The Red Moon 2

The Red Moon 2 – episode 10 & 11

EPISODE 10 & 11
Same night in Gezos city after the destruction of buildings by Derick with Michael’s face, people began to mo-n the dead ones especially relations. Though it was still early for citizens to go to bed, but none could be seen outside. Vehicles seized to run on the road, thus making the city look like a des**ted one. Only the sound of police siren could be heard and their blue and red light seen at any place they passed, looking for Kira whom they solely believed was Michael Nelson.
Lucky took Vera to their house because she refused to go home to her twin sister. She couldn’t stand her yelling and complaints on how she hated their brother to see him dead again, so staying away from home became the best option. She could be seen lying on Lucky’s thighs in a way her legs stretched forward while her head felt the softness of the young boy’s thighs with her eyes blinking continuously to prevent unseen tears. She had been like that for a long time until Lucky touched her cheek saying, “You have been like this throughout today. What’s the problem?”
“Lucky, am i wicked to my brother?” Vera returned the question.
“No, you are only trying to bring justice for his actions. You have your father’s character”
“But why can’t my twin sister see it that way?” She stood up to the window while Lucky watched her steadily. She turned with eyes full of droplet tears. “I know i’m scared, i know i once revealed Michael’s identy which was the reason why he wrote my name on the death note. But i apologized to him, i tried all i could to talk to him as a brother but he hated me the more, he never gave me his attention then made sure i die. He even tried to shoot me for the second time after i was raised with the life note. Is that not wickedness? So why am i called wicked by my own twin sister? Is it because Michael loves her more than he does to me right from childhood? I’m so confused and feel unloved. Where have i gone wrong?” she broke down to a total cry, but found herself doing it on Lucky’s shoulder who had embraced her in consolidation.
It was really heartbroken. The poor girl said nothing but the truth. Right from childhood, she had always noticed Michael having more lovely time with Dera than her, but never cared even though she felt jealous. Once upon a time when they were nine years old, Michael was thirteen, Vera stood at a window from upstairs watching Michael and Dera play with a balloon downstairs. She was extremely beautiful wearing a light gown and having natural long hair. As she watched them from the window feeling jealous, her mother came from behind.
“Vera, what are you looking at?” she asked but the child never responded. The mother had to open the window curtain widely to see with her eyes. She saw Michael and Dera laughing and playing with the balloon, then she sense jealousy from Vera’s eyes. “Do you want to go join them, sweetheart?” she asked again.
“No, mother” Vera replied with a tiny pitch voice.
“My brother doesn’t like me”
“Oh, no, not at all my dear” the mother squat down before her. “You are a twin and your brother loves you as much as he loves Dera, okay?”
The poor child nodded her head positively without a trace of smile..

Up to this moment that Vera cried on Lucky’s shoulder, she had not believed that Michael loves her as much as he loves Dera regarding how they had been living. Probably it was because many of the things she likes, Dera dislikes them; Something like a horror movie. Or because her body chemistry was totally different from Dera’s; She was known to be strong, bold and fearless unlike Dera. Nevertheless, she dried her tears and disengaged herself from Lucky.
Michael went back to Eldeson’s residence that night after saving the dead by writing their names on the life note. There were twenty in number and he made sure all their names entered into the life note without minding how drastical his own life span was decreasing at every interval he used the note. He followed the window in order to remained unnoticed by Eldeson and his family. Surprisingly to him, immediately he entered into his room through the window, he saw the family at the door staring at him. To complicate issues, the television in his room was still showing the news and his attire was somehow the same with the one Derick used for destruction that night, thus looking more suspicious. He stared at the family steadily without knowing how to cover his way about with fabricated lies.
“It’s obvious, Michael” Eldeson broke the silence. “You are the one causing the problem in the city. We thought you’ve changed not knowing that you are a wolf in a sheep clothing. I’m sorry, you have to…”
“Yes, i know. I have to leave your house” Michael interrupted him. “I know there is no way you guys will believe that i’m not the one behind the pandemonium in the city. I’ll gladly go. Thanks for the little care” he began to look for a way to take both the life note and death note in their presence, but couldn’t, so he requested saying, “Do you mind giving me a minute?”
The family didn’t say anything as all left the room. Prisca was the last to leave after staring at him for a while. He collected the notes then set to leave the house. Just at the exit, beside the flower pot, he turned to see the family looking at him as a way to say; bye bye. Suddenly, Eric ran to him, both chopped knuckle then he said, “I love you boddy”
Michael smiled. “I love you too” he replied. His eyes went to Prisca just as Prisca’s went to his for a reason best known to them as if they communicated not only with their eyes but also with their hearts.
Michael left.
The sun rose from the East. It brightened every living org-nisms on the face of the part of the earth, and reflected on aluminium windows. In front of a house beside Derick’s residence, there sat an old blind man who happily recieved the vitamin D the early sun radiated. He had a sun glass on his face and wore a longsleeve sweater. In between her legs was his walking stick. He only heard the footsteps, sound of vehicles and chattering of people but couldn’t see them. Beside him was a radio that broadcasted the sudden awakening of the twenty people who died the previous night.
Debby passed the house after a glace at the old man then stopped at Derick’s door. She always had her bewitched appearance like an upcoming human deadly devil. Before she knocked on the door, Derick opened it. He had a school bag behind him as he narrowed his eyes to know wether his school bus was on the way coming or not but Debby interrupted him.
“Hello, little boy”
“Hey, i’m not little”
“Are you old enough to be my boyfriend?”
“Sure, a man is never little for a woman like you”
“Wow, i guess you have a big hoe to work on my vineyard then”
“What do you mean by that?”
“Its a s€×ual coded word”
“Oh!” Derick smiled nodding his head after decoding the statement. He suddenly frownd and said, “Who are you and what do you want?”
“I want the death note” Debby was a straightforward girl. She asks and go for whatever she wants without hiding her feelings or her mouth.
Derick wasn’t the only person surprise at her request even Dakiti opened his mouth in amazement.
“She must be the person i detected at the window last night” Dakiti told Derick. “Gush, she looks hot!” he added.
Derick smiled as if Debby was joking. “Are you okay? Do i look like Michael Nelson to you?” he asked her.
“Yes, you looked like him last night” Debby replied, giving him a deadly look. “Listen, young boy, i’m the only one who knows your true identy, I’ll broadcast it to the world if you don’t give me that note” she handed a card to him then continued. “I give you twenty-four hours to make up your mind otherwise the police will come for your ass in stead of Michael’s” she turned to leave but suddenly came back and said, “Oh, don’t even try to write my name on the death note coz it won’t work. Why? Because i died and woke up with the help of the life note” she laughed as she catwalked out. “Little boy” she concluded from a distance in a way Derick didn’t hear it but people around heard her.
“Wow, she’s so mean!” Dakiti shrieked with two hands on his head. “What are you gonna do now?” he asked.
Just then, the school bus arrived and Derick entered without replying him. He sat down beside Prisca again in the bus, looking worried.
As usual, students chatted in,side the bus about the striking of Kira the previous night without knowing that the person himself was in the bus.
Prisca observed Derick’s quietness and said, “Good morning”. He didn’t reply rather rested his head on the seat. “Who got you upset?” she added, yet the young king didn’t respond. So she ignored him for a while but later said, “Can i have your number?”
Derick sluggishly turned his head to her as if suffering from neck pains. “Why do you need my number?” he asked.
“To call you of course” Prisca smiled.
As smart as Derick was, he didn’t give her the same number he used to call the police rather gave her a different one. “I guess you’ve confirmed that Michael Nelson is still the Kira after watching the news last night?” he managed to say.
“Yeah, maybe i was wrong about him” Prisca replied.
Michael slept in his old vortex where he use to operate from. It is located outside the main city. He was surprise to see the television and computers still functioning, but the environment looked nasty. His next target was how to meet the new Kira as they discussed on the phone. As he strategized, a knock came from the door of the vortex. Shakiti first looked at him before directing his two scary eyes to the door, just like Michael. Who could be knocking at the door? That was the first question that he asked himself. He knew that no other person knows the place except Lucky. Could it be Lucky? If yes, what’s he doing there? To avoid being dead for the second time, Michael brought out the death note for the first time, walked to the door, peeped through the knob to see Lucky standing alone. He exhaled, hid the note and opened the door. He walked in,side the vortex without exchanging words with him.
However, Lucky didn’t take any step further; he stood very close to the door. Of course he saw Shakiti then waved at him.
“Hi Lucky, long time” Shakiti replied with his smiling face.
Another tranquility came into the room, yet Michael had not said anything to him neither did he give him a face. He was busy working on one of the computers. When he couldn’t bear the ghost mode, he asked without raising up his head, “What are you doing here?”
“I was hoping to see you here” Lucky replied.
“Now, you’ve seen me. Why didn’t you come with the police?”
“Because i love you just like your twin sisters”
Hearing that, Michael raised his head up in a way he looked at Lucky like a child who uttered a blasphemy. “Vera doesn’t love me” he said.
“No!” Lucky stepped forward. “You are the one who doesn’t love her! Have you forgotten how you heartlessly wrote her name on the death note, even after discovering i was in love with her?”
“She made the first move to see me executed by the police! Does that prove a sisterly love?!” his voice became higher than Lucky’s which tried to set the place on fire but suddenly calmed like where a cooking gas was turned off because none of them said anything again.
“But Michael, she’s really sorry” Lucky broke the silence in a low voice.
“What are you doing here?” Michael asked again without looking at him.
“I came to help you” he replied as an afterthought.
“No, thanks. If you wanna help me, go out there in the city and keep your mouth shut”
“But are you really the one behind this?”
Michael raised his head for the second time. “What do you think, Lucky?” he returned the question.
“I don’t know what to think anymore” Lucky spread his hands hopelessly.
“Go, you’ll know in two days time. May be i need your help..” Michael concluded then resumed his work.
Lucky had no choice but to do as he said coz he trusted him to always have a way out of every situation.
Few hours remained for Michael and Derick to meet as discussed on a coded phone call. Both had strategized for the deadly mission having only one thing in mind which they must come back with after their meeting. Already, the city had been calmed for that two days. No news about Kira or Michael, yet the police never stopped investigating.
Dera, who would have called Michael again within that two days didn’t have his number again because she deleted it the day the police tracked her. So she had to go back to Eldeson’s residence only to be told that Michael doesn’t stay there anymore. She became disappointed.
Meanwhile, Derick stood before the mirror in his room, preparing for the meeting. He wasn’t smiling neither was he talking, while Dakiti stared at him from behind. Suddenly, Derick said to him, “Tell me everything you know about Michael and the notes”
“Okay” Dakiti began happily. “Michael they said is as wise as a sapent. He’s very clever! He cannot be killed again with a death note. He works with Shakiti my greatest enemy whom we must kill. You must strive to get his death note in Michael’s possession to be able to see him before writing his name on any of the death notes. Remember, the forged Death Note must be in your hands before your face changes to Michael’s”
“Is that all? Derick quaried.
“Yes, young master” Dakiti smiled. He watched him wore a voluminous shoe, put on a black jacket, wore a handglove, took a very small suitcase and began his journey.
On the other hand, in,side the vortex, Michael prepared to leave. He wore his shoes and a jacket, carried a small suitcase then began to walk out. Shakiti followed him instantly.
“Won’t you ask me any question? Or tell me to advice you? You should have told me to encourage you at least” he kept saying on their way.
“I don’t need any of those” Micheal replied. “But if you have anything to tell me about the life note that you have not told me, tell me now” he added.
“Okay, okay” Shakiti stopped, thinking in a hurry. He hit his head with his hands as if to hit out an inspiration. Before he could remember, Michael had gone far. “Hey, Mike, wait for me!” he ran to him. “I’m just so nervous about this meeting with the new Kira, that’s why i can’t think”
“Then do me a favour and shut up”
“Yes, i can remember, whosoever that is raised with the life note cannot be killed again with the death note”
“I have figured that out by myself already” Michael concluded.

Here came the awaited day by the two clever boys. Both approached to the hospital with blue paint just like the blue sky. The name was St Joseph Hospital founded by a catholic church. It was as large as a Catholic church with two floors above the ground floor. One side of it had several glasses that reflected the evening sun to the south. The southern part had another building, but was exiguous and empty. It was the old hospital before the new one was built, therefore it became useless for the main time.
Michael followed the direction of the reflected light to the old building, making sure he covered his face from sight of people. When he entered, he saw someone who had his face, sitting on a wooden chair-that was Derick who placed a piece of the forged Death Note in,side his handglove. That enabled his face to change like that of Michael’s.
Nevertheless, Michael boldly sat on another wooden chair before him. It seemed to him as if he was cloned coz only his face appeared there. There stood a small table in between them where both placed their briefcases, staring at each other in the eyes. Dakiti and Shakiti stared at each other too, standing behind their boys. They couldn’t do anything or talk to each other coz they were in the human world. They only allowed their boys to exercise their cleverness.
“I guess you brought my two drugs, doctor” Derick broke the silence.
“Yes,” Michael replied.
“Let me see”
“Not until i see your real face”
“What!?” Shakiti exclaimed. “You mean you came all the way to this place to see his face?” he asked but Michael ignored him.
Derick smiled. “I’ll show you my face if i see and test the notes” he conditioned.
To Shakiti’s surprise, Michael opened his box, brought out only the life note and placed it on the table. “I’ll give you the remaining note if you show me your real face” he also conditioned.
Seeing it, Derick smiled. He looked at Dakiti to tell him if the life note was the real one and he responded positively. He slowly removed his handglove then his boilogical face appeared. Just then, Debby came out from nowhere with a gun and stood behind Derick, aiming the gun at Michael. Meanwhile, Derick had collected the life note with a smile.
With the help of Shakiti’s eyes which Michael had, he saw Derick’s full name on his forehead after seeing his real face. “What are you doing Derick?” he asked, looking at the gun in Debby’s hand.
“Now you’ve seen my face but you will not live to tell the story. Even if you write my name on the death note now, the life note is with me aready” Derick replied. He commanded Debby to shoot him which she did before they left with both the life note and the death note.
Moments later, Michael stood up from the ground with a smile. It worked according to plan. He looked at Shakiti and said, “Let’s go”
At the Vortex, Shakiti boild in anger floating from one place to another. “For the first time you acted stupidly! They have won us. You allowed the small boy collect the two notes. Oh, I’m finished! I’m noteless!” he lamented.
“Calm down, Shakiti” Michael began. “Let me unveil my plans to you. You always follow me to wherever i go, yet you don’t know what i do”
“Yes, i do see what you do but i don’t understand what you do. Please, tell me what you did”
“I only wanted Derick to show his face”
“So that the wh0le world would know that he’s the person behind the destructions”
“The wh0le world?” Shakiti opened his eyes. “The wh0le world wasn’t there when he showed his face. It was only you and him”
“Calm down” Michael began. “Just like Derick had a gun woman aside, i had a camera woman aside too” he began to remember….
After Michael called Derick in the presence of Eldeson’s family that day , he noticed prisca’s behavior as one who recognized the voice of the new Kira. That was why he bent down his head staring at the floor then.
Later, Prisca met him in,side his room alone. She stood at the door like a girl who visited her boyfriend for the first time, while Michael sat on the bed looking at her.
“Any problem?” He asked her.
“I just wanna know why your other sister wants you dead by working with the police” Prisca replied.
Michael smiled. “Her name is Vera, it’s a story I’ll tell you later. Now, tell me your own story. How was school today?” Michael wanted to get an information from her.
“Fine, just this guy that is asking me out for a cup of coffee Prisca smiled.
“Is it the same guy that i called on the phone downstairs?”
Prisca became confused. “I dont understand” she said.
Michael stood up to her and said, “I saw the way you behaved when you heard his voice. Is he the same person or not?”
Prisca began to vibrate coz she was marveled at his sensitivity. “Yes, the voice sounded like his own” she replied, feeling her heartbeat…
Michael continued explaining, “I tried to convince Prisca that the same guy who wanted to take her out is the new Kira but she never believed. I told her to ask him his number at school the next day. If it corresponds with the one i called with, then she’ll believe. But Derick was wise enough to give her a different number. So in order for me to convince her the more, i decoded the telephone conversation for her and told her to stay somewhere at the hospital and capture everything that would happen between the new Kira and i with a video camera, so Prisca was the camera woman…” a knock from the door interrupted him. Prisca entered and handed the video to him.
“It has everything starting from when Derick entered into the building” she said breathing heavily.
“Thank you” Michael played the video in Shakiti’s presence and he saw everything that happened in the building. “Now, with this, the wh0le world will know that i’m innocent” he concluded.
“Wow, clever!” Shakiti exclaimed. “But what about the notes?”
Michael opened a chest of drawer, brought out another death note. “They only took the fake death note. This is the original” he raised the note in a way Shakiti saw it, while Prisca stared at him, wondering who he was speaking with. “Also, i knew that Derick would bring a gun or have a side gun woman, so i had Lucky bring a bullet proof to me”
“But i heard Dakiti telling the boy that the life note was original” Shakiti wanted to be clarified.
“Yes, it was original, but some pages are with me. After i free myself from the police using this video, i shall go hunt both the notes and Dakiti himself” Michael concluded boldly.
“Hello oh!” Prisca exclaimed with hands spread. “May i know who you are speaking with?” She requested rudely, while Michael and Shakiti stared at her……….

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