The Red Moon

THE RED MOON (Episode 19)

(A new world)
Episode 19

What is the need of saving people’s life but lose yours? The condition attached to the life note was unbearable, and Debby wasn’t ready to lose a year of her life span. So what would be the need of the note? She thought silently in the nasty sanctum.
However, Ashanti waited to hear from her, she hopped she rejects the book and hand it back to her in order to leave the human world immediately, but Debby put it in,side her small bag that rested on the table opposite her. Not that Ashanti couldn’t take the book from her but because she needed to spend time in the human world.
“So what are you gonna do now?” she asked.
“What do you think I’m about to do?” Debby returned the question then began to walk out. “Of course I have a better plan for the note. Or don’t you plan in the world you come from?” she added almost with a rude manner.
“In my world, we don’t plan, we act” she followed her.
“Then get use to this world”
“Hmm.. humans, always making plans” Ashanti murmured following closely from behind and looking at everyone who passes on the road.
They walked down to Debby’s house. It was a fashionable bungalow painted with white colour paint. Though Debby lived with only her mother but she wasn’t at home at the moment.
Debby clutched the doorknob of her room, flung her bag on the bed then began to take off her clothes, while Ashanti watched from a nearby wardrobe. She became unclad wearing just a black p-nt and b-ra, the voluminous br-ast of hers was like that of a coconut.
“So what are your plans for the note?” Ashanti broke the silence.
“Plan is plan, or how many plans do we have?” She walked to her refrigerator shaking her buttocks.
“You seem rude” Ashanti made a move. “Why must you always answer my question with a question?” she added.
“Why would you ask a question that’s not my question?”
“What do you mean?” Ashanti became over confused. “Wait, did you just answer my question with a question again?” she exhaled deeply wondering the kind of human being she met.
However, Debby kept quiet, opened the refrigerator, brought out an apple then began to eat it. She looked at Ashanti who wondered what she was eating.
“Fine,” she began. “I’m sorry for the way I answered you but you should be use to it coz its part of me. I’m Debby, I do my things in my own way, okay? My plan is to use the life note to get the death note”
Ashanti seemed not to hear her. All her concentration was on the apple and how she chewed it deliciously. So she went to the refrigerator too and took an apple at the very sight of Debby. She put all in her mouth at a time then began to chew. Both smiled after she glanced at her.
“What’s this?”
“Do you like it?”
“I love it!”
“It’s called an apple”
Debby giggled. “It’s not An-pple, it’s an apple . The name is apple” she walked in,side the bathroom. The next thing Ashanti heard was splashing water from a shower.

To be continued

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