The President's Daughter And I

The President's Daughter and I -batch 5

Episode 21

All my life that I’ve lived so far, I’ve never been in this kind of situation, I’ve never been this emotional. Now, I don’t need a psychic or a fetish to tell me that ‘I’m in love’…

Me: U see… Mirabel, I dunno if I acted blind or I was so naive to realize how much U care for me but to tell U the truth… I really appreciate everything U did for me, the love, the care, the kindness and the extra love that you’ve shown me, I Love U Mirabel…

I looked at her, I saw tears dripping down from her eyes yet she was some how smiling…

Mirabel: (Straight-face) U know what Victor, I’ve stopped liking U a long time ago

Me: (Shocked) What?

Mirabel: Yes!

Me: Mirabel please no don’t do that,,, I beg U, baby I love U. Please forgive my naivety and all the sadness I cost U… I can see clearly now, I’m very sure of myself that I’m in love for the first time of my life… please baby don’t do this to me not now not ever I beg U…

Mirabel: U don’t get it do U?

Me: Mirabel please, I’m so crazy about U now, I might go mad in fact my brain is shattering already. I’m going crazy Mirabel!!

Mirabel: Victor, I don’t like U anymore… U didn’t even asked me why

Me: Why? Please why??

Mirabel: (Laffs) Because I love U so much…

Me: Really?

Mirabel: Yea! I can’t believe you’re this sweet

Me: Well, U made me go crazy

Mirabel: Thats what U get for being so naive

Me: (calmed) I love U Mirabel

Mirabel: I love U more

We hugged each other for almost a minute or so before we slowly adjusted to k-ssing position. We shared our first k-ss which lasted for 4secs, she turn down her eyes in a shy way while smiling. I smiled to myself as well, I used my hands to raise her head up, pulled her closer then we lip-locked for about 8 minutes before….

Lola: Yes! I catch una. Cynthia show!

We adjusted on hearing her voice but with smile on our faces…

(Cynthia walked in)

Cynthia: Whats up here?

Lola: Cynthia, U won’t believe it

Cynthia: What?

Lola: I caught them k-ssing

Cynthia: Really? Wow! This calls for celebration. I’m so happy for U guys (ran in side)

Lola: At last…

Mirabel: Lola!

Lola: C’mon girl! I caught U red-handed, this is happening girl… I know it will work he’s a nice guy but hey, obviously not for my liking but good for U

I was just there smiling feeling much comfortable like we’ve been together for the longest time. Cynthia came back with a champagne bottle and 4 glasses.
She poured some champagne in the glasses then everyone took theirs…

Lola: Lets toast for the new lovers

Cynthia: Cheers!

We hit up our glasses doing ‘cheers’ as we see in the movie ‘coz I’ve never done it before.

Mirabel: Thanks girls for been there for me, I really appreciate U guys and I love U both

Lola/Cynthia: We love U too


Lola: Hey mister, U’ve been silent all this while aint U goin’ to say something?

Me: Oh yes uhmm… I really dunno how to express my gratitude, I dunno how to thank U guys for a job well done.

Lola: Just try, U’re doing it already

Me: **smiles** Thank U guys for everything, your help, courage, advice, mind activation, motivation, stimulation, the actualization…

Lola: Its Ok and you are so welcome

Cynthia: You’re welcome Victor, and thank U too…. now our friend is back to herself again, even better.

Lola went to a corner and brought something out. A video camera!

Lola: Well well well… lemme see how it all began

Cynthia: What’s that?

Lola: A camera

Mirabel: U set a camera for us?

Lola: I just want to know everything that happened here, U know I’m not good in listening to stories like this, and besides, U won’t even tell us.

Mirabel: Could have be more if U hadn’t interrupted

Lola: I don’t mind, this will do

Mirabel: So pathetic… (jokingly)

As for me, I dunno what to say or what to feel. Is it right or wrong? I dunno jare.

Me: U are really funny Lola

Lola: **Smiles**

I turned to Mirabel, held hands, then took her outside to the garden. Now, I want to like… be in charge.
We walked slowly in the garden in silence. Then I stopped, used both my hands to hold both hers too while facing each other

Me: Mirabel,,,, U are a new experience in my life, U are another chapter of my life, U are another person worth thinking about in my life, U are another moment that is worth remembering in life, U are my new found joy, source of happiness and U are my first love,,,, I love U Mirabel… Will U be my lover?


This day is a day to remember, a day I’ll never forget as its my first time of telling a girl ‘I Love U’ and as well the first time of asking a girl out in the proper way. Because back then, all what I do is to tell her that I like her and ask if she’d be my girlfriend. I guess I’m already becoming who I wanted to be or needed to be, whatever….


Me: Mirabel,,,, U are a new experience in my life, U are another chapter of my life, U are another person worth thinking about in my life, U are another moment that is worth remembering in life, U are my new found joy, source of happiness and U are my first love,,,, I love U Mirabel… Will U be my lover?

Mirabel: Yes Victor! Yes!! I so love U

Me: I love U too Mirabel…. even more

She jumped into my arms while I grabbed her butt as we k-ssed like real lovers. We kept k-ssing, she didn’t pull out neither did I stopped. One thing is that I love k-ssing, and her k-sses was wow! She’s a great k-sser and I love the taste of her k-sses. She finally pulled out after the long k-ss.

Mirabel: Victor…?

Me: Yes dear

Mirabel: Thank U

Me: Thank U too,,, buh what are U thanking me for?

Mirabel: For asking me Out,,, and what did U thank me for?

Me: Well uhmmm… for accepting to be my lover

We k-ssed, k-ssed, k-ssed and k-ssed

She starts buttoning and removing my shirt button slowly,,, she will button it, remove it, button it again continuously…

Mirabel: Baby….

Me: Yes babe?

I really don’t like being called baby by a girl at all… I’d let her know if she calls me that again.

Mirabel: Hhmmmm….

Me: What is it dear?

Mirabel: Will U spend the night here with me? I really want to be under your arms, its kinda boring for me here

Me: I don’t think I can dear

Mirabel: But why? Please stay with me,,, I’m not testing U again I promise. I trust U with everything Victor, I want to be all yours… just stay with me love…

Me: Well,,, truth be told, I really fear that U might test me again. And another thing is that, I don’t sleep out from where I live

Mirabel: But this is different, I’m your girlfriend now, we can sleep over at each others place,,, there is nothing wrong with that.

Me: Yea that’s true, you’re right but the thing is that, I didn’t plan on sleeping over today. Maybe some other time…

Mirabel: Hhmmm…. woah… you’re a man of principles already. Mummy and Daddy did a great job in raising a husband material

Me: They did well truely (Its true o)

Mirabel: How about U by-pass this one for my sake

Me: Mirabel….

Mirabel: (sed-ctively) I will prepare U fried rice and lots of chicken and as well yoghurts… I noticed U love yoghurts

Me: Really??

Mirabel: Yep

Me: Well, on a second thought… I will stay for your sake

Mirabel: (Teasingly) And for the sake of the proposed food and yoghurt?

Me: They’re just additional dear

Mirabel: I hear U…. lets go in

Me: Alright

Mirabel: (paused) or would U like to swim?

Me: I would love to buh its getting late already, and I think U should start the cooking already

Mirabel: Hhmmm… the food-lover

Me: U know its normal to satisfy the worms in the stomach

Mirabel: Really?

Me: Yea

Mirabel: Well, how about U feed them with beans and yam?

Me: Huh? No na they don’t like such, they need fried rice and chicken with yoghurt

Mirabel: **laughs** Alright, lets go in

Me: Go ahead, I’d just stay here to make some calls and look around

Mirabel: Alright…. love u (leaving)

Me: Love U too..

Great! now I got a splendid girlfriend, mehn… I really love her.
I called Dad, spoke with Mom, called my Uncle and my only school friend, Promise.


Promise: U sound really happy whats up?

Me: Yea, ‘coz I’m happy… I have a girlfriend now

Promise: What?! I mean uhmmm… good good

Me: What’s wrong?

Promise: Nothing, I’m happy for U

Me: Are U sure?

Promise: If I am sure? of course I am,,, I mean why won’t I be

Me: Alright, thanks friend

Promise: So… who’s she?

Me: Someone U know, I’d let U meet her tomorrow

Promise: She attends our school?

Me: Yea, not only that she attends our school but also in our department

Promise: Oh, I see… what’s her name

Me: Don’t worry promzy, U shall meet her tomorrow

Promise: Ok, if U say so

Me: Yep, see U tomorrow

Promise: Ok bye

Me: Bye…

**I hung up**

Lola: Hhmmm…

I turned around to see Lola behind me wearing bikinis

Me: Lola hi, I didn’t hear U coming

Lola: Yea I know, just came for a swim

Me: Its good

Lola: So… I guess I really underestimated U

Me: I don’t get U

Lola: I never knew U were that energetic

Me: I dunno what you’re talking about

Lola: I saw how U grabbed Mirabel when U guys were k-ssing… and U got some sweet words that could melt the heart of any girl… I watch the scene from my tape

Me: I feel embarrass, U know its supposed to be our privacy,,, I mean, Mirabel and I

Lola: I know buh I couldn’t help it

Me: Thanks all the same

Lola: So,,, why don’t U join me in the pool?

Me: Huh?

Lola: Come on… It will be fun

She said grabbing me to the pool.


This girl is really something else, she didn’t even wait for my response before she starts pulling me to the pool.

Me: Hey! stop, I’m not prepared to swim please…

Lola: Do U have to be prepared?? Don’t U know how to swim?

Me: I can swim, buh…

Lola: C’mon it will be fun,,, don’t be a joy-kill

Me: Lola, seriously I’m not prepared for this… maybe some other time Ok?

Lola: Now is more better, the water is cool and suitable for relaxing the body, mind and the brain trust me…

This thing that Lola is bringing I don’t really understand. I have to avoid her in order to avoid stories that touches the heart.

Before I could alter any word, Mirabel just showed up…

Mirabel: Hey guys

Lola: Hi Mirabel

Me: Hey dear

Mirabel: I can see U guys are catching up,,, mind if I join the gist?

Me: Uhmm…

Lola: Don’t mind him Mirabel, he can’t even swim

Mirabel: Of course he can, right dear?

Me: Yes dear,,, I love swimming

Lola: Oh really?

Me: Sure

Lola: Why then U didn’t proved it earlier?

Me: I’m jus…

Mirabel: He turned me down earlier too. Baby,,, are U sure U can swim? We could teach U if U can’t

(Ok, she calls me baby again! I hate it!! I gat to tell her)

Me: I’m just not in mood for swimming, maybe some other time

Lola: Whatever…. fear fear (cat-walking away)

Mirabel: Iffa burst your teeth eh… na my love U call fear fear?

(So Mirabel speaks pidgin? But the pidge no sweet to hear….. U know that kind ajebo pidgin na)

Mirabel: Lets go in Love, the food is almost ready (using both her hands round mind wa-ist and her head on my shoulders)

We got in to her house and something seems unusual…

Me: Where are your guards?

Mirabel: I gave them two days leave,,,, U seat here while I go check whats on fire (she k-ssed me then ran off to the kitchen)

Well, its a good thing that f√ckin’ frank of a guard isn’t around ‘coz I hate seeing him. I prefer seeing the female one Jummy, she’s kinda hot.

Talking about hot and s€×iness, I think Lola is a perfect description. The girl has it all,,, to tell U guys the truth, vame responds to stimuli when she threw her body on me when she tried to grab me to the pool. Her huge pointed b-obs almost almost…. chai!
I better stop thinking about that.

Me seated admiring the apartment, very beautiful… there I sighted our President’s portrait and that of our first lady. She must be a patriotic citizen to have those on her wall…. But, those were not their official portrait,,,, how did she get this? Wow… my babe get leg wella be that.

She’s taking too long already, I decided to join her in the kitchen. I managed to locate the kitchen after wandering about the house.

She was slicing cabbage when I got there, I slowly walked towards her, held her wa-ist from behind then landed her soft k-sses on her neck (How I’ve always liked such kind of moment, very rom-ntic,,, I love movies)

Mirabel: (jokingly)Hey hey hey mister don’t eat me up, the food is almost ready

Me: (In Frank Artus voice) I can’t wait no longer baby…

Mirabel: So,,, what do U intend to do then? (turning around to face me)

Me: I feel like eating U up

Mirabel: Oh really? (Placing both her hands on my neck rom-ntically, Chai!)

We drew our l-ips closer till they met which results to a passionate k-ssing… It was getting more intense as she was rubbing my back and head. I grabbed her from the back and raised her upwards so her legs round my wa-ist still k-ssing then placed her on a table close by… she starts unbuttoning my shirt still k-ssing…

Mirabel: Opps! The food is burning!!

She got away from the hot rom-nce to drop the food down.

Mirabel: Good thing I remembered, I didn’t even perceived the smell. Its all your fault (rom-ntically)

Me: Well I was hungry how is it my fault? When I came to the kitchen to find out if the food is ready only to find something better

Mirabel: (sed-ctively) And what could that be?

Me: (car-ssing her hair) Some one so special that can make her boyfriend resist hunger, that can make a man’s worries to go away in a hurry, that can turn an angry man into a smiling fool, that can make a man to blush with out a cause. Her beauty supersedes all beauties, her presence could open a folder in every man’s heart. Even the most pretty girl in the world with the crown would get jealous of her ‘coz she got the crowd. Who is she? I’m the proud boyfriend of the amazing, astonishing, stunning lady.

Mirabel: If U don’t run to the dining this moment, I’m going to eat up your l-ips this minute (wildly).

Me: Huh?

Mirabel: Go! Before U set my head ablaze,,, its getting smoky already.
I mean… woah… are U a poet?

Me: No dear,,, its the manifestation of love

Mirabel: Gosh! U’re so rom-ntic and I so much love U for that

Me: I love U more dear

We k-ssed again and k-ssed for about a minute before…

Mirabel: Lets go and eat before I lose control and the food would probably get cold U know

Me: True… lemme help U, where are the yoghurts?

Mirabel: Geez!

Me: What?

Mirabel: Nothing,,, its in the fridge

Me: Cool

I rushed to the fridge at once to get the yoghurt… wow, in,side her fridge was so handsome full with many things… I grabbed one big hollandia yoghurt then went to dining. I changed my mind by going to the sitting room, sat on the floor leaning against a chair.

Mirabel: So this is where U want to eat?

Me: No,,, this is where I want us to eat.

She dropped down the fine breakable tray containing the food, plates, knife/fork and tumblers. I love drinking yoghurt on tumblers.

She opened up the food…

Me: This look really good…

Mirabel: Why won’t it loo…

The entrance door suddenly burst open letting in an intruder…


Sometimes, I dunno why some people don’t know when to show up and when to leave. As for me, I describe irritating moments as an act of stupidity. I disowned my semi-friends ‘coz of their stupidity, now this girl wants me to hate her. Who else if not Lola…

Lola: Hey guys,,, woah… something smells nice here (oh my gosh jumping/running towards us)
I’m so so hungry, this look good, Mirabel U remain the best. (Fetching the untouched food for herself)

I thought it was only me but Mirabel seems uncomfortable with her presence.

Lola: U guys aren’t eating, or maybe you’re not hungry,,, me I’m very hungry o… (rushing the food into her mouth)

Mirabel: Lola what’s the meaning of this?!

Lola: Is there a meaning for eating food? Shebi una no dey hungry na

Now the worst thing she did that got me furious,,, was when she grabbed my or our hollandia yoghurt, burst it open then popped it into her wide mouth. My face that moment was so obvious for Mirabel to notice.

Mirabel stood up, rushed in,side, spent about 11 minutes before returning back dressed.

Mirabel: Victor lets go (grabbing her car keys)

Me: What? Where??

Mirabel: Just come with me (walking towards the exit door)

How can I leave this food that my mind has blessed? Its aroma alone has already consumed everything in my tummy making me to have konji for food. I decided to join her, and I hope she got something good or even better.

Lola: Where U guys going to?

I dunno who she was asking ‘coz Mirabel was out already, and I could strangle her to death that moment.


I got out, I saw Mirabel leaning on her car, she threw the car keys on me saying…

Mirabel: U drive (she got into the passenger’s seat after doing that)

I don’t need any one or anything to tell me that I’m taking her out for dinner.

While driving, I stopped by a store to get a big seized hollandia yoghurt for our dinner. We got there after many minutes of driving and gisting. We walked hand in hand into the restaurant and took our seats.

Mirabel: How did U know about coming to the restaurant?

Me: I didn’t know, I just brought U out for dinner

Mirabel: Really…? Without asking me??

Me: Did U tell where we were going to when U told me to follow U?


Mirabel: Hhmmm… seems U got answers for every question

Me: **Smiled**

We ordered for,,,, Una know na, with our yoghurt, we ate until she stopped eating but that didn’t stop me too… I continued cancelling the delicious meal.

Mirabel: I apologize for my friend Victor, she’s just like that. I think I really need to talk to her seriously

Me: U don’t need to apologize to me, after all she’s also my friend, I understand such.

Mirabel: Are U sure you’re cool about it?

Me: Yea,,, sure

Mirabel: I saw the look on your face the other time, I was scared that U were going to punch her **laughing**

Me: **laughed** Don’t mind me jare, I just need to get use to her

Mirabel: Remember your friends also disturbed our moment the other day but U didn’t do anything about it or even apologized to me,,,, It really got me mad

Me: Oh… That day eh… first, they’re not really my friends. I call them my semi-friends ‘coz I dunno much about them, and ‘coz I needed friends then.

Mirabel: I see… how are they doing now?

Me: Well ermmm… to tell U the truth, I dunno

Mirabel: What do U mean by U dunno are they not your friends anymore?

Me: Yea

Mirabel: What happened?

Me: I ended our friendsh¡p that very day that our moment was disrupted by them. They got me really angry

Mirabel: U went that far? I thought U didn’t mind and that made me feel like U didn’t like me…

Me: I’m really sorry about that baby, its in the past dear… we’re a couple now and I won’t want anybody, the past, or anything whatsoever to come between us.

Mirabel: Thanks love

Me: And I meant every word I said

Mirabel: I know dear ‘coz I trust U,,, and I love U. But, there are some things U need to know

Me: Forget about it dear, let’s face the future and forget about the past. I know its about your exes but it doesn’t matter now

Mirabel: Its not about that, its about us

Me: What about us?

Mirabel: Don’t U think that, we need to know about each other more? like our families, where we came from, hobbies,,, U know stuffs like that… aren’t U even curious about knowing me??

Me: Of course I want to know U, I just wanted to take it slow,,, step by step

Mirabel: Okay… so who are U Victor?

Me: Well,,, I’m the Son of James Patrick Abuh from Edo state but my momma from Kogi. The only male out of three children actually, I was born and bread here in Abuja. My father is a Chartered accountant, while my momma manages her business store. That will do for now, U shall know more about me as time goes by. So,,,, what about U?

Mirabel: Well, using your format,,, I am the daughter of Donald Collins Abioye and Margaret both from Osun state the only fema….

Me: What’s all this about? Be serious na, I didn’t joke when I told U about myself

Mirabel: **sad face** I’m not joking dear,,,, I’m what U’re think

Me: What?! (Stood up)

Mirabel: Please dear we’re in the public don’t get angry with me I never wanted to keep it from U

Me: But U never told me, U never mentioned it to me!

Mirabel: Yes na ‘coz U never asked about me and it never came up. Please dear many people dunno about my identity, I brought this topic up to let U know about me ‘coz I love U and U deserve to know who I am

Me: Oh My God! Are U for real?!!

Episode 25

In this kind of situation, I dunno how to react. Because, this is quite a good news,,,, buh it could be a bad news as well.
Dating the President’s Daughter? Am I supposed to be mad at her?
Besides, she was right, I didn’t ask her about her family background and the topic didn’t came up until now.

Mirabel: C’mon love,,,, please understand the situation. We love each other thats all that matters Don’t get mad at me plea…

Me: What are U talking about love?! This is awesome!! Its super cool!!

Mirabel: You’re Ok with this?

Me: Of course love! Its far better than what I was thinking

Mirabel: Huh? What were U thinking??

Me: Its not important now dear

Mirabel: No, please tell me I want to hear it

Me: Uhmmm…. dear please don’t get mad at me if I tell U

Mirabel: Ok I promise! Tell me already!!

Me: Alright,,,, I couldn’t stop imagine that maybe U were a runs girl, like maybe U do sugar daddies.

Mirabel: But why imagining such about me?

Me: Because, I’ve been wondering how U get your money and everything U got. U even have guards,,,, but those imaginations were a long time ago dear, its not of recent

Mirabel: **Laughs** Now U understand everything right?

Me: Absolutely and I’m very cool with it ‘coz…. I dunno buh I just love U

Mirabel: Awwww! Sweetheart!! I so much love U too,,,,,, we got to go now its quite late aready

Me: Oh! Yeh Its late. I lost track of time ‘coz i’m with U and I enjoy every single second of your company

Mirabel: Oh my love,,, please not now. Lets get home first then U can blow up my brain there with your sweet words… C’mon lets go

Me: Uhmmm… waiter?!

Mirabel: There’d be no need for that. I’ve settled her already

Me: Hhmmm… my girl is just so amazing

Mirabel: Anything for my boo.

We left there for her place, I drove actually.


Mirabel: Thanks love, I had a great night

Me: Thank U too…. it was indeed a great night

Mirabel: Do U need a drink?

Me: No, I’ve had enough. Even if its yoghurt, I wouldn’t want it as I am now

Mirabel: I see… U must be really full

Me: Yea,,, So where am I sleeping?

Mirabel: U sleep where I sleep

Me: Great! Lets go then,,, I need to wake early and go to my place so I’d get myself ready for school

Mirabel: Buh lectures starts from 10:00am tomorrow, why the hurry?

Me: U see,,, I kinda read before I went to school

Mirabel: Woah… what a secret, no wonder U answer more questions in the class and impressed the lecturers.

Me: Yea something like that…

Mirabel: Now, I’ve learnt something good from my boyfriend

Me: Hhmmm

Mirabel: Don’t worry, my notes are up to date… we shall study together tomorrow morning Ok?

Me: Alright

Mirabel: That reminds me

Me: What?

Mirabel: I’d love to learn Accounting from U dear, its my worst problem… hope its Ok by U?

Me: Of course its fine. We’d start after school tomorrow

Mirabel: No no no, too early besides its the second to the last exam we’d write in the time table

Me: Ok, I’m ready when you’re ready

Mirabel: Thanks baby…

Me: Uhmmm Mirabel?

Mirabel: Yes?

Me: Never mind

I wanted to tell her to stop referring me as baby, I really don’t like it.

Mirabel: What? Tell me

Me: Its nothing…. lets go in

Mirabel: Okay,,, U can tell me anything whenever U want U know that

Me: I will put that in mind love

Mirabel: Now lets go…

We got into her room,so pinky. She must be a big fan of pink ‘coz 80% of the things in,side her room was pink.

Me: Pink girl huh

Mirabel: Yea,,,, its my fancy colour

Me: Cool… its undeniably beautify your room

Mirabel: Thanks honey. Would U take a shower?

Me: No, I’m good

Mirabel: Alright, lemme take a quick shower, won’t take long

She gave me a quick k-ss then rushed to the shower room after changing her dress in front me. Of course I didn’t take my eyes off, she’s my girlfriend!.

I adjusted myself ‘coz I don’t normally sleep with my trousers and I’m not gonna start it today with someone who happens to be my girlfriend! Lol,,, I’m so proud of her jare. Woah,,, I’m now dating the President’s daughter whom I love,,, great! My change of behavior isn’t in vain afterall. I won the heart of a great girl, yeh yeh my name is also working for me. Y’all know what Victor means right? Lol.

My thoughts was cut abruptly when Mirabel showed up from the bathroom. Woah,,,, She’s more s€×ier than I thought. She’s got all the internal and external attributes I needed in a lady. She’s just perfect to my taste, I’m luckier than I thought as well.

Mirabel: Hey dear

Me: Hi babe

I watched her lotioned her body, so soft and tender. DamΠ! I need to touch that as well **winkz**

Still on her towel, she stood up to her ward rope to get herself a dress.

I stood up and get closed to her behind, I k-ssed her neck, she paused putting on the dress and turned around.

I used my right hand to grab her wa-ist closer, we k-ssed slowly but passionately for many minutes, I placed my hands on her a$$ and m-ssaged it while k-ssing.
I raised my hands upwards on her body and rubbed her soft body for many minutes until she pulled back. She let the dress she was about to wear to fall off her body remaining her towel. Her face turned wild, she pushed me to the bed, then slowly stepped on me….


Why every episode is always about me and mirabel?

Check the story title again! Lol.

☆☆☆ To Be Continued ☆☆☆

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