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The Red Moon 2 – episode 13

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(A New World)
Seaon 2
Episode 13
Written by Bright Daniel
Vera surged forward. Her legs suddenly became heavy not because of the shoes in her feet but because of Michael’s eyes contact with hers. Of course she understood that she was moving forward, but didn’t know what to say if she finally gets to him. Lucky showed up from the entrance of the police station at that moment too, watching like every other person in the building to know what would happened between Vera and Michael. The whole drama had the formation of a white wedding where the bride slowly walks on a red carpet from the entrance of the church to the alter to meet her groom. When Vera finally drew closer to Michael in such manner, she stopped without saying a word.
Michael, on the other hand closed his mouth. Though his eyes were on Vera but his mind was on another thing; the same look he used on Prisca, trying to collect data on why she never bothered to see Shakiti at the vortex was the same look he used on Vera, thinking very fast and collecting more data from her eyes. The more he stared at her, the more he saw Prisca’s image on her. Not because Prisca and Vera had a resemblance, but because Michael had not felt comfortable ever since Prisca didn’t bother to see Shakiti. At that point, he remembered that Prisca hated him and also, she was the last person who left his room when he demanded the family to excuse him in order to take the notes. He also remembered how she never said a word when he asked if she loves Derick. All this was a conglomeration of his thought. Nobody understood what went through his mind except him alone, even Shakiti was a dumb ass to his thought. Therefore as all anticipated to hear from him or embrace his sister, he shouted in a loud voice, “Prisca!!!” He ran out of the building in a way he nearly pushed Vera on the floor.
“Michael!” Dera wanted to run after him, but Lucky stopped her on the way.
“Let him be for now” he told her, not because he knew the reason why Michael ran out like a mad person but because he trusted his instincts.
“Who is Prisca?” Sir Rick surged forward.
“Nobody knows” Lucky began. “It’s high time we left Michael to fight this battle coz it’s not of bullets but of cleverness. I trust him. He’s a changed person and must bring all the tragedy in the city to an end. We only need to support him if he needs our help. Definitely he gonna come back” he concluded then looked at Vera who sheded tears. He knew she might still be wallowing in the thought that Michael doesn’t love her as a sister, so he embraced her warmly.
All watched the video Michael brought again before Debby was comfirmed on it. They wondered why she did what she did. They wondered why she had to shoot Michael and siding for Derick. The conclusion was that she did what she did for no other reason but to get a death note because they knew the type of person she was.
“That girl is crazy!” Dera shrieked.
At a place called Tree House, Derick waited patiently for a resson Dakiti did not understand. The place was full of canopy trees which served as shelter, thus giving it the name ‘Tree House’. It had the nature of a garden, garden of Eden precisely because flowing rivers could be found there too. It was located far from the city, and people hardly come there unless some families that loves having a vacation at such place.
Nevertheless, Derick hurriedly walked to the bank of the flowing river, bent down and began to wash his face.
“What are we doing in a bush, Derick?” Dakiti asked him.
“We shall soon leave” he replied, drying his w€t face with a towel.
“What are we waiting for?”
“We are waiting for Prisca. Have you forgotten i had a deal with her?” Derick glanced at his wristwatch. “She’s waisting time” he added then stretched his neck to see if someone like Prisca was coming, but he didn’t.
“I can’t remember. Please, tell me” Dakiti requested.
“When i discovered that Michael does not only live in Prisca’s house, but also hid the truth from her family, i made Prisca to search for his death note and bring a piece to me” Derick began to remember..
Inside the school bus when Prisca demanded for Derick’s number, she was interrogated the more on why she needed the number. Like that wasn’t enough, Derick went on to ask her abstract questions in order to collect data. Though, Debby spoild his mood that day but Prisca was beginning to brighten it. Therefore, after he handed a fake number to her, he said, “I know Michael lives in your house”
Prisca became surprise when she heard that. “How do you know?” She asked, staring at his lips.
“I know you can’t just demand for my number if not that you’ve had a clue that I’m Kira, and you need to confirm it with the number. Also, there is a rumor that Michael’s sister came looking for him at your place” Derick glared at her. “I’m not stupid, Prisca. I may have a secret patterning Kira, but Michael is the enemy to the city”
“What are you talking about?” Prisca had a factitious smile.
“You’ll understand if you do me a favour” Prisca waited for him to continue. Already her hands had started vibrating in fear due to she had gotten herself in between two deadly boys. Derick noticed the quivering hand, then held it and said, “Don’t be afraid, I know Michael lied to you guys that he’s not with any death note. You must do me a favour by searching for the note in his room. When you find it, just tear a small piece for me. That way, Gezos city will be free from strange death” he concluded then collected her number too.
Prisca went home that day, searched for the note but couldn’t see it. She kept searching till the very day Michael was sent out from their house. Already, she had seen and tore out a small piece as told before Michael came back that night from saving lives with the life note. That explained the type of eyes contact she had with him that night before he left. She needed to first accomplish her deal with Michael about being a camera woman before telling Derick that she finally found the death note.
So after the deal with Michael, Derick had to call her on the phone before leaving his house to the Tree House. He placed the cell phone on his ear and said, “Prisca, did you get what i told you?”
“Yes, but I’m not giving it to you coz i know that you are behind the destructions in the city. I witnessed it at your meeting with Michael today” Prisca replied on the phone.
Derick giggled after hearing that. “I knew Michael had a camera but i never expected you to be his camera woman” he changed his voice to seriousness. “Listen Prisca, Michael is a smart guy. Remember how many people he killed before he died and resurrated. Yes, with the help of what you saw at the meeting, you may believe that I’m the cause of the destruction in the city but trust me, i am the one trying to stop Michael. He knows I’m a threat to his mission to destroy the world that’s why he wanted to negotiate with me at the meeting. Only that piece of death note in your hand can stop his plans of destruction. Bring it to me at the Tree House then I’ll show you how to stop him with it” he ended the call, hopping that he had convinced her the more with his lies…
After explaining to Dakiti, Derick added, “I believe Prisca will bring it”
“How sure are you?” Dakiti quarried.
“Very sure coz she was quiet on the phone-call and never tried to call back when i hung up the call”
“Wow, you are proving to be smarter than Michael” Dakiti looked around the lonely area.
Now it’s obvious why Michael suddenly began to look for Prisca because he later figured everything out. He took the next available cab without covering his face. People who saw him inside the cab ran away except the driver whom Michael assured never to harm. Yet, he drove the cab not only with quivering hands but also with fear. He rode him to Eldeson’s house where Michael rushed inside without knocking, shouting Prisca’s name. Rose and Eric came out because man of the house wasn’t at home.
“Where is your daughter?” Michael interrupted the woman.
“She’s not home. What’s the problem?” Rose asked walking down the staircase. “And she never told me her way about” she added.
Michael didn’t answer her, rather ran out of the building. The cab driver drove him again, though without fear. He even found it as a privilege to drive almight Kira around in his cab. Michael boild in anger as he sat on the back seat with Shakiti inside too. Though he was in a sitting posture but his buttocks never touched the seat.
“Michael, when did your sister, Vera, resemble Prisca?” he broke the silence. “You’ll never seize to amaze me”
“I figured out why Prisca never bothered to see you” Michael said. The driver thought he was talking him but later told by Michael not to bother about his soliloquy.
“Really? Tell me why?” Shakiti moped at him curiously.
“She never bothered to see you because she was already seeing you. She only pretended as if she didn’t see you. That means she must have touched the death note in my absent, and no other person would give her the guts but Derick. You know what that means; he must have told her to bring a piece of it to him.
“Heey! I’m finished!” Shakiti exclaimed. “What are we gonna do now? Dakiti is about to win. Oh, Michael!” he placed a hand on his face as if to cry. “If you look left, right, center and you don’t see me, know that I’m dead!”
“Calm down, Derick has to see your face first”
“Immediately he has the piece of my death note in his hands, i’ll not only disappear to him even with everything about me-I’m talking about the death note. Then he will see my face and write my name on any of the death notes. That is what will also happen if you get to hold the forged death note in their possession. Do you know why you must not allow them to win? It’s because if they do, destruction continuous in the city. But if we win, that will be the end of it” Shakiti explained hopelessly.

Michael had to locate Derick’s residence. He barge inside to see the fake death note and the letter Derick left for his mother. After reading the later, he decoded his hiding place from it, then began his final journey to the Tree House.
Meanwhile, Prisca had appraoched there already. She could be seen by Derick and Dakiti as she tried to cross a bridge to the Tree House. The bridge was made of wood, below it was flowing rivers which current was high to the extent it can carry a teenager. Derick ran to the end of the bridge waiting for her with a smile. Just at the middle of the bridge, Michael appeared at the other end in a way Prisca was in between the boys. She was still on the same attire right from when she left Vortex.
“Prisca!” Michael’s voice intrrupted her then she looked back from the middle of the bridge, wondering how he located them. “Don’t dot it! Don’t give it to him. He’s only deceiving you!” Michael added.
“Don’t listen to him, Prisca!” Derick began. “He’s the one deceiving you! We must put a stop for his killings!”
“Whatever thing he must have told you is a lie! Destruction of buildings will continue if you give him that piece of the note. I know you saw Shakiti”
“Come on, Prisca!” Derick concluded.

However, Prisca had started shedding tears without knowing who to believe. It was true she hated Michael, but his cleverness makes her believe him a little. She had known Derick for a long time, so she didn’t also believe he would lie to her. The two boys watched her brought out the piece of the death note, raised it up and dropped it into the river which carried it away until it desolved. She ran to Michael while Derick became disappointed.

Prisca and Michael went back to the police station to see Dera and others there. They became surprise when he came back with a girl whom they believed must be the Prisca he ran out for. Meanwhile, Vera stood close to Lucky, watching them enter from the entrance. Surprisingly to her, Michael briskly walked to her and embraced her tightly. That became the happiest moment of her life, so she reciprocated the hug feeling sorry.
“I wouldn’t have known Prisca’s mission without you. I saw it in your eyes” Michael told her after disengaging from her.
“What do you mean, Michael?” Vera asked coz everybody was as confused as she was…….

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