The Red Moon 2

The Red Moon 2 – episode 18

Rated +20
At the residence of the twins, Lucky noticed the absence of his girlfriend, Vera. He stretched his neck like that of a giraffe but didn’t see her. Her movement remained stranged to them, but all hopped she went downstairs to get something not knowing that she’s already at Bestway Hotel trying to get satisfied or the other way around.
“What about Vera?” Michael asked.
“Can’t you see how I’ve turned to a giraffe because of her?” Lucky stretched his neck again. Others directed their eyes to the stairway if she would come out from there, yet nothing happened.
Michael stood up alongside with Lucky. They moved downstairs insearch of the young girl thereby doubling the echo of their footsteps at the staircase. After a thorough search, they came back to the dinning table with their hands fixed on their wa-ist. Meanwhile, Shakiti had not had enough of the banana. Dera and Nelly stood up when they saw the boys’ mood like the mood of people whom their football team lost out completely on a live match.
“Where is she?” Dera broke the silence.
“She’s nowhere to be found” Lucky replied.
“How can she just disappear?” Nelly picked her phone, dialed Vera’s number only for them to hear the ringing phone in,side her room. Dera rushed to bring it.
Michael kept staring at all of them one by one using that format to think. He directed his eyes to Shakiti to see him uninterested on their perturbation and inquisition that led to a malicious woozy. He called on him to approach closer in other to tackle the issue with him. Though he went closer to them but regretted being summoned at the point of him and his favourite food. Before Michael could say the reason why he called him, Shakiti said, “Why must you separate me from my last supper? Oh, don’t you know this is my last supper just like the son of God had before humans killed him” he giggled then smelt his fingers not because of anything but to perceive the smell of the banana. “Listen, Michael, i called this my last supper coz i’m ready to go back to my world, taking the death note with me. All thanks to you and God almighty since you said we should Thank him always”
All watched as he paraded his mouth and occasionally licking his l-ips like boys do when they visualize the butt of a girl on their bed which is the typical example of fornication in the heart as bible described it.
Michael had to look through the window again before asking, “Vera is nowhere to be found. She just moved out like someone who was summoned by an evil spirit” they waited for Shakiti to say something.
“What do you think, Michael?” Shakiti returned the question. “Do you really think an evil spirit summoned her. The only evil spirit that can do that is the s€× note. Very evil! It can make you do things without you knowing when you did it or who you do it with?”
“What!” Lucky became more interested because no man will allowed his girlfriend to mingle with another man be it consciously or unconsciously. “You mean Vera is in the influence of the s€×.. Oh my God!” He ran out through the downstairs like a man who forfeited his journey because he heard that his wife is having an afair with another man.
“Dera broke down emotionally. “Michael, please do something” she requested sadly.
Michael looked up at Shakiti. “You won’t go back to your world until i find the promiscuous idiot who has dared me. I must deal with him lividly. Tell me everything you know about the s€× note”
“Hmm.. are you actually commanding me to stay? Remember I’m the boss here. Anyways..” he returned to the dinning table to pick a banana.
“Be serious for once!” Nelly provoked. “How can we get Vera back?” she added, watching Shakiti return with two bananas.
“When last did you have s€×, Nelly?” Shakiti began to eat the banana.
“What type of question is that?”
“I want to know because i think lack of s€× is malfunctioning your medulla just like lack of banana makes me go blank for inspiration” he giggled then turned to Michael who waited patiently to hear from him about the question he threw. He knew he was like that, therefore you must follow him with patience. “Like i said, the s€× note makes you do things without knowing” he began, eating the banana at an interval. “It works the same way with the death note. Someone who uses the s€× note cannot be killed by the death note except his s€×y Kiti who you must touch the note before you see her face and eventually kill her”
“Why cant the death note kill the bearer of the s€× note?” Michael asked.
“Because he’s already dead. He’s just a walking corps”
“I don’t understand”
“As he uses the s€× note, his destiny planned by God almighty who i must thank again will be taken from him. He gonna be usless throughout his life. s€× is as dangerous as the note. So many people are suffering because of s€×; interchanging of destiny”
“I don’t believe that” Michael looked through the window again. “So there is no way this idiot can be found? he asked from the window.
“You’re the master planner. I’ll be glad to see you plan for the very last time” Shakiti giggled. Instantly, Lucky came back sweating. The look on his face sent a bad news to them so nobody bothered to ask him if he saw Vera.
Jombo slowly laid Vera on the bed found at Bestway Hotel. She laid flat with her face up like someone who would say, “Take me and do whatever you wish.”. She wore a per of trousers and a top which she thought would be good for the small family celebration. The room illuminated with white bulbs, and the air conditioner made the environment more conducive. I guess such irresistible temperature made Vera to forget herself the more. Jumbo instantly removed his clothes while Kiti stood at a corner to watch the live p-rnography. When the young man became totally unclad with his big d*ck gradually er-cting, Kiti exclaimed, “Do you wanna kill the girl?!”
Jumbo slightly turned to her. One could see full hair from the erogenous zone to his chest. The d*ck finally er-cted at that point. It wasn’t just big but long too, taking close to eight inches. Veins on the d*ck became visible too. “Why are you shouting? What do you think i’m gonna kill her with?” he returned the question.
“Your d*ck of course”
“My d*ck?” Jumbo looked at his own libido.
“This boy, you’re already making me w-t” Kiti rom-nced her br-ast and bit her l-ips then let out a s€×ual mo-n. “I guess you are an expact on jigijigi” she added.
“What is Jigijigi?”
“It’s the thing you wonna do now, naughty boy” she smiled.
Jombo turned to Vera, climbed the bed then unbuttoned her trouser which he began to drag low until it totally went off. He saw a white p-nt on her wa-ist, admired the s€×y look for some seconds thereby getting his d*ck longing for penetration. He gently rubbed his palm above the p-nt, feelling a small hair from it until he finally put in his hand in,side the p-nt to stimulate her cl*toris, which, at the same time, flung up her top and b-ra and began to stimulate her n-pples with his mouth. Vera responded to the stimulus instanly. She held him at that point, moving her legs and wa-ist ramatically. Jumbo had to take off all her cloth before he resumed the k-ssing and erogenous zone stimulation. One could see Vera’s p*ssy a bit crowded with hair. Her br-ast wasn’t much in size but looked enticing especially the n-pples. Jumbo finally had his way into her vag-na then she mo-ned with a loud voice. Though she wasn’t a V-rgin but the d*ck was definitely too much for her. Nevertheless, at time went on, the vag-na acc-mulated all the length.
Meanwhile, as the s€× went on, s€×y Kiti was busy rom-ncing herself wishing to be the one being bounded on the bed. She placed a hand into her p-nt to stimulate herself too.
Just after the s€×, Vera laid on the bed with her eyes closed as if sleeping. Jumbo slapped her cheek a little but she neither said anything nor opened her eyes. He turned to Kiti.
“Is she dead?”
“No, she’s just a bit asleep. When she wakes, her real mind will also wake with her but won’t remember a thing”
“I need to leave before she wakes” Jumbo began to dress up in a hurry.
“Boy, i love the way you do this jigijigi” Kiti smiled.
“Don’t worry, we shall soon do the jigijigi too”
“You know it’s not possible”
They left the hotel. Of course nobody saw Kiti but Jumbo alone. You must touch the s€× note before you see her

Few minutes after they left, Vera woke up to see herself unclad on the bed. When she tried to hurry up, she felt pains down there which did not only slow her down but also made her scre-med and began to cry.
Lucky and others waited for hours in,side the sitting room of the twins’ residence, using the television to pass time, but none of them looked happy or comfortable. Suddenly, Vera came through the staircase and stood immediately after climbing the stairs. All turned to her without saying a word by an-lysing her body first.
Lucky stood up. “Where have you been, Vera? What happened?” he asked as he briskly walked close to her…….

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