The Red Moon 2

The Red Moon 2 – episode 5

The catastrophe in Gezos city caused by the fallen hotel came like a shock to every individual. Without a single pause or qualm, everybody believed that Michael Nelson was the sole cause of the act except Dera, but none could relate how he was able to bring down a storey building without an external force. Almost every citizen had their eyes fixed on their televisions, watching the tragedy that had commenced. They wished Michael Nelson would be caught again and burnt to ashes like a thief who is executed by a jungle justice. That’s the worst justice one can ever recieve.
Somewhere in the eastern part of Nigeria, a boy who was caught stealing a phone was executed by this jungle justice whereby he was not only beaten with strong heavy woods but also cut with marchets. As if that wasn’t enough, they took him to the middle of the road, hung a motor tyre round his neck and bathed him with almost five litres of fuel, waiting for the final stage which was to light him up. Crowd gathered to witness this wicked justice. The weak cried while the strong waited with their marchets and woods to make sure he burn to ashes. The poor thief bled furiously from head to other parts of the body. His face had already swollen up in a way he barely see, breath, or talk, but his l-ips quivered. He was about to witness hell on earth.
“What are we waiting for?!!” One of the street guys shouted. He ran to a nearby Inn, luckily for him, he saw a lighter on a table. He picked it then ran back to the scene. Everybody watched him bounced to the poor boy with his trouser sagged in a way his boxers became the next cinema. “Send my regards to Satan” he told the boy then light him up. Immediately, the flame began to produce carbon monoxide. Before the police came, his body became stive like a goat burning in a fire.
That was the kind of justice Gezos citizens wanted to see Michael undergo before everybody would be happy.

Nevertheless, Shakiti floated behind Michael on their way to the fallen hotel. Nobody recognised him due the mask and his attire at large. He dodged from every sight to the hotel to see the dead people lying on the floor while the injured ones were rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.
“What now, Shakiti?” Michael whispered at a hidden lonely place.
“Can you see the dead bodies?” he returned the question.
“What of their names?”
“Their names?” Michael turned to him in disbelief. “How do you expect me to know their names?” He queried.
“Have you forgotten you have Shakiti’s eyes? Just concentrate on their forehead and their names will appear” Shakiti instructed.
That reminded Michael when he requested for Shakiti’s eyes. That was when he wanted to know people’s name by just looking at them. He sacrificed half of his life span to get it. Now he gonna lose more life span as long as the life note is concerned without knowing how many years left for him to die. The fear of that very thought got him worried that he couldn’t proceed to save the dead people with the life note anymore. Therefore he reluctantly put back his pen in,side his pocket like a doctor who sadly hung a stethoscope on his neck after detecting the death of a patient.
“What is it, Mike?” Shakiti asked him like a caring father which he would never be.
“I know you can see how many years that remain for me to die. So tell me, how many?” Michael asked him.
Shakiti looked at his forehead steadily and his life span appeared clearly on it. He giggled and said, “No human being suppose to know the day or year of his death. Therefore I must not tell you how many years left before you die again” he averted his eyes from him to the collapsed hotel and other policemen who monitored and helped to save people’s life. “Look at all this people and the building, Mike. Is it something you want for yourself and the city? They all believe you did this when they have not even seen the person who did it. Just wonder what they will do when the new Kira start destroying and killing people with your face clearly seen by everybody. You need to wake up, Mike. I use to know you as a smart boy. Where did you leave the smartness? In the coffin? Better go get it back” he joked then continued after seeing tears coming out from Michael’s eyes. “You know what, Mike? You don’t really need to save people’s life for you not to lose yours. You should focus on finding the new Kira and his Dakiti” he concluded.
Michael regained his initial position, dried his tears with the wrist of his hands like a child wh¡pping catthar from his nose. He slowly brought out the pen again alongside with the page of the life note he hid in,side his shoes. He concentrated on the dead bodies that wanted to be carried out immediately then their names appeared. There were five in number, he wrote both their names in the note and time of awaken which got Shakiti amazed. Michael boldly turned and began to walk away, making sure nobody saw him with Shakiti closely behind.
“Where are we going now?” Shakiti asked but Michael didn’t reply. “Oh, I guess you have started planning or strategizing on how to find the new Kira because you normally snub me when you have a plan. Wow, I can’t wait to witness the moment” he laughed.

hærdly would you see any person on the street that night, not because it was getting to midnight but because of what happened that night. Michael walked swiftly along an unfamiliar street to Shakiti which got him worried again about where they were going to. So he said for the second time, “Michael, I’m getting scared. Where are we going to? Are we going to get the smartness from the coffin?” he chuckled, yet Michael never said a word.
On the other hand, Nelly, Michael’s girlfriend, began to park her belongings in,side her apartment. She wanted to leave the city first thing the next day coz she was afraid of what Michael would do to her if he sees her. The thought of Michael coming back to life got her worried not because she believed he came back as a ghost but because she knew that she once betrayed him. Hence she didn’t know wether he will kill her for the second time or not. In order not to take the risk, leaving the city became the best option for her.
She perplexed like a Christmas goat as she put all her cloths in,side a box wearing a bomshort and a b-ra only. She was a beautiful black girl like Michael. Both had been in a relationsh¡p for close to two years before the first appearance of the red moon which brought about the death note. Suddenly, she heard a knock from the door then suspended whatever she was doing, glanced at the wall clock before proceeding forward. “Who’s that?” her voice came dryly like one suffering from throat aches.
“It’s Michael Nelson” a voice came from outside.
Hearing the name, Nelly nearly collapsed just like the fallen hotel. She couldn’t believe it thereby triggering fear into her body which activated her tears hormones and sympathetic nervous system. “Mike..” she soliloquized, letting the tears pour down like a rain. Her hands vibrated when she wanted to open the door until she finally did. Seeing Michael in such an unfamiliar dressing, she ran back and laid against the wall. By then, Michael had removed his mask in a way his face became very clear.
“Please, Michael, I’m sorry. Don’t hurt me” she pleaded. Tears dropped from her face to her chest, just in between her two br-asts.
Michael surged forward without saying anything while Shakiti stood at a s₱0t to watch the drama.
He met Nelly at the wall shaking and shedding tear. He slowly raised his hand then began to clean her tears. She couldn’t believe it! Michael gently k-ssed her then said, “I’m not here to hurt you, Nelly, rather I’ve come to correct my mistakes. Everything gonna be fine in no time. I miss you and I love you” he turned to leave.
“I love you more, Michael” Nelly’s voice interrupted him at the door. He stared at her with a smile then put on the mask again.
“Remember, you never saw me” he concluded and walked out of the room while Nelly sat on the floor crying the more.
Michael woke up to the small hands that shook him on the bed. That was Eric on a school uniform. He was sent to call him for breakfast.
“Hey, Kira, wake up it’s morning!” he said.
Michael turned to see him. He look up to see Shakiti wide awake, watching television before he turned back to the little boy. “How are you, Eric?”
“Fine, Dad said you should come join us at the dinning table”
Michael had to brush after Eric left. Moreover, he had not exchanged words with Shakiti since the previous night, even Shakiti didn’t worry much about it coz he knew a time will come when he will need his help. As Michael wanted to leave the room, Shakiti said, “You’ve been eating without minding if I do eat too? Make sure you get me a banana today” he giggled, but Michael ignored him.
Everybody was present on the dinning table, taking their initial positions, even the television was on.
“Michael,” Eldeson began. “I have talked to my wife and daughter and they have accepted to have you around if only you are not hiding anything from us. We gonna be very disappointed if at the end we find out that you’re still Kira. Also, I’ve warned them including Eric never to mention your stay here to any person or anywhere”
Michael smiled. “Thank you sir” he turned to Rose and said the same thing. Before he could turn to Prisca, she stood up from her seat, hung a school bag to leave but a breaking news from the television stopped her. Therefore she stood behind the chair watching and listening to the news like everyone else.
“After Kira brought down Gezos hotel, five died while thirty injured. But miraculously, the five dead people which include two men and three women have been confirmed alive by a mortuary attendant. Doctors and police are still investigating what brought them back to life..” says the news.
All remained quiet for a while. Michael’s eyes caught with Prisca’s while Eldeson’s with his wife.
“It’s a miracle!” Rose exclaimed.
Prisca averted her eyes from Michael and said, “Dad, come drop me to school” she left, wearing a Jean trouser and a longsleeve top.
Meanwhile, Derick had heard the news too in,side his room when he wanted to start going to school. He had hid the forged Death Note somewhere in the room because he never wanted to be carrying it around to avoid mistaken touch then his face would change. He also wore a Jean trouser and a long sleeve shirt while a school bag hung on his back. After hearing the news, he looked at Dakiti.
“How come the dead people are alive?” he asked.
“I guess the life note is still in existence, and no other person is using it but Michael. That’s why you need to expose him with his face before people will discover and start thinking good about him. Kill with his face so that when he is finally caught by the police and killed, his death note and even the life note will be ours” Dakiti replied convincingly.
“I see” Derick smiled then hurried out for school. He was not only in the same high school with Prisca but also in the same final grade and class. In fact he had been admiring her, and today won’t go by without him making more effort to become not only a close friend to her but something more than that………

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