The Priest Vow

The Priest Vow – episode 17

Episode 17.
By Amah

When I thought the journey with Gumi was going to be easy I found it getting tough with each passing day.
Gumi was not ready to accept salvation, Gumi jokes with every of my words to him.
No matter what I say or do he remains adamant.
It gives me sleepless night from the day I found out that we are related.
He is my direct blood relative, my twin brother who I never knew existed.
He may look older due to his intakes which consisted of hærd drugs but we are blood related and age mates with same resemblance and I wish nothing else but to bring him out of darkness into the light.

I don’t want it to appear like he was being forced to do so even though I wish to drag him out of his old ways into the light that is beckoning on him.
I want him to come willingly and accept the truth of the gospel but time was running.

Benjamin Cole who is generally known as Gumi was very sick and each passing day is never certain.
He has being in and out of the hospital recently due to his heart and breathing problem.
All I did is to pray without ceasing for him.
I pleaded with God to spare his life and make him believe.
God was giving him enough time to do so but stubbornness and pride will not let him.

He was part of the reason why I’m still in the city, I was supposed to return back to service, I was supposed to take up the role of my priesthood and serve God’s people but how can I when one soul is about to perish in sin.

I was called one day that Gumi was critically down in the hospital.
I left everything that I was doing and rushed down to see him.
I sat beside his hospital bed, he was asleep with different tube sticking to his body.
I quietly bow my head in prayer, I gently placed my hand on his body and prayed.
I pleaded to God to help Gumi out of his pain.
He was in serious pain even though he hates to admit it. Gumi was suffering internally and dying slowly.

He suddenly spoke, startling me in the process.

“You have to take a deep breath and stop praying all the time. I’m not dying yet. Do you actually do any other thing aside to pray… isn’t such life boring to you? If the God you pray to is so real why haven’t he heard your prayers? Give yourself a break man and start enjoying life like I did before my arrest. I enjoyed Life to the fullest, I acquired wealth, I built houses I had cars and different assets but the stupid government ceased them all. They are all bunch of thieves….fools! I hate them all and if I have my way I will f-cking kill them for taking over my wealth and locking me up here… they watch me get tormented with this sickness and do nothing, only to bring me to same cheap prison hospital, chaining one of my hand to this bed like a condemned criminal. I supposed to be out of here and running my life. James do you know who I was outside this prison? I was popular, I was a drug Lord, a wealthy man. I command fear and respect wherever i go. Me and my boys…my squared were famous until those lazy men in uniform put up my name as a wanted man. I was not afraid of them, I went about with my boys without care. They finally got hold of me and arrested me for different crimes, even my lawyer couldn’t talk me out of their hands… they locked me up ever since and took over everything in my possession. All of them are bunch of lazy fools…

I listened to him rant on and on. Gumi boiled in anger as he speaks.
His body vibrates and I wish he can let go of anger and his dubious past life which he obviously missed and focus in the future. The new life Christ was offering him.

“You desire your old life so much than a son born to you whom I called Joel. Benjamin, you want wealth and your famous lifestyle than a new begining that God is giving you. His arms are opened wide beckoning you to come unto him with your heavy burden and he will give you rest. Why are you scared of accepting God’s free gift… what are you afraid of Benja…

He interrupted me.

“Point of correction James I’m not afraid. The only thing that scares me is dying as a prisoner. Even if I have to die let me die a free man, in my mansion with a cigar sticking to my mouth and giving a middle finger to the world as I signed out. That’s the way I desire to dye not with this sickness terrorizing my wh0le body and definitely never in prison. About the boy that Kita had for me… that is less of my worries. I’m a business man and I hate anything that will hold me to a s₱0t. I warned Kita but she decided to do her wish so she will have to carry the cross. I don’t have the time or patience for babies and is a good thing you took charge of that, so stop disturbing me with it. I got better things to worry about but definitely not any of the things you mentioned. They are less of my problem and yes I desired my wealth, my freedom and popularity back…I desired my old self back…

I left him and did not stop praying.
Gumi was later discharge from the hospital. He returned back to prison and continued his sentence.

I reduced my constant visit and dedicated more time into praying for Gumi.
He said I bore him with my continues talk about God and walks away anytime I bring that up.

I decided to visit him once in two weeks.

Few months later Gumi was back to the hospital again.
He collapse in the prison yard and was rushed back to the hospital.
I was called and informed. I drove down to see him.
But couldn’t do much because Gumi was struggling with words and movement.
He drag his breath even with the help of the oxygen.

I went back after a week and he was still there.
His words came but i can see his fear and struggle in his eyes.
I didn’t want him to speak but he started talking anyway.

“James, death is knocking faster than I bargained. It seems I can’t escape from it no matter how I try. Can you pray for me… I’m not asking you to pray for healing because if that was possible your prayers could have healed me. I’m asking you to pray to God to forgive my terrible deeds. I have nothing to boast off. Maybe I was a little foolish not to have seen my own stupidity. I feel so weak with every passing hour and I really do not want to die this way. It really doesn’t matter to me anymore where I die… I don’t care if is in prison or a free man. all I’m concerned about is never to end up as a terrible sinner. Please, I know I have being a pest, overlook my wrongs and pray for me before this terrifying darkness swallows me up.

I was happy as I gently took his hand and prayed for him.
Gumi responded to my every word and accepted Christ from that day.

I sang with him and read bible verses for him.
I kept visiting and he smile anytime he sees me.
He was looking pale, as white as a flake and was so weak.

There was strength in his voice and he seems stable with my every visit.

Our everyday word was centered on God. We get to laugh and throw jokes at each other then get back to studying the word.

I asked him if he wanted me to bring Joel, his son for him to see.
Gumi was quiet for sometime and later said he doesn’t want Joel to see him the way he was.
It will break his heart to see the face of the son he rejected.

On one of my visit he asked me to bring Joel and Nikita that he wants to see them.

I told Anna and she got Joel ready.
I drove them to the hospital where Gumi was.
He had tears rolling down his eyes when he set eyes on his son.
He was weak and couldn’t lift his hand to touch Joel. I assisted him in doing that.

He looked at Anna and began to apologise to her for the way he treated her that almost got her killed if not that God made me to be at the accident scene just in time.

Gumi died after a week. I knew within me that he did not have a long time to live.
God was only giving him several chance to come to Him and embraced the light.

I was happy he did at the end. He made peace with both God and man before passing away.
I wish he did it earlier but stubbornness and pride kept him captive but finally he broke free.
Gumi did not die a prisoner to sin or his past life. he died in freedom from chains and sickness through Christ.

Even after a month of his burial I still wish he has lived a little longer.
I visited the cemetery and stood at his burial ground wondering what life would have being like if I knew I had a brother earlier.

Maybe I could have saved him, he wouldn’t have gone deeper and deeper into drugs and sinful lifestyle.

I still appreciate the little moment we shared. It will linger in my memory forever.

I returned to my car and sat staring at nothing.
Tears clouded my eyes and I gave way for it to flow.
I sobbed quietly, releasing all the emotions I stored up.
Benjamin Cole also known as Gumi was gone. My twin and only brother was no more.
He has gone just like mother and father did. I’m left with his son Joel, my nephew.

I wish Gumi has lived differently and not the part he chose. He would have probably be alive.

But in all of this he embraced light and accepted salvation at the end.

It was better late than never.


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