The Red Moon 2

The Red Moon 2 – episode 6

The chicken that cries at night do not lay eggs in the morning. After destroying Gezos hotel the previous night, Derick wanted to live a normal life in the morning. Hence, he was a boy with two names according to the time of the day. He becomes Kira at night, but answers Derick during the day. That was a hærd task, but not as hærd as that of Michael.
Immediately he came out from his house with the mother watching him through a window, their school bus arrived. Though they were pedestrians along the road but none boarded the bus coz it was meant for students like Derick who entered in,side to see his fellow students of the same school. He sighted Prisca then proceeded to her seat. Fortunately for him, there was an empty seat beside her, so he sat down and glanced at her. Of course Dakiti hung from behind. Nobody saw him except Derick who knew that he was with him but pretended as if there was no invisible person with him. In fact, students occasionally passed through him without feeling his presence because he was a ghost just like Shakiti.
“Hey, good morning” Derick greeted Prisca. Though she answered but he noticed her dull mood. Of course Prisca was still wanting to get over Michael’s acceptance into her family which was the actual reason she had a dull mood thereby keeping mute. “What troubles you?” Derick added.
“I’m fine” she finally replied but without much enthusiasm.
Derick decided to free her for the moment until their bus came across the fallen hotel. All students directed their eyes to it including Derick and Prisca. A sudden soliloquy arose among them, laying curses on Michael Nelson whom they believed was the cause of the holocaust. Everything seemed to be in motion, even the building because the bus was also in motion. After they passed the arena, Prisca and Derick face front in a way their heads rested on their chairs.
“That boy has guts” Derick broke the silence to the hearing of the young princess whom he wished to be her king. “I wonder what he wants” he added.
“Who are you talking about?” she asked him without both exchanging eye contact.
“Michael Nelson of course. Who else is the Kira who called the police and collapsed the hotel if not him?”
“What if he’s not the one that did It?”
“What?” Derick directed his eyes to her likewise Dakiti. “How do you know he’s not the one?” he asked.
“I never said I know neither did I say he’s not responsible for it. In fact, I hate him. But on the other hand, we need to think rationally. If I may ask you, what do you think about the dead people who woke up this Morning? Don’t you think that something more than Kira and the Death Note is happening? Moreover, the story of Shakiti and his death note never mentioned that the note can also bring down a building. So i guess whosoever or whatsoever that woke the dead people up also knows about the cause of the fallen hotel. So I think Gezos city should be looking for someone more than Michael Nelson” Prisca’s mouth ran like that of a parrot. She didn’t believe she was actually defending Michael.
However, Derick had already became angry to hear Prisca trying to defend him. So he became quiet, thinking about the next thing to do, but Dakiti’s voice came loud and clear to his ears saying, “Who is this girl, Derick? She’s very clever. Now you have seen a reason why you should let people believe that Michael is the sole aim of what is happening in the city. Secondly, try to make this girl your close friend, I guess she might be of help to you”
“I have tried, but she isn’t giving me attention” Derick replied loud and clear too, but in the eyes of Prisca, he seemed to be talking to himself.
“Try h-rder” Dakiti encouraged.
“I will”
“Derick?” Prisca called his attention before he realized himself and turned to her. “Who are you talking to?” she quaried.
Derick had a factitious smile in order to cover up the insanity attitude. “Sorry, I was only meditating” his eyes clutched with hers in the bus as if she was a prey about to be engulfed by an amoaba. Prisca saw a different thing in the eyes, therefore she had an idea the next thing he would say. “I know you’ll say no again, but say yes this time around. Can we have a cup of coffee together, maybe tomorrow?” he said just as Prisca predicted.
Before the young princess could reply that question, the bus pulled to a stop and students began to come down.
“I’m sorry, Derick” she stood up to walk away but Derick’s legs blocked the space in which she suppose pass through. “May I.. ” she paused when Derick gradually pulled his legs away for her to pass. That moved her emotionally coz she never knew he would be that easy coz Derick was a rude boy that can hærdly be accessed. That was one of the main reasons why she never agreed to be something more than a classmate to him. Nevertheless, she passed without saying anything.
Dakiti laughed from behind. By then, only Derick remained in the bus, lost in thought, the laughter caught his attention, so he asked, “What’s funny Mr Man?”
“Nothing, just that I think she’s giving you tough time” Dakiti replied.
“Very very”
“I know what your problem is. I guess you’ve been rude. To win a girl’s heart, you should be nice to her at all time. Try it. It gonna work”
“Really?” Derick looked up at Dakiti. “I love her, but….” the bus driver’s voice interrupted him.
“Derick, get down from the bus and stop talking to yourself!!” Not only did the voice attract Prisca’s attention from a distance but also the statement. Therefore, she stopped, looked back to wonder why Derick had been caught talking to himself again. Just as she wondered, Derick came out from the bus to see her staring at him. She averted her eyes instantly then proceeded into the school compound.
“I can feel that the girl knows something” Dakiti said as both also proceeded into the school compound.
“Know what?”
“I feel that she knows that I’m with you. You have to be careful”
“Then shut up” Derick concluded.

It’s a pity that Derick didn’t know Dakiti’s main intentions, just like Michael didn’t know Shakiti’s intentions too. The two boys were being used without them knowing. Dakiti made it look like Michael is a bad person so that, Derick will frustrate him, kill him and Shakiti since the two gods of death cannot kill each other except a human being does it for them. In fact, both cannot exchange words in the human world except in their own world. That is to say, they can meet face to face without talking to each other but can talk to their boys which are humans. That’s weird.
Nevertheless, Lucky and Vera could be seen driving down to the police station. They had to also passed the fallen hotel before their final destination. Both looked unhappy. Meanwhile, Vera had told Lucky how Michael came to the house like a ghost the previous day which was one of the reasons they had to go to the station. Both came down wearing black trousers but different shirts. They met Sir Rick and Oscar in his office. Only Sir Rick sat down while they stood before his table. None seemed to be happy.
“Locating Michael is our next target because nobody knows what he gonna do again. Gezos hotel has melted like an ice just because of him”
“Sorry sir,” Lucky took the words from Rick. “When Kira called, I mean Michael, did he say how he was gonna bring down the building?”
“No, we still don’t know how he did it”
“Sorry sir” Vera wanted to ch¡p in. “I learnt from my sister that Michael said he’s not with the death note and he doesn’t even know how he woke up from the casket, so…”
“Don’t be stupid, Vera” Sir Rick interrupted aggressively. “You and I know that Michael is like a wolf in a sheep clothing. He’s a green snake in a green grass. He can make scratches in a bush then come to the main road and quary about the cause of his own scratches. He’s deadly! He has caused more harm than good to the city! The dead people from the fallen building have just been confirmed alive to prove that Lucky might be correct about what he said; that Michael might be having both the death note and the Life Note. Think about it” his words were like a refrigerator that cold the temperation of a warm water which was the state Vera found her heart. So she had no choice be to still believe wh0leheartedly that her brother was the cause of everything in the city. In that line, she was given the tracking device by Oscar to have it placed in,side Dera’s hair in case she makes a contact to see Michael one day.
On the other hand, Nelly had to suspend her trip due to the joy of knowing that Michael had no bad intentions for her anymore. She briskly walked to the residence of the twins to see Dera in the Dinning room, rotating a spoon as if she didn’t like the tea and bread she wanted to use for breakfast. The truth was that her mind wasn’t there. She kept thinking how and why Michael would bring down a building when he told her that he doesn’t have the death note anymore. Due to the the unspeakable thought, she didn’t know when Nelly entered and sat opposite her.
“Dera” she called.
“Oh, my God!” Dera exclaimed, nearly pouring the cup of tea away. “When… I mean how..” She looked at the direction of the staircase. “When did you come in here?” she finally asked.
“Just now” Nelly replied. “You worry yourself too much about Michael” she added.
“I don’t know what to believe anymore” Dera began emotionally. “I love Michael so much especially now Dad is gone. He’s like a mother and father to me now. I curse the day the red moon appeared. I curse the day he found the death note. Now, people believe that he’s responsible for the collapsing of Gezos hotel. Why would Michael do that?”
“Michael didn’t do it” Nelly said while Dera concentrated on the mouth through which she made that statement. “Michael came to me last night. The police must not know about this…”
“Where is he?” Dera interrupted hastily. “Did he tell you that he didn’t do it?”
“No, but what he told me made me believe he isn’t the one that broke down the hotel. He said everything gonna be fine for he’s back to correct his past mistakes. But why I’m a bit confused is that I saw Shaikit with him that night”
“Oh my God!” Dera exclaimed. Nelly put her in more confusion. “If Michael isn’t responsible for the broken hotel then what’s he doing with Shakiti? Did Michael lie to me?” she kept thinking.
There was no need to doubt how Nelly was able to see Shakiti coz she once touched the death note when she was sent to capture it from Michael. Though Michael didn’t have the idea that she saw him the previous night, but Shakiti himself knew about it.
As the two girls wallowed in confusion, Debby came in,side the house. She was on the quest of getting a hand on the Death Note. She wouldn’t mind if she get either the forged one or the real one. She needed any of them by all means. She stood like a rude black witch before the girls and said, “I heard Michael came here yesterday. Where is he?”
The two girls stared at her….

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