The proposal

The proposal Episode 1

The Proposal
Epiaode 1
A Short Story
Every lady have their unique fantasy and dream of how they want that special day they say ‘Yes’ to the man that stole their heart; same with men, they also have their fantasies on how they picture that special day to go down. Well, in Jennifer’s case, it’s been a long time since she had been dreaming and fantasising on that special day but it was unfortunately not coming forth.
Jennifer was an independent woman that worked in a Big renowned company. She was smart, beautiful and down to earth. It’s been over six years since Jennifer and Kendrick started seeing each other. Their relationsh¡p was highly admirable because they were both cute and successful.
Despite the fact that everything seemed to be going on perfectly well in Jennifer’s life, she was actually unhappy as against what alot of people thought because she kept wondering why Kendrick hadn’t popped the Big question yet; after over 6 years of them dating.
Things began to get worse when Jennifer’s friends started getting proposed to by their partners. Her friend’s made matters worst for the emotionally frustrated lady when they started appointing her to be their chief bridesmaids or part of their bridal train. Despite the fact that she was truly happy for her friends from the depth of her heart, there was still a significant amount of sadness she felt within and it was due to the fact that Kendrick wasn’t fulfilling his obligations as her partner because she felt he should have taken things to the next level by putting a ring on it.
As time went by, Jennifer started giving signs indirectly and leaving clues for Kendrick to read between the lines and realise that she needed the ‘Ring’ level of commitment, but he sadly wasn’t catching her coded hints. To be honest, Kendrick wasn’t doing a good job to a lady that had been dating him for over 6 years. He was in his mid thirties and wasn’t a kid to not get the clues that Jennifer needed their relationsh¡p status to upgrade for the better, so she can be assured that she wasn’t wasting or investing her time on the wrong person and relationsh¡p.
“Jenny, I can’t believe that Kendrick hasn’t proposed yet oh, what’s his reasons?” Khloe, one of Jennifer’s friends asked one evening during a bridal shower she attended. Jennifer’s emotions were triggered but she managed to respond playfully to her friend. “I don’t know my dear, when next you see Kendrick, ask him” she said. The conversation suddenly got heated as all her friends that were present at the bridal shower started asking her numerous questions concerning her relationsh¡p status with Kendrick. “Girl you need to have the talk with your man and stop expecting him to catch these signals you are constantly throwing at him” another friend voiced out.
As they all took turns to advice Jennifer, it started to get to her emotions but she still put up a tough countenance. After they were done taking, she smiled faintly and told them that her time was coming and that she might be the next person on the line to get hitched by her man. The ladies all said “Amen” to Jennifer’s word of faith and finally proceeded to enjoy the party they all came for.
What Jennifer’s friends didn’t know was that they had succeeded in ruining her night because her mind kept thinking about what they had discussed earlier concerning her relationsh¡p status. She struggled to put everything aside and have a good time regardless but was finding it absolutely difficult to do so.
After all the merriment and celebration that night, it was quite unfortunate that Jennifer had to return to her sad thoughts and reality. When she arrived home, she crawled into her bathroom to take a shower but unfortunately started tearing up. She sat in the bathroom floor and cried as the water from the shower cascaded on her. “Why is Kendrick treating me this way? For God sake I’m not getting any younger, when will he finally realise that our relationsh¡p needs to move over to the next level? I’ll be 28 years in few months time, is it until I get super old that he will propose? What’s missing in me that has made me unable to complete him yet? I’m just tired!” Jennifer said as she sobbed. It was such an emotional night for her but after crying for a while, she retired to bed.
The next day, Kendrick woke Jennifer up with a sweet message, followed by a video call. While they were on the video call, he kept playfully complimenting her for looking beautiful without makeup but she didn’t care one bit about his compliments, neither did she show any appreciation.
Few minutes into the video call and Kendrick could already sense that something was wrong. “Are you ok? Because I have this feeling that something is up with you” he inquired but Jennifer refused to give him the answer he sort. “I’m talking to you but you aren’t minding me, what’s going on? Did I do something wrong?” He curiously asked and this time around, she was ready to give him ‘Hot’ with the replies he was asking for.
“So you don’t see anything wrong with this our relationsh¡p? Are you telling me that you don’t see what’s wrong? It’s been 6 years Kendrick, 6 good years and we are still answering Boyfriend and Girlfriend without the need to elevate our relationsh¡p. How long more do you want to keep making me feel stupid to ask for something that is due for me? Aren’t you of age to have kids? Don’t you think it’s time for us to build a family? Look I’m tired and don’t think I can continue with this relationsh¡p again if you don’t make me feel like I belong here with you” Jennifer sadly said. Immediately she was done talking, Kendrick couldn’t contain his laughter. He laughed slightly and shook his head for reasons known to him.
What made the wh0le situation more critical was the unseriousness in Kendrick reaction and response to what Jennifer complained about. The fact that he even had the guts to laugh at such a moment as that made her even more devastated.
To Kendrick, he actually didn’t see any big deal in them waiting a little more till they were truly ready to have a family; but to Jennifer, she perceived his reaction as being insensitive to serious issues. She was heartbroken indeed!
‘Is anything wrong with me? Otherwise why will you be laughing at something that’s taking me alot of courage and emotions to voice out?” Jennifer angrily inquired, “Babe chill out, we are fine! You are just putting alot of pressure on this relationsh¡p which isn’t healthy” Kendrick said. What he said was extremely hilarious that she had to take a minute to laugh hysterically. “You are so selfish, all you think about is You You You, how about me huh? How about what I want and what is reasonably right to do? Why can’t you put me into consideration too? I’m not getting any younger; why can’t you see the need to give me my own kids? I’m tired and at this point, I have had it up to the brim and can’t take this any longer” she angrily said.
The atmosphere was getting heated but apparently, Kendrick hasn’t figured yet that there was fire on the mountain. “Oh so this is about your age and probably because your friends have been inviting you to all those weddings? When did age become a factor to consider for one to know that it’s time to get married? Jennifer, who have you been talking to because this clearly isn’t you” he angrily said.
It was there and then that Jennifer realised that she had been dating an immature man for the past 6 years of her life. It all came down to the conclusion that Kendrick was clearly out to waste her time and emotional investment, so she had to act fast in other not to live the rest of her life in regrets. After he said that last thing, she didn’t utter a single word again and just kept mute. Kendrick tried to change the topic but Jennifer wasn’t in the mood for any more conversation with him. She said ‘Goodbye’ and ended the call while he was still on his way to asking about other things that wasn’t related to the topic on ground.
Immediately the call ended, Jennifer burst into tears and cuddled her pillow. She cried uncontrollably for hours without ceasing. The pillow she cuddled was soaked with the tears that fell uncontrollably from eyes. It was such an emotionally draining day for Jennifer but the good thing was that she now knew where she stood in Kendrick’s life. At least she now knew that he didn’t see any further with her, he wasn’t on the same page with her, he was immature and reacted insensitive to serious issues and wasn’t fit to be with her anymore. I wonder why it took her over 6 years to find out!
Later that day, Kendrick called and called Jennifer’s phone but she didn’t pick up. She needed enough space to get herself together so as to know her next course of action. After that day, he stopped calling and didn’t bother to check up on her to know if she was even alright. Deep down, it killed Jennifer that her own man for 6 years wasn’t even moved to find out if she had seriously hurt herself or something. Despite being hurt and broken, she still felt happy that she was able to know her stand in their relationsh¡p so as to stop whatever investment she was making to see that they worked out.
Life moved on eventually after many weeks of crying and being overly emotional. Jennifer’s friends were aware of what she was going through and made sure to be there for her. The next month, there was another wedding to attend and Jennifer happened to be the maid of honour to the bride. She worked selflessly and tirelessly to make sure that her friend’s day was the best.
Due to the fact that Jennifer was loaded financially, she used her money to carry out some activities in preparation of her friend’s Big day. She did everything from the button of her heart without any intensions of God rewarding her with a husband due to her selfless work for her friend’s wedding. At that moment, she was happily single and not desperately searching.
Matter of fact, Jennifer had deliberately removed her mind from anything that concerned marriage and wedding fantasies. She needed and secretly yearned for it, no doubts but she just decided to stop stressing herself up for things she couldn’t control.
The D-day for the wedding finally came and Jennifer’s friend was looking breathtaking. It was such a beautiful moment all through and some emotional people dropped a few tear drops every now and then. After the church wedding, everyone headed to the reception for merriment and to have a good time. Jennifer didn’t dance much because she was the shy type and couldn’t dance to save her life. She happily carried out her maid of honour duties and didn’t have time to pay much attention to the things happening around her.
After the merriment and enjoyment, it was time for the bride to throw her bouquet. Alot of ladies gathered behind her and Jennifer was amongst them too. They all counted from one to five expecting the bride to throw the bouquet but she hurriedly located Jennifer and personally handed it over to her.
It was such an angelic moment for Jennifer because she didn’t see that kind gesture coming at all. Unable to contain her joy, she raised the bouquet up and happiness like never before overshadowed all her being. Jennifer was so happy that even a blind man could tell. She hugged her friend tightly and they both shed few tear drops. Other ladies who were expecting to catch the bouquet but didn’t, clapped in excitement after the little breathtaking scene.
After that moment, Jennifer danced her legs out and suddenly activated the celebration mood. The wedding sadly ended and everyone retired back to their houses. All through the remaining hours of that day, Jennifer couldn’t stop smiling and decorated her house with the bouquet.
Days turned to weeks and weeks to months and Jennifer was still keeping body and soul together. She focused more on her career ventures and not on things she couldn’t control. It’s been over 5 months since her and Kendrick parted ways. Jennifer tried to remain positive about finding love again but didn’t let that hope turn her into a desperate and thirsty person. Back at work, she wasn’t slacking one bit and closed multiple deals for her company.
Due to Jennifer’s outstanding work inputs, her boss appointed her to represent their company for a business seminar that was upcoming. Turns out that she was also going to speak as one of the facilitators in the seminar. In preparation for the seminar, Jennifer read lots of books and relevant work materials aimed at preparing her for the lecture she was going to give.
The D-day finally came and Jennifer arrived at the venue early and fully prepared. She checked in at the facilitators section and sat quietly at one corner of the hall. She paid attention to every single person that spoke before her and made sure not to miss a thing.
After over fiver facilitators had lectured, it was now Jennifer’s turn to mount the stage. When her name was called upon, she gracefully walked down to the stage as people clapped for her. When the microphone was handed over to her, she began to spill wisdom upon wisdom that everyone was extremely impressed and marvelled.
However, while Jennifer spoke, there was somebody that couldn’t take his eyes off her. This handsome bachelor was so engrossed in her teaching and also the elegance at which she spoke and carried herself. “Who’s she?” he wondered as he looked intensely at her. On the gentlemen’s hand was the brochure of the seminar that contained the names and profession of all the facilitators at the seminar. Curious to know who Jennifer was, he flipped through and finally s₱0tted her picture and brief info.
One thing was clear to the gentleman that day and it was the fact that he wasn’t going to let the lady that stole his attention slip right through his hands. In 30 minutes time, Jennifer was done with her lecture and descended the stage with a clapping ovation. Everyone was impressed with her lecture and couldn’t hold back their hands from clapping.
Immediately Jennifer descended from the podium, she went straight to her seat and sat down. After taking a deep breath and breathing in and out due to the tension she was feeling at that moment, she settled down and enjoyed the rest of the seminar.

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