The Red Moon 2

The Red Moon 2 – episode 14 & 15

EPISODE 14 & 15
Michael suddenly left Vera, looked around the police vicinity to see all of them, including sir Rick, staring at him as if he was their boss even without a uniform, an ID card or qualification of a policeman. They accorded him with such respect due to his cleverness especially when he told them why he ran out of the building, shouting Prisca’s name like a mad man. In conclusion, he said, “I beg for freedom to live, freedom to go home and have a rethink of how this Derick and Dakiti will be defeated once and for all otherwise the killings and destruction will continue”
Sir Rick stepped forward. “Michael, you’ll be allowed to go, but after this battle, you must face all the charges of the killings you did before you died” he said.
“I know” Michael put his hands in,side the pockets of his trouser and staring at one direction. “Yes, i know, Rick. But i guess it won’t be necessary after the battle” he added.
“Why do you think so?”
“Do you know the consequences of using the life note, Rick?” he returned the question.
The commander didn’t reply, rather, Michael’s question became an answer to his own question because he knew the consequences of using the life note. That particular interrogation calmed the building once more. Those who knew about the life note and its consequences pitied Michael especially his sisters. Being a very weak person, Dera began to shed tears and swore within herself never to allow Michael use the life note again!
“Until the battle is over, Michael” Sir Rick broke the silence. “But we gonna exercise our duties to make sure Derick is captured alive and forced to bring out the forged death note in order to end the destructions in the city and send these gods of death to their homes. Also, Debby must be apprehended too because she was found on the video you provided. No doubts she will request for the note from the young boy”
“The girl’s name is Debby?” Michael asked.
“Deborah precisely but known as Debby” Lucky interfered. “She was once the person who found the life note first, but never liked it then wanted to swap it with the death note. Though she never succeeded. Lastly, she’s a crazy bitch”
Michael thought for a while then looked at Rick. “You can do your duty but have what i told you in mind; Derick can’t be found, talk more of torturing him. Moreover, you’ll lose more men if you try to capture him because he won’t hesitate to bring the walls of this building down with the forged death note” he said then turned to leave.
“What do you suggest we do now, Mike?!”
“Use your brain instead of bullets, Rick” Michael replied from the exit without looking back. His sisters ran after him happily including Prisca.
News about Michael’s temporary freedom went over the internet and Derick Parr, as his full name was just discovered, became the topic in everyone’s mouth especially his classmates. Prisca also suddenly became someone her fellow students talked about or rather talked to because they knew she was always in a juxtaposed manner with Derick. Some even concluded that they were dating. Even at that, some never believed the news thereby insisting that Michael must face a jungle justice. Many hated him because they believed he was the one who brought about the red moon at the first time, hence discovering the unspeakable deadly death note which has spread among others and caused tragic death in the city. While few like Eric liked him for no reason.
Nevertheless, Michael went back to his house that night driven by Vera in their late father’s car. When he stepped out of the car, he looked at the vicinity critically to remember the past. He could remember the s₱0t late Gazifa, the meteorologist, interrogated and threatened to expose him to the police. When the sisters noticed his lost mood, Vera, in particular, touched him from behind saying, “Is anything the matter, Michael?”
Michael rubbed his forhead with his hand as if to have a headache. “I’m fine, Vera” he began to walk to the door, while the sisters followed closely from behind before invisible Shakiti.
Also when Michael got to the doorstep, he stopped again remembering the s₱0t as the first place he found the death note. He looked up in the sky to remember how the red moon began to disappear that day after he had picked the death note. The sisters glanced at each other, wondering what came over him, but they decided to let him be.
After entering into the house, Michael stopped for the third time in the sitting room when he saw their late father’s picture which stood beside their late mother’s. “How did he die?” he asked.
“Heart attack, and was buried a week later” Dera replied.
Michael felt sorry coz he knew that his action sent him to his grave. “I’ll like to visit his grave tomorrow ” he said, then began to walk into his room.
“Michael” Dera called on him, moved closer then continued while Vera watched them from a distant. “May i see the life note please?” she requested hopping he grant her the request but Michael started smiling.
“Dera, even before you requested for the note, i knew when you conceived it in your heart and why you need it. But I’m sorry, i can’t give it to you. Moreover, i’m with just some pages not the full note” he replied.
“Mike, stop this stubborness and give me the note or pages, whatever! You won’t use it again. I’ll make sure of that” Dera warned while Michael kept smiling.
“I guess i’ll prepare something for you” Vera interfered twisting her fingers. Michael looked at her, still with the smiling face.
“I’ll join you in the kitchen” he told her.
“Okay” Vera smiled back then proceeded to the kitchen. She was actually looking for an apology opportunity, even Michael himself.

Sooner did the food serve on the dinning table, each person having a plate before her. It was like a reunion ceremony which they had not done for a long time. Dera sat beside her sister, while Michael sat opposite them. One could hear the interval hitting of spoons on the ceramic plates as they all ate happily, forgetting their worries.
Vera suddenly stopped and said, “Michael, i wanna apologize to you for being against you all this while, and…”
“Vera” Michael interrupted her. “You know what Mum use to say when we were young. She said that a fight between grasshoppers is a joy to the cow. Milk and honey have different colors but share the same house peacefully. A single bracelet does not jingle” he paused and swallowed hærd. “Now i fully understand, Vera. Mum emphasized on unity using proverbs. Let’s not fight so that the cow will be sad. That’s unity. I wouldn’t have been able to figure out Prisca’s secrets if you hadn’t come into the police station. I’m equally sorry for my actions. Mum also said that where there is love, there is no darkness. The quarrel of lovers is the renewal of love. He who loves, love you with your dirt” he paused again then continued, “Vera, i love you both regardless of anything. I love you like a brother, mother and a father” he stard at the two girls who had become so emotional. “Just remember these words” he concluded.
Vera stood up instantly, before she could rush to him, Michael had already stood up too then both hugged each other warmly.
“Thank you, Michael, and i love you too” she replied on his shoulder, while Dera smiled from her seat.
Meanwhile, Shakiti who had been watching and listening to them from Michael back said, “Alright, I’ve heard and seen enough. Michael, get me a banana”
“No banana” Michael replied as Vera was returning to her seat.
“Then give me coconut water rice”
“No coconut water rice”
“Which one are you eating?”
“It’s stew rice”
The twins moped at their brother talking to himself as if having a conversation with another person. Though they were surprised but had an idea that he must have been talking to Shakiti. Dera curiously stood up to him and said in a hurry, “I know you’re talking to Shakiti, can i see him, please?”
“Are you sure you want to see him?” Michael smiled because he knew Dera won’t stand his scary face. She can’t stand a horror movie talk more of seeing someone like Shakiti live. If one should cover his face with a fabric at night, Dera would run from him as if she saw the scariest thing on earth. Now, tell me, what mind will she use to stand Shakiti’s scary appearance? Nevertheless, Michael placed a hand in,side his pocket, brought out a piece of the death note and placed it on the table. “Any of you can touch the paper if you want to see Shakiti” he said. His expression alone got Dera scared thereby decreasing the spirit of curiosity in her.
“Michael, you’re getting me scared” she hesitated.
“Hope you wonna see Shakiti. Touch the paper” Michael repeated.
Vera became the first to slowly stretch her hand to touch the paper because she was not as weak and scared as Dera. When she touched the paper, raised up her head, she saw Shakit! “Oh my God! Shakiti!” She exclaimed leaning on the dinning chair.
“Hi, Vera” Shakiti waved at her.
“Oh my God!” she kept shouting at the sight of the unbelievable creature and chuckling at the same time.
Dera drew closer to her. “What? How is he?” she demanded in a hurry.
“Trust me, Dera, you don’t wanna see this” the sister replied.
Meanwhile, Michael had continued eating and smiling at their behaviors. He wished the joyful moment last forever because he had missed it for a long time. Also he knew that in no time, he would join his father, so he needed every possible way to make his sisters happy before his death.
Reluctantly, Dera touched the piece of the death note on the table with her eyes closed. She straightened up then began to open her eyes gradually. Immediately she saw Shakiti, she scre-med with all her strength and fled into her room still scre-ming, while Michael and Vera laughed at her. To make the issue worst, Michael told Shakiti to go in,side the same room and take banana from their refrigerator in order to scare Dera the more.
“Okay” Shakiti began to go.
“Mike!” Vera shouted. “Do you want to kill her? Dera gonna feint in,side the room” she added.
However, Shakiti had entered into the room without using the door which scared Dera the more and her scre-ming voice increased to the extent Michael had to rush in,side and embraced her. “Calm down, Dera” he said, then began to tell her how unharm and friendly Shakiti was. In the process, Vera entered with a phone in her hand.
“Mike, Lucky called. He said Derick has destroyed another buildings” she reported.
For more than two days Gezos city experienced another tragedy. Nobody knew the cause of this particular destructions because nobody saw the hand that did it. Michael and his sisters arrived at the scene to see Lucky there. Sur Rick and some other policemen were there too, watching how dead and injured people were being carried out. Michael looked around to see bold writings on the road and walls of buildings which says: BEWARE OF THE DEATH Ds, AND DO NOT COME OUTSIDE TOMORROW.
“No doubt it’s Debby’s handwriting” Lucky approached.
“Why would she give such a command?” Vera added.
Michael said nothing but thought critically with his eyes roaming about the vicinity. Truly Debby was the cause of the destruction coz she loved power which was the actual reason she needed the death note. She wanted to be someone whom people get scared of and flew from whenever they hear her name. No wonder she gave order never to see anyone outside the next day.
After Michael roamed around his eyes, he rushed to the wall where the instruction was written boldly. “Death Ds” he murmured, looking at the letter D. Suddenly, he turned to the people there saying, “Though Debby might be the one who wrote this but she’s note working alone”
“What do you mean?” Sir Rick quarried.
“Debby has teamed up with Derick and Dakiti. Thèir names start with the letter D that’s the meaning of the Ds; Debby Dakiti and Derick. I just wonder why they gave such command” Michael turned to the writing on the wall again. He averted his eyes from there to the dead people where he briskly went to, brought out a pen and a page of the life note. Dera noticed what he wanted to do, so she ran to him likewise her twin sister.
“Michael, what are you trying to do?” Dera wanted to fling the paper from his hand but Michael prevented her with his face changed as if he would harm her if she doesn’t stay away. That got Dera scared then she made her voice meek. “Please, Michael, you’re killing yourself gradually”
“Michael, please, listen to us. We don’t wanna lose you” Vera pleaded too.
“As long as i live, no one must die through the death note again. And this death stops tonight! D-team has bitten more than they can chew!” Michael’s voice echoed angrily. The sisters watched him write several names on the page of the life note, wondering how he knew all thèir names. Instantly, in their presence, the dead began to raise to life. Michael ran to another collapsed building where the dead could be found too. He wrote their names and ran to another one until he made sure all who died by the note woke up to life. They were fifty in number. After meeting sir Rick and others, his phone rang. He looked at the familiar number to be that of Derick. He picked and put it in loud speaker.
“Michael, we gonna end this fight tomorrow” Derick began on the phone. “Nobody must be seen outside except you and us. You must give me the real death note at the count of ten otherwise each building will collapse with all the residents in,side it. And i know that your life span is dramatically running down, so before it finishes, you must hand over the death note to me tomorrow at St Joseph cathedral Catholic church, twelve noon. If i notice any movement order than yours tomorrow, the number of the movement i’ll notice is the number of buildings that will fall with residents in,side them. Also the number of minutes late you fail to show up at the cathedral will be the number of buildings that will collapse, so you must not come a minute late ” the line went off.
“Alright, this kid is crazy” Sir Rick said.
“Neither is he joking” Michael added. “We must abide by his rules coz i wouldn’t want anymore death or destructions. Leave everything to me. It gonna end tomorrow” he concluded.
The lives of citizens of Gezos city dramatically rested in the hands of a young boy called Michael Nelson coz the news that nobody should be seen outside the next day had been circulated. All did nothing but hopped Michael saves them. How can he possibly do that when, if he gives the real death note to Derick or not, destruction will still continued. Therefore the best thing that would save them is if Michael gets his hand on the forged death note and eventually kill Dakiti and his agents. That was a great task for Michael which requires all of his brain cells.
He sat in,side their sitting room with his sisters, Lucky, and Nelly who came in that night. She was more than pleased to see Michael, but sad that he had a dangerous meeting with D-team the next day. The quietness in the room stretched all over the city where millions of people resided. Just as they wallowed in such mood, the door bell rang. Vera walked downstairs to bring the visitor who came back to the sitting room with her. Everybody turned to them to see a young beautiful girl standing immediately after the staircase-that was Prisca. Unlike her, she wore a fairy gown which had the colour of her hair.
“She said she wanna see Michael” Vera broke the silence.
Michael only turned his face to her from the chair he sat on because his wh0le body suddenly became heavy for him, just like his mouth.
“Yes, Michael, i love him” Prisca said, looking at him.
Others wondered what she said and why she said it. Only Michael understood her, yet didn’t say anything.
“Young girl, this is a very bad time for love issues” Nelly glared at her.
“Michael knows what i’m talking about. Please, spare his life for me. That’s what i came to beg of you” Prisca concluded.
Michael stood up at that moment, looked at her then found his way to his room without a word from him. When he got to his door, he said without looking back, “I need a quiet time” he clutched the knob and entered followed by Shakiti.
“Alright, you can go now” Nelly told Prisca, and she left.
Here came the awaited day. No single being was found outside the city neither did any activity held that day. Even some churches that use to have morning prayers as early as five ante meridiem suspended it that day. The city had the nature of a des**ted area. Wind occasionally blew up some cellophanes along lonely roads as if the day was meant for them. Flying birds even perched at a place, wondering why no human being came outside that day. Weird.
Nevertheless, thirty minutes to twelve noon, Michael prepared to leave as instructed, taking the real death note with him. Immediately he came out from his room, Dera began to shed tears. Nelly was also moved emotional likewise Vera. Not that Michael was going to face his death at the cathedral but the heavy task he beard became the opium of his love ones.
Lucky walked up to him as a friend, placed a hand on his shoulder and said, “I know you always have a way. I know you can defeat that kid. Please, don’t allow any other bloodshed. I trust you”
“Yes, i trust him too coz my own life is also in his hands” Shakiti said. Of course all of them in the room saw and heard him. “Michael Nelson is a coxswain, a master planner, a green snake in a green grass. You can hærdly see him. Before you try to see him, he must have injected his poison into your body. Fear him for he is the god of the new world, just as I’m the god of death” he giggled.
Michael left the house to the cathedral. On his way, people looked at him from their residential windows. His movement in the empty city was like a movement of a child in a ders**t. When he got to the door of the cathedral, he exhaled then pushed it open forcefully to see Debby and Derick at the opposite end. Derick checked the time of his wristwatch; sharp noon. The big bell of the cathedral which was set to ring automatically every twelve noon, rang at the moment. The sound circulated the wh0le city……….

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