The Priest Vow

The Priest Vow – episode 12

Episode 12.
By Amah

Anna was acting strange but I pretend not to care even though I wish to know what was eating at her.

Anna needed to sit up, she was too relaxed and thought she can get away with every sinful act. she forgot there is a consequence for every action.
I was not happy with the way she treated her own child or even mingled with a married man.
If she has gotten involved with a single and responsible man I will not be worried but Fred was married with kids. He has been visiting for over a month and I never knew until I listened to the urge of the holy spirit which directed me home that day.

I try to be a bit strict with her and kept reminding her about our upcoming journey to meet Gumi.
As the said day draw near I went to her to remind her again.

“Anna, our journey begins tomorrow or next. Get yourself and Joel ready. We will be leaving very early.

She gave a heavy sigh before saying

“Can’t you see that I have not been feeling fine. Why didn’t you observe or the holy spirit did not tell you this time? But it told you to come home and destroy my relationsh¡p with Fred. I’m not feeling well so I can’t go anywhere.

“Are you pregnant?

I asked the question I have been wanting
to ask her for days.
She gave me another annoying sigh before saying.

“I’m too smart to get pregnant for Fred. You thought I’m pregnant…. c’mon, what do you take me for?  Please, I’m not pregnant. I’m only love struck and I need a real man in my life. I’m not going anywhere near Gumi. I can’t even remember where he lives. I losed my memory again. You made Fred to leave me. How do I get another man that will make me feel like a woman. Is obvious that you are impotent or you lack a manh-od. But bear it in mind that I’m not stepping out of this house. I’m having memory lose and can’t remember a road to Gumi’s house.

I was not going to hear another excuse from her. She was still angry with me because Fred left her but I won’t beat around the bush or make her feel comfortable that it was okay to do whatever she pleases.
I told her my mind.

“I’m sorry if you are not feeling well or suffering memory loss, I can get you drugs or pray for you to get back your self again only if you are interested but Fred is not an antidote to your health. You need to grow up Anna. Don’t derive joy in other people’s pain. We are going to see Gumi tomorrow and that is final. If your memory is lose then start searching for it. You will be in the car and there is nothing much for you to do rather than tell me how to get to him. get ready, after today, by tomorrow we will be out of town to meet Gumi.

I left her and entered my room.
Very early the following morning I tapped on her door but she did not respond.
I waited, hoping she will be out but Anna did not come out.

I knocked again and called out her severally but no response.
I opened her door and went in,side and she was lying unclad and smiling at me.

I quickly turned my face and walked out.
Joel strolled out to meet me and i got him ready and wait for Anna to be out.

Anna came out but not dressed.
She bared her br-ast out and walked round the house with only p-nt.

” Is this the best idea you came up with so that you won’t show me the way to Gumi. You can do better than this please…

She started laughing sarcastically.
And surprisingly pulled off her p-nt and throw it at me.

i quickly dodged it and looked else where.

Anna began to cat walk round the house with her uncladness. I sat down and stare right at nothing.

“You said I can do better… and I’m trying to show you how much I can do. Why are you looking away? Take a good look at me James…. am I not desireable? You want me to live in this house with you as a Reverend sister… hahahaha. You chased away the man that gives me satisfaction. You think I care if he’s married or not. All I cared about was the way he makes me feel and how he handles me in bed. If his wife was good enough he won’t be coming here to smash me in bed those afternoons. Father James, Keep your holiness to yourself and leave me with my sin. I was never a saint. If you know how many married men I have slept with or the things that I have done before you met me you won’t be under this same roof with me. I have dealt with a handfull of single men too and I can tell you that you are really missing a lot. If only you will allow me to handle you just once, you will go and testify of how good I am. I wish to know the size in between your legs and help you feel like a real man. What kind of stupid vow or celibacy that is keeping you  from enjoying the sweet juice that a woman is ready to offer you. What kind of a man are you that will live with a woman for a good three years without a touch or a k-ss. Do you even have manh-od or you are impotent…. maybe you are a naive V-rgin who doesn’t know how to handle a woman. I can teach you if you will let me. Listen James, you can sleep with me now and nobody will judge you or even know about it…it will be between us. You can even marry me if you want. My family probably thinks I’m dead and I hate them all because they referred to me as wayward and pr-stitute. Permit me to show you what real love feels like. You have being missing so much. Check me out…. take a long look at my s€×y body”

She moved her unclad self to where I sat focusing at nothing.

 Joel was eating breakfast and playing with his toys. He was so occupied and did not care about the drama his mother was performing.

Anna came to stand in front of me and w¡den her legs, dangling her br-ast right at me.

I looked up at her and she was biting her l-ips, sticking out her tongue in sed-ctive style.
Anna did all this without minding that little Joel was sitting right there.

I stood and try to walk away but Anna blocked me.

” Hahaha… you are getting all hærd and can’t resist me. Let me unravel you and make you feel like a real man. We can do it right here or in the room. Nobody will know. I’m all ho-ny and yawning for your touch. I have yawn for it for three good years. I guess is time we get it done. i can also back my actions with the scripture that says the kingdom of God suffereth violence and violence takes it by force. Yes I’m taking it by force from you today. Please touch me… allow me to k-ss your s-cklent l-ips. You are too handsome to be wasting away all in the name of serving God and keeping your vow of celibacy. Try it once and see what it feels like. The feeling is heaven on earth. You will enjoy it I promise you…

I was praying all through this period not because I was afraid but because at a point along her sed-ctive act and speech I became distracted.
And getting distracted was a little space that the devil needs to penetrate into my heart.
I was not going to flex muscle with the devil and show him how strong I am or how I can flee from temption no matter what.
I can’t contend with the devil carnally. I invited the power above all powers to make the enemy to submit to the authority.

I was caught up by the holy spirit at that moment and quickly placed my right hand on Anna’s forehead and began to rebuke.

At first, she looked at me as if I was performing some sort of magic. She began to laugh but I kept rebuking with so much authority and did not stop until her laughter turned into a terrifying scre-m.

The fire burn through her and she fell to the ground and started rolling all over.

I kept praying as the holy spirit took over me, rebuking every sed-cing spirit, every marine and spirit of confusion in her.

I asked them to flee from her and never return.
This bad spirits were strong willed and stubborn. They refused to leave but I was not battling them alone. The presence of God filled The house and it looks like the wh0le building will collapse.

I heard a cry of a baby, it was Joel. The little boy was terrified but I was too carried away with the heavy task at hand.

 I prayed until Anna became still on the ground.
She was motionless and the sed-ctive spirit was out of her.

My Bible said for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities in the high places that are out to torment the children of God.

When I recovered from what happened, Joel was lying still on the ground, he did not move and Anna lay unclad.

I took cloth and covered her up before tapping her.
She stood from the ground.
Covering herself up quickly.

I went to Joel and check if he is was alright before lifting him to my arm.

Anna was on her feet.

“What happened… what did you do to me and what happened to my son…is he dead… father James?

She asked moving away from me as if I was a ghost.

” Anna, go and rest today. Our journey will start tomorrow to Gumi.

I carried Joel to my room and lay him on the my bed he suddenly wakes up.

I carried him back to the parlour and got him busy with his toys again.

I needed to have a quiet time, so I returned to my room and resume praying.
I did not come out until evening.

I checked up on Anna and Joel. They were watching the television in silent.

 Anna was holding her son more tender than I have ever seen her do before.

I returned back to my room till the following day

The next day I was up. I got ready and as I was coming out Anna was also coming out from her room with Joel.
They were both ready.

She greeted me cheerfully and handed Joel to me.

“Good morning father James. i have been up since… very early and was waiting for you. I also packed some food for the journey ahead”

We left. I drove out of the city and Anna was my road map.

I kept driving all through the morning till afternoon sun settled in.
I stopped at a gas station and filled up my car tank before we entered the road again.

It was mid noon before we finally got close.

” He lives in this town. Take your left and turn right to the next street.

Anna said pointing out the way.
I followed and kept driving until we arrived at a building.
 It was already sun down.

“That’s his house. Right there…. that tall building. Yes, that one over there.

I drove down and parked in front of the building.
I got down but she was still in the car.

“Father, I’m afraid. Gumi is also a drug Lord and very mean. I will just stay in the car.

“You don’t have to be afraid of Gumi. You are not alone Anna. We are together in this and I will not let any harm come to you or Joel. Okay? Let’s go…

She nodded and came down. She carried Joel and matched behind me as I followed her instructions and walked straight to the door.

I ranged the door bell twice and a young man came to answer the door.

“Hello! my name is James and we are asking for Gumi. I was told he lives here.

“Ooh, he used to live here but not again.

I breathed in and said.

” Please, where can we find him. Is very urgent.

The young man looked from Anna who kept a distance and then back to me before saying.

“The government took over most of his properties after he was arrested. Gumi has been in prison for two years now. He is serving a life sentence and may die there except if the court of appeal decide otherwise or grant him a patrol. Whatever they like they should do with him because he was a pain in the ass. A serious pain in people’s neck…. a hærdened criminal who deserves to rot in jail…”

I asked the man which of the prisons they kept Gumi and he described it clearly for me.

I thanked him before leaving.

I planned to go and see Gumi in prison but not today, it will be another day.

We need to go home and get ready for another journey ahead.

I’m glad we are making progress and Anna is no more a hindrance to meeting Gumi the drug Lord and Joel’s father.


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