The Red Haired Witch

The red haired witch episode 36


The red haired witch




Kira POV

“Finally we reached Capitan Mountain!”

(Kian said loudly as he pointed towards a direction. I looked up and saw the peak of the Mountain)

“We are not there yet”

(Darius corrected)

“We are since we are looking at it right from here”

(Kian replied)

“No it will still take at least three days travel time to get there if we run through the nights”

“Oh! Okay!”

(He agreed reluctantly. I haven’t asked Darius if Capitan Mountain was the safe place he was referring to. Then what if we’re to reside on a mountain side? How are we going to feed ourselves? Oh My God! I am so sick and tired of this journey!)

“Are you okay?”

(Darius asked stunning me out of my thought)


“You can take a rest if you are tired”

“No I am not tired you need rest more than I do Darius”

“No argument about who needs rest or not..I suggest we all take a break”

(Kian said)

“Okay let rest till evening then we can continue after getting enough rest”

(Darius said loudly)

“Sounds good – Reverie here I come!”

(Kian sat close to a tree. I felt so hot probably because of the sun or maybe because I haven’t had my bathe for days now. Thank goodness I was done with my period during those times we were able to get water but on our way down here we rarely come across a stream)

“Do you need to change your clothes?”

(I nodded that what we’ve been doing for days now changing clothes without having a proper shower)

“Hey Kian do you know if there is a pool around?”

(He asked)

“Yes Darius! Just move in the direction of the north side of the wood. It leads to an abandoned pool”


(Darius took a bottle from the bag,picked a jean and a top for me then he gestured to me to follow him but I didn’t answer him. What was he thinking? That I will bathe in front of him just because he can watch over me)


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with me”

(He grabbed my hand)

“Don’t get the wrong idea Kira”

“What..what idea?”

“The one in your head that I’m going to ask you to get undressed all in the Sake of protecting you”

“I..I..never thought of that”



“Your expressions says it all… You can find your way to the pool by following Kian’s direction while I tend to some other things”

(He gave me the clothes he selected for me to wear. Is he asking me to find my way to the pool when I don’t know any part of this scary wood! What if a Dark creature is lurking around that pool? Then he appears and take me away!)

“I..I can’t find the pool alone”

(Then Darius walked ahead and I followed closely. I should start trusting Darius and stop over reacting like a fool)

“I don’t want you walking behind me”


grounded and I picked my pace and stuck to his side)

“Uhmmm Darius -”

(I called)

“Perhaps is Capitan Mountain the safe place?”

“I don’t know yet Kira”

“But at least tell me where we are headed”

“You shouldn’t bother about that – you should be more concerned about getting there safely first”

“it seems like and unending journey Darius – I’m beginning to get -”

(I swallowed back my words – It something I shouldn’t say to Darius..I shouldn’t say that am tired of a journey meant to protect might discourage Darius)

“You are tired?”

(I didn’t give him a response to his question. What can I do? I really miss home,my mom,dad,Kyle,Lana,Luis,Leslie, my foundation,my dog and everything I love in my life. I feel I shouldn’t be away from home not now that Mom is pregnant she needs me more than ever since dad was always away from home most times busy at his companies and buried in paper works and Kyle isn’t the type to take care of a pregnant woman. As a guy he will want to go and hang out with his friends at the club just like how he used to when I was home or either visit the gym. Who is gonna help mom with house chores in her delicate state? Or whenever she is cooking? Will Kyle agree to give her a message anytime she needs one? How are they all feeling at home with my absence?they must be very worried about me)

“That’s the pool over there”

(Darius stated pointing to a pool nearby. It was an old one)

“I will leave you to do your thing while I prepare our next move”

(I gave him a nod)

“Reach out to me when you’re done”

(He handed me my clothes and bottle before he started walking away. I was certain Darius wasn’t anywhere close before I undressed and stepped into the pool. The coolness sent a chill down my spine,feels good to be in water. The pool wasn’t all that deep cause I could feel the earth beneath my feet. Then I stayed in it washing my body while thinking of my family)



When I was done bathing instead of calling on Darius I decided to stay back a bit cause I needed to be alone. I thought of the name that kept ringing in my mind while I was in the pool. Max Torres! What is wrong with me? I haven’t thought of him in weeks now so why now?..I can’t deny the fact that his name was at the top of my mind now. I shouldn’t think of him after all he did to me but I have to be sincere I Miss Max Torres! But what can I do? He belong to someone else,he is Suzie’s man so I should take my mind off him. Part of me still blames myself for not giving Max a chance to explain himself that night..I figured I should have given him that chance he requested. I am sure he wanted to tell me the reason why he denied me and pretended to not be Jace…but it too late now since I won’t be seeing him anymore. I told him never to come looking for me again and I don’t wanna see him in my next life..I guess that was harsh!I shouldn’t have said that to him – so what can I do now?nothing! I’m stuck in this wood with Darius till God knows so I should just focus on protecting myself and getting to the safe place Darius mentioned. I should protect myself from Dark creatures that want Me for being a redhead witch. I started tracing the path back to where Darius and Kian are resting)


(I heard someone calling my name in a low tone then I looked around but saw no one..that voice doesn’t sound like Kian or Darius’s voice)

“ that you Kira?”

(I turned towards the direction of where the voice came from then I saw someone in front of me. I closed my eyes severally not wanting to believe who I saw trying to see If he would disappear. It must be that I’m hallucinating again but no! He didn’t disappear! He was standing right in front of me with a bright smile on his face! I was Happy to see him! Finally I get to see him again! Not minding if I was imagining I rushed towards him and hugged him and he did the same! Then I began to sob in his chest)

“I miss you kira”

(He whispered into my ears. Forgetting everything He’s done to me I repeated the same words)

“I miss you too Max”

” now that i have found you let’s return home together! Come with me Kira!”

(He grabbed my hands and dragged me towards another path. Hold up! What is going on?! Don’t be a fool Kira! How find Max Find me? He shouldn’t ask me to leave with him so suddenly without any questions. The max I know will have apologized for his wrong doings first before dragging me with him..he won’t even drag me, he would have carried me instead. He would have asked me about the man that abducted me and probably try to fight him for taking me away without a notice. And this max smelled different than the one i know. Max had a birth mark on his neck but this one doesn’t have any. I tried to stop but he continued dragging me along with him. I can’t go with him even if he is Max – I need to protect myself)

“Wait up Max – listen to me Max”

(He didn’t stop and we were moving faster than I thought into the wood)

“I can’t go with you”

(I jerked free)

“What are you saying?”

(He asked with anger burning in his eyes)

“I can’t come with you yet cause I have to protect myself”

“I can protect you just come with me – you don’t belong here..your family needs you they are waiting”

(As much as I want to go with him – I just can’t! I have to think of myself! Going back home to my family when Darius hasn’t settled anything yet might bring trouble to my entire family. The one who want me will kill everyone of them just to get me)

“I am not coming with you Max – tell my family that I will return home when the time comes. Bye”

(I turned to leave only to bump Into a boundary building up. What the hell is he doing?! I turned to face Max but he wasn’t there anymore. I was met by a Pair of crimson eyes. He was now dressed in a black cloak with some metal attached to his body. I have no idea who he was)

“Will you come with me willingly or not?”

(He asked stepping closer to me)

“Please let me go!”

(I screamed when he grabbed my wrist again

I saw a black mark on his wrist then I realized he wasn’t just an ordinary man. Another Dark Creature! Then I screamed)

“Darius! Somebody help! Darius!”

(Thinking he was doitng to appear out of no where)

“He won’t find you! That wall won’t bring him to us! You’re mine now! You belong to me!”

(His hold on my wrist tightened as I fight him. He stared intensely at me and I stared feeling weak. No!No!No! He was draining my energy! He was too strong and I couldn’t fight him anymore. He deceived me by using his power of illusion)

“Drift in Beauty”

(That was all I heard before I blacked out)

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