The Quirk of Fate

The Quirk of Fate – episode 7

The Quirk of Fate

Episode 7

I was the evangelism coordinator of my Campus fellowsh¡p when I was at the University of Lagos and I knew quite alright what a soul- a single one meant unto the Lord.

But not now!

Not when my life had come to a standstill and it looked as if my world had come crashing.

By now, all my friends and families that had prepared for the ceremony tomorrow would have started wondering what happened when my parents call to inform them about the cancellation.

My colleagues from Australia too would have to cancel their flights as there was no need travelling from Europe to Africa again!

‘Here this non-entity wants to rope my legs with God! God! God!’

‘And I say No! No! No!’

I was as weak and light as a paper!

If a two-year old baby pushed me, I would fall!

My head rose as I thought about what I should do to my father.

I had heard some rumours that he had been involved in a lot of scam promising me to different families as bride as long as they could provide this or that. But never could I imagine that it was going to be as bad as this.

I can’t live in this world anymore

I can’t love or trust anymore so what more can I do but to die!

“Princess’’ Niel called me calmly. I looked into his face and hissed.

“See Niel, to be factual, there is hell and there is heaven” I started with my mouth twisted to the side. He listened with rapt attention, his head bowed.

“I have preached to many people about the fact that they should not miss heaven and all that because heaven is described as beautiful with endless fellowsh¡p with our creator, lord and master” I explained on and he nodded in comprehension.

My silent, cool voice became violent and bass when of a sudden I caught his two shoulders with indescribable strength and shook him vehemently.

“But we can’t go there!” I scre-med into his ears. He looked very shaken but I didn’t care.

“Princess…” he was saying when I growled and made a dangerous look.

“We can’t go there! We are going to hell together because with this knife here, I will kill you, then before life goes out of you, you will kill…” I was saying when of a sudden there was a gentle breeze in the pen.

I loosened my grasp on him and we looked at each other, greatly surprised. The window was locked and the door was too. How on earth did breeze come in that way?

Niel fell to the ground and I looked at him with great fear. I started shaking him vigorously.


“This is becoming serious for me o.” I cried out, beating my laps in anguish
Who on earth who believe that I wasn’t the one that killed this guy if he died.

He has to wake up! I thought aloud as I started shaking him vigorously

“Wake up Niel! I hope this guy doesn’t have an incurable disease o. How would an agile guy like this just fall down and die?” I cried out and laid on the floor beside him. I was so weak as I cried “Why Lord!” repeatedly

“Balaam!” I heard a voice call out calmly and confidently. I looked around and I saw nothing. Even Briton was already fast asleep!

Everything was just strange.

Whose voice was that?

“Is anyone there?” I asked, sitting up, very frightened

“Balaam! Verily verily I say unto you. You’re a Balaam and you are Balaam” the voice went on to say and I was baffled. Who was talking to me?

Where was the person?

I started wheezing! That was another strange thing because I had never had asthma.

“My God! I will run mad o! What is happening to me? Why are strange occurrences coming my way like this?” I wheezed on and on until I fell to the ground and passed out.

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