The Red Moon 2

The Red Moon 2 – episode 16

Written by Bright Daniel
The sound of the automatic bell from the cathedral which echoed in the empty city shocked both Michael and the D-team. Yet, Michael didn’t make a move into the church. He straightened and narrowed his eyes into the church to see a large metal table at the centre near the pulpit. Beside the table sat Derick and Debby while Dakiti remained invisible in his sight. He averted his eyes from the table to the alter of God to see a large crucifix hanging just after the tabernacle which was covered with white fabric. Beside it was a large candle that burnt continuously day and night. Standing air conditioners could be found five times at each walls that leads from the entrance to the alter. As if that wasn’t enough, ceiling fans mounted one hundred metres away from one another until it circulated the wh0le church. None was found at the alter because of interruption of burning candles. A narrow passage could be found from the entrance, straight to the alter with hærd long wooden chairs at both sides.
Nevertheless, Michael surged forward into the church through the passage with the real death note in his hand. He didn’t need to hide it anymore. He kept moving forward wearing his normal jacket but was a different one with red color. He had an ash colour jean trouser and voluminous canvas on his feet. The speed in which he used, walking to the D-team opposite him, got them worried. Therefore, Derick commanded saying, “Take no step further, Michael”
Michael stopped at the middle of the passage to hear from him. He saw both the life note and forged death note on their table. Only the forged death note was flipped opened with a pen in Derick’s hand, waiting for the right time he would use it to write Shakiti’s name after taking the real note from Michael and eventually seeing Shakiti’s face. Also, he was ready to write down the falling of any buildings as he told the previous day if he detects any movement order than Michael’s. Michael understood all that, then waited for the young boy to continue.
“I have you and the entire world at hand now,” Derick began. “So tell me, Michael, who is the god of the new world now? Who is wiser? Who is smarter? You gonna give me the real note without any force, and must do it at the count of ten” he instructed Debby to go collect the note from him.
“Can i ask you?” Michael demanded thereby preventing Debby from stepping out to him. “What grade are you in high school?” he asked.
“Final grade” Derick replied. “Oh are you surprise that someone in high school is trying to defeat someone in the university like you?” he mocked with a laugh.
“I’m no different from you coz i just entered into the university”
“So what’s your point?”
Michael kept quiet, watching as Debby catwalked to take the note from him. Her shoes took the usual sound of the floor like one pounding pepper in a mutter. When she drew closer, Michael hesitated to hand over the real note to her.
“At the count of ten, Mike, otherwise buildings go down crashing on the ground” Derick reminded him then began to cound down from nine, eight, seven… Before the last count, Michael reluctantly handed the real death note to Debby who saw Shakiti behind him at that moment.
“Hey, I guess you are Shakiti” she said.
“Don’t talk to me crazy witch” Shakiti fired.
Debby ignored them, took the real note to Derick and placed it on the metal table. Dakiti smiled when he saw it likewise Derick, his boy, who touched the real death note, looked forward to also see Shakiti behind Michael at the middle of the passage.
“The game is over, Michael” he said and opened the note, raised his pen and placed it on it to write Shakiti’s name. Instantly, electricity came into the cathedral thereby turning on the electric bulbs, ceiling fans and air conditioners. Debby and Derick looked at the metal table to see all the notes disappeared all of a sudden. That got them withdrawing away from the table fearfully. Unfortunately, policemen rounded the building with their guns aimed at them.
“Put your hands in the air!” Sir Rick’s voice came from one of the doors.
Michael walked to the metal table, looked up then smiled. Yet, all the notes remained invisible, even the pen. “Have you heard of the word, magnetic cloak before” he asked Derick rhetorically. “I didn’t do a magic here but applied simple scientific activity which is why these notes remained invisible to you”
“Where are they?” Derick asked, but later regrated asking.
“They are on the table” Michael replied. All looked at the table at the same time, yet didn’t see anything. “I went ahead of you, Derick” Michael began to explain….
That night after Derick called Michael on the phone requesting to have the real death note at the cathedral, Michael and sir Rick alone had to travel to one of his lectures. The man was very old but strong and kicking. Mr Fresh, as he was known, had been their physics laboratory lecturer. He became surprise to see almighty Michael in his house with a police officer. They sat in the sitting room to rub mind for such visit at such time.
“I need a magnetic cloak” Michael went straight to the point.
A superconductor can cloak a magnet’s field, but its own magnetic effects must be offset by a ferromagnetic coating for it to avoid detection (right panel). Physicists have already unveiled invisibility cloaks that can hide objects from light, sound, seismic and even water waves.
Mr Fresh understood the instrument Michael requested for. He didn’t argue much on why he needed such instrument because he was aware the condition of the city. He kindly stood up from his chair and said, “It’s at school”
They all went to the school, took the cloak to the cathedral. They set it above the metal table which had magnets under it thereby serving as a magnetic field.
“When the light is turned on, any object on this table which is also a magnetic field will become invisible” Michael explained to sir Rick as they were walking out of the church using a torchlight.
“Will this work?” Rick asked.
“Yes, no doubts they will use the table” Michael turned, staring at the alter. Sir Rick had to shine his torchlight at it to know what he was staring at. Before he could ask, Michael said, “The church bell is set to ring automatically by every twelve noon. When you hear it, come with your men unnotice”
“Okay” he concurred.
Michael explained all that to Derick and asked in a mockery manner, “So tell me now, Derick, who is smarter? Who is the god of the new world?” He signer Oscar to put off the control switch of the light and the notes became visible again. He took the forged death note and the pen, looked up to see Dakiti. When he drew the pen closer to write his name, they heard the shout of people. All looked outside to see the weather changing to red colour.
“It’s the red moon again!” a policeman shouted…..

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