The Priest Vow

The Priest Vow – episode 7

Episode 7.
By Amah

I opened the spare room, took few steps away from the door and said to her.

“You will stay here tonight, very early tomorrow morning we will be leaving, so please get ready. The kitchen is over there, you can prepare whatever is available for yourself, and there is a bathroom by the other side. Please have It in mind that before dawn we will be out of here”..

” to where? Where are we going?

She asked looking round the house.

” This block is owned by the parish and majorly for reverends but I stepped down for the moment. I can’t accommodate a woman or live with one and still be a Reverend father. I can’t serve God and mamor. I was forced to choose and here we are. Since this is what you want then is fine by me. That is more reason why we have to move to a faraway city. I will not allow the enemy to shine through me by bringing shame and disgrace to God’s people. Please we will leave very early, get prepared because it will be a long ride.

I turned to leave and she said.

“This house is big enough for us, I wish we can live here. Tell your parish or Bishop to let us stay here.

I did not say a word as I turned to leave.
When she saw that I was walking away she said.

“You said something earlier about “enemy” wait a second, Are you indirectly referring to me as the enemy that wants to disgrace God’s people. What exactly did you mean?

I ignored her and walked to my room, I locked the door and begin to arrange my things for the journey ahead.

I work all through the night, checking for good houses online in the city I planned to move to.
I used the remaining hour to pray and seek God’s face in such a time as this.

Very early the following day I carried my luggages into my car trunk.
I checked my room to made sure that i wasn’t leaving anything important behind.

 I went to knock on Anna’s door for her to get dressed. She doesn’t have any luggage except for the few wears that the Reverend sisters gave her which was in a leather bag.

I kept knocking and later heard her saying.

“Come in,side, the door is not locked.

I ignored her offer and kept knocking. she later came to answer the door.
She appeared in an undies and I quickly looked away.

” I asked you to come in,side and you refused. Are you scared of me? Father James I don’t bite remember…

I focused on the door handle and try to avoid looking at her.

” Is time Anna. Get dressed because we are leaving now. This is 4am, I want to be out of here before 4:30am. Please hurry.

She gave a heavy sigh before saying.

“I told you I like it here. This place is cool. Why can’t we just stay here. I haven’t slept well too…

I turned to leave and she grabbed my hand.
I pulled back my hand with a rush and said to her.

” Don’t make this more difficult than it is already. I will be waiting outside for you Anna. Quickly get dressed, we don’t have all day.

I walked away leaving her standing.

Father Patrick came out that morning to bid me farewell and he promised never to stop praying for me.

Anna was out in no time, I went back to make sure everything was in order before locking up the doors.

I handed the key over to father Patrick and he said.

” This house keys will be kept for you until you decide you don’t want it anymore. I know you can overcome this father James, it may not be easy but I have seen your dedication to God’s work and knew that God is always with you. I have worked in your steps and never get mislead. You thought me things that I did not learn in seminary school. Kindness and love is in-built in you. Maybe God allowed this for a purpose. There could have been another way out of all this mess but I know whatever God allows is for a reason and he will see you through it. All this will someday become your story but if along the line you fell as many men will do then there is no harm in it. I will remain close by you. Remember when we were kids, growing up in the fenced yard… your wh0le desire was to serve both God and man. You took your Faith more serious than any of us did back then. We are better men of God because your perfect lifestyle which we emulated kept pushing us towards the right direction. God will see you through this. Your place is with the church of God and not in building a family but I don’t want to sound selfish. let only the will of God be done and may he alone vindicate you and exposed every hidden thing at his own perfect time. Please update me when you get to wherever you are going and I will keep in touch brother.

I hugged father Patrick and also thanked him for everything.

I entered the car, Anna was sitting in the front seat.
Immediately I striped my seat belt she said.

” You hurried me out of bed only for you to waste so much time talking with that Reverend father.

Without looking at her, I turned on the car ignition and began to drive out.
I waved at father Patrick who was still standing and waiting and he waved back.

” my apologies Anna.

I finally said to her before zooming off that morning.
I have a city in mind, and I have made enquires overnight and also a place to stay.
I transfered the money needed and I know everything will be set before we arrive there.

This is not the journey I chose, I never imagined that I will be embarking on such a journey but here I was speeding down the express road with an early morning sun.

Life took a drastic t-rn on me. It came so unexpected.

I never thought that just one act of kindness could bring so much harm and sadness to me.

Anna sat beside me, she was asleep in no time and snoring loudly like the car engine.
I looked over her and looked straight ahead.

Whatever fate awaits us it will be made known soon.

I’m certain that God will not forsake his own.
 Right from my mother’s womb he knows what my begining and end will be like.

 God set up my path and him alone knew that this day will come.


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