The President's Daughter And I

The President's Daughter And I – Batch 3

Episode 11

I rushed out immediately running towards the gate before i heard my name from a familiar voice, and it was from the first class wing. I turned around to see Mirabel, she looked surprised while i was shocked….

Mirabel: Victor?

Me: Hi Mirabel…

Mirabel: What are u doing here?

Me: Wow what a surprise, U live here? (Trying to change the topic)

Mirabel: Yea

Me: Woah… Nice environment u got here

Mirabel: Thank U

Me: So… are u going out or something?

Mirabel: No, not at all

Me: I thought u are, u know… seeing u dressed like this

Mirabel: No I’m not, just felt like taking a walk

Me: I see… Thats good

Mirabel: Yea,,, so your friends live around here?

Me: U know what? how about we take a walk together?

Mirabel: I’m exhausted already,,, i just came back before i saw u. Would u like to come in to my place?

Me: I’d like to,,, but its getting late already U know, i need to go now. Wait, how did u get my number and my address?

Mirabel: Okay then, see u tomorrow *Walks away*

Didn’t she hear my question? I was about to call her back but i lost my voice, i just walked out, took a bike headed to my room.

I laid on my bed with so many thoughts running in my head.
Lola and Cynthia might be dangerous to my new personality, i mean they almost breach my decision in abstaining from freestyle s£x. That was a close call earlier today, i won’t deny the fact that, those girls were super hot… they got all the features that every dirty-minded guy would desire. If i should remember my days back in secondary school from primary, i wouldn’t have believed that i could resist such thing ever. Back when i was the baddest with my guy Peter aka Nextangel whom i brought into the game. As at now, if anything should kill Nextangel, it would be the thing or the path that he passes through into this world.

I made a fool out of Promise, it wasn’t intentional na, it was just to save myself from the temptations of the daughters of eve. So… i’d explain to her or better still, appease her.

Mirabel, hmmm… I think she’s not happy with me. I diverted her questions twice ‘coz i don’t want to lie. I didn’t agree to go into her place when she offered. I didn’t even know why i asked her the question about how she got my number and address, but hey…i need to know ‘coz its a misery to me. Is she doing some background check on me or what? I remember when she said that ” Yet people say you’re cool”. I need to make it up to her.

Those useless friends of mine Titus, Pizzaro and Frankkay haven’t bring back what they took from me yet, we shall meet at school tomorrow.

I’ve ate a lot already, so… no need to prepare another food. But that won’t stop me from drinking some yoghurt.


The first semester examination is around the corner, some Lecturers are done with us remaining just few.

In the absence of no lectures at the moment, i sat down at a corner reading where there is less noise.

Promise: Hey!

Me: *Smiling* Hi Promise

Promise: Whats wrong with u?

Me: Nothing really, u look pretty today whats up? (I know she loves compliments)

Promise: Answer me!

Me: C’mon now u think i’m flattering u right?

Promise: Leave me

Me: U know i don’t say such thing everyday

Promise: I hear u

Me: U look beautiful today

Promise: I said i’ve heard u *Blushing*

Me: I didn’t hear u say ‘Thank U’

Promise: Thank U! Happy now?

Me: Why would i be happy? U should be happy

Promise: Hhmmm…

Me: U know what?

Promise: *Silent*

Me: U know What!

Promise: What!

Me: Smiles

Promise: What na?

Me: Alright, U are my friend and U’re pretty. I’m thinking of giving U a nick

Promise: Nick kwa!

Me: Yea

Promise: Nick like?


Promise: Are u joking?

Me: U don’t like it?

Promise: Of course i don’t

Me: Hhmmm, what about ermm… Prom?

Promise: What? Are u kidding me?

Me: U like it?

Promise: Hell no! U want others to be making fun of me by calling me ‘Prom Queen’ or even ‘Prom night’? No way!!

Me: What about… Prommy?

Promise: U know what?

Me: What?

Promise: Keep your nick, I’m fine with my name

Me: C’mon don’t be like that

Promise: Why won’t i be? Prommy?? Mummy?? Mammy??

Me: Alright forget it

Promise: Yea

Me: Wait a minute..

Promise: What now?!

Me: Would U want me to be calling U ‘Promzy’?

Promise: Hhmmm…

Me: What? U still don’t like it?!

Promise: It actually sounds nice

Me: So…??

Promise: I like it… yea, call me Promzy

Me: Promzy?

Promise: Yea?

We both laughed*

Me: Alright, Promzy it is

Promzy: Yea

We read together for about two hours before rounding up. Promzy left to go and take care of something while I went to look for Mirabel. I s₱0tted her at the Eatery she normally went to. I don’t want to go in there so I waited for her around her car.

After many minutes of waiting, next thing i heard was…

Male Bodyguard: Hey! What are U doing there?

Me: Noth…

Female Bodyguard: Shut up! Show me where U fixed the bomb now!

Me: What bomb? I’m not a terrorist

Male: Come here!!

He rushed me aggressively about to harm me or something when…

Mirabel: Whats going on here Frank? Jummy…??

Frank: Miss… Sorry Mirabel, this guy looks suspicious… we saw him very close to the vehicle, we’re trying to know what he’s doing.

Mirabel: Haven’t U guys seen him before??

Frank: Yes we have

Jummy: We’ve seen him before ma, but everyone is a suspect considering the fact that you’re the pr…

Mirabel: Alright thats enough!!

Jummy: Yes ma

Mirabel: Excuse us

*They step aside*

Mirabel: What do U want Victor?

(Chai! This girl is really mad at me)

Where do i start explaining from?
What do i tell her??
Wait, Why is she even mad at me???

Episode 12

Mirabel: What do U want Victor?

Me: I thought maybe we should hang out and maybe get to know each other

Mirabel: Not interested

Me: Oh… I thought U wanted to talk all this while, why the sudden change?

Mirabel: What do U take me for Victor? what are u thinking?? That I’m some kind of girl U think U can be turning around like I’ll always be around !???

Me: I dunno what you’re talking about

Mirabel: Yea right how’d U know

Me: I’m really sorry about all that, I know i’ve been on a distance I’m honestly here to make it up to U

Mirabel: And how do U intend to do that?

Me: We could go to a nice place. U know, where they got a swimming pool, nice views and even good food what do U think?

Mirabel: I think, instead of ‘We’, how about U take me?

Me: Huh?

Mirabel: U drive?

Me: Yea

Mirabel: Come pick me up by 7pm

Me: What? But…

Mirabel: Shhh… No but.
Guys…!!! *They came, she walks into her car as i watch her*

Mirabel: Don’t keep me waiting…

That’s the last thing i heard her say through the car’s window before they zoom off.

Wait wait wait… she mean i should come with a car? How do i do that when i don’t have one?? Or i should go home and take my dad’s??? Tarr! Not a chance!! My dad will never let me take his car. He’d think i would sell it ‘coz my dad don’t trust me the way everyone else does. U know why?? ‘Coz i took after him and he knew it. As in, being a big time pretender, doing stuff secretly without the knowledge of anyone, physically gentle and shy but what is in my mind is greater than what anyone can imagine. So… only my dad knows me a little but on a second thought, am i still bad? I don’t think so, that was then.

Maybe i should rent a car. But renting a classy car for her type would cost me a lot and i hate spending money like that.
Does she want me to spend on her? No na, its totally absurd. I mean, by looking at her, she’s got everything she want. Abi na runs girl? No na, it sounds crazy, i saw how she reject those big boiz with flashy cars and what does a runs girl needs bodyguards for? Not just one but two. Wait, bodyguards? Is she sh… wait a minute, what? Is she doing Politicians?? Maybe they provided her the bodyguards, got her first class apartment at VIPI. Maybe thats why she don’t have time for those boiz hmmm… but she’s intelligent na. Lemme not jump into conclusions yet, i should get to know her first.

I left school and left for Titus’s place to get back what they took from me. It’s not a crime to get back what is mine is it?


I got there but he wasn’t around, where could he be? Its either the brothel or at the bar. I can’t go there, so… i hit the road.

I remembered when i was bringing nextangel to the game when he was still a learner, i took him to the brothel to do ugh u know…
We got there, i arranged one for him while i took the next one closest to nextangel’s. During the sampling, i heard a loud yell from nextangel’s room and it says…

Girl: Get out ****** my friend!

After i was done, i got out and saw nextangel already out. On walking out of the place, the following conversation took place…

Me: Guy wetin happen that time na?

Nextangel: Omoh no be small tin o…

Me: Wetin happen??

Nextangel: Guy! I dey do the girl dey do her with all my power o..

Me: Eh hen…

Nextangel: U know wetin she dey do all those while?

Me: Wetin?

Nextangel: I dey do with all the power wey i get and she busy dey chop rice.

I burst into laughter…

Me: U see? Na’im make i dey tell u make u dey learn from me

Nextangel: E no finish there o…

Me: Continue na

Nextangel: When i dey do, she go dey ask me every seconds whether i never finish?

Me: hahahaha… why na?

Nextangel: I no know o.. e be like say i no reach. She ask me the question for like 13 times. The last one na’im she provoke. I just hear ‘Get out on my toto my friend’! . Na run i run comot from there o…

Me: That means u no pay her?

Nextangel: I pay before i start na

Me: Next time, u no go take fat ashe..

Nextangel: Omoh… i must sabi ‘am or die trying…

I laughed that day like mad, but now he’s the baddest no thanks to me.

I took a bike to my room, to rest and think of how i’d take Mirabel out with a car. I got there, i saw a car parked in front of the building not familiar at all but it was the type of car i’ve always admired “Range Rover Sport” I went close to my door, i didn’t see no one. I opened my door and got in, i off my clothes and jumped on my bed to relax before preparing what to eat. On resting, i saw an unusual piece of paper beneath my door. I took it and opened it, what i saw shocked me.
It read…



Wow! This is Awesome!!

Episode 13

Today’s gon’ be great! Well i hope it does. Wait i don’t understand, what is she to me? Are we friends already?? Where is this heading to??? Hhmmm…

I was so excited that moment, why i was so excited? I’m gon’ drive a Range Rover Sport baaby!

I rushed out immediately to test it… i got there, checked under the tire and got the keys, entered the car then start it. Its been a while since i drive so… i should be careful. I moved the car believe me it was awesome! what ah ride!! Wait… Am i going for a date or what?

I got back in, no need for me to prepare anything to eat, i’d just have a yoghurt. Exam is around the corner, i need to go home and get more money ‘coz i guess i’d spend alot today.

*Phone rings* | *Caller Lola*

Me: Hi Lola

Lola: Victor, whats up with u?

Me: I’m fine

Lola: No, not that. Why Haven’t we heard from u?

Me: Oh… i’ve been busy really

Lola: Is that so?

Me: Yea

Lola: U know… why don’t u come around so we’d hangout

Me: Ermmm…

Lola: What?

Me: I’m kinda going out to see a friend

Lola: By that, u mean Mirabel?

Me: What are U talking about?

Lola: Never mind, its nothing…

Me: But u were tr…

Lola: (Interrupted) Gat to go, see ya

Me: Lola wait…

*Hangs up*

Ok now i’m totally confused, Whats going on? How the hell did she know?? I hope I hope its… well we’ll see.

I took my bath, did the necessaries and got myself ready wearing one of my nicest clothe. I looked myself in the mirror, damΠ! I look good also smelling nice while its not even a date or like going out with my girlfriend hmmm…

I took a bottle of yoghurt, got out, locked my door then went to the side of the car, no one was there to give me some shots so i took some selfies. I ignited the car, off i left for the bank to withdraw some money before going to Mirabel’s place.

On the road listening to some cool vibes, smooth driving chai! Big boy kowai!

I got to the gate of their building and called Mirabel, after a few minutes the gate open. Who opened it? Her two bodyguards of course. I guess i forgot their names already. I saw how the male one was looking at me, not a good way though it was like when an enemy is looking at his opponent. I no send ‘am jare, no be just guard him be? See me driving rangey abegi!

They directed me to Mirabel’s place, omoh… no wonder its first class. The surrounding was awesome, well maintained, clean, gardens, the swimming pool was awesome. Can’t mention everything jare… the lady guard ushered me in while the male one was behind me looking like something i dont know infact i don’t like him.

The lady guard told me that Mirabel is in,side, that she’d be with me shortly. She told me to seat but didn’t, i chose to look around her beautiful home. Who is her father or mother by way that got her all these as a student. Looking at the pictures on the wall, there i saw a portrait of our newly elected President and its not even his official picture. I saw a portrait which seems to be her family picture, i was about to go closer to get a proper view before she called me from behind.

Mirabel: Victor…?

I slowly turned around and saw her the way i’ve never done before. Mehn… she looked beautiful, she stuns in the dress she wore. I didn’t know when my mouth open and said something unintentionally…

Me: U look gorgeous

Mirabel: Thanks dear

But i’m glad i did…

Me: U got a nice place here

Mirabel: Thanks

Me: So ermmm… Are u ready?

Mirabel: Yea, U’re right on time

Me: Hhmm… shall we?

Mirabel: *Smiles* Sure

She told her bodyguards to stay back but the male one tried to object. She shouted at him which shut his mouth. I really dunno whats wrong with that guy, when i burst him face eh… he go know.

We got to the car, i opened the door for her, she thanked me.

Mirabel: So… where are u taking me to?

Me: Where would u like?

Mirabel: Remember u are the one that’s taking me out

Me: Yea

Mirabel: Then take me out

Me: Hhmm… Yes ma

We gisted a lot before getting to our destination, like the car being borrowed to be returned tomorrow or next. I got out from the car and she is still in. I just laughed and shake my head before opening the door for her. On stepping down, she smiled while thanking me.

We got into the place i took her, it was a nice place which i’ve never been before. I only saw it while passing by and wish to there someday. Well… today is the day, Thank God.

I drew the chair for her to seat, i guess i’ve watched too many rom-ntic movies to be acting this rom-ntic.

An attendant came over to us and handed us the menu to select.

She ordered fried rice and chicken with red wine. I love fried rice, so i ordered same.

We were served the meal, we started eating and talking at the same time. One talk led to another then we arrived at this….

Mirabel: I actually know what happened that day between U, Lola and Cynthia.

Me: I dunno what u’re talking about

Mirabel: U don’t need to pretend, they told me everything. The food, their s€×y acts to sed-ce u, your gentle and coolness, the call?

Me: What?

Mirabel: And I’m 100% sure that the call was fake. U made that up just to run away from them…

Me: So they are your friends?

Mirabel: My best friends

Me: I dunno what to say

Mirabel: U don’t have to say anything, actually i want to confess

Me: What?

Mirabel: I just hope u wont get mad if i should tell u this

Me: Well i will if u don’t tell me

Mirabel: Ok, i actually… ermmm… i’m the brain behind all what happen between U and the girls

Me: Huh?

Mirabel: I sent them to u the first time u met them to get your number and address. Everything that follows was planned and I’m really sorry

Me: But why did u do that?

Mirabel: Because… i found myself liking u already. I tested you with my friends to know how gentle you are ‘coz i don’t want to be with a bad guy and go through another heartbreak… please understand me Victor

Me: Woah… just wow! I never saw this coming

Mirabel: I know its hærd to believe but its true and as it is right now… i trust u.

Me: I’m sooo lost of words right now like seriously

Mirabel: I’m in love with you Victor…

*My eyes opened wide*


We alighted from the car in front of her apartment, i walked her to the door then i held her hand which she faced me eyes to eyes. She then put her both hands round my neck while i placed my hands on her wa-ist… our heads drew nearer, our eyes closed, slowly our l-ips locate the other..…………

Episode 14

Our l-ips was about to touch the other before one mumu is it Frank or whatever the name Mirabel called him interrupted the mood…

Frank: Miss Mirabel, your father wish to speak with you (handing her a phone)

We adjusted ourselves when we heard his horrible voice. He really doesnt like me neither did i like him, he really s√cks.

Mirabel: (collected the phone, looking at him with an angry eye)

*Hello dad

I can’t hear the caller, just Mirabel

*I Just went for a walk

*No Dad, i don’t walk with them, besides i didn’t go that far

*With my friends

*Yes Dad

*OK Dad

*I Love U too Dad

*Hangs up*

Mirabel: (handed him the phone) U may leave

He left without saying a word, but the way he looked at me says it all.
Does he think he can scare me? This guy no know me oh… make him forget say he huge anyhow and i small. Small body no be sickness at all, i go i go i go just hmmm… the guy too big sha.

Mirabel: Sorry about that

Me: No its nothing, U had to speak with your Dad I understand

Mirabel: So…??

Me: Its getting late already, i guess i should hit the road now

Mirabel: Its not that late, or u can crash here if u want

Me: That wont be necessary, I need to take care of some things at home

Mirabel: Ok *Sad face*

Me: So uhmm…. i will return the car tomorrow?

Mirabel: U can keep it longer if u want

Me: (I looked at the car) No no no, i will just return it tomorrow

Mirabel: C’mon i insist *Smiling | holding my hands*

Me: Really?

Mirabel: Yes of course

Me: What about the owner?

Mirabel: Lemme worry about that

Me: Alright, thanks for this…

Mirabel: Its Ok

Me: Yea, so urrmm… good night?

Mirabel: Seems so

I moved my head closer to her, she closed her eyes drawing her l-ips closer, i just gave her a k-ss on her cheek.

Me: Good night

Mirabel: Good night

I walked backwards facing her while moving to the car. I faced the car, got in, started the engine then got out. So many thoughts popping around my mind…
-Did i acted too gentle to her?
-Would she be pleased with it or get bored?
-What if i had slept in her apartment?
-Did she get disappointed when i didn’t k-ss her?
-Am i moving too slow?
-Is she still testing my integrity?

I have got to know about girls but this one is really something else, i can’t understand Mirabel. She’s different, there is something about her which i need to know, my heart beats when i’m around her. Is it that i’m shy? ‘Coz my heart only beat when i’m scared, but never beat because of girls.

I branched a store to purchase some items ‘coz my packaged water (pure water) butter, air freshener, yoghurt, detergents and some other things are almost exhausted. I got them then headed home direct.

I got home, parked the car very well i even put some heavy things around the car before going into my room.

I opened my fridge and got myself a bottle of Yoghurt then laid on my bed to rest while i reminisced on how my day went…


Mirabel: I love U Victor

Me: (to distract the mood) Wow! This food really taste good, what do u think Mirabel?

Mirabel: Yea, its good.

Me: Go on keep eating…

We continued eating speechless,,, she excused herself going to the rest room, then came back to eat after spending a couple of minutes.
After eating, the attendant came to pack the dishes…

Me: How much is the bill?

Attendant: Its been taken care of

Me: By who?

He faced Mirabel, I also face her, she just smiled… well, that answered the question. I guess she paid it when she excused herself.

Me: Why did u do that?

Mirabel: I don’t want u to spend all your money on me

Me: But i wasn’t complaining

Mirabel: U didn’t have to

Me: Hhmmm…

Mirabel: Shall we leave now?

Me: Yea, hmmm…

We left the there, got to the car, i opened the door for her then we left.
I got to the fuel station to get some fuel.

Attendant: How many litres?

Me: 8 litr…

Mirabel: 20 litres (she interrupted)

I looked at her, she faced another direction smiling. I didn’t say anything. After the refuelling, she still paid for the fuel. This girl is really something, thats how we got back to her place before that human animal spoilt the mood.


I off my clothes and put on something light then I checked my phone that has been silent all this while and saw missed calls, from Promzy, Titus, Esther and Mirabel few minutes ago. I guess she wants to know if i’ve gotten home. What does that idiot Titus want? I will just call Mirabel today and talk to the rest tomorrow ‘coz i’m really tired now.

I dialled Mirabel’s number, it rang and she picked it almost immediately.

Mirabel: Hi

Me: Hi

Mirabel: Are u home already?

Me: Yea

Mirabel: I called but i guess u were still driving then

Me: Yea, i actually stopped by a store to get some stuffs

Mirabel: Its alright

Me: Yep

Mirabel: Ok I just called to know if u got home save

Me: Okay… Goodnight then

Mirabel: Goodnight

Me: Alright

*About to hang up*

Mirabel: Wait! Victor Wait!!

Me: Yes?

Mirabel: Its seems like You’re not comfortable around me

Me: Why’d you say that?

Mirabel: Yes na, you were just somehow, behaving like i’m new to u

Me: Its not like that

Mirabel: I dunno what else to think Victor… wait, do u like know anything about me?

Me: How do u mean?

Mirabel: U know… like my personality, relationsh¡p, family background and all that

Me: Well,,,no, none that i know of…

Mirabel: Okay…

Me: Or is there anything i should know?

Mirabel: No, not really,,, not yet actually

Me: Alright if u say so

Mirabel: Yea, but u can ask questions about me if u want

Me: Ok, that won’t be a problem

Mirabel: I mean anything at all

Me: Ok, Alright i will

Mirabel: Ok cute! Just know that u can feel free to ask me for anything and be very comfortable around me Ok?

Me: Yea, Ok

Mirabel: Good…! Ok, Bye Cute, Love ya!!

Me: Ok thanks Bye…

*I hang up immediately*

I can’t tell her that i love her na, what if its a lie? Like how i use to play the game before, no, no more lies, but would it be a lie? She is the first girl that made my heart beat. Doesn’t matter, i need to be sure.

Any dirty-minded guy would think that when a girl say such things as ‘U can ask for anything’ their mind would directly go for s£x, yea i know that ‘coz i was one of them. Go meet Nextangel and tell him that na, your ***** will never remain the same.

Episode 15

Its Saturday morning, i got up from bed, did my prayers as I thanked God for everything and asked him for many things. I did some push ups as its my daily routine, i did some cleaning, washing, such as my clothes, the car, and dishes which are not much.
I thought about going to our family Church tomorrow which is Sunday but, what about the car? Should I go with the car?? What am I going to tell whoever that ask me???
Or maybe i should just return the car, but what am I even going there for when i got enough money that’d last me till the end of the exams it will even remain ‘coz i don’t spend much. Wait’o… after Sunday is Monday, I will go to School with a car? not just any car, a Range Rover Sport?? No way! that will caught the attention of many people, me like being on a low key, then i will get unnecessary friends or what if those cult boys attack me and made away with the car… i don’t know if i should return it or leave it at home at Mr. Abuh’s house that has fence, gate and a gateman. Mirabel gave me her word that i can have the car as long as i want, that means she will be spending money everyday or maybe weekly for the car rent or is she the owner? No na, how can she be the owner besides she told me herself that it was rented. Hhmmm… ever since i met Mirabel, I have been cracking my brain so much either by making decisions or academically by studying so hærd, when we were competing against each other. And I guess I’ve improved so much in changing my ways for better or lemme say I’ve changed already, I mean common i resisted two hot chicks the other day, I refused to contact that attributed girl that gave my her number, yea what about Esther? I don change jare, I pray never to go back to my old self. I always pray that let the will of God be done in my life.

Too tired already to prepare hærd food, so i prepared some noodles to help me for the morning. I don’t even have any plans for the day, aish…

Yea, lemme call those that i missed their calls yesterday. I took my phone surprisingly no missed calls, only messages. Who else will send me message if not Mtn or 4100.
I dialled Promise’s number, but i was warned that i don’t have enough credit so I just flashed her.
I waited for about 7 minutes but she didn’t call back. I threw the phone on the bed while I laid on it.
I felt so bored, I took the phone again so I’d on my data chat on Whatsapp a little then check whats happening on facebook. I don’t like seeing message icon at the top of my phone’s screen, so I decided to just read the messages so that it will disappear from there. On seeing the messages, I almost thought that I was right when I thought it was messages from Mtn or 4100 as I saw their 2 messages each, until I saw a message from Mirabel, her own was even the first since 6:48 am and my current time was 9:17 am. I could hear my heart beating when I was about to open it.

It read…

Good Morning Cute, I know you will wake up to see this message so I thank God for that. I do hope U had a nice dream.
Just wan’ to let U know that, I’ll be coming to your place today, dunno what time specifically ‘coz I wouldn’t like to disappoint but I’m certain it’d be around afternoon time. Please, no need to prepare anything, I will be coming with lunch. Till then, Byee…Love ya!

All this Love ya Love ya of a thing sef, are we officially dating already? Me myself don’t even understand again. We have to talk about it, I have to give my consent on it. No no no no… I should start the relationsh¡p, I’m the guy and I have to talk to her then ask her to be my date. But I don’t think I’m ready yet, I don’t know what I feel yet, I don’t even understand my heart beat yet,,,, WHAT THA’ H£LL IS LOVE?


I scre-med out at the top of my voice.


My phone ringtone woke me up from my slumber.

*Caller Promise*

Me: Promzy

Promise: Howfar

Me: I just dey

Promise: I saw your missed call

Me: When?

Promise: Didn’t U call me?

Me: I did call U but when did U saw it?

Promise: Hhmmm…

Me: See your life abi

Promise: Ehnn… what about it?

Me: U don dey get boyfriends up and down nau (teasingly)

Promise: *Laughs* no be only boyfriends. What about U? I called U yesterday but U didn’t pick up, where were U??

Me: I was driv… I was on my way on home

Promise: Hhmmm…

Me: What? Why are U humming??

Promise: Nothing jare

Me: Promzy

Promise: Sir..?

Me: U eh….if i catch U

Promise: Leave me jare, go and meet your olosho them

Me: Wetin?

Promise: Oppss… didn’t say nothing, byee…

Me: Promzy!

*Hangs up*

That girl eh… very stubborn, she’s almost a tomboy, if I catch her… she hasn’t even come to my place since I told her to.

*Car horns* | horns again*

Oh! I checked my time, its afternoon already… I think my visitor is here.

I got out and stood on my doorsteps, I saw her standing at the side of her car with her facing me. There, where she stood looking at me smiling, oh my goodness! she’s a beauty i just realised. Her stature, smiles, beauty, sophistication and uniqueness pleased me instantly. She really looks adorable, d–n… I think I’m in Love with this girl.

☆☆☆ To Be Continued. ☆☆☆

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