The Red Moon

THE RED MOON (episode 17)

(A New World)
Episode 17
© Bright Daniel

The highest punishment is telling someone the time of his or her death coz knowing the time of your death is like knowing the end of the world. The worst part of it is when there is no possible solution to prevent the death.
Vera fainted knowing that she would die in the next few hours, but the father rushed her on the floor in a way he raised her head up. Already, Dera had been soaked with tears standing beside her twin sister. Lucky stood er-ct watching them while Laman took off his police cap and slowly sat down. Though it’s painful to know he was going to die too but was brave enough to face his death in the next hours to come.
Lucky entered Michael’s room to check on the Death Note but came out empty handed. By then, Vera had been reawakened to life.
“There’s still a possible way to prevent the death of Vera” he said.
All eyes went to him including Vera. Laman didn’t only look at him but curiously stood up from the chair.
“What did you just say?” he quired.
“Your names has been written on the Death Note. The only way to prevent your death is by writing your names on a life note”
“Where is the life note?” Mr Nelson interfered.
“Somewhere out there in the city. Though I’m not sure coz Shakiti said between these two possible notes; s€× Note and Life Note, one is available now. That’s the meaning of the second appearance of the red moon. I have once made an effort to search for it but gave up” Lucky glanced at Vera. “But this time around, I must do everything possible to find it”
“We’re with you” Mr Nelson took a step forward.
“How do we know if the book has not been picked already?” Laman hopelessly asked.
“No, it has not. If it has, the red moon will disappear” Lucky replied.
“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go!” they all rushed out including the twins.
Just in front of the compound, they noticed the red moon disappearing from the sky. All stared at it. They could hear people rejoicing from a distance.
“We’re already late” Lucky sounded. “Someone has picked the book”
“But we can still search for the person” Mr Nelson stared at him while he glanced at his wrist watch.
“We have less than twenty four hours to do that”
Mr Nelson ordered his daughters to stay indoors while they make the movement which they agreed as an afterthought.
Lucky had never dreamt of working with the police but found himself doing that when he followed Laman and Mr Nelson in a police vehicle. They were heading to the residence of late Gizifa to view his satellite. On their way, they saw so many people on the road shouting, “Kira must die! Kira must die!!”
That attracted their attention. Therefore they stopped to know what happened but crowed of people never allowed them until Laman put on the siren of the car along with red and blue light found on top of it. The agitation stopped.
Mr Nelson moved forward. “What exactly is the cause of this agitation?” he asked.
“Kira killed my husband today!” a woman shouted from the crowd.
“Only because he beat me up mercilessly. I never told Kira to kill my husband for me, it’s a family issue” she explained with tears in her eyes.
Another voice came from the crowd. “Kira killed my friends only because they bullied a female and tried to rape her. Does that worth taking their lives? Moreover, Life and death is in the hands of God, not Kira!”
Many others complained on how Kira took the life of their dear ones, even those who just uttered to trace and uncover his true identity died. The wh0le thing rendered Mr Nelson speechless, wondering if actually his son was the one putting the city in such pandemonium, so he spoke up.
“You must know that Kira’s motive is to create a world without crime or bad person in it, so abstain from bad behaviors”
“What of those who only vow to reveal his identity. What crime did they commit?” A voice came from the crowd again.
“That’s where Kira goes wrong”
“And that’s why he must be brought to justice and executed!!”
The agitation continued even hotter than the previous one. That made the police left the arena to continue the search for the life note hopelessly.

To be continued

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