The Red Haired Witch

The Red Haired Witch Episode 24

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Kyle POV

Kyle: are you ready Lana?

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Lana:no..I am having a bad feeling about this…what if Max finds out I am not –

Kyle:he won’t suspect anything

Lana:then what if he confesses his feelings to me and tries to k-ss me ?

Luis:we want him to confess but about the k-ssing we will stop him

Kyle:or you change after confession

Lana:Kira won’t be happy about this

Luis:she will since we are doing this for her


(Lana nodded before working according to our plans we all made our way towards Trista Entrance, we were almost there when we sighted Jace coming out from afar with three men in black suits,a man holding an iPad and another man holding an umbrella over hisI head…there was no sun since it was roofed and i wondered how they constructed this Empire cause the entrance was different from the main entrance where people on the outside passing by can’t see what going on inside we only managed to come in with my powers. A limousine drove by us and stopped in front of Jace maybe it not Jace this time but Max Torres. Jace was really max Torres a different man and not a 17years old boy. He was muscularly dressed in a navy blue suit,his hair wasn’t falling over his eyes like an high school kid but it was neatly gelled back. Gosh! He was more handsome this time around and I wonder his actual age 23,24,25 or even 30 year old – he must have his own fiancée but if he does have one then he shouldn’t have told Kira to fall in love with him..oh! I forgot he played us! I really pity my twin sis and I will be heartbroken if I find out that Max Torres does have a fiancée. I should have done some research about him before coming up with my plans of Lana changing to Kira and acting like Kira using her Shape -shifting ability. I glanced at Lana she was really drooling over Max Torres Kira won’t have done that she is good at hiding stuff likes this to herself no matter how gorgeous the man looks but Lana can’t do that and I should have warned her against it)

“Act like you are Kira and not Lana”

(I s£nt a Telepathic message to Lana and she stunned out of her dreamland and adjusted. I pray she gets Kira’s attitude if she does then I will know she is really destined to be an actress)

“Ready now?”

(She nodded)

“Jace Hernandez!”

(I scre-med as Max was about entering his car. He stopped immediately and followed the direction of where the voice came from)

Kyle:or should I call you Max Torres?

(His esc-rts turned to face us and then I noticed a beautiful Lady beside him she was pretty famous in USA. I will never mistake her for another person, Suzie Peres is the Heiress of Peres Entertainment and Peres Couture. What is Suzie doing with Max…maybe they are business partners. I followed Max gaze it was on Kira)

Kyle:won’t you say Anything Max Torres?

(One of the men in suit came to us and brought out a bundle of money from inside his suit)

Luis:hey Biggie we are not here to beg for money we want to talk to your boss

“Mr Max is quite busy right now”

(He kept the money back and handed a card towards us)

“Call any of this lines so we can set up a meeting for you guys”

(Lana collected it and torn it and threw it in the bouncer’s face)

Kira: I don’t need you to set up meeting – I want to talk to Jace now

(Oooohhh! Lana’s voice and appearance is same with Kira but kira will never do such a thing. Lana was mad at the bouncer for offering us money and not the card first. Do we look like beggars?)

“Luke I will talk to them”

(Max spoke us for the first time…so he can actually talk to us and this Luke guy is doing stupid things.. following protocol I guess. f-ck Protocols!)

“Max dear Who are they?”

(Suzie said – wait did I just hear her say Max dear? Oh My Gosh I totally forgot! It can’t be that the news about Suzie Perez and Max Torres secret relationship is true?)

Luis:you should have said that Max…please when we are done talking tell Mr Biggie who we are

Kyle:well let’s do some I introduction to Miss Suzie and Max esc-rts

Luis:hi everyone I am Luis Barker my dad own Barker World and I do have a twin sister named Lana Barker

Kyle:I am Kyle Hunter the grandson of great Noah Hunter.. You know him right? Am sure you do and this is my twin sister Kira Hunter we are the children of Alec Hunter and Amelia very sure some of your parents attended their elaborated wedding… Do you know Mrs Lewis the Famous Lawyer well she Is my grand ma

(I placed my hands on Kira’s shoulder)

Suzie: I don’t get what you kids are saying? Just say whatever it is you want?

Kyle:we just want you guys to know that we don’t need your money

Luis:yes we aren’t beggars

Kyle:and we want to talk to Max

Max:Luke drive Suzie down to the restaurant I will join you soon

Luke:should I call in another car for you?

Max:yes please

(So he plans to go and eat in an expensive restaurant with a lady while my sister is at home thinking and bothering herself about this assh-le!)

Suzie:I’m not leaving Max

(Max turned to face her)

Max:don’t worry I will take care of them honey – just go with Luke

(He placed a quick k-ss on her l-ips but Suzie wasn’t ready to leave at that…the rumor is true Max is dating Suzie he can’t just call a business partner honey and k-ss her l-ips)

Kyle:Max Torres I see you truly have a lady in your life while I was thinking otherwise or maybe am mistaken are you not Jace Hernandez?

Max:I am not Jace Hernandez I am Max Torres

(He doesn’t want his men and fiancée to know what he did)

Max:look I don’t know any of you High school kids

Kira:you are joking right?

(She went to him)

Kira:you are Jace

Max:I am not Jace I am Max Torres

(He replied with a serious face)

Kira:I understand if you tying to hide Jace –

(Now she was acting like Kira)

“But there is no point in doing that anymore”

(She tried to touch him but Max avoided her)

“I know that Jace and Max are the same – I heard you talking about it with Ruby that day I healed her”

Suzie:hey Max are you sure you don’t know them?

Max:of course I don’t know them

(Pathetic liar!)

Suzie:then what she talking about? How did she know Your sister?

Max:virtually everyone knows my sister

Kira:I can’t believe you are saying this…Jace… You should have come out clean with me

(Her voice trailed off and I knew she was crying but she wiped them quickly that what Kira does all the time)

Kira:you should have told me she was Ruby and not Matty,you should have told me she was your sister and not a blind girl on the street that you wanted to help – you should have told the reason why you came to our school wasn’t because you wanted to Mark me just to protect me but to get me to heal your sister. You suggested the Mark just to win our hearts and make us trust you the more whereas you already done it and you said the opposite and twisted the vision just so that Kyle and I could trust you and after you got what you wanted…after I healed Ruby what did you do? You left me? With what?! Memories of a guy who I thought was meant to protect me and see me for who I am but ended taking advantage of the fact that I am a redhead who needed someone to always talk to and someone who could be with me not minding the fact that I have a red hair and I needed some silly Mark just to ensure my safety….and all those times I decided to let you Mark me I was thinking of you – I had to push away my feeling for Matteo and I started to like you but if I had known your true intentions then I wouldn’t have trusted your words and have feelings for you

(Something is strange about Lana – how did she know so many things going on in Kira’s minds? If kira were here now those are the same words she would say to him)

“I will accept that what you discussed with Ruby was true you gave me your Mark and I restore your sister’s sight so it 50/50 and since you also denied that you don’t know us then let it be like that

(She stopped and turned to face Suzie)

” Miss Suzie I’m sorry for taking your time you must be late for your meeting now please you can go ahead now and I assure you that I won’t be an obstruction to your marriage with Mr Max since I’m just a little girl. I want you to know that Mr Max is a good man and I must admit that you’re lucky to be with someone like him”

(What was Lana talking about? How did she get to know that Max is getting Married to Suzie? Is Lana reading Minds now or seeing the future?)

” Goodbye Mr Max Torres”

(She said and we all turned to walk towards the main entrance – we all planned to make Jace confess to Kira but things turned out differently)

Suzie:so are you still saying you don’t know them?

Max:I swear I don’t know any of those kids I don’t know what they are talking about

(Anger surged through my body Max Torres is a liar! And I so much hate when people tell lies! He lied to my sister and deceived everyone and now he is doing the same to Suzie like I said he won’t get away with what he did. I walked back to Max turned him and my fist collided on his jaw. His men rushed towards me)

Kyle:you are a damn Liar! You fool! You think you can get away with what you did?

(I was too strong for his men to hold me down cause of my powers I become stronger whenever I’m extremely annoyed. I went to Max and hit him again but he didn’t retaliate)

“How could you do that to my sister?! How could you toy with her feelings huh?!”

(I punched him..Luis tried to stop me)

“Hit me back! Stop holding back! You coward! Stop acting like you don’t know us! Stop acting like you’re a good guy to Suzie!”

(Somehow his men didn’t come closer and I was glad they didn’t cause it gave me the chance to beat Max)

“I told you how heartbroken she was about Matteo”

(I held his clothes and t¡ghten it around his neck)

“And you still ended up breaking her heart after that! If only you had stayed after she healed your blind sister and you explain things to us then we would have let things go but remember I warned you about pretended love!”

(Was about hitting him again when I felt hands w-rapped around my wa-ist)

“Let him go kyle – just let him go because of me”

(It was Kira’s voice but in Lana body how did that happened perfectly. I let go of Max and his men ran to him)

“I don’t want to ever see your face again”

(I said finally before walking away it was then I realized I have been crying all this while silently thankful that Kira wasn’t here to see Max attitude towards us

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