The Red Moon

THE RED MOON (Episode 20)

(A new world)
Episode 20

Policemen set for a journey to Kuma where Michael’s location was detected. They took precaution by covering their faces with helmet and never to call each other by name rather selected numbers as a representative of their names.
Only a single road leads to Kuma after entering the territory. It was very narrow in a way vehicles couldn’t run through it. Policemen with guns could be seen running through the road like soldiers heading to war. Before they got to the village, two men fell down and died immediately. That made others to stop and gathered around them. The leader observed the two men then found out that they were dead.
“They are dead?” he said.
Others began to murmur. None refused to take off his helmet. At that point, some became afraid coz they knew that nothing would kill those men except Kira.
“What killed them?” one of them asked.
“Of course Kira did” the leader replied then placed his gun on his shoulder. “We must move on” he added.
“But how come? Kira doesn’t know our names neither has he seen our faces”
“I guess that young boy is smarter than we think, but we must proceed” he led the way followed by others.
Kuma village had scanty residence obviously occupied by grandmothers and fathers. Young men and women could be seen too. When people saw the troops, they wondered who they were searching for. Some ran in,side their local houses while some watched attentively.
“Spread out!” the leader commanded. “Search every house and make sure you..” he fell down and died before completing his sentence.
Many other policemen died on the process without knowing who was killing them. Though it was no other person but Kira.
Only a soul remained among the troop that went in search of Kira. His name was Mendel. Others died in the quest.
He ran back to Gezos city, to the police station precisely and laid down before Mr Nelson. All the system in his body including his body temperature became abnormal. By then, he had took off his helmet.
“Mendel, what happened?” Mr Nelson asked as he pulled him up from the ground.
“Sir, I’m the only survival, others died” his breathing rate was faster than normal.
“What killed them?”
Before the young man replied, the police telephone line rang. Mr Nelson picked up immediately. There were other policemen who were around especially the computer operators.
“Hello, Dad” Michael sounded on the phone.
“Kira, you had my men killed” Mr Nelson spoke up instantly.
“That’s what happens when game is being played. People die, a winner becomes victorious and laughs at last”
“He who laughs at last, cries at last too, and you gonna do your own crying in hell”
“We gonna see about that. Let the game begin again” the line went off.
Mr Nelson dropped the call thinking critically how Kira killed his men without knowing their names or seeing their faces. He deviated to the fact that the person doing all the killings was his own son. Thinking about that, he fell down.
“Sir!” the policemen around especially Mendel rushed him to the hospital where he was confirmed paralyzed due to high blood pressure. That set Dera in another emotional depressed when heard it because she had not even gotten over with the death of her twin sister. If actually one can cry out blood, she would have cried out a drum of blood.
On the other hand, at Kuma, Michael rested in a room in his grandfather’s house. Nobody lived there except him. His grandparents died a long time ago, so nobody occupied the house.
In the room, one could see a television, his special computer, bed and other things that made up a beautiful room. Shakiti never departed from his back.
“Michael” he called but didn’t get a response. Though continued. “I am beginning to think nobody can get you or the book coz it seems you’re too clever”
Michael stood up from his chair. “Over my dead body will anybody get me or the death note” he said taking a banana from its bunch.
Shakiti laughed. “I know they will be wondering how you killed those policemen “
“They will never know if I don’t tell them” he sat back to the chair remembering what made it possible for him to kill them even with their faces covered. He could remember how he sneaked into the father’s room before he des**ted the city.
in,side the room, he hacked into the father’s desk top, then took the picture and names of all the policemen working under him.
Darkness began to take over the sky, before then, Lucky’s name had gone viral as the one who once worked with Kira. Though nobody knew he dated Vera before her death except Dera and Michael. He was also depressed and sad like Dera.
Gentle breeze rouse from the west as Lucky walked down to their house. He had been with Dera in the hospital. Just as he wanted to enter into their compound, a female voice came from behind. He turned trying to get a correct view of the person coz it was getting darker by every minute.
“Who’s that?” he shouted moving towards the person until he got her correct view. It was Debby who admired his handsomeness looking at him all round.
“My name is Deborah known as Debby” she replied taking a step forward.
“How may I help you?” Lucky wasn’t smiling.
“I guess you’re the guy that worked with Kira”
“As you can see, I’m not in a good mood. I’ve lost my girlfriend and.. “
“You what?” Debby interrupted while Ashanti listened from behind. “You don’t need to worry coz the dead can rise again” she added staring at him sed-ctively.
“And what do you mean by that?” Lucky became enthusiastic. At his very eyes, Debby brought out the life note, positioned it in a way he read the caption.
He couldn’t believe his eyes! The note they had hopped and searched for was actually before his very own eyes! He tried to grab it from her but she withdrew her hand swiftly.
“Where did you get that?” he quired.
“Where must I have gotten it?” she returned the question while Ashanti shook her head negatively knowing that she answered a question with a question. “It doesn’t matter where I got the book. What matters now is how you gonna get it coz I know that you need it to save your girlfriend” she added.
“Yes, I really need” Lucky begged.
“You gonna get it but in one condition”
“I gonna do anything you ask of me”
Debby smiled. “First, you gonna agree to be my boyfriend. Secondly and most importantly, get me the death note and the life note will be yours” she smiled touching his shirt rom-ntically….

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