The Red Moon

THE RED MOON (Episode 18)

(A New World)
Episode 18
© Bright Daniel

They got to the residence of Gizifa, glanced through all the screens connected to his satellite but didn’t see anything. So they had no choice but to move around the city asking everyone available if they saw any s€× note or Life note. That took them hours.
Nevertheless, they decided to make the announcement publicly through radio and television. Mr Nelson was the one to plead to all the citizens especially to the one who must have picked the book to please, reveal his or herself. Just before he finished broadcasting, a muttering came among policemen who came with them. Therefore, he concluded immediately and stepped out to know what was happening.
“Sir,” a police officer approached him before he got to the scene. “It’s sir Laman, he’s gone”
“To where?” Mr Nelson hurriedly asked.
“I mean he’s dead” the young man replied pitifully then made way for him to go see for himself.
Mr Nelson got there to see Laman lying dead on the floor. He couldn’t withhold his tears, thus, letting it drop from his eyes to the floor. Suddenly, he looked up.
“Vera” was the last thing he said then took off home. He knew that if Laman is dead, his daughter must has also gaven off the ghost in her.
Meanwhile, Lucky had already ran to the twins all alone after discovering the death of Laman. He pushed the door of the house forcefully then continued running up the staircase. “Vera! Vera!!” he kept shouting on his way but nobody responded to him. Just as he went into the sitting room, he saw Dera shedding tears on the cushion with hands folded. Without asking, he rushed into their room to see Vera lying straight dead on the bed. He slowed down, gently moving forward. Already, tears had started dropping from his eyes. He knelt down beside the bed and grabbed her hand.
“Please, wake up. I’m here now, you can’t just die like this. Vera wake up, wake up! No ooh!” his voice echoed in the wh0le building.
Mr Nelson bagged in at that moment, shook his daughter vigorously to respond to life but all to no avail. “How can a brother be so wicked to his sister?” he cried.
The policemen who followed him began to pull him back from the corpse but he struggled.
“Leave me alone! I swear Michael must pay for this. I’ll kill him with my bare hands!”
They called an ambulance that came immediately and carried Vera to the mortuary. Dera and Lucky watched through the window as her dead body was pushed in,side the ambulance then closed. Dera bursted out crying uncontrollably coz that reminded her of their late mother. She was not just a brave woman but caring too. Since her death, the father had been trying to make her absence unnoticed, hence bringing up the children lovely. But all his efforts has come crashing down due to a note book which has possessed his son, thus, setting the family to a big war and emotional torture.
Mr Nelson used the sadness and anger in him to declare his son wanted on a live television. These were his words. “Kira is known, and it’s no other person but Michael Nelson, my son. He has been the one behind the killings all this while. He killed Gizifa, Laman, Vera, his own sister and others. He’s nowhere to be found, therefore, I declare him wanted. He must pay severely for his actions”
Nelly seemed to be the first to hear the news, so she couldn’t believe her eyes. She tried Michael’s number but switched off then called Lucky’s but no response. She became restless.
Michael’s wanted picture was pasted at every corner of the city after the declaration. Both the military set out to search for him forgetting that their lives in the quest is just at the tip of a pen and a death note.
When Mr Nelson returned to the station, his cell phone rang. He glanced at the number then picked up.
“Nice speech, Dad” Michael sounded on the phone.
The father brought down the phone in a hurry with his palm well covered on the mouth piece of the phone.
“It’s Kira!” he whispered to the policemen around who became not only scared by the name ‘Kira’ but attentive to know what he had to say. They also connected the phone to a device to trace the call. By then, Mr Nelson had set it on loud speaker.
“It’s now Kira, Dad, not Michael”
“How could you kill your own sister?”
“How could my own sister try to reveal my identity to the police?”
“You must pay for this!”
“I know, if only I’m caught which is far more from possibility. You’ve declared me wanted forgetting your life now is in my hands…”
“My life is in the hands of God” Mr Nelson interrupted. “He is the only one that has the right to take or give life to whosoever he pleases to give” he added.
“I guess that makes me half a God coz I can take the life of whosoever I wanna take now” Mike giggled. It sounded deadly on the phone.
“What are you gonna do now, kill me?” Mr Nelson asked angrily.
“No, Dad, you’re already close to your grave” the line went off.
Silence took over the station. There was an expression of surprise and fear in the faces of all the men there.
Mr Nelson looked at the one who was tracing the call. “Did you get his location?” he broke the silence.
“Yes, he’s not within the city. He’s at a place called Kuma” the young policeman replied looking at the screen.
“Kuma” Mr Nelson repeated. “That’s my village, the land of my forefathers” he turned taking few steps away from his initial s₱0t. “Prepare, we’re going after him!” he commanded..
In Gezos city, there was a young girl named Debby who picked up one of the notes. Her physical appearance would tell you that she’s not only bad but dangerous too regardless of her innocent and beautiful face added to an open teeth she occasionally display. She was dark in complexion, tall and ski-ny. She could be found in a dark nasty sanctum wearing a jean trouser over a black single handed top. A ray of light illuminated the room from broken windows. There was a table where she placed the book staring at it. The caption written on the cover was ‘Life Note’. She wondered what it’s used for then opened it to see every page blank.
“Life note” she muttered.
“Yes, it can give life even to a dried borne” a female scary voice came from behind. That was her own Shakiti called Ashanti. She also float in the air but not as scary as the god of death. She had a rumpled flesh but glows in white colour. Most of all, she’s also invisible and invincible.
Debby turned after hearing her voice. She wasn’t scared of her look.
“Who are you?” she asked.
“I’m Ashanti, the owner of the book you found. I’m from the world of the unknown. I’m invisible to the eyes of the humans”
“But I can see you”
“That’s because you’ve touched my book”
“So, what’s the book for?” Debby turned staring at the book.
“It’s a life note, it gives life to the dead in as much as the person has not been buried” Ashanti floated beside her to take a good look at her black beautiful face.
How does it give life to the dead?” Debby was still inquisitive.
“By just writing the person’s name on it”
“Just like the death note” she soliloquised looking happy as she closed the book. She believed she would be as famous as Kira, hence, wished to meet him one day.
“Don’t be so excited” Ashanti warned.
“Why? With this book, I’m a god of my own, a savior to those who are mo-ning their lost ones, a..”
“Listen,” Ashanti interrupted. “Any single name you write on the note, your life span will approximately reduce by a year. That means if you suppose to die in two years, you’ll then die in one year. So the more you give life to the dead, the more you go close to your own grave” she smiled while Debby frowned staring and reasoning what she said…

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