The Red Moon 2

The Red Moon 2 – episode 12

Written by Bright Daniel
in,side the Vortex, Prisca waited patiently to discover who Michael was speaking with. She had an idea that it might be invisible Shakiti since Michael possessed the death note, but she wanted the cat to be let out of his own bag. Regardless her slim stature, she always like wearing a trouser as slim as her body, looking like a young model. Just a mino inch remained for her flat buttocks to be in the same flat rate with her back. On her chest were developed br-asts which n-pples had not fully formed. Nevertheless, she was a young beautiful girl any man would admire and would not only love to go to bed with but also to the alter if, at all, he would also tolerated her aggressiveness.
“Hello!” Prisca shouted again when Michael seemed to be dumb by her query. “You have been talking to yourself since i came in. Don’t tell me you’ve registered in the field of madness” she added.
Shakiti laughed. “This girl is funny” he said.
Michael put back the death note into the chest of drawer. He was never in a hurry to answer questions. He must think, digest the question before giving out the answer. That was actually what he was doing to Prisca’s question. Therefore, after locking the drawer, he straightened up in a way his eyes went straight to the young princess. “I’m not alone, Prisca” he said then placed two hands in,side the pockets of his jacket. “I was talking to Shakiti” he added then watched to see her reaction.
“You mean Shakiti is in,side this room?” Prisca looked around.
“Yes, he’s standing right behind me” Michael replied.
“So you lied to my parents”
“I lied to stay with your parents”
“Becsuse i wanted to stay”
Both remained quiet. The quietness stretched from in,side to the outside. They only heard the movement of wind which occasionally vibrated closed windows and the door. Michael thought the next request she would make would be to see Shakiti, but she never showed interest on that, rather broke the silence with a different quary.
“Now you’ve gotten the video, what next?” she asked.
“Nothing that concerns you anymore. Your work is done here. I appreciate your cooperation” Michael replied, staring into her eyes to collect data on why she wasn’t anxious to see Shakiti.
“Okay” Prisca turned to leave. The small butt she had shook along with her wa-ist as she proceeded to the door. Just before she clutched the knob, Michael called her, so she turned only her head to him, waiting to hear his reasons.
“Do you love him?” Michael stated his reason.
“You mean Derick?” Prisca slid her hair away from her face.
“Yes, do you love him?” Michael repeated. His hands never left his pockets neither his eyes from the girl’s eyes.
However, Prisca had not responded to the question. After staring at Michael for some seconds, she finally clutched the knob and went out without replying the quary. Michael exhaled as he brought out his hands from the pockets of the jacket, while Shakiti exclaimed.
“Wow! Why did she not request to see me? You know as human beings do; they are normally curious to see what they cannot see. That girl is weird”
“She knows what she’s doing, and she has her reasons” Michael replied.
On the other hand, Derick rejoiced to have accuplished his own side of the meeting too. He was found in,side his room with Debby and Dakiti. On the bed were the life note and the fake death note they got from Michael. One could see the sun-set through the window, thus making a ray of light into the room. Meanwhile, Debby had not touched any of the notes, be it the forged one or the fake one, even the life note. She waited for Derick to proceed because they had a deal before the meeting with Michael held. On the deal, Derick called her with the help of the card she gave to him on his way to school a day before the previous day since he didn’t want her to reveal his identity to the police. He promised her half of the forged death note if she kills Michael on the meeting. Now, she has accomplished her part of the deal by shooting Michael during the meeting without minding if he really died or not, so it was now left for Derick to fulfil his own promise.
Yes, Dakiti was in,side the room with them but Derick was the only one who heard and saw him coz Debby had not had a hand on the forged death note.
“Little boy, what are you waiting for? Give me half of..”
“Hey, i’ve told you, I’m not little” Derick interrupted Debby. “I need to have a word with my Dakiti first” he added.
“Oh, there is an invisible Dakiti” Debby looked around. “Interesting” she added, waiting patiently.
Meanwhile, none of them knew that the death note on the bed was fake except Dakiti who floated to Derick’s side with much inquisition.
“Derick, the death note Michael brought to the meeting is fake” he said as if to whisper into his ear.
“Why didn’t you tell me?” Derick asked him.
“Everything happened so fast. I told you the boy, Michael, is very clever. On our way out from the nasty old building of the Christians, i saw him standing up after this Debby of a girl shot him. No doubt he had a bullet proof on him. Oh, Michael, what a clever boy he is”
“Shut up!” Derick shrieked to the extent Debby startled without knowing why coz she neither heard their conversation no saw the Dakiti. “Michael is not clever than i am” he boasted. “My main intention was to get the life note so as to be killed and wake by it, after which i cannot die again by any death note. So my plans worked” he looked at Debby then continued. “Dakiti said Michael didn’t die. Also, the death note he brought is fake”
“That’s none of my business. We had a deal” Debby replied then glanced at the fake note. “Wait, you were not planning to give me the fake note, were you?” she rhetorically quary tag then chukled in a bad manner. “Listen, boy, i want the note you use for destruction, not some fake stupid note!”
“Fine!” Derick exclaimed. “I’ll give you half of the death note as promised, but you must disappear with it and never come back. First, you have to kill me and write my name on the life note” he added.
“That’s a great sacrifice coz i will have to lose one year of my life span, but i’ll do it in as much as i have the real death note” Debby hurriedly took the life note from the bed to Derick’s surprise. She opened it to see it lesser than it was when she first saw it which means that many pages had been torn out.
“Wait, how do you know the conditions of the life note?” Derick asked her.
“Are you kidding me? It first came to me but i didn’t like it. I had an invisible Ashanti too, though i don’t know where she is now, leaving her note to the world. I wonder how Michael got it. That boy!” she took a pen.
“Wow!” Dakiti exclaimed. “She’s an old cargo on the note stuff” he added surprisingly.

Debby shot Derick dead as he requested, then wrote his name on the life note. Right in her presence, he stood up without seeing the h0le created by the bullet when he was shot. Just as he promised, he brought out the forged death note, counted half of the pages and tore them out for Debby who happily collected them. At that point, she was able to see Dakiti.
“Oh, you are Dakiti” she said.
“Yes, the god of death” Dakiti replied.
“Michael’s Shakiti is also the god of death.. wait.. are both of you kind of dragging the position? Well, i don’t give a demn. Thank you for the transaction” she left the room for good.
Derick began to pack his belongings after that. His face didn’t look funny as he gathered his things. He had been the only one in the house. The person he called his mother wasn’t his biological mother. She hærdly get time for him, so if he even leaves the house, she won’t worry much.
Derick lost his parents five years ago. He can’t forget the moments his late father came back home vomiting blood until he took his last breathe. He cried as a teenager and wondered who would praise him as a wise boy coz his father normally complimented him on that. Naturally, he was wise but cleverness has grade. Derick never wanted to believe that Michael was more clever than him. Therefore, destroying buildings with the forged death note became the least of what he wanted to do. He wanted to challenge Michael cleverly which prompted the sudden packing of belongings. He placed the forged death note and life note in,side his bag before putting his few clothes. Just as he packed, Dakiti said, “What next now? Why do you want to leave your house?”
“Don’t be dumb, Dakiti” Derick began. “Have you ever wondered why Michael came all the way to st Joseph old Hospital just to see my face. It wasn’t because he needed it to write my name on the death note. There is no way he can get hands on my own death note by killing me, so he didn’t request for my real face for that reason”
“Then for what reason did he request it?”
“I believe he had a camera somewhere which captured my face. He would need it to convince the police. But before he does, I’ll be gone to come back for him”
“Wow, clever! But where are we going now?”
“To strategize and get out of police sight” Derick hung his bag. “It’s time to defeat Michael and Shakiti” he concluded and went out, leaving the fake death note and a note to the person he called his mother on the bed.
Now, they were three people on Gezos city who had death notes in their possessions and wouldn’t want to share it with another person. These people were Michael, Derick and Debby. Each has an invisible god of death except Debby who her mission with the forged death note still remains unknown, which is to say that the unknown was about to happen in the city. It will be a great burden to bear when she finally strikes, talk more when another red moon will appear. Gezos city gonna be a city of tragedy when such time comes.
Nevertheless, the Sun had given way for darkness. Crickets chirped along bushy roads and notorious insects exercised their wings and proboscis, looking for who to s-ck their blood. If they had the idea of the condition of people in the city, they will do fasting without prayer in order to let citizen tackle the problem at hand first, but it was none of their business.
Michael surged forward to the police station boldly, though with his face covered. Immediately he stepped into the vicinity, he unveiled his face, standing at a s₱0t.
“It’s Kira!” nearby policemen shouted aiming their guns at him. More of them ran out from in,side still with their guns aimed at one person. Even as they were still with such weapons, fear gripped each of everyone of them because they didn’t know how he would strike. Thus, he was gradually becoming god of the new world whom even a policeman with a gun can still be afraid of. Sir Rick came out that moment staring at Michael in the face, wondering the type of human being he was. Can the person whom they have been looking for come to them freely for no reason? It marveled him. He knew that by just a command, hundreds of guns which aimed at him would send him to the land of the dead for the second time, but he never gave the command. He wanted to know his mission. Therefore, he said, “I don’t know how many times i will have to kill you, Michael”
“You can’t kill me, Rick, unless i allow you to do so, just as you couldn’t find me and i came to your domain all by myself” Michael replied, then sir Rick became shocked by his words because it was nothing but the truth.
“Bring down your gun!” he commanded his men and let Michael into the interior part of the station where computer operators found. All stared at young Michael with fear, wondering why he had to visit his greatest enemies.
“I’m here for good” Michael begain. “I’m not the kira you use to know nor the kira you think i am. I’m not responsible for the destructions in the city but I’m responsible for the srange revival of the dead ones to life..” he explained to them how he disappeared from the casket and how Derick and invisible Dakit are responsible for the destructions, then presented the video to them. Sir Rick confirmed the truth after they all watched it. Michael also told them how Dakiti and his own Shaikit are fighting through them which was the main reason of everything, but he was never ready to show them either Shakiti or the death note.
“So because of Dakiti and Shakiti all this is happening in the city?” Sir Rick asked. “Why can’t they go to their world? he added.
“I guess they can’t. One must kill another before everything fall back to place, and they can only do that through me and Derick. The same way i want to touch the forged death note to be able to kill Dakiti, is the same way Derick wants to touch my death note to be able to kill Shakiti”
“Why can you kill your own Shakiti while Derick kill his own?”
“Can you kill your father, sir Rick?” Michael quarried which brought tranquility in the room. Rick wanted to send men to go capture Derick but Michael said, “No need, he’s not stupid. He must have fled to come back. This battle is not of guns and bullets, it is of the mind. The most clever wins. Immediately any of the gods of death dies, the battle will be over. So i’m here to have a free access to deal with Derick if he things he’s more clever”
All this while Michael was talking, Sir Rick’s eyes fixed on the video that displayed on a large television. The lady he saw there looked familiar to him. So he asked, “Is that not Debby?”
Before an answer could be provided for the question, Dera shouted from the entrance. “Michael!!” all eyes went to her as she ran non-stop on the tiled floor. Her bag fell in the process but didn’t care until she embraced her beloved brother warmly with tears of joy in her eyes. Michael was pleased to see her too, therefore he never hesitated to reciprocate the warm hug as all the policemen watched both of them.
“I miss you so much, Mike” Dera said on his shoulder.
“I miss you more, Dera” he replied sliding her hair downward.
After they disengaged, Michael directed his eyes to the entrance again to see Vera standing like an abandoned child. She began to move forward staring at Michael on the face, but her movement was as slow as a snail…….

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