The Red Moon

THE RED MOON (Episode 11)

(A new world)
Episode 11

Michael’s room wasn’t only quiet but scattered too. Laman and two other policemen including Mr Nelson stood separately by the door-way while Dera stood alone shedding tears. Vera cried beside the father while Michael stood alone at the inner part of the room. Of course Shakiti remained invisible to the eyes of everybody except Mike who had been accused by his sister of being Kira, hence generating absolute tranquility.
“She’s talking nonsense! I’m not Kira!” Michael broke the silence in a loud voice.
“It’s a lie, he’s Kira!” Vera repeated.
“Shut up, bitch! I’m not Kira!” he angrily wanted to attack her again but two policemen held him back. “Leave me alone! She’s a f-cking lair!” he lammented breathing hastily and glaring at his sister. He hated her at that point to the extent of thinking of writing her name on the Death Note if only he could. Even Vera herself noticed it.
“I’m sorry, Michael Nelson” Laman stepped forward. “We’ve come for the same purpose. You’re a suspect for the death of late Gizifa Donas hence, you’re Kira. Please, follow us to the station for interrogations” he began to handcuff him.
Mr Nelson moved forward but was careful not to contradict the law. Everything seems like a movie to him. “I.. I.. I.. think there is.. hmm.. a mistake or misunderstanding here. There is no way my son can be Kira” lack of confidence could be detected from his voice coz he wasn’t sure. Nobody talked to him as they took Michael away.
“Dad, I’m innocent, Dad, please, help me!!” Michael’s voice echoed from the staircase.
However, Mr Nelson stayed back in the room glaring at his daughters especially Vera who had become sorry of her actions. Before they started up a conversation, Laman return and said, “Sorry sir, your daughter needs to follow us to the station too” he pointed at Vera.
All when to the station, including Shakiti.
Tension began to rise from the family of Nelson, though the suspicion wasn’t made publicly at the moment. Vera knew he had a lot of explanations to do more than the suspected victim, Mike. There were enough hidden evidence to prove that Mike was Kira but how could this evidence be revealed?
Each member of the family including Mr Nelson were placed in separate rooms then interrogation began one after the other, and, of course, Laman was the interrogator. After asking others, he went to Michael’s room and sat on a large table. At the end of it was Michael seated quietly with handcuff.
“Tell me the truth, Mike, are you.. “
“I’m not Kira!” Michael interrupted him.
Laman exhaled in the mino silence that took over the room then sat up. “Have you met Gizifa Donas before?” he asked critically.
“But he was found in your compound a day before his death”
“I never saw him”
“Then what was his bob doing at your compound?” he rolled the pendulum bob to him. After catching and looking at it, Mike shook his head negatively.
“I have no idea how it got there?”
“You’re a lair” Laman stood up with hands in his pocket walking closer to him. “From all I’ve gathered from your sisters especially Vera, you are with the Death Note and you are Kira! She saw you picking something on the last day of the red moon”
“That was my cell phone Mr man!” Mike objected boldly.
“Explain” Laman sat very close to him on the edge of the table in a way only a leg felt the texture of the floor.
“I was on call that day..”
“Calling who?”
“Nelly, my girlfriend. After the call, my cell phone fell down from me. That’s the only thing I picked up” Mike explained sincerely. Even though he was lying, he sounded sincere, but of course Laman didn’t believe him. Therefore he stood up again walking back to his position.
“There is only one way to know if you’re Kira, you’ll be detained and criminals will be shown on the television, I know they won’t die if you don’t write their names on the book” he concluded then stared at Mike to see his reaction but he never said a word, rather he listened to the broken laughter from Shakiti who had been behind him listening to their conversation.
“Why is this idiot laughing?” Michael thought.
A few hours later, the news finally went public that Michael Nelson was a suspected Kira and had been in hostage.
Lucky and Nelly heard the news at school at the same time and looked at each other. They were in,side a restaurant. Only a few students were found there watching the news like everyone else. Those who knew Mike became astonished to such an accusation. How can Mike be Kira?
Nelly glanced at Lucky again. “How on earth would the police suspect Mike to be Kira, a son of a police officer for that matter” she said with a disbelief.
“I’m as surprised as you are” Lucky responded even though he had a very concrete evidence to prove that Mike was Kira.
Nevertheless, they all watched to see what would happen.
At the station, Mike, Dera, Vera and their father were monitored when they were about to broadcast criminals on the television. A set of television could be found on each room showing the same thing. Shakiti was right there too watching the TV.
Suddenly, three criminals and their names came live on air. The wh0le Gezos City became calmed to know what would really happen. It was clear to everyone that if the criminals die, Mike and his family would be set free which would signify that none of them is Kira.
Vera watched the television with some policemen standing beside her with guns. Likewise others especially in the room Michael was. Laman and many others policemen monitored him too. He didn’t make a move, or showed any sign of fear in him. Likewise Shakiti who never left his back, in fact, he folded his hands and legs in the air to watch the show happily.
As the entire city watched, the three criminals died instantly on the television. That was a piece of amazement to each citizen especally Laman who turned to Mike staring at him like a man watching a woman who is about to get unclad. Yes, he had been proved innocent but Laman never believed that he was innocent.
On the other hand, Vera was covered with shame and disappointment. She regrated ever accusing her brother wrongly. But who could be Kira? Who must have killed those criminals?
That was a question in the mouth of everyone especially Laman who moved gently to Mike still staring into his eyes.
“I guess you’ve seen that I’m not Kira” Michael told him calmly.
“Yes, I’ve seen but I still don’t believe you” Laman placed a hand in his pocket. His eyes never departed from him.
Mike provorked and hit his hands on the table forcefully. The noise triggered some policemen to point their guns at him. “What more prove do you want to believe that I’m not Kira!!” his voice was loud enough to be heard by Vera who was in the next room.
“I believe you’re working with someone, Mike” Laman replied.
“F-ck up!! I give you few minutes to release me and my family otherwise I’ll sue you to high court of law, and I swear you’ll find yourself in prison”
Laman turned his back on him still with his hands in the pocket. “I’ll let you and your family go, but you must understand that I’m doing my job, Mike” he faced him critically again in silence. “I’ll forever suspect you to be Kira, Mike, and when I have a concrete evidence, you will not just find yourself in prison, but six fit on the ground. Secondly, I’ll let the world know that if I die any moment from now, you would be responsible for that” he briskly began to walk out of the room. At reaching the  door, he commanded one of the men to release them.

To be continued

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