The President's Daughter And I

The President's Daughter And I -Batch 7


The day seems to be going awkwardly ‘coz I feel very much uncomfortable seating with this girls especially Lola. She kept winking at me on any chance she get. She sometimes throw me an annoying k-ss that really got me irritated.

Cynthia: What’s on fire Mirabel? Its taking quite long I’m really starving.

Mirabel: Don’t even think about it. I’m cooking for my boyfriend.

Lola: Make we hear word jare! Na only U get boyfriend? Bring food abegi

Mirabel: If I burst your head eh… no try me o

Lola: See who wan burst person head. This bunger fish I go pieces u like paper give your boyfriend.

Cynthia came back from the kitchen with a plate of food in her hand. She’s been in the kitchen during the argument. On seeing her, Lola rushed towards the kitchen while Mirabel ran after her. Lola came back after 4 minutes with a plate of food. Mirabel later came back with a tray of food containing beans and plantain with hollandia yoghurt for me and her. We ate while they gist.

☆☆☆ ☆☆☆ ☆☆☆ ☆☆☆

That same day, after eating. I was left alone with Mirabel as Cynthia stylishly dragged Lola out.

There we got to know more about ourselves by questions and answers.

Me: So how long have u been friends with Cynthia and Lola?

Mirabel: Since when we were young. Their father and my father have been friends for a very long time. Even before I was born. That’s how we became friends. Cynthia’s father is now a minister under my father. That’s errmm…. minister of transport. While Lola’s father is the speaker in the house of assembly.

Me: Woah… that’s great

Mirabel: That’s how it is

Me: Yea,,, Ok how was your life like during your childhood?

Mirabel: Uhmmm not that bad… buh I wasn’t that happy

Me: Why?

Mirabel: I don’t have freedom. I lack the freedom of doing what I want. I couldn’t even make my own decisions. If not for the fact that Lola and Cynthia’s fathers are my dad’s good friends … I wouldn’t have had any friends at all.

Me: Serious?

Mirabel: Yea. I was so restricted in activities that every kid would love to do. My Mom and Dad wouldn’t let me. Most especially my Mom ‘coz my Dad was always traveling from one business trip to another. My Dad only provides the money while my Mom took charge of the house.

Me: Woah…

Mirabel: I so much envied Cynthia and Lola back then, ‘coz they always get what they want especially Lola. If Lola don’t have what she wants is like she’s going to die. And you know no one wants to die,,,, so she’ll do anything to get what she want. She could even go as far as threatening her parents and go extra miles.

Me: Really?

Mirabel: Yea! It was even from her that I got the nerve to convince my parents to let me school here. My siblings all school abroad. My parents were so proud of me as i chose to study here. They now trust me more than ever and even respect my decisions.

Me: Lola must be very tough

Mirabel: Yea she is. But she only go crazy when she’s desperate… normally,,, she’s really cool and fun to be with.

Me: Oh is that so…?

Mirabel: Yeap

Me: U said that u envied them back then,,, what about now?

Mirabel: Well,,, I’m used to how my parents raised me. I don’t like going out especially at night. I also don’t like making friends ‘coz of the influence and for my safety as the president’s daughter.

Me: Hhmmm… I’m impressed

Mirabel: I got to understand why my parents was like that. I realized that, it was the best for me. I didn’t want to disappoint them or betray their trust that was why I chose to study here at home so they’d keep their eye on me. That’s why I got bodyguards

Me: You are really smart sweetheart,,, I love your lifestyle.

Mirabel: Thanks honey… I’m soooo happy about my life and everyone involve in it…. even u my love

Me: I love u

Mirabel: I love u too

**We k-ssed**

Me: Now tell me, how do u feel being the president’s daughter?

Mirabel: Well, seriously i really dunno. I dunno about politics and i don’t care about it or maybe not yet.
People don’t really know me as the president’s daughter only few does. I love my dad and my mom for who they are. I sometimes forget that my father is actually the president. But I get proud of him whenever i remembered.

Me: Okay… tell me about your personal life

Mirabel: Like?

Me: Ever had a boyfriend?

Mirabel: Yea,,, heartbreaks… don’t wanna talk about it

Chai! Heartbreaks na plural oh… seems she’s not even a V-rgin.

Me: But I want to know more about u and your past life

Mirabel: It’s really not important Victor,,, lets not talk about it pleaseeee?

Me: Its okay if u don’t want to. Its not like i’m going to force u.

Mirabel: Don’t be like that honey. Are u mad at me?

Me: I don’t need to be mad at u… its ok if u don’t want to talk about it

Mirabel: I’m not convinced that you’re ok with it

Me: What else do u want me to do?

Mirabel: Alright fine,,, I will u.

Me: No need,,, just forget about it **iffa hear**

Mirabel: Its ok sweetheart i’m fine with it now.

Me: Ok o… if u say so. But its still fine by me if u don’t want to

Mirabel: I want to,,, I will tell u everything

Me: Ok go ahead I’m all hears

Mirabel: Uhhmmm… lemme start like this. I first had a boyfriend when I was in jss 2. His name was Amos my classmate. He broke up with me ‘coz I refused to have s£x with him which I don’t want to do. He then left me for another girl. That was my first heartbreak. I cried for weeks.

My second boyfriend was Wale. We started dating when I was in ss 1. I broke up with him ‘coz he cheated on me with Lola on the day of my sixteenth birthday. I was even ready and happy to give him my pride that night.

Me: U caught them having s£x?

Mirabel: I caught them k-ssing and rom-ncing. They were even mo-ning geez! So disgusting

Me: But ermmm….

Mirabel: Why I’m still friends with Lola?

Me: Yea, and u didn’t forgive the guy

Mirabel: Lola begged me for days before I finally forgave her. She is my best friend and I also see her as a sister. Wale protest to explain everything but there was nothing there to explain after I caught him red-handed. I couldn’t trust him anymore that’s why I had to forget about him and moved on.

Me: Hhmmm…

Maybe it was Lola that sed-ced him oh… Chai! All what I’ve been hearing is really scaring me. So,,, she would break up with me if she see Lola and I? Without explaining??

Mirabel: I got into a relationsh¡p with Marcus after wooing me for months. I gave him a chance when he wouldn’t give up and I later fell in love with him. He was really madly in love with me. I avoided him, embarrassed him, insulted him and all. But he didn’t give up on me. Our relationsh¡p was very short. He left after two weeks of our official relationsh¡p. His father forced him against his will to study in the U.K

Me: U mean u guys didn’t break up officially?

Mirabel: Yea,,, I didn’t hear from him ever since he left. Its clear that its over right?

Me: U should’ve break up with him na

Mirabel: Yeah… but I didn’t get to communicate with him.

Me: Hhmmm…. what if he shows up now?

Mirabel: Nothing will happen again… I don’t love him anymore. Besides, he won’t be showing up for a long time

Me: How did u know that?

Mirabel: I heard he got jailed for doing drugs and other charges attached to his sentence.

Me: He is a bad guy?

Mirabel: I didn’t know him as a bad guy… it could be as a result of anger for being forced to study abroad.

Me: OK o… so who became your next?

Mirabel: **blushing** You my love

Me: Oh… does that mean you’re still intact? **Smiling**

Mirabel: Yes my love **smiling sed-ctively**

Me: Woah… that’s great

Mirabel: Yep. Alright enough of talking about me. Now tell me about your past relationsh¡p.

I wish she added plenty “s” to the relationsh¡p so it will be relationsh¡psssssssss.

★So where do I start from?
★Would she be cool about my true past?
★Should I even tell her the wh0le truth?

Because I did alot back then.

What’s your advice guys?
What do you have to say??


The moment became an awkward one,,, I could feel the heat and tension, I got nervous. After doing a quick calculation, I concluded on….

Me: Sweetheart, we’d talk about this some other time, its getting late already.

Mirabel: What?! No way!! We will talk about it today

Me: But its getting late

Mirabel: Yea, but its not yet bedtime..

Me: I really don’t like driving in the dark dear

Mirabel: Then let’s talk about yourself before it gets so dark

Me: Alright! U do the questioning

Mirabel: Good! Lets start by U telling me about your childhood, have u always been this cool?

Me: Mirabel?

Mirabel: Yes dear

Me: U know who i am now right?

Mirabel: Sure! Very well

Me: U know that i love u so much right?

Mirabel: Yes dear

Me: And u know that i will never do anything whatsoever to hurt u

Mirabel: Yes I know,,,, but what’s all this about dear?

Me: I just want to be sincere when telling u about my past and i hope it won’t change anything

Mirabel: Just tell me everything Ok?

Me: Ok

Mirabel: Ok i’m listening…

Me: I use to be a bad boy back then

Mirabel: Go on

Me: I grew up with my parents in a corrupt environment. Where many things happen

Mirabel: Things like?

Me: Stealing, smoking and drinking, fighting, bleepings, raping

Mirabel: Wait, what’s this bleepings?

Me: As in s£x

Mirabel: Oh… oh oh oh… Lola and Cynthia have discussed many times using that slang. Like ‘He wan kill me today with bleeping’ ‘The guy dey bleep die’ ‘Girl dem bleep u today?’ Geez! Those girls are really something. If i ask them what it means they will tell me that i’m still a girl

Me: Maybe they don’t want to corrupt your mind

Mirabel: But i’m not a kid

Me: Is this something u want to know about?

Mirabel: Not like that, its just that…. never mind, go on continue. Wait, u made mention of rape, u raped girls?

Me: I didn’t rape neither did i smoke

Mirabel: But u bleeped?

I almost laughed ‘coz she sounded funny when she asked me that question.

Me: Yea

Mirabel: You did?!

Me: Yea

Mirabel: Ok go on

Me: I started drinking when i grew older but my parents didn’t know. My father always travelled from one state to another. My mother comes home late in the night from her store. That was why we got the freedom to do whatever we like and go wherever we want.

Mirabel: Hhmmmm….

Me: Me and my friends learnt bad things from the big guys by that time. I was in primary 3 when i knew about s£x from the big guys. They even sent us to buy c-ndoms for them. Sometimes, its the unclad girl that will collect the c-ndoms from us

Mirabel: n*k*d girl?

Me: Yea, the girlfriend of the bros that sent us

Mirabel: How unclad?

Me: Mirabel…?

Mirabel: Just tell me

Me: Well,,, sometimes she comes out wearing b-ra and p-nt, some other time she wears only p-nt and most times she might wear the guy’s shirt without any p-nty

Mirabel: Continue…

Me: Me and my friend(s) out of curiosity would try to look at what they were doing…

Mirabel: And?

Me: We saw them doing it

Mirabel: Bleeping?

Me: Yea

Mirabel: I see…

Me: That’s how we started touching girls during hide and seek game in the night.

Mirabel: Woah

Me: From hide and seek game to s£x game when i got to primary 4 till I got to jss 2 as we moved from the area to another environment.
The new environment was far better compared to the previous one.

Mirabel: Thats good

Me: But….

Mirabel: But what?

Me: I became the mentor of the boys around there

Mirabel: Geez!! Victor!!!

Me: I’m sorry dear but its the truth

Mirabel: How did u became their mentor?

Me: I thought them what i knew, help them to get girls and all sort of things

Mirabel: Bleeping i guess,,, but i don’t want to hear all that anymore. Tell me about your past relationsh¡ps

Me: Ok. I had my first girlfriend when I was in primary 5. I didn’t know anything about break up and heartbreak by then so we just stopped seeing each other for no good reason.

Mirabel: Maybe u broke her heart

Me: I really dunno about that

Mirabel: What’s her name?

Me: A.B which is Abiola

Mirabel: Ok o… who next?

Me: That would be uhmmm… I can’t remember her name

Mirabel: How long did u date her?

Me: Not up to 3 weeks

Mirabel: Ok that was all childish thing. Tell about your relationsh¡p from where u were in jss 2,,,, before that, tell me how many girls u dated?

Me: Before i got to jss 2?

Mirabel: Yes

Me: Four

Mirabel: Tell me the truth!

Me: Ermm… like seven of them

Mirabel: Is that the truth?

Me: Yes dear

Mirabel: What are their names?

Me: Is that necessary?

Mirabel: Its not but i want to hear it

Me: Alright,,, A.B, Precious, Mercy, Faith, Salome and Ramotu

Mirabel: U mentioned six

Me: Yea, I forgot the name of the second girl

Mirabel: U bleeped all of them?

Me: Yea

Mirabel: Oh my gosh! Victor!!

Me: I’m sorry dear

Mirabel: How could U?!!


Me: Calm down dear, I didn’t know what i was doing back then, its all in the past now. I have even forgotten about all of it since when I gave my life to Christ

Mirabel: But but,,, but geez!! Seven of them before jss 2?,,,,, alright alright i’m calmed,,, cool… but that was all before u got to jss 2 right?, then how about when u got to jss 2?

Me: U are not yet calmed dear…

Mirabel: Ok,,, now from your jss 2 relationsh¡ps, tell me everything and i mean everything

Me: I have to summarize it dear

Mirabel: Why?

Me: Please dear i have to

Mirabel: Alright for today,,, go on and tell me about all your bleepees

I will only tell her about the girls i dated, excluding the free givers and the opportunities i got. 

Me: Ok dear,, I had a girlfriend from jss 1 to jss 2 . Her name was Taiye my classmate, I later dated her twin sister kehinde still in jss 2. They both left me after they resolved their fight over me. Then i dated….

Mirabel: Hold it!

Me: What?

Mirabel: Did u bleeped them?

Me: Come on, Mirabel…

Mirabel: Did u?

Me: Only Kehinde

Mirabel: And u want me to believe that it was only her?

Me: Yea dear,,, she was the one that even sed-ced me…

Mirabel: Hhmmm

Me: U know i won’t lie to u dear

Mirabel: I hear u,,,, oya who became your next victim?

Me: Ah ahn… sweetheart victim?

Mirabel: Yes of course,,,, victims of bleeps

Me: Hhmmm…. that word seems to be coming out of your mouth more often

Mirabel: Don’t patronize me

Me: Sorry ma, my next victim was Tochi,,,, I didn’t toast her though, we just started dating after i told her that i like her and she said she likes me too

Mirabel: Then u bleeped her

She sounded serious, but i felt like laughing.

Me: No i didn’t bleep her

Mirabel: Why?

See question oh…

Me: Because she was a good girl whom i knew would not want such. It didn’t even came up, we didn’t even k-ssed. We dated for two months before she left our school when her parents changed their environment to somewhere far

Mirabel: Ok,,, next!

Me: Jummai and I started dating afterwards when she sent me a love letter when we were in jss 3. We stopped dating after a little misunderstanding

Mirabel: Which is?

Me: She wanted me to stop hanging out with my friends,,, that they were bad boys which i declined to it

Mirabel: Smart girl,,,, next!

Me: Then I started datin…

Mirabel: Wait! Did u bleeped her?

Chai! I thought she forgot,,, this girl sef

Me: I didn’t

Mirabel: Why?

Me: We never had the chance

Mirabel: If not u would have bleeped her?

Me: U are making this hærd for me Ok? I’m really not comfortable with that question

Mirabel: Why? Didn’t i answered all your questions in details earlier?? I told u what u wanted to know, now its your turn to tell me what i want to know

Me: But…

Mirabel: No but! except u don’t want me in your future

Me: It hasn’t gotten to that dear

Mirabel: Then lets talk about our past now, so it won’t affect our future

Me: Alright dear

Mirabel: Good! And consider any question i ask valid ok?

Me: Ok alright

Mirabel: So,,, who next?

Me: Her name was Florence but she loves being called flourish

Mirabel: I see…

Me: She started coming to my school during our junior waec as it is called. I liked her, so i started talking to her till she agreed when we got to ss 1. She broke up with me when she caught me dead drunk dancing hærd with a girl at a party.

Mirabel: Hhmmm…. Smart girl, I’m sure u didn’t bleeped her

Me: Well, actually…. I did

Mirabel: DamΠ it,,,, next!

Me: Miracle

Mirabel: What?

Me: Her name was Miracle,,, my next girlfriend

Mirabel: More like next victim,,,, go on tell me about her

Me: She was a Pastor’s daughter. I joined the school fellowsh¡p because of her. I became friends with her from there. We got more closer when i started teaching her what she doesn’t understand and also doing her assignment for her.
That was how i grabbed the opportunity to tell her about my intention towards her to be my girlfriend which she agreed instantly.

Mirabel: Hhmmmm…

Me: Unfortunately, our relationsh¡p came to an end when her father got transferred to another state… it pained me for weeks till i met Amina.

Mirabel: Wait na…. I hope u didn’t bleeped the Pastor’s daughter?

Me: It was so sudden dear,,, it happened so fast before we know it

Mirabel: Oh no!!

Me: Believe me dear, i didn’t know when it happened

Mirabel: Of course u won’t know, when u got carried away by your s€×ual activeness

Me: I really dunno

Mirabel: Alright fine! Next!!

Me: Dorothy, the daughter of my mother’s friend.

Mirabel: What class were u by then?

Me: I was in ss 2

Mirabel: Ok continue…

Me: She was a spoilt girl,,, so spoilt like a biatch!

Mirabel: Did that stopped u from bleeping her?

Me: Not at all,,,, she was a giver so i decided to take my share

Mirabel: And u are telling me all that?

Me: I thought u wanted to know everything

Mirabel: Msteeeew…. how did u guys break up?

Me: I didn’t like her in the first place, so i left her

Mirabel: After u got your share in excess?

Me: I dunno about that

Mirabel: Of course u won’t know,,,, next victim!

Me: I would rather call myself the victim on this one

Mirabel: U’re not serious

Me: I’m very serious

Mirabel: Ok oo… tell me what happened

Me: I dated a girl named Christina
who was my classmate. I only knew her as a naughty girl and my classmate. Not knowing anything about her family and where she lives.

Mirabel: Go on…

Me: We dated for just nine days

Mirabel: What happened?

Me: I lost contact with her when i left the school

Mirabel: Why did u leave the school?

Me: Because I got expelled

Mirabel: What? why??

Me: It was a very horrible experience Mirabel ,,,,, so horrible. I feel bad whenever i think about it

Mirabel: I would like to hear it,,,, come on tell me. You bleeped her till she fainted or what?

Me: I wish

Mirabel: What?

Me: No uhmmm i mean its more horrible than that

Mirabel: Ears open,,, tell me what happened

Me: I got expelled after they caught us in the act

Mirabel: Bleeping i knew it,,,, but why did u get expelled?

Me: We were caught doing it in the classroom

Mirabel: Oh my God!! What’s wrong with u?!!

Me: Its uhmmm,,, what was wrong with me

Mirabel: Not funny!!

Me: Sorry…

Mirabel: How did u manage to do that?

Me: Well uhmmm…

Mirabel: Uhmmm what?

Me: It was after school hour, when we were waiting for afternoon lesson. All our classmates went out to play, to eat and some went home to eat and change clothes.
Christina and I remained in the classroom doing our assignment. I normally do my assignment in school before going home, so that i can do and go anywhere i want without any worry of when to to my assignment.

Mirabel: Go on… i’m listening

Me: Our loneliness brought the thought of it into my mind,,, and little vame instantly agreed to it by responding.

Mirabel: Little vame?

Me: Yea

Mirabel: And what’s that?

Me: My errmmm…. u know,,, my instrument used in bleeping

Mirabel: Msteeeew…. what happened after its agreement?

Me: I talked to her about it of which she tried to decline, saying its risky. But i was able to make her agree partially.

Mirabel: What do u mean by partially?

Me: She didn’t give me her full approval

Mirabel: So…..

Me: So i like,,,,got in the mood so bad. I was so turned on as in konji na…

Mirabel: Hhmmm…

Me: That was how i forced it on her

Mirabel: U raped her?!

Me: It wasn’t rape,,, its not like she didn’t want it, she was just scared of getting caught

Mirabel: And u got caught

Me: Yea, by the compound master. I received lots of slaps from him before he reported us to the school authority. That was when i knew that her father was the vice principal of the school. That was how i got expelled

Mirabel: What did your parents do to u?

Me: They were mad at me but mostly felt pity on me

Mirabel: Pity? Why??

Me: Because of the torture i got from Christina’s mother and her colleagues

Mirabel: They took u to the police station?

Me: I would have been so glad if that was what happened

Mirabel: Then what did they do to u?

Me: Her mother was a soldier

Mirabel: Oh my!


Me: And I got the torture of my life. I was kept in their quarter guard for five days and I get to eat once on each day.

Mirabel: That’s cruel

Me: U have no idea,,,, My breakfast was 25 strokes of their wh¡p. And my dinner was 20 strokes. I only ate in the afternoon like a pig

Mirabel: Geez!

Me: I wish that was all

Mirabel: What else did they do to u?

Me: Hhmmm…. God is great

Mirabel: I know He’s great, but what else happened to u?

Me: They tied me to a rope unclad,,, Christina’s mother brought in one of her colleague. A young soldier girl to to to to,,, gosh!

Mirabel: To what?!

Me: To car-ss little vame so it will rise up

Mirabel: Why?

Me: Just listen… it was difficult for them to make it rise because of the tension. Unfortunately, little vame gave up when it couldn’t take it anymore.

Mirabel: What happened next?

Me: Hhmmm… God is great

Mirabel: Tell me nah…

Me: As soon as it rose up, She ins**ted a needle into it

Mirabel: Oh my God!

Me: That was what i scre-med too but got a thunderous slap to shut me up. I got a mighty slap whenever i scre-med or even opened my mouth in pain.

Mirabel: Oh my poor baby.… that was horrible

Me: I hated life when they finally released me… I felt like dying. I was so traumatized…

Mirabel: I’m really sorry dear,,, u went through a lot

Me: Yes dear,,,, a lot

Mirabel: Well, that’s in the past now but it might happen again if u try to do something stupid to me

Me: What?

Mirabel: I was just kidding **laughs**

Me: It better be

Mirabel: But it won’t be a joke if u break my heart

Me: U know i will never do that, i’m even scared of losing u

Mirabel: Really?

Me: Of course dear,,,, u can’t imagine how happy i am whenever i’m with u

Mirabel: Ok hold it there,,, u want to make me forget all what u did huh?

Me: But they’re all in the past na

Mirabel: Yea i know, but i want to know about it…. so who became your next victim?

Me: Victim? Are u kidding??

Mirabel: **Laughing** What…?

Me: Of course there wasn’t any victim again. That was how i got delivered from my bad ways. Then the Church completed the remaining process of transforming me into a better person. And the deliverance was a good one that i started to be afraid of girls, until i found u.

Mirabel: Well, God has his ways for arresting bad people. I would never have believed if someone had told me about your past. U know, I’m really impressed u gathered the courage to tell me all these. I believe u, and u’ve earned more of my trust…. from 97% to 99.9%

Me: What about the remaining percentage na?

Mirabel: U don’t worry about that.

Me: Hhmmm…. mouth closed

Mirabel: So,,, How do u feel being the boyfriend of the president’s daughter?

Me: I feel great,,, its a great opportunity. Whenever the thought of dating the President’s Daughter occur to me, I feel like i’m imagining the impossible. I always say “wow” over and over whenever i thought about u. U know, its amazing, i feel blessed and favoured by God. And I’m very happy, not just because u are the President’s Daughter but because of who u are. U are very sweet and loving

Mirabel: Hhmmm…

Me: Adorable…

Mirabel: Hhmmm…

Me: Stunning…

Mirabel: Hhmmm…

Me: Gorgeous…

Mirabel: Hhmmm…

Me: Good mannered, sweet and cool

Mirabel: Hhmmm…

Me: Cute smiles and naturally filtered soft spoken voice…

Mirabel: **Laughs** Hhmmm…

Me: Amazingly hot…

Mirabel: Hhmmm…

Me: Super succulent l-ips…

Mirabel: Hhmmm…

Me: And extremely BEAUTIFUL!

Mirabel: Hhm hmmmm…. wow! U are so sweet honey… i believe and trust u. I so much love u

Me: I love u more sweetheart

**We k-ssed**

Me: Seems I won’t be leaving here tonight, its 11:16pm already

Mirabel: I thought u will try to leave na, i would have called my guard Frank to press u

Me: U can’t even try it

Mirabel: Why do u think so?

Me: I know u wouldn’t like to see me get hurt

Mirabel: Hhmmm… quite true,,, lets go in jare

Me: I will need yoghurt o,,, hope u still have hollandia yoghurt in the fridge?

Mirabel: Of course! I got them all for u

Me: Thanks sweetheart

Mirabel: Alright, lemme rush to have a quick shower.

I got myself a chilled hollandia yoghurt, took my time to finish it before joining her in the bedroom.

Me: U are done already

Mirabel: Yeap

She laid on the bed with her night gown, pressing her iphone. She dropped it when i joined her in the bed.

Mirabel: Dear, don’t u think, uhmmm drinking too much yoghurt more often might affect u?

Me: How so?

Mirabel: U dunno?

Me: No I don’t, I love yoghurts especially that of hollandia.

Mirabel: It might affect your s€× performance, low sp**m count and even quick ejaculation.

Me: Serious?

Mirabel: Yea, u can do your research,,, Google is there for u

Me: Hhmmm,,, but i can’t stop drinking it

Mirabel: Well u can adjust,,, u drink it too much,,, please adjust

Me: Ok dear, I will try


Mirabel: Are u sleeping already?

Me: Nop

She drew close, resting her head on my chest.

Mirabel: Talk to me **sleepy tone**

Me: About what?

Mirabel: Anything from u

Me: OK uhmmm….

Mirabel: **sighed**

Me: U know,,, the first day i saw u, that morning in front of the lecture hall, my heart shifted to an impossible position. My brain instantly saved your image to a secure folder in my heart. Your voice started ringing in my brain. Although, I thought u were an arrogant snub at first. But then, my heart later objected to the thought and started a serious argument with my mind. But my heart prevailed and won my mind to its side. That’s how my heart and my mind focused on u Mirabel. U are my first love, my heart point, my heart beat, my heart warmer, my thinking focus, my source of joy and happiness. Like files & folders,,,, U are the only girl saved in my heart folder. And I love u so much.
There’s something I want to u about your friend Lola, she’s been tempting me to sleep with her,,, and i can’t do such, please do something about it, talk to her.


Me: Will u?


Me: Are u sleeping already?


Me: Mirabel?


Me: Mirabel…?

Mirabel: Ummmm (sleeping)

Me: Oh, sorry for disturbing u,,,, please continue sleeping.

Chai! She didn’t hear me oh… I really need to tell her. She needs to know ‘coz i really don’t want to lose her for anything stupid.

☆☆☆ ☆☆☆ ☆☆☆ ☆☆☆

Mirabel: Honey wake up!

Me: **sleepy tone** Why na? Its still early and exam is 12 pm

Mirabel: But we need to go to school early to study with Promise

Me: I know but….

Mirabel: But what? Stand up breakfast is served,,, fried plantain, egg and custard

Me: Really?

Mirabel: Yes

Me: Alright, let’s go

We ate, before we prepared for school. Promise even called to remind us of coming early. We drove in my car headed to school.

Mirabel: Sweetheart…

Me: Yes babe

Mirabel: I dunno if it was a dream but it so sounded real

Me: What is it dear?

Mirabel: I heard u saying sweet things last night and i was smiling and blushing in my heart. Then i later heard u said something horrible, i couldn’t grab it though but it sounded horrible,,,, what did u say love??

My heart kicked up that moment like an ignited generator.


★Should I tell her again?
★What would be her reaction?
★Would she believe me?
★Or did she actually heard me and pretended not to hear?
★What should I do???


I felt like, there’d be no need for telling her, as I will do my possible best to avoid Lola. I would make sure she doesn’t get close to me ever again.

Me: That must be a dream sweetheart, maybe after my poem

Mirabel: Exactly what I was thinking

Me: Its Ok sweetheart,,, it was just a dream,,, it doesn’t mean anything

Mirabel: I hope so

Me: Let’s forget about that dear and focus our mind on our exam.

Mirabel: That’s correct,,, let’s go do our best.

We got to the School, Promise was there already waiting for us

Promise: What took u guys so long?

Mirabel: Sorry dear,,, its he’s fault for waking up late

Promise: So u went to his house to wake him up?

Mirabel: No, he slept over at my place, if not, he wouldn’t had woke up till now

Promise: Oh, I see…

Me: Morning Promzy

Promise: The morning is good,,,, come on, let’s go and study now i don’t want to get a low grade on this

Mirabel: Yea Let’s go

I followed them into the class, we read, reviewed, did questions and answers. They both gisted with the remaining time left before the exam.

I was totally left out of their conversation, so i operated my phone till we started the exam.
I pieces the exam like mad… I thanked God.

The exam finally came to an end, everyone was happy, others only had smiles on their faces.

Mirabel surprised me with a passionate k-ss in the presence of everyone to celebrate the success of the exams. Promise gave me a friendly hug. I got handshakes from some of my course mates and my chest got lots of soft hugs from other course mates too. We took some photos, spent more time in the school before we logged out.

Mirabel invited Promise to join us in her house for lunch which she tried to decline but Mirabel left her with no other choice but to join us.

I didn’t follow them to the house, I stopped at one junction that parted Mirabel’s house and my place. I dropped so I would go to my place to change the clothes I wore the previous day.

I got to my place, had my bath, then i put on something new. I couldn’t take yoghurt that moment because i was in a hurry and I can have some at Mirabel’s. I got out, locked my entrance door then rushed towards the gate. I opened it and found someone standing outside waiting for me.

Me: Promise?

Promise: Hi

Me: What are u doing here?

Promise: I came to see u Victor

Me: Buh I thought…

Promise: Yea, I also dropped after u did… I told Mirabel that I needed to get something, that I would join her shortly

Me: Okay,,,, come in. So what’s up? What’s this about??

Promise: I really dunno, it may sound embarrassing,,,, I just I just…

Me: Promzy calm down, relax and tell me what u want to tell me

Promise: Its too late Victor,,, Its already too late **she starts running away with tears dripping down from her eyes**

Me: Hey Promise! Wait!! What’s wrong with u? Promise… hey!

What’s wrong with her??

Promise: Leave me alone!!

Me: But why?! What’s wrong?

Promise: Just leave me alone!!

Me: I won’t leave u, until u tell me what’s bothering u

Then she stopped and faced me.

Promise: Why? What would u do if i tell u now?!

Me: Why don’t u tell me first? I’m really confused right now

Promise: Fine! I love u!! I have always loved u since we became friends…

Me: What?

Promise: I thought u felt the same way, that u were just waiting for the right time to ask me out

Me: Promise….

Promise: What?! I waited for u! I waited for your move Victor, I waited…

She started crying.
I hugged her to calm her down.

Me: I’m sorry Promise, I didn’t know. I saw u as that good girl who wouldn’t want such. Even when i tried to test how your outcome might be if i should make the move towards u, but u failed the test Promise, u failed it

Promise: U don’t test a lady that way Victor, I have my pride to protect. I don’t need to appear cheap before u know what my response might be

Me: But I needed to be sure

Promise: That means u never loved me, a real guy would pour out his feelings to the girl he loves but u never did that Victor… and i love u so much

Me: I’m sorry Promise,,, I never knew u did love me…. I tried to confirm if u had a thing for me but i didn’t get a yellow light from u, more to talk of a green. I really did liked u but i wasn’t sure if u would like me as well

Promise: I understand u, buh its okay. U have Mirabel now, she’s happy and you’re happy too, that’s all that matters.

Me: Promise its….

**Phone rings**

Me: Hello

Mirabel: Where are u? The food is almost ready, yet U aren’t here, … what’s keeping u? even Promise is not here yet

Me: I’m on my way dear, I will be there in 10 minutes

Mirabel: Well hurry up,,, lemme call Promise, bye

**Hangs up**

Me: It’s Mirabel,,, she will call u any moment from now

Promise: Oh…

**Phone rings**

Promise: Hi Mirabel

Mirabel: Promise where are u?

Promise: I’m almost there

Mirabel: Please hurry up

**Hangs up**

Me: Let’s go

Promise: Together?

Me: Of course! let’s go

We rushed out, I noticed a car screeched its tyres away across the road of my gate. I didn’t care ‘coz i dunno the person but the car looked somehow familiar.

We got into the nearest taxi and then zoomed off to Mirabel’s.

We got there few minutes later, passed through the opened gate, then knocked on Mirabel’s door. She came out immediately…

Mirabel: What took u guys so long?

Me: Sorry dear,,,, buh, we’re here now **giving her a k-ss on the cheek**

Mirabel: Let’s go in before the food gets cold

Me: Alright

We went in, Mirabel ushered us straight to the dinning so we’d attack the covered meal.

Mirabel: Its a good thing the food didn’t get cold before u guys came, if not i would’ve killed u both.

Promise: Kill kwa! Abeg o…

They both bursted into laughter while i just forced out a smile. What Promise told me earlier kept me in a thinking and imaginal mood.

She uncovered the food, Oh my! My favourite!! I know u all can guess what it was. Now Promise will eat my precious food! And shorten my ration? Lols,,, just kidding…

Mirabel: I prepared your favourite to celebrate the success of the exams **referring to me**

Me: U did well,,,, this is great! I was already thinking of when I would eat your fried rice again

Mirabel: Another reason why I prepared it,,, I know u’d miss it

Me: Sure I would

Promise: Uhmmm… Mirabel can u please play us some music?

Mirabel: Sure

She took the remote and pressed a button, a cool music by Timi Dakolo started playing. But she changed it to Tekno’s Duro.

She served the food, with an expensive drink I even forgot its name. Of course it doesn’t taste good, or maybe it was me.

Promise did the judgement before we proceeded in sentencing the food into our bellies.

After eating for a while, I sipped the drink, it tasted somehow… my expression was like “Which kind drink be this one now” and I guess Mirabel noticed it.

Me: Uhmmm Mirabel…

Mirabel: Don’t even think about it

Me: But…

Mirabel: Not today

Chai! I needed it,,,, hollandia yoghurt of course!!

I just managed to drink the available one, but I enjoyed the fried rice sha.

After the meal, Lola showed up, smiled and said hi to me before she started dancing. Mirabel and Promise was in the kitchen then. I couldn’t understand if Lola timed them or something.

She danced s€×ily with her white bum short. I tried hærd not to look at her, but damΠ! She was good, the twisting and whining and twerking got me excited. But i maintained my position, even little vame understood the implication.

I heard some footsteps approaching, I quickly turned away from Lola and began to operate my phone,,, breathing like a goat.

Mirabel: Lola!!

Lola: Hey dear

Mirabel: What’s the meaning of this? Can’t u see Victor is here?!

Lola: And so? Is Victor a kid? Come of it girl

Mirabel: I don’t like it

Lola: Now what? I should stop dancing because a matured dude is here? What is he gonna do? Rape me? m@sturbate over me? Or what? Come on girl!

Promise: Lola calm down, just understand Mirabel’s point of view.

Lola: And who are u? Her d!ck sharer?? oh pleaseeee….

Having said that, she stormed out with her shakeables shaking up and down.

Mirabel: Lola!!

Promise: Woah… what’s wrong with that girl?

Me: She’s like that

Mirabel: She can be crazy at most times, but not like this

Me: Maybe she’s high or something

Mirabel: That’s when she tries to make some sense

Me: So what do u think?

Mirabel: I dunno, but,,, how come u guys came together??


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