The Red Moon

THE RED MOON (Episode 10)

(A new world)
Episode 10
© Bright Daniel

News circulated the town that Kira kills by knowing one’s name and seeing his face. People took both precaution and caution, some changed their names while many, especially criminals refused to constantly show their face in public – social media.
Back to campus where two students were shot dead by cultists, people gathered around watching the lifeless body of the poor students. Nelly and Lucky weren’t exception. As they watched, they surveyed the environment to know if Michael could be found somewhere too, but that proved negative.
Nelly dragged Lucky aside. “I’m so scared! Where is Mike?” she said almost with a crying voice. The books in her hands occasionally wanted to fall off but she held them tightly closer to her chest tapping her feet in an overwhelming qualm.
“I don’t know” Lucky brought out his phone again. “Hope we were together when he suddenly disappeared” he placed the phone on his ear then brought it down. “His line is still off”
“Oh God! What if he was captured by the cultists?”
“I have no idea” Lucky placed hands on his wa-ist staring at one s₱0t. “I know nothing gonna happen to him wherever he is now”
Nelly stared at him. “Why so sure?” her eyes moved down to his wa-ist where his hands rested confidentially.
“Because Kira won’t let him die”
“But Kira allow these two students to be shot dead”
“Soon, those who shot them dead will be announced dead by Kira”
“How would Kira know them when they were not captured and shown on television?”
“Because Michael was right here when the incident happened” Lucky left, leaving her dumbfounded. He made her think for the second time that Michael is Kira, but there was no enough evidence to prove that. Therefore, she became woozy winking her eyes continuously.
Michael entered into his vertex making sure nobody followed him. He closed the door behind him then approached to the special computer .
Shakiti followed closely from behind, he giggled after looking around the sanctum.
“I don’t know why I like this place” he said as Mike put on his cell phone. He had switched it off after taking the pictures of those cultists who shot two students dead. The beeping noise of the phone attracted Shakiti’s attention, so he laughed unwittingly. “I guess you’re about to kill those whom you took their pictures. Hmm.. I love this moment” he positioned his forever smiling teeth and face.
Mike scanned the pictures on the computer then two images with their details displayed on the screen. One of them was a lady who caught Shakiti’s eyes.
“She’s so pretty. So bad she’s about to go down six fit on the ground” he gro-ned.
Michael wrote down their names instantly without a single remuse. He waited quietly in the room, watching television to know the time their death would be announced. As he waited, his phone rang – the father was calling. Without looking at the screen of the phone, he picked the call.
“Michael, where are you?”
“At school, Dad”
Just then, they began to broadcast the news about the death of two students. and the cultists who were found dead on their way running. The conclusion was that Kira killed them as they were running.
“I hope you’ve heard the news of what’s happening at your school” the father continued on the phone.
“Yes, I’m also hearing that the cultists have been killed by Kira” Michael’s eyes never left the television screen.
Both remained quiet while still on call. Michael noticed that the father wanted to tell him something, truly, he wanted to but didn’t know how to start. Suspecting his own son to be Kira was one of the hærdest thing to do. Nevertheless, he called him with a calmed voice, “Michael?”
“Yes, Dad” he replied still watching the TV.
“The police will like to see you after you return. I guess they suspects that you’re Kira. We have been investigating on Gizifa’s death which led us to our domain. There is a book that fell from the sky at our area during the days of the red moon, did you see any?”
“Bye then”
The call ended. Mike stood up thinking critically on what to do. Obviously they were getting close to know his identity as Kira and that would be his worst nightmare. He couldn’t imagine being detained by the police and finally executed, most especially, he couldn’t stand his sister Dera after knowing that he killed her boyfriend. What’s he gonna do now? He needed to know the police who work endlessly to reveal his identity in order to kill them, but was he gonna spare his father coz he’s among the police officers? Killing his father would be a hærd decision, though anything that must be done to keep his secret save, must be done. He looked at Shakiti.
“Can I ask you a question?” he requested.
Shakiti gro-ned. “So you talk to me whenever you have a question or need my help? Hmm.. I guess it’s my turn to snub you” he folded his hands and averted his eyes from him. Even though he was upset, his face still looked funny with all his teeth clearly seen.
Mike bribed him with a banana which was in,side his bag. Only then did Shakiti agreed to answer him.
“What’s your question?” he asked as he peal the banana.
Michael stood before him. “What happens if I die?” he asked.
“You’ll be buried, which after your soul goes to heaven or hell” he took a bite of the banana chewing very fast.
“That’s not what I mean!” Michael began to lose patience. “I mean what happens to the book?”
“Oh, nothing, I’ll take my property”
“What if I don’t die?”
“I’ll keep enjoying the show on how you gonna hide your identity as”
They became quiet. Shakiti didn’t bother to know if he was worried or not. All his concentration was on the banana in his hand.
Meanwhile, Mike had started strategising again as he walked tro and fro in the room. He suddenly stopped and said, “Let’s have a deal”
“Deal?” Shakiti glared. “No banana, no deal”
“I promise to give you more when we get home” he promised.
“You make a lot of promises. I wonder when you gonna fulfill the one you made to your sister” Shakiti laughed in a mockery manner. “Fine, what’s the deal?”…………..
Not withstanding the curiosity, Laman privately went to Christiana, Gizifa’s wife, to confirm the pendulum bob. He met her in the sitting room. Noise from people and cars could be heard outside. There was a centre table with an artificial rose flower on it that demarcated Laman and Christiana.
“Ma’am, I’ll like you to confirm this” he handed the bob to her.
Without much look at it, she said with a surprising face. “It’s my late husband’s. It normally hangs on his bunch of key. Where did you get it?”
“It doesn’t matter. Whose image is in the bob?”
“Our first child, but unfortunately, we lost him” the poor woman became emotional and began to shed tears remembering the past. Laman gave her a handkerchief to dry her tears while he walked out angrily. That was enough evidence to prove either Mr Nelson or his son is Kira, especially his son coz his presence on the crime scene of his girlfriend gave more prove.
At Mr Nelson’s residence, only the twins were at home. Vera could be seen searching Michael’s room whether she would see the death note coz she believed it must have been the one he picked on the last day of the red moon. She wore a tight skirt and white top as she carried his bed up, opened all the wardrobes and drawers until the room became tattered. Unfortunately, as she search endlessly, Michael came in with Shakiti behind. His presence startled Vera who stood errect looking at her brother. She could read his face that he wasn’t happy.
“What are you looking for in my room, Vera?” anger could be traced from his voice.
“The death note” she replied boldly but with caution.
“What death note?”
“Michael, I saw you through the window picking something outside on the last day of the appearance of the red moon. What was that?”
“You must be insane, Vera” Mike passed her to cover his face from looking suspicious.
Vera turned to face him again. “You are Kira, Mike, aren’t you? The hand writing is written all over…”
Michael interrupted her with a very hot slap on her cheek which attracted Dera into the room. Meanwhile, Vera found herself on the bed. She fell in a way her skirt tore from the base.
“How dare you accuse me of such thing!” Mike shouted glaring with anger.
Vera stood up holding her cheek. “Mike, you dare lay your hands on me?” she wanted to return the slap but Mike held her hand and slapped her back to the bed.
Dera scre-med alone with her sister who started crying. Just then, the police with the father rushed in,side the room.
Vera rushed up in tears too, with the anger in her, she pointed at her brother saying, “Look at him, arrest him, he’s Kira! Michael is Kira!”
Quietness circulated the room as all looked at one another. Laman wasn’t much surprise as he stared at Mr Nelson.
Tears rolled down from Dera’s eyes. She began to quiver remembering her boyfriend.
“Hey, Mike,  don’t forget your promise” Shakiti chuckled…..

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