The Red Moon

THE RED MOON (Episode 13)

(A new world)
Episode 13

The red moon appeared again, ranting and running didn’t take place unlike before coz people had already experienced it. But one thing was certain in their minds; If Kira imanated after the first appearance of the moon, who will imanate after the second one? Almost everybody didn’t have the answer to the question, only Lucky and Michael, including Shakiti had an idea which was the reason they rushed out in search of the possible note that would fall. Immediately they rushed out of vertex, they became surprise to see every single thing in the city once again turned red. Also the city was a large place to search for a single notebook.
Michael stopped moving while Lucky hurried up. When he noticed he wasn’t following him, he turned swiftly.
“Mike, why standing?” he quiried.
“The city is such a large place” Mike glanced at the moon uninterested.
Lucky moved closer to him. “What do you mean by that?” he glared.
“How do you think you can find a drop of pin on a wh0le des**t? I mean, where do you start looking for the book in this large city?”
“I can see you have gone nut! We are talking about the life of your sister here Michael!!” Lucky’s voice echoed at the lonely location. He couldn’t just believe the fact that Mike wrote his own blood sister’s name on the death note. “Well, if you don’t love your sister, I love her so much. So you can as well allow me to do the searching by myself” he hurried out leaving him standing with Shakiti.
“You gotta be careful Lucky!” Mike warned.
He never looked back or replied him again. All his mind, body and soul was hoping to see another note probably life note. He couldn’t just allow Vera die.
“I like this boy” Shakiti giggled from behind.
“I know, follow him” Mike told him putting his hands in the pockets.
“Because we had a deal. Don’t hesitate to kill him if he tries anything silly”
“But you’re with my death note. How will I kill him?”
“Alright, just tell me if he tries to reveal my identity. I’ll write his name myself” Mike exhibited a deadly smile.
“Okay” Shakiti ran after Lucky. On his way, he shouted, “More banana for this extra work!”
Laman, being a critical thinker, called on Mr Nelson. There were in the station watching on the television how many reacted on the red moon. Blue and black uniform was the only color that dominated the station. Computers and shelves where files are kept could also be found there.
“Sir, I have a plan”Laman began. “Though we don’t know why the red moon keep appearing occasionally but we need to prevent what happened after the first appearance to happen again. We all know that Kira emerged after the first red moon, who knows who will emerge after this second one?”
“What do you suggest we do now?” Mr Nelson quiried.
“As the quest to discover Kira continuous, so are we to be vigilant to know if another book will fall off from the sky” he replied.
“I suggest we use late Gizifa’s work-room and facilities to monitor the atmosphere”
“Exactly, others should also keep watch in the city”
“Let’s go!” Mr Nelson commanded.
Lucky searched all the possible places he could but all to no avail. Of course he noticed Shakiti’s presence but ignored him. Sometimes he ran, galloped and fell down all in the search for the life note which he wasn’t even sure will fall down talk more of finding it.
Some people ran along with him on an opposite direction when the weather generated strange wind that is possible of causing a tornado. Seeing that, Lucky stopped with hands in his pockets. The wind blew his shirt backwards, thus, exposing his white singlet. He turned to Shakiti.
“You need to help me find the book!”
“I’m helping by following you”
“That’s not what I mean! As a ghost you must know where the book is. Please, I beg you in the name of God help me find the book. I love Vera so much” Lucky became emotional feeling some wetness of tears in his eyes. People who were running suddenly stopped looking at him. They thought he was talking to himself coz Shakiti remained invisible to them.
“I’m sorry, Lucky, I can’t do anything. Moreover, I have no power for any note apart from mine” Shakiti for once replied like an emotional human being.
Lucky wanted to continue interrogating him but noticed people staring at him. Only then did he realise that Shakiti is invisible, hence, he was talking to himself in the eyes of those people. He began to run home.
Mr and Mrs Justin, Lucky’s parents were home when their son rushed in,side with Shakiti. He greeted them shallowly then ran upstairs immediately to his room and locked the door. He sat down on the edge of his bed breathing hastily.
Meanwhile, Shakiti had been admiring the house looking at every corner.
“Wow, I love your house. It’s better than Michael’s” he said happily. When he saw a refrigerator in,side the room, he opened it immediately looking at every single item there.
“What are you looking for?” Lucky asked him.
“Bununu.. sorry, I mean ba-na-na” he stressed.
“None is there, I don’t like banana”
“What! You are living under the rock. You’ve missed a lot!” Shakiti couldn’t believe there would be any person on the face of the earth that would dislike something as sweet as banana.
“I came here to chat with you” Lucky changed the topic. “Isn’t it any way to prevent any person whose name has been written on the Death note from dying?” he asked looking at him from the bed.
“What has been written has been written” Shakiti replied.
“What if you erase the name from the book?”
“The person will still die. Only the life note can reverse it” Shakiti explained watching Lucky totally collapsed on the bed.
Searching for the life not is hopeless in such a large city, hence, he became hopeless and felt pity for Vera.
At the residence of Mr Nelson, the twins had been moody and quiet since the previous day after the accusation. Though, the red moon had appeared again but they didn’t care. Both sat in the parlour watching TV. They wore the same color of jean bumshot and yellow top without b-ra. The tip of their n-pples could be seen through the top.
“Vera, you need to apologize to Michael” Dera broke the silence.
“I’m scared he might hit me again. I never mean to accuse him. I did what I did out of anger because he raised his hands on me” Vera replied pitifully.
“You just need to apologize to him, he won’t kill..”
Michael’s presence interrupted the conversation. He just returned looking calm and humble. He wore a black plain trouser and a shirt with white strips. He glanced at his sisters then began to walk towards his room.
Vera stood up. “Mike?” she called calmly twisting her fingers. Though Michael stopped at the door but didn’t look back. Vera continued. “I’m really sorry for accusing you, I did that out of anger. Please, forgive me”
Dera stood up too. “Mike, forgive her. She has realized her mistakes” she added.
Silence took over as they waited for a reply, but he neither said a word nor looked back, rather opened his room and banged the door closed. Tears fell down from Vera’s eyes.
Just then, the alarm door sounded from downstairs, Dera rushed down to see Lucky whom she let in immediately. When they came upstairs, Vera turned and her eyes caught with Lucky’s who couldn’t behold her tears, thus arousing emotional atmosphere.
“Vera?” Lucky  called emotionally, almost rom-ntically….

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