing it** I’ll be here if you need someone to talk to.

Me: Thank you but I’ll like to be left alone to do some thinking

Norah: No no no… there’s no way I’m going to leave you like this; you need someone by your side dear **palming my left cheek**

Me: You don’t have to be worried about me; you should attend to your other patients

Norah: I’ve attended to all of them before coming here, I’m attending to you last today because you’re my favourite and my hero and I’m also using this opportunity to spend time with you since you’d be discharged today. Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?

Me: I just want to be alone

Norah: I’ve been through this, leaving you alone won’t do you any good trust me

Me: **Speechless**

Norah: I can make you feel better

Me: **Speechless**

**She slowly leaned forward to a k-ssing position**

Me: What are you doing?

Norah: Shhhh…. Relax **her l-ips almost touching mine**

*Not again!*

Me: Stop it! **with annoyance after a slight thought of Lola and Dorothy**

Norah: *Got shocked then adjusted her position**

**Door opens**

Vincent: What happened?

Norah: Just trying to console him about the demise of his friend but he seems to hate consolation **getting up**

Me: I need to be left alone

(They both left the room)

I didn’t know what to even think of, I just felt enraged. My mind wasn’t stable, different things kept scrolling past my mind. Lola’s death was like an evil imagination to me that I can’t believe. She’d be buried today, so I won’t see Lola again. She left when I started liking and understanding her. Just not ok!

I told the doctor to discharge earlier than the time he mentioned of which he did. I told my Parents to go home without me that I’d come home after the burial but they insisted on going there too. I got discharged and joined others at the cemetery where they were to bury Lola. So many people including students showed up on such a short notice. I felt absolute pity on both Cynthia and Mirabel. Even Nancy was very much affected because she really liked Lola from the first time she knew her. Lola was laid down into her grave without wasting time. Many people that knew her cried out that I didn’t know when tears rolled down my cheeks. Lola is gone!


Later in the evening at my Family house that same day, we all sat down in the parlor looking dull but facing the TV. I sadly yet proudly watched myself on TV during the President’s visit; that was what stabled my mind because I focused on the TV that moment. I was like “how I wish I added this and that to my replies” that kind of feeling. We talked and laughed over it.

The President later spoke on Lola’s death; he said the killer will pay dearly.

I remained in the house for two more days before I returned back to school without communicating with Mirabel all through. I attended lectures the following day but Cynthia and Mirabel didn’t show up. I used Nancy’s phone to call Vincent and asked him about Mirabel, he said she and Cynthia went on a mourning trip to Ghana to mourn Lola. Which one is mourning trip again? And she didn’t even inform me about it. I visited my Lecturers one by one in their offices to present myself as I’m back. They all welcomed me with a handshake saying I shouldn’t worry about the lectures, tests and assignments I missed; then I vamoosed from school. By then my wound has healed up a lot. I bought a new Samsung galaxy phone and a new sim then I did a welcome back. My Parents called me that night saying they just came back from the Presidential villa. They happily and joyfully announced to me that the President is now aware of the relationsh¡p between Mirabel and I and he’s fine with it. They said the President suspected it when he visited the military clinic. My Dad also said that the President told him to come back in four days’ time to receive an official contract as an Auditor of NNPC; do you know what that means? Enough money flowing in abundance.

I was very happy, I will surely vote for him in the forthcoming genera[l elections that’s few months away same as my final semester exams in the University.

The following day was Dorothy’s trial in court; I couldn’t go there so i went to school and came back to see that judgement has been passed. She was charged with manslaughter, kidnapping and cultism. She was sentenced to…


**Never look down anybody**

What someone is today might not be the same tomorrow. That someone has nothing today doesn’t mean he won’t have everything tomorrow. Never think low on someone because he isn’t worth anything compared to others especially when the same person is not lazy but struggling hærd with his talents, skills and strength to make something good out of his life. Testimonies comes in different ways… what you are today might not be what you’ll be tomorrow; my story is different from yours and your story is different from others, so never look down on anybody. How shameful and embarrassing it is for you to go back to who you left, you regret leaving him/her because he/she didn’t have what you wanted. Everyone has his or her own Grace in life, so always think positive and never look down on anybody. “The stone the builders rejected can become the cornerstone”


With other crimes added to Dorothy’s case, she got sentenced to death by firing squad. Sincerely I got shocked when I heard it. I felt somehow sorry for her because this happened to her because of her stupid and crazy love for me.

I met with Vincent to ask him if he has heard anything from Mirabel, he replied no saying she hasn’t called anyone yet. I still asked Jummy and Frank but I got the same answer. I told Promise everything that happened and how Mirabel has been behaving immediately I told her what Dorothy did to me. She also had no idea on what could be wrong with Mirabel. It can’t possibly be as a result of Lola’s death, because she started the attitude even before Lola died. I continued with my studies while waiting for her to return. I had to catch up with all I missed. I noticed how students gets closer to me since I resumed, asking me questions upon questions. Many of them want to be where I am, they also took pictures with me even those from other departments. Even Esther, the first girl I met when I started the school came to see me in my department accusing me of forgotten her as I’m now a big boy dating the president’s daughter, that she lost her phone and lost my contact in the process that’s why she haven’t been calling me and I refused to call her bla bla bla… and she still knows my department. My ex semi-friends Frankkay, Titus and others came as well to renew our friendsh¡p. I accepted them all on a condition that we’ll only be friends in school and meet outside school only on official and important matters. I wasn’t surprised about all these at all… that’s how life is.

Dax has been in the U.S even before Lola died. He went on tour with one of his musical friend who recently signed him to his label; it’s an opportunity for him to boost his musical career, he already has the money, he is after fame.

I got back to the house after school without Nancy and I had a video chat with Ike… we talked on how he left so soon, he said he had to leave because of some new business deals he had to take care of. I wanted to tell him about Mirabel but refused to after he teasingly said he’d only come back to Nigeria before the next five years only for our wedding (i.e Mirabel and I). He told me how he helped me with my website during my absence; how he, frank and others tracked me when they noticed the tracking device I had on me stopped moving so they thought I have reached where they were keeping the girls only to find my clothes in the bush. We talked on other things before we ended the conversation.

I checked my website and noticed some improvements and the handwork of Ike. I saw new adverts on the sites which mean new deals. I initiated a chat with my workers and they updated me on everything that took place during my absence, the new deals and all before I checked my bank account and saw that it has gotten larger.


Later that night, I couldn’t sleep because of my thoughts for Mirabel. I kept switching position while on the bed restlessly, I got up started moving around still thinking about her with so many thoughts running through my head. I felt like I’m losing her, like her love for me has reduced to the red point, like she wants to end our relationsh¡p… Ojo ki ko! (Igala language which means God forbid!). Normally in my past relationsh¡ps, I wouldn’t care if my girlfriend starts behaving somehow because it’s so easy for me to move on with or without anybody be it a guy or a girl. Mirabel has gotten to the deepest part of my heart, her love and care is so much for me to just forget. See how restless and disturbed I am because of her…. I really miss that girl! Now I understand what made Marcus go crazy, Mirabel is just the best!
I decided to work on the site and as well surf the internet supported with a glass of wine as I couldn’t sleep.

On my to school the following morning, I called Mirabel’s mother – the first lady but she didn’t pick up, probably busy. I couldn’t pay attention to the lectures and everyone noticed it even the Lecturers. One of them asked me to follow her to her office after her lecture of which I did and the following conversation ensued…

Lecturer: Tell me Victor, what is wrong with you? I noticed how you’ve been acting dumb during the lecture

Me: I’m fine ma

Lecturer: No you’re not, you’re one of my favourite students and I do observe my favourite students. This is not how you are, you were always active during lectures but today is the direct opposite of that or are you missing her?

Me: Ma?

Lecturer: You know what I’m talking about

Me: It’s just complicated ma

Lecturer: Okay… I respect privacies but you’re my student and I’m your teacher, you can talk to me who knows I might be of help.

**Phone rings: First lady calling**

Me: Excuse me ma, I have to pick this call

Lecturer: No problem, go ahead

*I stepped out of her office before picking the call*

Me: Good afternoon ma

First lady: Victor how you?

Me: Fine ma, I called in the morning but it seemed you were busy

First lady: Not really busy, I only stepped away from my phone for a while to see Mirabel

Me: She’s back?

First lady: Yes, you haven’t spoken with her yet?

Me: No I haven’t, I just rounded up today’s lectures few minutes ago

First lady: Okay… she already left for her lodge

Me: Ok ma, I’ll meet her there

First lady: Alright bye for now lemme attend to something

Me: Ok thanks ma… bye

*Hung up*

She’s back, what do I do now? I could use some advice right now! I quickly stepped back in to my Lecturer’s office.

Lecturer: You’re done?

Me: Yes ma

Lecturer: So will you say what’s wrong with you?

Me: **Told her everything**

Lecturer: Hhmmm… first tell me what you think

Me: I’m not sure ma, just that I haven’t been having good feeling about the situation

Lecturer: What feeling have you been having?

Me: Like we’re going to split up or something

Lecturer: That’s too negative of you; you went into such situation because of her, so you’d rescue her. You think she’d just forget all of that? She’s just hurt, I understand what she’s feeling; for a lady to potently have $ex with a guy is implausible.

Me: But I was firmly tied down on a chair, I couldn’t do anything

Lecturer: You couldn’t even wave her off you?

Me: You’re not helping me ma **Standing up** thanks for trying to help

Lecturer: Sit down Victor

Me: Sorry ma, I have to get going

Lecturer: Sit down, trust me

Me: **Sat down**

Lecturer: Yes I’m trying to be of help and it’s what I’m doing

Me: But…

Lecturer: **Cuts in** I just put myself on Mirabel’s shoes, like what she felt about what you told her. Those are questions you need to answer, did you even explained in details to her? How you were defenseless?

Me: No because I was expecting her to feel even and confess what the guy also did to her

Lecturer: That’s the drawback; you carelessly said something like that to her without explaining in details how you were defenseless at the time just because of your curiosity in knowing if the same thing happened to her. Of course she’ll feel hurt; you said it to her without remorse on what the girl did to you.

Me: Yes I did wrong… I was so eager to know if he really raped her. So what should I do now?

Lecturer: Nothing much… Mirabel loves you very much and I’m very sure about it, I’ve been observing the both of you since I started lecturing you. What you should do is to get her attention in a cool and quiet place, then explain everything to her in details with apologies and also express how bad you felt when the girl did that to you.… nothing more

Me: Only that?

Lecturer: Yeah… your explanation and apology, there won’t be a plan B

Me: Ok thank you very much, I really appreciate this

Lecturer: You’re very much welcome anytime **Smiling**

**I stepped out of her office feeling motivated and zealous to meet the love of my life**

Explaining things on my mind, but how do I get a cool and quiet place? Hhmmm… I think I already know where.


I quickly drove off to the house like someone who’s about to miss his flight. I got in to the house and started imagining how to go on with the plan of getting my love back. I immediately dashed to the fridge to get something that’d help me calm my nerves (Hollandia yoghurt). I started progressing in my thought, my mind became composed. So… will Mirabel refuse to come to me if I should send for her? I don’t think so, she can’t do that. Now my plan is to go to the lodge later in the evening with Nancy, then I’ll send Nancy to go in and call her out to meet me somewhere. Come to think of it, I have never given her flowers before, how unrom-ntic I have been gosh! Ok today will be the day I’ll give her flowers for the first time. I think I also need to look good as well, she knows all my clothes so I need to get something new maybe a white suit (when you have the money, buying won’t be the problem *winks*) or………. Why can’t I just propose to her tonight? After all, we’ll be graduating in few months’ time. Whoa… I have never thought about that before, ohhhhhh… what should I do? What should I do oh…?? I furiously raced to the fridge and get myself another yoghurt. After drinking it, something popped into my mind. I took my phone and dialed Frank’s number and he picked up.

Frank: Hello

Me: Hello Frank please I need you and your wife Jummy to do something for me as a matter of urgency…


Frank: Ok no problem

Me: Thanks man **hangs up**

I called Vincent, he picked up almost immediately

Vincent: Hello bro

Me: Hi bro, please I need your help…….


Vincent: Whoa… I got your back on this bro

Me: Thanks man **hangs up**

I also called Promise

Promise: Oga

Me: How far

Promise: Fine oh… this one you call me

Me: Yea… I know you don’t go out at night but I need you to do something very important for me

Promise: What is it?


Promise: Are you serious…? Whoa… I won’t miss it

Me: Thanks… madam Promzy **hangs up**

(Calling Nancy)

Nancy: Hello

Me: Nancy where are you now?

Nancy: In the class about to come home, anything?

Me: Yea… you will go to Vincent’s house from there and help in doing something

Nancy: What is it?

Me: Vincent will fill you in, and make sure you drive safely before you drive anyhow because of your curiosity to quickly know what’s going on **teasingly** (Yea she drives my camry)

Nancy: Haba senior bro

Me: I don tell you my own**hangs up**

Hhmmm…. I wish Lola is here to make it more exciting, she would have been very useful… I really miss her.

If you guys know how my heart was beating that moment eh… chai! I quickly grabbed my car keys and accelerated straight to the bank to do some transfer and also withdrew a substantial amount of money before visiting a luxurious boutique. I took my time to select what I wanted before I finally got them all and left there to a barbing saloon to have a nice haircut that is different from my usual hairstyle before I drove back to the house. I called everyone for updates and they said it’s going on fine that I should go to the lodge around and the time is already past six.
I hastily had my bath and dressed myself up with the stuffs I bought, a new fitted white suit, white pair of shoes, new cologne different from the one I was using, new wrist watch and neck chains because I wasn’t going to wear a neck tie. I just wanted to look exclusively different before the eyes of my love Mirabel. I grabbed my car keys, shut the door and went straight to my white range rover car feeling myself…. Vames on white! Hailing myself in,side my head Victor! Victor!!

I went towards the gate to open it; I opened it and saw a lady backing me in front of the gate… She slowly turned around to face and also removed her eyeglasses.

Me: Norah? **surprised**

Norah: Hi Victor

Me: Why are standing out here? Why didn’t you knock?

Norah: I was just contemplating if I should knock or not, maybe you wouldn’t want to see after what I almost did the other day

Me: That’s in the past now, I didn’t even have it in mind and I suggest you also forget about it too

Norah: I’m really sorry for coming to you like that on that condition

Me: It’s Ok Norah

Norah: Forgiven?

Me: Yea

Norah: Thanks… uhmmm… may I come in?

Me: Oh… sorry I was on my going out when I saw you standing here

Norah: I can see that, thought you could spare me some seconds

Me: Maybe some other time, I’m already late

Norah: You look charming; I almost failed to recognize you

Me: Thanks Norah but I really need to get going

Norah: Ok I’ll call you

Me: Alright **Turning to go get the car**

Norah: Wait

Me: **I turned to face her** Yes?

Norah: Do you uhmmm… have a girlfriend?

Me: **Smiling** Yea

Norah: Hhmmm… I wonder who the lucky girl might be

Me: **Laughs** Lucky girl? Well… you’ve met her before

Norah: Me? When?

Me: When I was in the hospital

Norah: Huh? Which of the girls?

Me: Mirabel

Norah: The President’s daughter you went to rescue?

Me: Yup **smiling**

Norah: What?! I mean wow! I didn’t know… so she’s your girlfriend?

Me: Yea and I’m going to her now

Norah: That means I stand no chance with you?

Me: Sorry…?

Norah: Uhmm no nothing… never mind.

Me: Ok then, so later on phone?

Norah: Yea sure **turns to leave**

Me: You came with a ride or something?

Norah: **Turns back**Yea, my car

Me: Alright

I went to get the car and drove it out of the gate; I stepped down to lock the gate before I drove straightaway to the lodge. On my way driving to the lodge, I dunno but thoughts of Norah took over my mind. I noticed the way she turned out sad when I told her about Mirabel being my girlfriend. I kept on imagining her physique; she looked great and appealing on mufti and no doubt that she’s very beautiful and adorable. What am I thinking? I vibrated my head to get Norah off my mind and focus on meeting Mirabel. I called Vincent for update and he said everything is in place.


I got to the lodge some minutes past 7; I parked outside Cynthia’s lodge. I called Vincent to inform him of my presence and he told me to go straight to the venue and wait for them. I went to the venue and saw how well they did to the place, but the place seemed to be dark a little. I moved closer checking the place out and saw someone there.

Me: Promise…?

Promise: Hey you’re here

Me: Why are you here alone?

Promise: I have to stay here na to avoid Mirabel from suspecting anything

Me: Yea that’s right

Promise: You’re very serious about this, I mean look at you

Me: **Just let out a smile**

Promise: So you’re really doing this?

Me: Yeah

Promise: Okay… wish you both nothing but the best

Me: Thanks

Promise: Yea… are they aware that you’re here?

Me: Yea I told Vincent, they should be coming soon

Promise: Okay…

Me: Isn’t it kinda dark here?

Promise: Yeah… it’s part of the arrangement

Me: How?

Promise: Don’t worry, you’ll see

Me: Ok oh… I really appreciate your coming

Promise: Thanks also for making me a witness to this

Me: **Smiles**

Promise: They’re coming

**I turned and saw Vincent coming hand in hand with Nancy, Mirabel and Cynthia**

Me: Oh… **Trying to compose myself**

Promise: Hope you’re not feeling nervous?

Me: Seriously I am nervous

Promise: Come on… It’s Mirabel, your girlfriend for almost four years

Me: Yea I know… I just can’t help it

Promise: Well you have to fix that and have the event under control; I need to hide for now

Me: Why?

Promise: Also part of the plan… Good luck!

Me: Ok Ok

(I watched her passed through the garden till I lost visuals of her)

I turned my back on the four of them coming on my position and started composing myself. I gat this, I know I gat this. I started hearing approaching footsteps so I stood calm; you gat this Victor!

Voice: Who’s there?

**I turned around on slow motion and saw Mirabel’s figure, I thought i saw four of them coming? Why am i now seeing only Mirabel?? Or is it also part of the plan???**

Mirabel: Victor?

**The place suddenly lights up, I saw how shocked she was…. I was shocked though but i had to maintain myself so she’d know it’s my doing**

She started coming closer while i also walk towards her till we met face to face.

We stood facing each other for a couple of minutes with my left hand crossed behind me holding the flowers.

I was looking deep into her eyes sending the message of love. I refused to say anything, just hoping the magic would work.

I noticed how it was taking effect on her, i saw how she was melting but trying to control herself.

Then i made another move by stretching forth my right hand towards her. She stared at it for some seconds before she flung herself on me giving me a tight embrace.

*It worked oh…*

I also embraced her and car-ss her hair and also hailing myself in,side my mind Victor! Victor!!

The warm embrace lasted for almost two minutes before we broke it. I saw tears hanging in her eyes. I presented the flowers to her and she let out a soft cough in amazement.

Me: I apologize for how i said what i saidsaid to you back in the clinic, I really felt bad when she did…..

Mirabel: **Cuts in** Shhhhh…. it’s Okay… Promise already explained everything to me

Me: She did?

Mirabel: Yea and i apologize for how I’ve been acting ever since

Me: You don’t have to apologize, it’s all my fault, I was too curious to know if he…

Miarabel: **Cuts in** He didn’t raped me, but i k-ssed him

Me: **Speechless**

Mirabel: He tried to win my heart by bringing past memories and all he went through just to come back for me. I pretended to fall for him so I had to k-ss him so he’ll think i am going back to him. Yes he tried to have $ex with me, but i told him that i wasn’t ready, that he should wait a little more. That was the wisdom i used to avoid being raped. Even when they showed me your dead body, I was extremely hurting on the in,side but I pretented to be strong on the outside deceiving them like i don’t really care about you. I got very mad at you as a guy to be raped by a girl when i that’s a girl was able to escape it. And you didn’t describe how helpless you were when it happened

Me: I’m really sorry, I was so full of anger and hatred for her that i couldn’t act wise… please forgive my imprudence

Mirabel: It’s Okay… I’ve forgiven you before now, just waiting for you to come

Me: Thanks my love…. **hugging her**

The lights suddenly changed to all red from white. Those guys did very well, i’m sure they have been watching us.

We broke off from the rom-ntic embrace when we started hearing some cool instrumentals close-by.

We looked around and saw that we were surrounded by Vincent, Nancy, Cynthia, Promise, Frank and Jummy.

Vincent was playing a guiter while Frank was playing harmonica. Mirabel was like ‘Wow’ and i was like ‘It’s time’

I collected the flowers from her and dropped it one side. I held both of her hands looking her straight in the eyes.

Me: Our love for each other matched right here on this garden. Ever since you told me how the garden got to be important to you since we started our love relationsh¡p here, it became very important to me too. I love you more than you think, You complete me Mirabel and I sincerely want to spend my existence on earth with you. Our friends and siblings here will stand as a witness to this moment **Going down on my left knee, brought out the ring box from the left side of my suit using my right hand**

Me: I sincerely want you to be my life partner in marriage, will you?

Mirabel: **Her hands covering her mouth; she looked around… they all gestured her to say yes**

Me: Mirabel, will you marry me?

Mirabel: Yes! Yes!! Ofcourse Yes!!!

**All of them started cheering while i place the ring on her finger and stood up after i k-ssed the hand**

That moment, fireworks started shattering up in the sky. Those guys did a wonderful job even more than the money I transferred to them to get the event done.

They started congratulating us… the guys shook hands with me while Nancy hugged me like never before. Promise tried to shook hands with me, but I pushed her hand away and hugged her.

After that, Jummy ushered us to another part of the garden and announced that we’re gonna have a picnic. It was indeed an exciting moment, a night to always remember. We ate and drank, gisted and laughed out happily.

Right there, I appreciated Vincent, Frank, Promise and others for the wonderful night they arranged. Mirabel also did the same to everyone and most especially me for being the man of the night’s memorable event.

Frank made it known to us that everything that took place in the garden was recorded in a video camera from five different angles.

We watch the drama that took place from the main view of the recorded video when we got into Mirabel’s lodge. While discussing, Cynthia suggested that Promise should come stay with her till we graduate in a few months time, we all bought the idea and made Promise agreed to it. Minutes later, Mirabel also suggested that the both of them should come stay with her and we all agreed to it. We all spent the night in the lodge including Promise who doesn’t like sleeping out of her domain.

Two days later, I decided to pay Dorothy one last visit before she get executed; I met her mother there and she started begging me while crying to do something about her daughter’s case so she won’t get executed. I told her there’s nothing I can do about it but she insisted on saying that I am connected to the President, that i can plead on Dorothy’s behalf so she’ll be granted a Presidential pardon.

☆ What is this woman asking me to do?

☆ Should I listen to her?

☆ Should i try to help the girl that wanted to ruin my life?

It’s not like I like the fact that she’s going to be executed, but then….she has gone bad…. Geez!! What should I do??


Sincerely, if there’s a way i could help her, I would’ve tried. But what she did was too big to be granted a Presidential pardon. She killed the speaker of the house of Assembly’s daughter (Lola), She killed Marcus (A well-known billionaire’s son) even though he was disowned by his Father, She is a cultist and an accomplice to the kidnapped of the President’s daughter, she also broke criminals out of prison which is a serious offense. So what can I do to help her? Seriously there is nothing i can do about it. She committed a lot of crimes. Even in School, Lecturers spoke on how Dorothy and her gang threatened them and their family just to do something for her, to give her and her friends good grades and other things.

The President can’t pardon her, how can he do that? What will the people say?? Where is the justice??? Guys think about it.

I thought and thought about it then concluded that it can’t be possible, nothing can be done.

So it shouldn’t look as if i didn’t try, I decided to talk to Mirabel and Vincent about it. Mirabel felt irritated about it at first and then told me it can’t be possible, not just because Dorothy killed her best friend, but the way things are all what she did. Vincent told me even if they have forgiven her as a Christian they are, the law have to take it’s course on this one, and that his Father – the president can’t do anything about it.

Dorothy’s mother even went to our family house to plead with my Parents. My Parents called me to tell me about it and i told them how it is, that nothing can be done.

Mirabel and I went to our Family house on a two-day journey to officially present my wife to-be to my Parents and they gave us their blessing. For the first time, I went to the Presidential villa (Aso Rock) to officially present myself to Mirabel’s family and they also gave us their blessings. We discussed on so many things i.e Mirabel, her Parent and I in a closed door meeting. The First lady said; Mirabel and I don’t need to do our NYSC after we graduate but to start our dreams immediately, and The President agreed with her. The President suggested we get married after School, then go on Business training in the U.S before we can start our own establishment. My heart was beating happiness all through, their suggestions were all good to me. Who would have thought I’d be sitting with the President discussing like this… God is great! It’s was like a dream I never i dreamt of, My life is extremely favoured truly.

The President had to leave the discussion for a meeting. Mirabel and I had a video chat with Ike afterwards to break the news to him and he was very happy. Mirabel called her sisters abroad and broke the news to them. I also introduced her to my elder sister; Joy whom i barely call. Of course she was so curious to know why i called her, so I introduced Mirabel to her and she congratulated us. Joy scre-med out loud when she heard that Mirabel is the President’s daughter. I didn’t feel embarrassed at all, it’s normal to feel that way. Mirabel later showed me the pictures of her sisters and many of their family pictures; i couldn’t look them all because they were so many. We left that same day not spending the night there.

On our way back to school, I confessed to her how nice her Parents are, that she was right about them.


Dorothy’s sentence pushed through as she died nine days after.
Her other gang members were caught and imprisoned. I felt sorry for her and her mother. Her definition of love was way out of the dictionary of love. Too bad she ended that way.

Cynthia had no choice but to be born-again; she changed totally after the death of Lola. So Cynthia and Promise joined Mirabel in her lodge.


Our examination time-table came out earlier than expected and it was because of the forth coming general elections. We had to vacate School before the elections take place.

We made a decision to get wedded two weeks after the elections, and we were pretty sure that Mirabel’s father will win. So… we’ll be preparing for the marriage and the elections. I started practicing how to fall flat on the ground… you know how it is to marry a Yoruba girl Lolx.

Things started going smoothly and peacefully, the first lady recruited my mother to be working with her in the office of the first lady. So my mother will be traveling, campaigning and also accompany the first lady to meetings as my mother became part of her official entourage. My dad had to give her the go ahead as we don’t have any little child to take care of, and dad also travels a lot. Securities from the first lady were provided for our house. As it is, Nancy is the one that’d take over our father’s accountancy company as it’s getting bigger day after day flocking with many employees. Just thanking God for everything. My dad who started from nothing, became something bigger suddenly. Our family was no longer in the middle class in the list of rich people, for we became very very rich. I earn a lot on my own, no longer receiving a naira from my Parent as i made my source of income known to them, my mother also earns on her own part, and dad kept his millions coming. I took Nancy’s responsibility, so they have no child to train except for charity. My parents don’t fail to give out to the poor and less privileged, that’s how blessings kept flowing in our family. The secret of wealth is giving and helping people, not by only fasting and prayer.

Our examination started before we knew it, we were well prepared for it though, for it’s our final exams period in the university. Something started bothering me as time passes by, I couldn’t take it anymore so I decided to talk with the person whom it concerns. And the following conversation ensued with her.

Promise: So what is it you want to talk to me about?

Me: I have no choice but to talk to you about this thing that has been bothering me long before now

Promise: Which is?

Me: I have never seen you get involved with any guy, why is that?

Promise: *Laughs*

Me: It wasn’t supposed to be funny

Promise: Sorry… it just sounded somehow to me because it was only yesterday Cynthia asked me the same question and Mirabel has asked me long before.

Me: So… mind talking to me about it?

Promise: Vickie, there’s nothing to talk about… I just haven’t met who i can trust and love that can replace the only guy i have ever loved.

Me: You have loved someone before? Who is he?? What happened???

Promise: He is with another person and they’re happy together

Me: Oh… I get it now, your kept your heart wide open for that someone and that’s why you can’t let another person walk in. Promzy there are many good guys existing, you have to close your heart from that someone you love and open it for another person, try to give someone else the chance to prove himself worthy. You could even find someone better

Promise: I doubt that

Me: Stop that, how could you say such? Have you lost your faith or something?? What’s wrong with you???

Promise: **Tears dripping from her eyes**

Me: Hey why are you crying?

Promise: **Stood up and ran away**

Me: Promise?!

I ran after her and caught up on her…

Me: What’s wrong with you? Why are you behaving like this?! Why can’t you talk to me all of a sudden?

Promise: Trust me when I say there’s no point, let’s just go meet the girls and go home

Me: Ok… but this discussion is not over

Promise: It is o… i’m not mourning my singleness and i’m fine without a boyfriend, final. **walks away**

We joined the other girls and left school. I got home and started working on my website. Then i thought of something and decided to call Ike.

Me: Afternoon young boss

Ike: Afternoon future boss

**We both laughed**

Ike: How’s the exams?

Me: Good, how’s your business?

Ike: Flourishing… **we both laughed** hope you guys are preparing well for the upcoming events?

Me:Sure, that’s why i call to seek for something

Ike: What is it?

Me: How ’bout Mirabel and I go to you in the U.S for training in technology and other things that we would need to know and arrange before we setting up our Business empire. We need to start the preparations and also get connected to big business companies in different countries. I dunno if you understand where i’m driving at

Ike: Yea I understand and it’s a good idea, you will need all the knowledge you can get to set up your business and for it to be successful. It’s no problem, both of you will follow my jet immediately after the wedding, you’ll use a week for your honeymoon and then get to business.

Me: Yea… I’ll talk to Mirabel about it

Ike: Alright… how’s the website going?

Me: Very well

Ike: Good… talk to you later

Me: Ok thanks

**hangs up**

I worked a little more before i took a nap. I woke up in the evening, took my books and two hollandia yogurt and went to the library to read. I checked on my phone and saw some calls i missed. I missed a call from Joy (my senior sister) and an unknown number. Joy started calling me since i introduced Mirabel to her. She has always seen me as a bad boy. She refused to believe that i will change sooner than she had expected, that’s why we don’t get along at all. So i called her back, we talked a little, she kept on saying that she thank God for life bla bla bla…. she told me to give Mirabel her number to call her. I texted her number to Mirabel after the call, with a message that it’s Joy my sister.

After that i called the unknown number and the person picked up.

Female voice: Hi Victor

Me: Hi, sorry who’s this?

Voice: It’s Norah

Me: The millitary nurse?

Norah: Yea

Me: Okay…. how are you doing?

Norah: I’m fine… it’s been a while

Me: Yea… how’s work?

Norah: Work is fine, just feel like seeing your face again

Me: Any problem?

Norah: Not at all, why’d you ask that? Or are we not friends?

Me: Well… not that we’re enemies **laughing**

Norah: How’s your girlfriend?

Me: She’s fine, and your boyfriend?

Norah: Can we see?

**She ignored my question to ask me that? To see when it’s already getting late? No way!**

Me: I don’t think we can, i’m very very busy

Norah: What are you doing?

Me: Studying for my exams

Norah: Oh you’ve started your exams?

Me: Yea…

Norah: But you can still hang out even at that

Me: No i can’t, it’s my final exams, so i’ll need all the concentration i can get. I need to make a better result

Norah: It’s okay… maybe after your exams, we’ll celebrate it

Me: Absolutely…

Norah: Ok then, bye

Me: Alright, thanks for calling

Norah: Just make sure you save my number

Me: Sure

Norah: Ok dear, bye

Me: Bye

**hangs up**

I saved her number and went to read my books.

**Phone rings: Mirabel**

Me: Hello bae

Mirabel: Honey I saw someone that looks like Marcus a minute ago **sounding terrified**

Me: That’s not possible, he was shot dead in front of us

Mirabel: Yea but i’m sure i saw him, i can’t understand…. honey i’m scared.


How can Marcus be alive when he was shot dead right in front of me, she must be hallucinating or something because for Marcus to be alive is impossible to me. And i hope that i don’t start hallucinating about Dorothy too.


Me: Where are you now?

Mirabel: In a saloon, just made my hair

Me: How did you see him?

Mirabel: The frontage of saloon is glass, so i just shifted my head to look around then i sighted him standing outside the saloon, i turned to focus on the direction that i saw him but didn’t see him anymore

Me: Baby it can’t possibly be him, don’t worry about what you think you saw, Marcus is already dead.

Mirabel: I’m scared, or maybe his ghost is hunting me

Me: **Laughs** Why would that happen when you weren’t the one that killed him.

Mirabel: It’s not funny

Me: Sorry, but you sounded funny, you’re done with your hair right?

Mirabel: Yea

Me: Ok, come over here

Mirabel: Okay…

She came to the house, we talked about what she saw, I tried to convince her that Marcus is already dead and gone with his trouble. She seemed to be very sure of what she saw, but I was able to calm her down.

I kept on thinking about the possibility of Marcus being alive but i found no possible way, how on earth would he have survived three shots in the chest? No way!


Days past and our lives kept moving peacefully, Mirabel stopped talking about what she saw and we forgot about it.

Everyone that follow news will know that Mirabel the president’s daughter got engaged to a guy (Me). Mirabel posted pictures and short videos of the night i proposed to her on her instagram page and twitter handle. The media took it immediately, most of the news websites, blogs, youtube, twitter, facebook etc. I also did the same by uploading photos of us on my page. The recorded video of the night i proposed to Mirabel got edited, so all angles of the recorded videos were made into a single mp4 video. I uploaded it on my website and youtube and it went viral with so many views and downloads. I started having more and more followers everyday on instagram and twitter with the majority of females. Because of these as the world fully know Mirabel as the President’s daughter and me as her fians, the first lady had to provide security of three mobile policemen each for me and Mirabel as our personal security and another two each for our house security with Frank and Jummy who were already Mirabel’s secret agents bodyguards. No doubt that i’m now a big deal in Nigeria, millions will be demanded for ransome if i should get kidnapped. *winkz* I also started hitting the gym to get myself some six packs and a good looking body.


One day, after rounding up a paper which leaves us with six more papers to go before we finish our exams, Mirabel touched me that she saw Marcus standing somewhere not too far away from us there in school where we gathered after writing a paper. She pointed the direction where she saw him and i didn’t see anybody. She swore that she saw him, and he was putting on a hood with a gray jacket. She was so terrified that I had to take her to my house. She slept off minutes later then I called her mother – the first lady and told her what’s going on with Mirabel. She asked me some questions on Marcus’ death of which i answered sincerely. She concluded that she’ll talk to the head of the millitary that raided the bush that day and rescued us to make enquiries. She called me back about 48 minutes later with a feedback. She said that she spoke with the captain that led the team to our rescue that day asking him about Marcus, but he said many dead bodies were recovered that day and they didn’t get to know the details of four of the bodies so they buried them like that. And all the ones that they found their details, none of them was named Marcus. The Captain concluded that there is a 100% possible chance that Marcus was among those that they couldn’t get their details. I ended the call with the first lady after a little more discussion.

Then i started thinking…

☆ How could they not find the details of Marcus who was the son of a well known billionaire?

☆Or is it because his father disowned him?

☆ How can that change the fact that Marcus was his father’s son?

☆ Or he wasn’t among those that their bodies were discovered by the millitary?

☆ What’s going on here?

Ok lemme look at this way, Dorothy shot Marcus three times in the chest and immediately commanded us to go in,side the building, so we left Marcus outside. I can’t remember seeing blood on Marcus when he got shot and Lola bleeded immediately she got shot and me too.

Maybe Marcus was wearing a bullet proof vest when he got shot and escaped immediately we went in,side the building. It makes more sense now but i hope i’m wrong. This can’t be happening, Mirabel was so sure of who she saw… No more doubts! Marcus is definitely alive!!

I immediately called Vincent and Frank and told them everything, they were shocked to hear the strange news. We made it known to the President and the first lady and we discussed seriously about it. We discussed that we won’t announce it to the public that there’s a manhunt for Marcus, so that he won’t get prepared and go into hiding. They concluded that hundreds of C.I.D’s , Armies and other officers will go underground in the school and other places that Mirabel might go to. They won’t be very close to her, they’ll just be around anywhere Mirabel is and be watching incase Marcus shows up to her then they’ll immediately come and get him. So we warned Mirabel not to be looking around suspisiously, let her always be relaxed. A small communication earphone was given to her to be in her ear at all times, as it is connected to all the underground agents and me as well for information and communication purpose. The plan took effect immediately, as they briefed the selected agents and they got to work.

We’re very much ready for Marcus, let him come!


Because of the ongoing plan that we have for capturing Marcus, we started making more public apprearances. From the movies to the beach, to ice cream shops and also shoppings. It became fun for us because we don’t do such before. We decided to continue doing it even after we catch Marcus. The more we go out in the public, the more i get famous as paparazzis always took pictures of us and get it to the media making headlines on news blogs and websites.


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