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The Red Moon 2 – episode 2

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(A New World)
Season 2
Episode 2
Written by Bright Daniel
The police didn’t waist time in arguing whether Kira came around or not especially Sir Rick who ignored the twins, walked to Michael’s room and saw a rope lowered from the window to the ground. No doubt Michael escaped from there. Therefore he ordered his men to search for him in the city.
Meanwhile, Michael had run into an unfamiliar building, far away from home. The house had an outstanding look from outside, but the inside was something one can not write home about; it was not cramped rather was void and nasty with broken televisions.
Michael closed the door immediately he entered the house without minding the resident who seemed to be absent. But the loud bang of the door and footsteps stimulated an old man to respond to the sounds by briskly coming out from one of the rooms. He looked tattered from head to toe like a green horn in the field of madness. He stared at Michael at the door just the same way Michael never averted his eyes from him too. Before they could say something, police siren came from outside. Therefore, Michael ran into one of the rooms believing that the man would cover him up. Boom! Sir Rick’s men barged inside to see only the man.
“Any problem Officers?”
“Did any young boy run in here?”
The man shook his head negatively. “Haven’t seen anybody” he replied.
Though as a trained police man, he read his body movement and suspected him. Therefore he ordered his men to search the house which they did and came out with nobody. They set to leave. Just at the door, the leader known as Oscar, turned to the man and said, “Are you aware that Kira isn’t dead?”
“Did he resurrect from dead?” The man took few steps forward after returning the question.
“He escaped from his casket”
“Only God knows how” silence came in between them. Of course the old man knew that Kira was the young man who ran into the house, but what he couldn’t put a finger on was why the police didn’t see him after searching the house. “Report to us if you see Kira” Oscar concluded before leaving with his men.
The man began to gather some of his properties into his bag as if nothing had happened. Even when Michael came out from his hiding place, he never said anything to him rather reached to one of his bags which hung on the wall and took it. Immediately he turned, he saw Michael staring at him thereby preventing him from moving forward.
“Thank you sir” Michael broke the silence.
The man didn’t reply rather continued moving into one of the rooms. Just at the door, his said without looking back, “You can go now”. He came out from the room to see Michael still standing like a lost child. So he ignored him as he began to walk to the exit.
“I have nowhere to go” Micheal interrupted him.
“You don’t have a family?” the man turned.
“My family also wants me dead”
“Just like the city wants you dead for the second time”
The last statement made Michael to understand that the man knew who he was. So he didn’t know w€ther to become scared or keep running coz everyone wanted him dead. But on a second thought, he wondered why the man didn’t reveal him to the police. Therefore, he asked, “You know who I am then why didn’t you tell the police I was here?”
“That’s because my son, Eric, is a fan of yours” the man replied as an afterthought. “He refused to eat the day he learnt that you were dead. But the joy came back when he discovered that you’re still alive”
“Please, sir, help me” Michael moved closer.
“My name is Eldeson. I guess my son will be more than happy to see you in person” Both smiled.
Michael found a new family who were ready to take him as one of their own. He felt it inside Eldeson’s car as they were on their way home. Something never departed from his mind; who could be the person who killed the young boy at his funeral according to his sister, and with which note did he use? Does it mean another person has found Shakiti’s death note? How did I even wake up from the dead? Those questions got him wondering what would happen next in Gezos city. Of course he knew the worst would happen in no time.
Nevertheless, Eldeson pulled over just in front of his house located at a lonely area. They just packed in there after he completed the building. Though the house was made of wood but one hardly notice if not told coz it looked magnificent added to the constant electricity that illuminated the environment and trimmed yellowish flower which could be found round it. It was a storey building but had no fence.
Eldeson entered inside the house with Michael who contemplated w€ther the family will accept him or not. A television broadcasted an animation thereby making Michael guess Eric’s age coz he believed only teenagers or children normally watch animations. It also reminded him of Dera. Both use to watch animations together when they were still very small except Vera who didn’t fancy it. After the remembrance, Michael asked with a smile, “How old is your son?”
“He’s just ten” Eldeson replied then looked up through the staircase. “Eric, I’m home!” he shrieked. Sooner did the ten year old boy come, running down the staircase made of wood, even the sound could tell the material. He hugged the father while his eyes directed to Michael. He looked familiar to him but he didn’t want to believe his eyes. Therefore he averted them back to his father.
“Dad, who’s he?” he asked.
“Guess who?” the father smiled alongside with Michael.
Eric left his father, moving slowly to Michael like a tortoise that doesn’t bother about the fastness of a hare in a race competition. “No way!” he exclaimed in joy. “You’re Kira! god of the new world! I can’t believe my eyes balls!”
Michael didn’t know what to say or do, but he never stopped smiling even when the boy embraced him. It touched him emotionally coz he never believed there was a single person on the planet earth that loved him like the boy. Therefore, he began to remember his past. Though the dream of creating a new world shattered but the love of Eric began to motivate him once again. So the next thing that came into his mind was Shakiti and the death note.
Eric ran upstairs with joy after the father told him that Michael will be staying with them for a while. That was the coolest thing he had ever heard on his ten years old life!
Eldeson turned to Michael. “Let me show you your room. After freshing up, we talk about your past, present and future”
Michael hesitated when Eldeson led the way. “Hhum.. What about your wife?” he asked.
“Oh, she went on a trip with my daughter, Prica. They gonna be back soon” Eldeson replied.
“A daughter?”
“Yes, she’s nineteen. Any problem?”
“Uhm.. no, just that I don’t think they gonna like me around”
Eldeson smiled with a few step forward to where Michael stood like an abandoned child. He understood how he felt, so he began to reinforce him. “The truth is that my daughter doesn’t like you. She never liked you but I’ll talk to her when she comes back” he placed a hand on his shoulder.
“What about your wife?” Michael was still inquisitive.
“Women are always women. Like I said, I’ll talk to them” he replied then led him to his room.
The room given to Michael wasn’t as large and equipped like the one found in his house, but he loved it as if it was the best. He had taken his bath, laid face-up on the bed and began to think about his late father whom he sent to his early grave. There was a rotating ceiling fan which switch was on the lowest point. Michael could hear a rusting sound coming from it at every complete oscillation of a hand of the fan, just like the sound of an old bicycle rode by a famer in the village after a right foot pedal. Suddenly, he heard another sound at a corner. It sounded as if someone opened a refrigerator found an inch from a table. The sound reminded him of Shakiti who normally opens his fridge in search of a banana, so he wondered what could be the cause of the sound because he didn’t want to believe Shakiti could be the one. He reluctantly turned his heads sideways to take a look. To his greatest surprise, he saw the back of a huge man in a black garment who faced the refrigerator in a way only his back was visible to the eyes. His head had no hair and his feet never touched the ground. No other creature came into Michael’s mind except Shakiti. Therefore, he stood up swiftly from the bed without making a move. He could also hear cracking sound of glasses which hit one another from the refrigerator as the unknown creature searched continuously without minding his presence.
“Shakiti?” Michael called dryly with a lump of saliva rushing down his gullet to reawaken a spirit of confidence and to refresh a frightened breathe.
The unknown creature turned from the refrigerator. He had a dry rumpled skin with his mouth widely slid sideways as if smiling but looked scary. He giggled at the sight of Michael. “Hello, Michael Nelson” he said.
“Shakiti!” Michael called again after discovering that he was the one. He glanced at the window to check if there was an appearance of red moon, but he only saw twinkle stars. “What happened, Shakiti?” he stepped forward.
“I can’t find any banana in the refrigerator. That’s what happened”
“That’s not what I mean”
“Oh, I know!” Shakiti floated closer too. “You’ve found a new family. That’s what happened” he giggled after the useless reply. Shakiti was known for hilarious responses even when a situation is very critical, just as it was for Michael at that moment coz he needed to know how he suddenly became the Jesus Christ of their time by resurrating few days after he died. Therefore, he closed the windows and the door immediately to prove to Shakiti that it was not funny. He returned.
“Shakiti, you need to stop playing around. You and I know that I was dead. So tell me, what happened after I died?”
“A lot happened, Michael” Shakiti began, staring at the young boy as if the answers of the question lies in his eyes. “Light and darkness have nothing in common. They are always in conflict, so which do you think is likely to subdue the other?”
Michael became a bit woozy then rolled his eyes around as if the answer of the query was hidden somewhere in the room. But truly, he wanted to remember what his mother taught him about light and darkness. So he looked up at Shakiti and said, “Light always subdue the darkness”
“Okay, between the Death Note and the Life Note which do you think is the light?”
“The Life Note”
“Question answered” Shakiti concluded leaving Michael in more confusion, but he began to clarify, “Your name was written in the Life Note by Ashanti that was why you came back to life”
“You don’t know? It’s because you’re a product of light operated from the dark side” the Life Note appeared in his hands then he stretched it to Michael.
“Why are you with a Life Note instead of the Death Note? Moreover, these notes are curses to humanity” he hesitated to take it.

“No, Mike, the notes are gifts to you. Ashanti died after writing your name on the Life Note coz he knew you’re a product of life. She left the note for you”
“I do not want any of the notes again!” Michael provoked. “I don’t even understand the whole cock and bull fork tale. Why are you even here!?” his voice became loud to the extent one could hear him from outside.
“I’m here to help you save yourself and the enter world” Shakiti replied.
“From what?”
“From the new Kira and his Dakiti?”

“What’s Dakiti?” Michael became enthusiastic. He began to understand why the young boy came to his funeral shouting that he was still alive. Definitely, he saw this new Kira who has his face according to Shakiti. Nevertheless, he listened.
“Dakiti it’s just like me. He is from our world. He is so deadly and wicked. We have been fighting for the possession of the Death Note. When he couldn’t get it from me, he forged another one which he is using through the new Kira to destroy the world. You must stop them otherwise they gonna turn the city upside down, and for you to do this, you must see yourself as a light operating from darkness” he stretched the note once again.
Michael became dumb. “What about the main Death Note?” he asked.
Shakiti spread another hand and the Death Note appeared too. “The Life Note and the Death Note are now in your possession. Gezos city is now in your hands” he stretched the two notes to him again.
Before Michael could take them, a knock came from the door. He also head feminine voices coming from downstairs, then his heart skipped coz he believed the voices were of Eldeson’s wife and the daughter who hate him………

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