The Priest Vow

The Priest Vow – episode 8

Episode 8.
By Amah

The house was okay and was well furnished.
I had my own master bedroom just the way I wanted it and Anna’s room was very close to mine. a breeze block which was filled up with sea shells was demarcating the two rooms.

 I can hear her clearly from my reading table and she can also hear the noise coming from mine whenever I’m praying.

I wished it was a far seperate room like the one I lived in back at my parish.
 The house setting here is different from what I’m used to.
 it was not as big as my former room back in parish block but the room here was comfortable.

Before we finally arrived, the journey was a long one. I had to stop on the way to get enough food and drinks for me and Anna before we continued.

She complained of the oversize clothes that the Reverend sisters gave her. She hates the cloth and wish to get something new for herself.

I didn’t reply until we arrive at a boutique. I parked, counted some cash and hand over to her.
She was looking at me when I told her to go ahead and buy the kind of clothes she likes in the boutique.
I told her to buy something moderate and not cloths that will expose her body.

She nodded and left. I have to wait for almost an hour before she came out with three leather bags.

” I hope I didn’t waste time, I was trying some of the clothes if it will fits perfectly well into me before selecting. I bought some maternity dress too, that’s what I will wear when my stomach starts protruding. I didn’t spend all the money, The cloths in there are very cheap but I will use the money for something else.

I nodded silently.
I entered the road again and speed off.

We arrived very late and moved into the apartment.

I spent almost two days without stepping out of my room. I was resting.
I heard knocks and Anna voice calling me but I ignored her.

The week has been stressful for me, the troubling situation I found myself gave me sleepless nights but right here I found reasons to rest my aching head.

I rested for two days and only came out in the evening of the third day.

The wh0le house was smelling of burnt food.

“Hey…I thought you passed out or already dead. I did not want to disturb you but I ended up knocking and scre-ming your name when you refused to come out.

I sneezed out and did sign of the cross.
The house was stuffy.

“What is burning?

I asked looking round.
She smiled and said

” I cooked, I’m not a great cook but i tried in my own little way. Some of the food got burnt. Should I get some food for you?

I looked at her and shakes my head.

“Anna, where did you get money to cook? I thought you are eating the food and drinks we bought on our way here?

“The balance I got from the money you gave me at the boutique. I asked around while you were on your three days sleep and I was able to get few things for food. Are you hungry?

” No, I’m not. I will give you extra cash just in case you want to get something for yourself.

She nodded before thanking me.

I went back to my room.
Very early the following day, I was up and did my normal early morning prayers.

I have only fed on fruits, snacks and nuts which I parked from my parish house and filled my room mini fridge. I wasn’t used to much food, I can spends days with fruits and water.

 I was used to spending more time in praying and fasting rather than in feasting and eating elaborate meal.
I went into my car that day and drove out to look round the city and get a better food stuffs for the house.

I droved down to the only Catholic church in that City. It wasn’t so big like the one I came from but I was happy to find a place of worsh¡p.

I spend hours in the church before driving back to the house.
I was about to go into my room that night when Anna who was watching the TV rushed to me

” Why can’t we be in one room. Why are we living like strangers or flatmate. You used to be so much fun to be with. I enjoyed spending time with you until you became violence after the baby announcement and I woke up in the hospital only to find you in a clerical attire. A Reverend father…but far more handsome than your old self. At first I thought you were different person but later realized that you are the same but maybe a younger, handsome, descent, caring version which you never posses before. I know alot of thing is confusing but we can continue our lives since we are back together. I can’t stop saying you are far more handsome than I can imagine. younger and sweet more than I have ever known you to be. allow me to share a room with you father James even if is for one night, let me wake up with you by my side. Father or should I call you your old name…

I stood by few feets away from my door looking at Anna and trying to make sense out of all she was saying.
What exactly is she talking about.

” please, call me James. Leave the”father” aside. we can’t share a room together Anna. we are not married. Only married couples has the right to sleep in the same bed…

“Then let’s get married. By the way you are not a V-rgin, you have laid with me severally in the past. What’s stopping us now. We are living together as what exactly.

Anna asked moving closer to me and focusing her eyes on my mouth.
I took a feet back from her.

“Anna, you wanted to move in with me and that’s why we are here. This is never what I bargained for. Everything happened so fast… unexpectedly. I never met you before until the accident. I really don’t know or understand what you mean by laying with you in the past and getting you pregnant. I don’t know where those ideas are coming from and sometimes I think you need a psychiatrist help. You are already acting insane with this crazy thoughts of me fathering your child, hitting a hærd wood on your head when you revealed it to me. Those are crazy thoughts. Anna, I’m a servant of God, a priest, a minister and I have dedicated my wh0le life to God’s work. I took a vow to remain celibate, a vow to serve humanity and I never derail. I accepted to become a godly father to your unborn child but I’m not the baby’s biological father Anna. I’m doing all this for the sake of God’s people whose faith will fade out if the fake news get into their ears. I’m doing this for the sake of the baby in your womb who deserves a better life. Anna, we are flatmate and I will take care of your needs until you put to birth. Don’t think pass this line that I just made clear or you will end up hurting yourself.

She moved back from me and I guess I was harsh in my actions and used of words.
I turned to unlock my door but suddenly pause and looked back at her.

“I’m sorry for my tone. Anna, get a grip over yourself and start filling your head with beautiful and godly things rather than unnecessary ideas or been with me in bed because that will never happen.

I unlocked the door and went in,side with a bag in my hand which contains snacks and fruits.

My room has a mini fridge were I stored food and drinks.
 bathroom and toilet is right in another corner of the room.
I don’t have much business outside except to use the kitchen or ironing table.

Time will come that I may have to pick up a job to be able to pay bills.
I’m not under my parish care anymore even though I still get support from my Bishop.
In this new city I’m on my own. I have enough money which will take us year or two but I don’t have to depend on that alone.

I spend days, weeks and months moving from my room to my car and driving down to the Catholic Church which was far from where I live and also touring the city.
I spend more time in church before returning back home.

Anna did everything to get my attention but I was too focused to notice.
She was sitting half unclad one day as I got back.
I ignored her as usual.
 I refused to pay any attention to her.
Her pregnancy was becoming obvious as the month fly.

I drove her down to a hospital and she got registered.
I usually take her there sometime for check up and bring her back.

I was on my bed one night, praying with my chaplet when I heard a tap on the breeze block which demarcate me and Anna’s room.
I didn’t respond as she kept tapping the wall.
After sometime she pause and said.

” Father if you can hear me I have a confession to make…

I remained quiet and listened.

” My confessions goes this way..

She was silent for some time and later continued.

” First, I have a question to ask you. Are you sure that you are still a man? Do you have manh-od or you have become impotent ever since you became a priest? Why do you spend so much time praying, don’t you ever get tired? I know you will ignore me as usual but kindly check if your manh-od is still active. I’m available if you need to test run your machine. Hope you understand..

I ignored the funny question.

“Father, here is my confession. We have been here for several months now but for the past three weeks my memory has not flipped out. I can remember who I am and who you are too.

She was quiet and later continued.

“My real name is Nikita and I’m in love with you now more than ever, I respect your wishe of being left alone but sometimes I wish you can loosen up. Because you are missing a wh0le lot of fun. don’t call me Nikita, I don’t like that name anymore. Just as you you changed yours from Gumi to “father James” I love the name you gave me “Anna”. I don’t know if you are also suffering from memory loss because I sometimes wonder why you can’t remember. Maybe you are pretending no to know. You don’t want anyone to know your past but I remember everything now. Let me remind you of the first day we met at dinosaur night club…

I gave a heavy sigh.
When I thought she was beginning to make sense she will drift off, talking about things I don’t understand.

The first time I met her was the day she was hit by a car. She ran into the road without care and was knocked down.

It was not in a club but by the road side where her almost lifeless body lie,
bleeding heavily from the head. my priest apparel was socked with blood when I lifted her to my car but I wasn’t bothered all that I cared about was her life.

Anna, or should I call her “Nikita” was beginning to sound crazy again but I listened to her anyway without a word.


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