The Red Moon

THE RED MOON (Episode 12)

(A new world)
Episode 12

Mr Nelson and his family were released. They could be seen walking out of the police station. The twins were in the front followed by Michael and their father. All other policemen watched them as they walked down to their family car. Michael was the last person to enter into the car, he glanced at Laman who was at the window staring at him then finally entered before the car set in motion. Shakiti floated from behind.
Michael and the father were in the front seat while the twins at the back seat. Occasionally, Michael’s eyes caught with Vera’s through the inner centre mirror. He hated her the more!!
Truly, Michael was Kira, he was under a watch during the broadcast of the criminals. Also, Shakiti was right there too, but who must have killed the criminals Like Kira? Only Michael could answer that question, so as they drove home, he smiled remembering how he did it..
At Vertex, Mike started strategising again as he walked tro and fro in the room. He suddenly stopped and said to Shakiti, “Let’s have a deal”
“Deal?” Shakiti glared. “No banana, no deal”
“I promise to give you more when we get home” he promised.
“You make a lot of promises. I wonder when you gonna fulfill the one you made to your sister” Shakiti laughed in a mockery manner. “Fine, what’s the deal?”
“I want you to be a threat”
“I threat?” Shakiti repeated. “To who?”
“To Lucky” Michael took a seat then began again. “All hands are pointing at me now to be Kira, and it would be dangerous to work alone for the achievement of the new world. Therefore, I want to reveal to Lucky that I’m Kira and make him work with me”
Hearing that, Shakiti opened his mouth in surprise, though it’s none of his business of whatever plans he was making coz he ones told him that he won’t help him in anything he does.
Michael stood up and began again, “So you gonna threaten to kill Lucky if he dares want to reveal my secret to others or kill me by writing my name on the death note” he concluded then turned to know what he would say.
“Hmm.. Whatever you do it’s not my concern, but this deal gonna cost you” He replied.
“How much?”
“No, you should be asking me how many bunches of banana”
“What?!” Mike exclaimed. “How do you expect me to buy a wh0le bunch of banana? I only have ten pieces in my refrigerator”
“Fine, deal accepted” Shakiti couldn’t wait to get home.
Meanwhile, Michael had called Lucky on the phone to come over making sure nobody followed him. When he entered into the Vertex, saw the television and computers, and looked at Mike, he said, “Guy, what’s this place that took me almost an hour to come, and it’s at the fringes of the city?”
Without replying, Mike offered him a seat. “I want to give you the biggest shock of your life, Lucky” he said.
“I love being shocked, dude” Lucky rubbed his palms together while Mike unzip the zip of his shoe ,brought out a page of the Death Note and stretched it to him.
“Hold it” he instructed.
Lucky grabbed it instantly. For getting hold of a piece of the Death Note, he could see Shakiti, but he didn’t see him at the moment because he was right behind him.
“So what now?” Lucky asked.
“Look back” Mike instructed again.
Immediately he did, he scre-med and fell down on the floor at the sight of scary Shakiti. “What is this! Please, don’t eat me!” he shouted from the floor.
“He doesn’t eat people, Lucky” Mike helped him up.
“Really? Who is he and what’s he doing here?”
“Yes, he’s Shakiti, god of death”
“Hi, Lucky” Shakiti waved at him.
“See? He’s more friendly than you think” Mike smiled.
Lucky’s eyesballs nearly bulged out from his skull coz he couldn’t believe them again. “I must be dreaming” he murmured then looked at his friend. “So the story of Shakiti is real.. wait, if this is Shakiti then you must be Kira. You kill with his death note”
“Exactly! and I want you to work with me to create a new world with it”
Michael explained how he want to use the book to eliminate all the bad people in the world. Lucky concured to that and the deal was sealed…
Michael suddenly stopped smiling in,side the car. No doubt Lucky was the one who killed the criminals.
When they got home, the father pulled over in front of the compound. None had said a word until Michael’s phone rang. That was at the staircase, he looked at the caller then picked.
“Mike, are you okay?” Nelly’s voice sounded on the phone.
“Yes, I’m fine. I’ll see you tomorrow” he hung up the call immediately.
All seated in the parlour, of course the father scolded Vera very well for accusing her brother wrongly. He also gave them advice as the father before discharging them to their various rooms.
When Mike entered his room, he moved straight to the toilet where he hid the book. All his mind was on Laman because he believed he would definitely find out his true identity. Therefore, killing him was the next thing in his mind regardless the consequences.
He brought out the book, open it and wrote Laman’s name on it.
Shakiti laughed but suddenly became extremely surprise to see Mike writing another name on the book, and he couldn’t believe the name he wrote down – Vera Nelson!
“You want to take your own sister’s life?” Shakiti quiried but he didn’t answer him. “What a pity? Well, it’s none of my business” he rushed the refrigerator to take the bananas as promised.
The two young men were there with Shakiti. Michael shook hands with Lucky for a great job done the previous day. Lucky looked at Shakiti and said raising up his palm, “High five, Shakiti!”
Shakiti raised his hands to high the very five but Lucky’s palm penetrated which proved that he was dealing with a ghost.
“This is hopeless” Lucky turned to Mike. “What’s the latest news?”
“Laman will soon die” He replied standing and staring at the ceiling.
“Have you written his name? Hope you know you’ll still be suspected by everybody if he dies?” Lucky moved closer to him.
“Yes, that’s why I also wrote Vera’s name to make it look less suspicious”
“What?!” Lucky glared at him. “You mean your sister who I love?”
Michael adjusted away from him. “Lucky, you must understand that anything that must be done to keep our secret must be done” he placed a hand in his pocket.
“Even killing your own sister?!”
“Yes, their time of death is in three days time”
“You idiot!” Lucky wanted to give him a punch but he blocked it and pushed him away.
“Let me enjoy this show” Shakiti moved to a corner to watch them. Before they resumed a physical combat, a news came from the television that the red moon is back. Therefore all remained calmed. Even Shakiti adjusted forward.
“This simply means one thing” Mike began. “If the red moon is out again, another book will fall”
“Yes, either s€× note or life note” Shakiti replied.
“Life Note?” Lucky repeated. “You mean a note that gives life, works just like the death note?”
“Come on, Mike, let’s start looking it. If I’m lucky enough, it will be a life note. I can’t let Vera die, please!” They  rushed out of the Vertex including Shakiti….

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