The Red Moon 2

The Red Moon 2 – episode 7

Season 2
Episode 7
Written by Bright Daniel
Inside the residence of the twins where Debby demanded for the Death Note, there was an air conditioner that decreased the temperature of the room, added to the normal morning temperature. However, Dera and Nelly had not averted their eyes from Debby, staring at her as if she had urine dripping from her thighs. That got her upset, so she shrieked, “Why are you both looking at me as if i have said the unspeakable?”
“What are you doing here?” Dera stood up from the dinning chair to the sitting room followed by Nelly while Debby only turned her body to them.
“What do you think i’m doing here?” She answered the queation with another question, but continued. “I’m here to check on my boyfriend, Michael, a.k.a…”
“Excuse me?” Nelly interrupted her when she heard ‘boyfriend’.
“Don’t be afraid, i’m not taking him from you. But i need to see him” she walked closer to the girls. She wore a long elastic trouser and high heel shoes which made noise when she walked on the tiled floor. The upper part of her br-ast shook like a flexible balloon because she slightly left it opened. She also had a black make-up on her face thereby resembling a black witch from a marine kingdom.
“Well, Mike is not here” Dera replied with hands folded. “I wonder how you think you will get hold of the death note” she added.
“I was close to get it before. Watch how I’m gonna get it now” Debby catwalked out, making sure the sound of her shoes circulated the vicinity especially when she was climbing down the stairs.
“Is this girl, okay? She has guts!” Nelly sat down.
Every living thing in Gezos city suddenly developed special eyes for the recapture of Michael Nelson. Even an ant became conscious of him as if he would transform into a lily and attack the creatures of the valley. Nothing seemed more important to any citizen than seeing Michael die for the second time, but none had the idea that he wasn’t the one to be captured but Derick.

Nevertheless, just immediately school dismissed for the day, students began to troop outside. Derick looked for a way to win Prisca’s heart since he has been told by Dakiti that he should be nice and less rude, but he didn’t know how to go about it. He sluggishly began to walk out of the building while Dakiti followed from behind. There were students moving tro and fro, some correlated at a corner, discussing about the sudden resuscitation and reappearance of Kira whom they believed was Michael Nelson not knowing that the devil himself just passed by.
There stood a large cupboard by the side of the passage where Derick walked sluggishly. It has several lockers where students save their bags and other properties. Derick sighted Prisca before her locker, she took her bag from it, locked the locker and proceeded to the exit.
“Go talk to her again” Dakiti broke the silence, but Derick didn’t respond. “Alright, I’ll help you get her attention” he added.
“How will you do that?” Derick whispered.
“Keep quiet and do as i say” Dakiti came from behind to his side in a way he saw his face. “Stand here” he instructed.
Derick stopped and mope at him like an iroko tree. He looked around then whispered again. “Are you nut? Why should i stand while the girl is going home?”
“Keep quiet and do as i said” Dakiti repeated before the young boy decided to give it a try. He stood there like an idiot who forgot himself in the middle of a railway. Just before he losed patience, he saw Prisca briskly coming back as if she forgot something. He glanced at Dakiti with a smile then took two steps forwards.
“Hi, Prisca, did you forget something?”
“Yeah, and why are you standing all alone?” Prisca passed without waiting to hear his response, thus making Derick look more stupid. He glanced at Dakiti again.
“Is that all?”
“No, but you need to take two steps back to your initial position”
“Is that necessary?”
“Very very necessary”
Derick swallowed hard then foolishly went back to his initial position and posture. The wh0le drama made him look stupid. Suddenly, Prisca began to return from behind. Derick turned to her as instructed by Dakiti, yet without moving an inch. Immediately the young princess approached closer, she slipped and wanted to fall but Derick caught her in a way she did not only rest in his arms but also looked at his eyes rom-ntically.
“Be careful, princess” Derick pulled her up happily, feeling like a hero.
“Thanks” Prisca smiled at him. Both did nothing but occasionally glanced at each other as Prisca slowly began to walk out again. Derick called her name then she turned immediately.
“What about the coffee?” he asked.
“I’ll think about it” she replied as an afterthought but later regrated saying it. Therefore he hurried out from the building before someone heard her heartbeat.
The joy in Derick’s heart after that incident flowed like a river, so he began to bouce out with Dakiti. “How did you know she was gonna slip at that spot?” he asked him.
“Its a secret” Dakiti replied. “Now let’s go prepare to bring Michael down tonight” he added.
On the other hand, Michael also began to strategize on how to get to Derick whom he only knew as the new Kira. Already, Eldeson had gotten a cell phone for him. Before he handed the phone to him inside the sitting room, he said, “Soon, we gonna go to the police and rectify this issue. You need to convince them that your’re not responsible for any form of killing or destruction since you said you’re not with the Death Note anymore”
“Is okay” Michael had replied, knowing fully well that he won’t do that.

Now, he rested inside his room thinking critically on how to get to the new Kira. Meanwhile, he had not talked to Shakiti since the previous night.
“Are you still planning?” Shakiti wanted him to talk.
“I’m not talking to you until i get the new Kira and it must be tonight” Michael replied from the bed.
“Wow, i know you can do it coz you’re very smart” Shakiti giggled. He watched Michael stood up from the bed, took the new phone and dialed Dera’s number since he had it off heard. His plan started from there.
Meanwhile, Vera had placed the tracking device inside Dera’s hand-bag in stead of her hair. To make issues more complicated, she was around when Michael called Dera. In fact, she was closer to the phone when it started ringing……….

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