The Red Moon 2

The Red Moon 2 – episode 8

(A New World)
Season 2
Episode 8
Written by Bright Daniel
At the residence of the twins, in,side their room, Dera’s cell phone did not only vibrate on the voluminous bed but also rang out a Samsung ringing tone. She wasn’t close to the phone rather her twin sister, Vera, sat very close to it. She collected the phone and looked at the number. Her instincts told her Michael might be the one calling. Before she could answer the call, Dera came out from the bathroom then she stretched it to her, pretending as if she wanted to bring it to her in the bathroom. Of course, Dera understood the uncharacteristic behaviour but ignored her. She collected the phone from her, glanced at the number also, picked the call and placed it on one of her ears. While another hand supported a white towel she tied across her chest. It was too short that half of her butt without p-nt became visible, looking voluptuous.
“Hello…” she said on the phone, walking to a standing mirror which had her make-ups and cream at its base, while Vera listened attentively to deduce who the caller would be.
“Dera..” a male voice replied from the other side of the phone. Dera recognized it to be Michael’s, her beloved brother, then straightened up swiftly and glanced at Vera who was already staring ar her. As a smart girl, she never wanted her sister to know who the caller was, so she pretended as if a familiar friend called.
“How are you? It’s been long i saw you ever since your boyfriend broke up with you”
“Dera, it’s Michael”
“Of course i know. You should forget him and move on. But i need to see you tonight. I’ve missed you a lot, baby girl”
Michael, on the other hand, became a bit confused but later understood that someone whom Dera didn’t want to know the true caller was around. So he said, “I guess Vera is there”
“Yes, what time?” she replied, supporting the cell phone with her shoulder in a way her two hands became free. She opened her cream to rub.
However, Michael had been mute after realising that Vera was there with her. His quietness got Dera worried without knowing that he was actually utilising the tranquility to strategize on how he would get to the new Kira through the phone call. Wierd! How possible could that be?
“Hello, are you there?” Dera grew worried then straightened up and tranfered the phone to another ear after another glance at her sister.
“By the right, when you see the flower pot… Demand for Kira’s number” Michael replied on the phone.
“I don’t get you. What do you mean?”
“See me by 6pm” he hung up the call after giving her his address which was Eldeson’s house.
Dera totally became confused, thinking about a flower pot and trying to decode the information Michael tried to pass to her using such phrase. Their house has no flower talk less of one in a pot. The last time she tried growing a flower in a pot was on her six year old. Her late mother was still alive.
At the backyard of their house, at that age, Dera stood before the flower in a pot shedding tears because it didn’t grow, rather had withered leaves and dead stem. The mother came from behind, swart down and glanced at the flower.
“No need to cry over a flower, Dera” she said.
“But i planted it” she sniffed in, letting the tears go down from her eyes.
“Not every planted seed grows my dear” the mother looked at the flower again. “Perhaps you didn’t water it well. Next time tell your sister, Vera, to help you” she began to dry her tears after the poor girl nodded in agreement. “Come, let me go read the parable of the sower for you from the bible” Both turned to enter into the house but saw ten year old Michael smiling at them from the door..

Now, the reason why Michael brought up the topic of flower in a pot was something Dera couldn’t comprehend or write home about. Nevertheless, she ignored the thought and began to dress up. Of course she had the feelings that Vera would ask her who the caller was, but kept quiet, waiting for when the question would arise. By then, she had gone nude, putting on her underwears one at a time until she was fully dressed. She glanced at a wall clock; 4:54 post meridian.
However, Vera had put the tracking device in,side her bag coz she found it difficult to have access to her hair. She sat on the edge of the bed waiting for the right time to know where her sister was heading to. She operated her cell phone, but suddenly looked up at her sister and asked, “Who called you?”
“An old friend” Dera replied without looking at her.
“Guess you’ll be going with your bag”
“Yes, why asking?”
“Nothing” Vera stood up. “Listen, we need to start a life, i mean plan our lives. Up to now we dont even know how much in our late father’s account. It’s high time we started doing something to move the family forward”
“We’ll do that when the head of the house comes” Dera picked her bag then walked out without giving her sister face. Of course Vera undertood she refered to Michael as the head of the house then wondered why she put so much hope on someone whom the police will never leave alive..
The sun set in Gezos city. People found thèir ways home while some was still on their way, being very careful about Kira, whosoever he was. Nobody tells a stranger his or her name again to avoid seeing their names on the death note since Kira couldn’t be found. Therefore every stranger became a suspect. Just like the peroid of Ebola disease in Africa when nobody agrees to shake hands or hug their friends coz it was very contagious at any slight contact with a victim. People even refused to operate the buttons of an ATM with their fingers due to the fear of Ebola. That was how people in Gezos city became stingy with their names especially to strangers.
However, Dera set to meet Michael at Eldeson’s house as they agreed. Few minutes to six o’clock, she boarded a cab not knowing that policemen were after her using the tracking device which indicated both on the computers in the station and Oscar’s cell phone. He was the one leading the police to wherever the tracking device would lead them to. They didn’t use a police vehicle in order not to look suspicious in the eyes of Dera Nelson.
Vera, Lucky, Sir Rick and others waited at the police station and also monitoring the device. They hoped Oscar and his men come back with Michael Nelson.
Nevertheless, the sky had darkened a bit when Dera stepped down from the cab after getting to her destination, while the police pulled over from a distance too, watching her proceed to the door of Eldeson’s residence. Dera wondered why her brother decided to take refuge at such place that was a bit far from the main city after taking a look at the lonely environment. She met the door, knocked thrice on it before Eldeson opened to see her.
Meanwhile, Oscar had also seen him. His face looked familiar to him as he tried to remember where he saw the man. Finally, he remembered seeing him at a place they suspected Michael ran into the previous day. “I said it! This man was hiding something. No doubt, he’s keeping Michael, and Dera definitely came to see her brother” he concluded then hurried down the car with other five men with guns and with their faces covered.
“Don’t move! Put your hands in the air!” Oscar shouted at them as they ran to the door. He signered three men to circulate the exterior part of the house. One of them stood directly at Michael’s window.
Meanwhile, Dera and Eldeson’s hands were still up wondering what was happening. Though Dera had a clue why they were there and how they must have tracked her to that point, but she had no idea how they knew about the movement. She became disappointed to know that Michael might think she set him up.
On the other hand, Eldeson had no idea coz he didn’t know who Dera was. So he raised his hands down and said to Oscar, “Hope no offence, officer”
“We meet again old man” he replied. “Now, are you gonna deny that you aren’t hiding Kira for the second time?” he added.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about” Eldeson replied.
Oscar ordered the last two men to go search for Michael at every corner of the house. In the process, Rose, Prisca and Eric ran downstairs to witness what was happening. They were all frightened.
After searching for the wh0le building, both interior and exterior, Michael was nowhere to be found. That brought both tranquility and disappointment in the building. Dera mistakenly looked by the right to see a pot of flower which reminded her what Michael said: BY THE RIGHT, WHEN YOU SEE THE FLOWER POT, DEMAND FOR KIRA’S NUMBER. Her heartbeat increased at the remembrance of that statement because she didn’t know how to go about it or who to ask for the number. Luckily for her, Oscar approached forward then demanded for her cell phone. With a quivering hand, Dera reached her bag to bring out the phone, but saw the tracking device there. She pretended never to notice it and handed her phone to him, while Eldeson and family watched them from in,side. Already, they had understood that Dera was Michael’s sister, yet didn’t understand the way about of Michael whom they thought was in the house with them. They all listened to Oscar and Dera at the door.
“Which number did your brother call you with?”
“My brother didn’t call me”
“Your’re a lair.Then why are you here?”
“I.. i came to see my friend over there” Dera pointed at Prisca whose parents looked at her immediately. “Hi..” she waved at her friendly.
“Hi..” Prisca reluctantly waved back, stepping out from her parents. “Officer, she came to see me. We have a project to plan” she added.
Everywhere became calmed as Oscar looked at the two girls. He knew that the family wasn’t truthful but had no evidence to arrest them. Therefore, he turned to Dera saying, “Follow us to the station”
“I demand for Kira’s number” Dera hurriedly said, believing she was doing the right thing as told by Michael. She glanced at the flower pot again.
“What number?”
“Kira’s number “
“You mean the one your brother called with before destroying Gezos..”
“Yes” Dera interrupted. “I want to talk to my brother, please, grant me this request” she pleaded.
Oscar hesitated for a moment, even after telling her that nobody picks the call ever since Kira called the police. But later gave her the number when Dera convinced him that the so called Kira will pick her own line since they believed it was Michael who called that night. Oscar saw sense in what she said then called out the number to her hearing. He later regrated his action then took the young girl with them to the station.

Half an hour later, Eldeson’s family was still in the sitting room wondering where Michael went to. Suddenly, they heard the front door opened then saw him coming with hands in,side his jacket pockets. He didn’t smile neither the family nor invisible Shakiti who followed closely from behind. Michael stopped before them without even a greeting. That showed the level of whatever thing he had in mind.
“Michael” Eldeson broke the silence. “The police was here for you, and it seems they took your sister with them. Let me ask you, did you call your sister to come here?”
“Did my sister say she came here because of me?” Michael returned the question boldly, then Eldeson glanced at his wife surprisingly.
“I demand to know what you are up to”
Shakiti giggled after hearing the demand from Eldeson coz he had been asking the same question to Michael without getting a reply. “Yes, Mike, tell us what you are up to” he added but nobody heard him except Michael.
“Fine!” Michael began angrily, stepping to the centre of the sitting room where a centre table also rested. Prisca admired him that moment regardless the fact she hated him. “I wanted to get to the person who is using my name as Kira to kill people and destroy buildings. I needed his number, that was why i called my sister, Dera, to come”
“How did you think you’ll get his number by calling your sister to come here?” Prisca asked.
“Yes, Mike, tell us how?” Shakiti added.
Michael brought out a small recording device and placed it on the centre table. “When i called my sister on the phone, i noticed she was with Vera, my another sister, who is working with the police. Though Dera tried to code our conversation but i believed Vera understood and must tell the police. That’s why i kept this recording device in the flower pot at the door after codedly telling Dera to demand for Kira’s number when she sees the flower pot. I know she didn’t understand neither has she understood what she did, but she will later know ‘what’ and ‘why’ she did what she did” he picked up the recording device, played it and everything Dera discussed with Oscar including the number was heard. “So this is what i was up to” he concluded.
“Clever! clever!” Shakiti found himself claping for the first time. “I know you must have gotten your smartness back from your casket” he giggled.
Others admired Michael’s cleverness too especially Prisca who began to like him from that moment. None of them could said something again because they were all speechless.
“What now?” Rose asked holding her husband.
“Yes, Mike, what now?” Shakiti wanted to know too.
Michael didn’t respond to that rather dialed the number gotten from the recording device hoping that someone picks it. That action answered their questions as all stared at him…
On the other hand, in,side Dericks room where he prepared to go kill and destroy with Michael’s face, his cell phone vibrated as an indication of incoming call. He looked at Dakiti to tell him the caller since it was not a stored number. Dakiti has the ability to know the caller of an unknown number. That explains why Derick had not been picking calls from the police because Dakiti always told him the callers. He also looked at the incoming call and said, “Wow, the person we are looking for is actually calling us”
“Who’s the person?” Derick became curious.
“Michael Nelson. You have to be careful before you pick. I heard that the boy is very clever”
“I know i can’t kill him with the death note because he has been raised with the life note. But when the time comes, I’ll show him that i’m more clever than him” Derick said and picked the call…………..

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