The Red Moon 2

The Red Moon 2 – episode 3

Michael knew that nobody could see Shakiti except him so he didn’t bother to tell him to hide from whosoever that was at the door, knocking. He glanced at him before opening the door to see Eldeson who he allowed in,side the room. The look on his face didn’t send a good feeling to Michael. Therefore he asked, “Any problem sir?”
Eldeson didn’t reply rather kept observing the room as if something dibolic could be smelt from the air. His eyes directed to the refrigerator to see it opened. However, Shakiti stood before him with his smiling face, staring as if the man was stupid enough not to see him, knowing fully well he cannot see him.
“This man doesn’t look smart, yet, he has a coconut head” he mocked with a loud chuckle.
Michael wanted to smile at Shakiti’s statement but ignored him so that he wouldn’t cause more suspicion because Eldeson has already begun to suspect him.
“No problem, Mike” Eldeson began. “Just that we don’t lock doors rather you bang it closed for easy entrance” he glanced at the refrigerator again to say something about it but Michael took the words from his mouth.
“I… i.. was about to take something from the fridge before you knocked” he said.
“Is okay” Eldeson patted his shoulder. “The women are back, come and join us in the dinning room. I prepared coconut rice” he added while Shakiti opened his mouth widely for a reason Michael didn’t understand. Therefore, after Eldeson left, he asked him, “Why did you open your mouth at the hearing of coconut rice? Haven’t you heard of It?” he began to dress up.
“Coz my observation about his head was correct” Shakiti replied.
“What observation?”
“The man has a coconut head because he eats coconut rice!”
Michael found himself laughing once again after a long terrible days. That indicated he was happy to have Shakiti back. So after dressing up, he turned to him and said, “I’m happy to have you back, god of death, but i can’t say I love you” he smiled alongside with him before leaving the room, while Shakiti followed from behind. He didn’t need to open the door before passing, he just penetrated through it coz he was a ghost.
Before Michael came out from the room, Eric, the ten years old boy had run to the dinning table happily. He sat down beside his sister, Prisca, while Mrs Rose, the mother, sat at an opposite end with the father. Only Michael was absent.
The dinning room was a small room but had every modern facility that could be found in a dinning room. In addition, it had a television, hanging on a wall where everyone could watch whatever that broadcast on it. White energy bulbs illuminated at the four walls of the room. The building was a dream come true to Eldeson because he knew how hærd he worked to set it up as a man. There was a time he ate on the ground with his wife in,side a local room, but now, he’s not only sitting on a dinning table in,side a dinning room, but also had a television in it. He looked at it then felt happy. His attention went to Eric who began to talk to Prica.
“Prisca, guess what?” Eric looked at her with a spoon in his hand. “Kira is here!”
“Stop joking around, Eric, Kira is dead and gone” Prisca replied. She wore a white crop top and a jean trouser. She had long natural black hair and a fair complexion. She’s slim, but can be very aggressive. The father wondered if she would tolerate Michael’s presence.
“Have you not heard..?” Eric wanted to continue but Prisca interrupted him. However, the parents listened to them carefully, even Michael stopped at the ending part of the staircase when he heard their conversation.
“Yes, I’ve heard, Kira suddenly disappeared from his casket” Prisca said. “If he is caught this time around, I’ll suggest they burn him to ashes instead of burying him” she added.
“But my hero isn’t gonna be caught again coz he’s with us now”
Prisca looked at him. “Why are you hammering that Kira is here? Please, stop coz I won’t hesitate to set him on fire if I see him around this vicinity”
“But Dad brought him home” Eric looked at the father likewise Prisca and the mother.
“Honey, what’s Eric talking about?” Mrs Rose, the wife, asked her husband. Just before he replied, Michael footsteps came from the staircase.
“Yeah, you see?? That’s him, Kira, the god of the new world!” Eric exclaimed pointing at Michael who slowly walked down the stairs like a child that was caught stealing a meat from a pot. Everybody directed their eyes to him in disbelief. Though Shakiti was behind him but nobody saw him……………
Sir Rick and his men began to draw strategies on how to capture Kira, Michael Nelson precisely. His second in command, Oscar, brought a paper then placed it before his boss. Other policemen could be seen operating computers and walking around for emergencies. All had a blue and black uniform.
“I have a special assignment for you” Sir Rick began to tell Oscar. “We gonna track Dera with a tracking device from now without her knowledge coz no doubt she gonna go meet Michael in no time” he handed a tracking device to him.
Oscar collected It. “How am I gonna do It?” he asked.
“I don’t f-ckingly care” Sir Rick wanted to leave but a voice who told him that Kira is on the phone interrupted him. That voice attracted everybody in the building. Some grabbed a headphone while some like Sir Rick listened from a loud speaker. He grabbed a mouthpiece which looked like a microphone and said, “Hello, 911, what’s the emergency?”
A young boy’s voice came from the other side of the phone saying, “Provide Kira and the Death Note otherwise Gezos Hotel gonna crash in the next thirty minutes”
“Who’s this?”
“This is Kira”
“I’m confuse, how can Kira say we should provide Kira? Or is it an irony, Michael? Hello.. Hello…” the line went off. Sir Rick became confused. He thought Michael Nelson was the one who tried to play wise. On the second thought, why and how will he bring down Gezos hotel, one of the biggest hotels in the city with twenty-three storeys. He looked at his men and said, “Everybody, go to Gezos hotel and vacate every occup-nt from there!! Now!! Shoot at any suspicious movement especially Michael Nelson”
Policemen began to run out with their guns. Only Oscar hesitated as he drew closer to Sir Rick. “Sir, how do you think Kira will bring down a twenty-three storey building?” he asked.
“I don’t care. The only thing I care about are lives of people. We can’t afford to lose more in the city” he replied then walked out.
The forged Death Note rested in the hands of a young boy, called Derick. He had a dack complexion with a low cut hair style. Young and handsome. He found the note in,side his school bag on the same day Michael Nelson was reported missing from his casket. The moment was a memorable one.
Late at night, in,side his room, he brought out his bag to do an assignment, he saw the note and surprisingly read the title thus, ‘Death Note’. He wore only a boxers with a white singlet. He couldn’t believe his eyes because never in his life did he believe that the death note would come to him. Therefore, he opened it to see all the pages blank. Sooner did he hear a scary voice from behind coughing then turned swiftly. He scre-med at the sight of who he saw; a scary looking being with eyes big as a table tennis ball. He had some hair on his head but looked as something that had never seen a comb before. Only a trouser could be found on his wa-ist while the other part of the body remained unclad. His lining ribs were visible to the eyes of Derick which made him wonder the kind of being he was. His legs never touched the ground.
“Who are you?” Derick asked fearfully.
“I am god of death” the creature replied.
“No, Dakiti” he floated to him. ” You have something that belongs to me. But never to worry, we gonna use it to rule the world. How would you feel if you become the next Kira?”
“But Kira is alive”
“That’s why you must eliminate him and take his death note if you wanna be the only god of the new world. Hope you want to be like him”
Derick looked at the note and said, “Yes”
Shakiti ordered him to look at himself in the mirror with the book still in his hands. The young boy did as he said only to see his face alone changed to the face of Michael Nelson. He turned to Dakiti. “Why do I look like Kira, I mean Michael Nelson?” He asked.
“Because Michael is still alive and with another Death Note. Your face will always change to his whenever you handle this note. If you doubt me, keep the note and look at yourself again in the mirror”
Derick did as he said to see his face back to normal. Therefore he turned back to Dakiti again. “What must I do to handle the note without my face changing to Michael’s”
Dakiti laughed scarily. “You must kill Michael Nelson then take his death note. Only then will you become god of the new world and your face won’t change again whenever you touch the note” he replied. He told him how the book is used and promised to help him.

Now, it’s 9:04pm at night when the police recieved the call. Derick was the one who made the call claiming to be Kira and demanding for another Kira. He made the called in,side his room with Dakiti behind him. He had only a mother who came in,side the room to call him for dinner. She didn’t see Dakiti coz nobody could see him except Derick. After she left, Derick turned to Dakiti and said, ” How do you think I’ll bring down Gezos hotel? I’m not a superman”
“My note it’s different, it doesn’t only take life, it also take down buildings” Dakiti replied.
“Have you seen the hotel before?”
“Then write down the name of the hotel and time of collapsing on the death note”
Derick did as he said, and the time of collapsing written was in the next thirty minutes. He smiled after writing it then turned on his television to witness the falling of the hotel, just like the fall of the walls of Jericho.
Back to the residence of Eldeson. All watched from the Dinning table as Michael joined them facing Prisca and Eric. He greeted them but none of them said a word as if it was a staring contest.
“Honey, what’s this?” Rose asked the husband.
“Uhm.. He was chased by the police into my shop then I decided to bring him home after he pleaded..”
“What?” Prisca interrupted the father. “How can you bring a killer to this house, dad?”
“I’ve changed” Michael interfered while all listened to him. “I know I killed several people with the death note but I was only defending myself and to create a world without bad people in it. After I was killed, Ashanti, the god of life, sacrificed her life for me by writing my name on the Life Note. That was how I came back to life”
“There is Life Note too?” Eldeson asked.
“Yes, it came on the second appearance of the red moon” he replied then everywhere became quiet.
“How do you know who brought you back to life” Rose broke the silence.
Michael hesitated before answering, but in the process, Shakiti told him never to mention his name as the one. Michael had no choice but to mention his name because he wanted to live a sincere life. He never wanted to repeat his mistakes by keeping Shakiti as a secret to his family. Therefore, he said, “Shakiti told me”
“Wow!” Eric exclaimed. “Shakiti told you?! Please, can I see him?!” he stood up to run to Michael in joy but Prisca dragged him back like a goat dragged by the rope.
“Get your ass back here!” she shrieked.
Another tranquility circulated the building as if a ghost just passed by.
“If you said you’ve changed, why did you kill the young boy at your funeral?” Prica broke the silence.
Before Michael could reply, a breaking news came from the television. All watched a female journalist who stood at Gezos hotel saying, “A report just came that Kira will bring down Gezos hotel in the next thirty minutes if the police doesn’t provide another Kira but according to the chief in command of the police, he believed that Michael Nelson is at it again. Therefore, occup-nts of the hotel are asked to leave the hotel in the next twenty minutes…”
Hearing that, everybody in the Dinning room stared at Michael suspiciously while Shakiti stared at the coconut rice found in the plates of each person.
“Hey, Mike,” Shakiti began. “I thought the coconut head said he prepared coconut rice, but I’m seeing only rice here. Where is the coconut?” he asked hilariously…….

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