The Red Moon 2

The Red Moon 2 – episode 17

The red moon appeared again not only in its full form but also in broad day light which signified an abomination because it didn’t only appear at the wrong time but also in a bloody form. Though it was not something new again in the eyes of Gezos citizens but they could be heard shouting and making noises from their residential homes where they couldn’t come out due to the command of the Death Ds. All wondered the next evil note that would fall in the city when they have not even settled the ones brought by previous red moons. It was a confusing moment to the police too, and the Death Ds in the cathedral except Michael and Shakiti because they had an idea of the note for the third appearance of the red moon.
“Humans are now in more trouble” Shakiti broke the silence to the hearing of Michael alone.
“Why? It’s better using the s€× note than the death or life note” Michael induced still with his pen and death note in his hands ready to send Dakiti to hell.
“No, Mike, the s€× note might be fun to use but more dangerous than any note just like s€× itself. Have you had s€× before, Mike?” Shakiti giggled after the question, but Michael didn’t answer him. He concerntrated on Debby and Derick whom the police handcuffed immediately, while sir Rick approached them.
“The red moon is out again” Rick reminded Michael. “What next now?”
“It’s none of my business, Rick. My work ends here” Michael handed the forged death note to him in other to see Dakiti before killing him. When Rick saw him, he opened his mouth to the sight of the scary being.
“Sorry deadly being, you guys need to free us coz you have tormented us alot” he watched Michael write Dakiti’s name on the note which after both the forged death note and Dakiti vanished as a smoke. Therefore, only the life note and the real death note remained on the metal table. Of course Debby hid some piece of the forged death note at home but all vanished along with Dakiti that moment. Michael collected his notes, his magnetic cloak and looked at Rick.
“Gezos city is free now” was the last statement from his mouth. He slightly bow down before the alter of God before walking out of the cathedral. Followed by Derick and Debby who were pushed by the police. Immediately they came out of the church, Michael looked up to see the moon in its glory, having some black particles in it. As he stared at it likewise Sir Rick and others, the moon began to disappear, thus, giving way for the sun, just like the ecl¡pse of the sun which suddenly set in motion to leave.
“I guess it’s over now” Oscar said.
“I don’t think so” Sir Rick replied, hopping Michael say something but he continued moving without saying anything. “Thank you, Michael” he added.
Michael turned at the moment, looked at him again for a reason none of them understood. His eyes were as red as the disappeared red moon due to sleepless nights. He nodded his head a little before proceeding forward.
Michael approached the door of their house then stopped. He wanted to know how many years left for him to die because he would be letting Shakiti go back to his world. Therefore, he turned to him saying, “I’ve completed my mission. You must go back to your world too and never come back. So please, can you do me a favour by telling me how low my life span is now”
Shakiti giggled. “You have only a year remaining” he replied.
Michael became sad with his face down, not because he was afraid to die but because he was afraid to leave his lovely sisters behind. He turned, clutched the door knob and entered. Dera was the first to rush him from the sitting room followed by Vera before Nelly. Lucky shook his hand as a friend then both smiled.
“It’s done. The city is free now ” Michael announced.
“But the red moon just appeared again” Vera said.
“It’s about a s€× note which is none of my business”
“A s€× note?”
“Yes, i wonder who gonna pick that” Lucky clarified.
“So what happens to Shakiti now?” Nelly interfered.
“He should go back to wherever he came from” Dera replied rudely, running behind her sister in other for Shakiti not to scare or pursue her again. Yet, Shakiti slowly went to her without her knowledge then made a scary noise on her ear. She scre-m and fell on one of the cushions, while everybody laughed.

Michael was not only regarded as the hero of Gezos city but as god of the new world. People clearly understood his second mission which was not to kill and destroy but to give life and make peace after he defeated the Death Ds. Many praised him both physically and on the internet. He became someone, that, even a child can tell his story, but nobody knew he had just a year to live.
Michael went to his father’s grave at the cemetery the next day wearing black attire. White tiled graves could be seen everywhere with names tag on them. Flowers could also be found on each of them, both withered and fresh. Shakiti looked around the cemetery then giggled happily.
“What’s amusing you?” Michael asked him without looking back, trying to locate the father’s grave.
“I know these people. They are all in my world” Shakiti replied.
“Did you kill them with the death note?”
“Yes, but was not of my command”
Michael stopped, turned to him and asked, “Whose command?”
“I know you’re a great person Michael, but you must not know the ways of the dead while you’re still alive” Shakiti pointed at a s₱0t. “That’s your father’s grave” he said in a way to end the conversation. Michael headed straight to the grave with a flower. He begged the father for forgiveness then prayed to God to recieve his sole. He never forgot to tell the father that he would join him very soon. Hoe left.
Michael called for a celebration. He only invited his friends, Nelly and Lucky. His sisters didn’t get missing on the dinning table where all sat, eating, laughing and creating a lovely moment. Shakiti could also be seen eating banana at the end of other side of the table in a way he faced Michael as gods of the house. Dera sat beside Nelly while Lucky beside Vera.
Such moment was once observed in the family of late Mr Nelson. He had to call his friends including his children to join him on the dinning table. That was two years before the death of his wife. Michael and the twins were still teenagers, but understood the basics of life. The celebration was as a result of Mr Nelson’s promotion as the chief in commander of the police.
“There is always joy in merriment, but remember thy God in such moments otherwise become like the prodigal son” Mr Nelson began to thank God for the promotion..

Now, another celebration had commenced on the same dinning table but with fewer people and a strang god of death called Shakiti who didn’t mind how hilarious he looked in eating the bananas and licking his fingers. He did not only eat it like he had never seen it before but also like his last supper. Dera had to bring more for him when she noticed the initial ones decreasing drastically.
“There is always joy in merriment, but remember thy God in such moments otherwise become like the prodigal son” Michael began just like his father did years ago. “I must thank the almight God..”
“But we have already thanked Him before eating” Shakiti interrupted.
“There is a need to thank Him always”
“Yes, i know coz he’s the almight God”
“Exactly” Michael began again while Nelly wondered how such a creature recognized the Supreme God. “God has been so kind, that’s why i commit this family to him even after my death” he stopped eating while others became moody, staring at him like a person who was saying his last wishes. “Lucky, there is a reason why i never bothered to write your name on the death note, even after fighting so hærd to see me captured by the police. It is because i know how much you love my sister. So i want you to take care of both sisters even when i’m no more coz i have a little time to live” he looked at Vera then continued. “I’m not only happy to come back for the second time to make up my mistakes, but happy to make up with you too my beloved Vera. I’m happy to see both of you again..” as he talked, the twins began to shed tears. He looked at Nelly. “I believe you’ll see someone who will love you”
“Why are you saying all this?” Lucky asked.
“Coz Shakiti said that i have few months to live as a result of the life note”
Everybody directed their eyes to Shakiti who continued eating happily. When he noticed the steady eyes contact, he said, “I also thank God almight for the second time for making Ashanti sacrifice her life for Michael”
“What do you mean by that?” Micahel asked.
“Do you know the essence of god of life to give up her life because of you. It means you are also a god of life.Therefore, you must not die by using the life note but can die by weapons and by the will of God almighty whom i’ll still thank for the third time”
“So why did you say that i have a year to live?”
“I was only pulling your legs. Your life span still remains untouched. So my dear Michael, you can neither be killed by any death note neither can you die by using any life note. You are now a god of your own. In fact, your second name should be Ashanti” Shakiti began to eat his banana while other smiled at his words. Vera ran to her brother then embraced him happily, likewise others in the building.
“Now, the main celebration begins!” Michael announced.
As they were eating, laughing and chatting, Vera suddenly stood up like someone being controled by a remote. She hurried downstairs, opened the door, and began go to the main road. A car parked opposite their house. Before Vera got closer to it, a door opened, she entered and the car drove off. in,side the car, a young boy placed a hand across her shoulder then admired her attractive br-ast. He have fairy beards on his jaw with his hair barbed like a street rugged guy. He has a fair complexion and an average height. His name was Jombo popularly known as the Bullman.Vera had been his crush, but after a lot of advances without accepting him as her man, he became disappointed, looking for a way to get her in bed coz that was his intentions. Luckily for him, the s€× note came to him.
After the red moon appeared the previous day, Jombo found the s€× note in,side his toilet. Of course he had been hearing about death note and Life note but never heard of s€× note. He picked it up to discover through the window the disappearance of the moon. On the cover of the note, the caption written there was ‘s€× Note’. Nevertheless, he went to his room to see a young beautiful girl wearing only a p-nt and b-ra. She laid in the air, watching a television programme as if lying on the bed. She had a bit dark complexion with a long hair that seems to touch the floor but never did. She also had a per of wings like that of a bat. Jombo gasped when he saw the unspeakable creature.
“What are you doing in my room?”
“Hi there” the girl stood up but her legs never touched the floor. “I discovered that you have my note, that’s why I’m here”
Jombo looked at the s€× note in his hand. “You mean this?” he raised it halfway. “What’s it for?” he added.
The girl smiled, “It’s for fun. All you have to do is to see a girl’s face, write her name and your location on it, she will locate you then have fun with you freely. Though she may know herself and what she’s doing at that moment, but can’t control it until your’re done having s€× with her. Do you wonna try it?”
“Wow! Just like the death note!” Jombo exclaimed. “I’ll like to use it” he added. He looked at the girl. “Why did the note come here and where are you from?”
“My name is s€×y Kiti but you can call me Kiti. I’m from the s€× kingdom. We manipulate humans to do what they do for s€×ual satisfaction. After which we deprive them the plans of the almighty. That is to say, the more you use the note, the more your destiny deviate from good plans of God to bad destiny” Kiti explained.

Now, Jombo decided to use the note regardless of the condition attached to it, and Vera became the first person to use it on. in,side the back seat of the car, he admired her br-asts again, touched it and said, Hi, Vera, remember me?”
Vera turned her eyes to her like a robot. “Jombo Lan” she called his full name.
“Interesting” Jombo smiled. “Bestway Hotel, please” he ordered the driver……

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