The Red Moon

THE RED MOON (Episode 21)

(A new world)
Episode 21
© Bright Daniel

The two complicated conditions made Lucky woozy especially the one that says he must get the death note for an exchange with the life note? He didn’t worry about being Debby’s boyfriend in as much as Vera wakes up from dead.
However, Debby’s hand never left his body, she rom-nced him from the chest to the stomach, occasionally grabbing the buttons of his shirt. She was naughty and er*t*c. The act distracted the young boy, so he took her hand off his body.
“Let me think” he said.
“You don’t need to think. Just get me the death note” Debby frowned.
“Do you think Kira will just give away the book easily?” Lucky glared. “If you don’t know, he killed his own sister because of the note, so what makes you think he will release it to me? Please, let me think!”
“Fine!” Debby threw a paper that contains her phone number on the floor. “Call me when you’re ready” she walked out shaking her butt while Ashanti followed her.
All hope on how to capture Kira or the death note fadded in Gezos city coz nobody agreed to attack him again since none knew his source of killings. Yes, Kira’s location wasn’t hidden but none agreed to go after him. Therefore, he was gradually becoming a god whom no one can challenge or dare to approach him. Hence, more and more bad people kept dying in the city killed by Kira.
Nevertheless, Lucky met Nelly, the only hope to get Kira or the death note. They were in the school premesis under a tree at a place called love garden. She wore a black pair of eye glasses, sleeveless top and a black leggings. One could tell from her face that she wasn’t happy. Lucky sat closely to her looking frustrated.
“Nelly, you must have heard everything that is happening in town”
“Yes, and I don’t wanna talk about it or involve myself.. “
“Why?” he interrupted.
Nelly turned to him angrily in a way she flung her hair backward. It nearly wh¡pped Lucky on the face if he hadn’t withdrawn his face immediately. “Lucky, what do you take me for? You and Mike had been working together as Kira under my nose and none of you opened up to me!” she barked.
“It was a secret we needed to keep!”
“What do you want from me now?”
Lucky swallowed hærd before continuing with a lower voice. “Do you like what Michael, your boyfriend, is doing? He killed his own sister and other innocent people. Just yesterday he killed all the troops that was sent to capture him. Now his father is paralyzed because of his careless killings. Do you like what he’s doing?”
“You’re still beating around the bush” Nelly glanced at him while he adjusted forward from the cemented seat.
“We want to send you to Kira, not to kill him but to get the death note from him. Michael isn’t gonna hurt you because he loves you” Lucky finally let the cat out of the bag.
Nelly glared at him again after taking off the eye glasses. “Are you insane? What you’re telling me is mission impossible. If Michael could kill his own sister then who am I?” she replaced the eye glasses and stood up with her bag. “Sorry, I can’t do that” she left.
A few hours later, Lucky went to the police station. Meanwhile new men had been recruited to the station and their new leader who replaced Mr Nelson was Sir Rick as he was known. Lucky met him where he was strategising on how to capture Kira too.
“Sir Rick”
“Lucky, what have you come up with?”
“I guess we have someone who can help us capture the death note from Kira”
“And who could be that?” Sir Rick straightened up wondering who would have such courage to embark on such mission. Just then, Nelly came forward.
“She’s Nelly Lambert, Michael’s girlfriend. She has agreed to get the book from him so that we can have access to capture Kira himself” Lucky explained.
Nelly became fortified for the mission by hiding a transmitter in,side her ear so that they would be hearing Kira through it and also communicate with her.
When she set out for the journey, tension ar-used in the city coz nobody knew if she was gonna succeed or not.
Nelly walked straight to Kuma, to the residence of Nelson’s family house. She dressed in black and white shirt like a banker. She stood before the door of the house breathing hastily, she had been trying to control it but couldn’t. She didn’t know when she knocked at the door three times. Instantly, it opened, Lo and behold Michael staring at her without a surprising face.
Shakiti brought out his head to see who had taken Michael unaware. When he saw her, he giggled. “Love is a wonderful thing” he said.
“Hi, Mike” Nelly forcefully smiled, sliding her hair at the same time.
Michael didn’t talk to her rather opened the door widely and left. She followed him into the house coz she believed leaving the door open means ‘enter’. They finally entered into a room where she found a television and a computer, even other things. Surprisingly, she noticed peals of banana everywhere on the floor.
Michael turned to her. “What are you doing here?” he quired.
Nelly frowned. “Is that what you suppose to ask me? You left me at Gezos city to this place, you hid your identity from me and what you could ask me is what I’m doing here? I can see you don’t care about me anymore” she wanted to leave the room but he called her back.
“I’m sorry,” he met her just at the door. “I’m sorry I never told you I’m Kira. But I hope nobody followed you to this place”
Nelly shook her head negatively then hugged him tightly. “I miss you so much, Mike”
“Who gave you the location of this place?” Mike disengaged from her to the bed where he sat on the edge.
“Your sister, Dera, did” she sat beside him.
Tranquility was the next thing that took over the room. Of course, Michael knew she would ask him so many questions pertaining the death note and all the killings that had been going on. So he got ready for it.
“Do you want to tell me why you choose to kill all this people with the Death Note?” she broke the silence in a rom-ntic way by placing a hand on his shoulder.
“I planned to use the book to create a new world. A world without crime by eliminating all the bad people. But some people like Vera and the police crossed my way” he explained.
“Don’t you think you’re taking it too far by killing even your own sister. That means you can kill me too”
Mike stood up without uttering a word. Suddenly, he heard a noise from outside where people were pursuing a thief. He swiftly took his phone then took the picture of the very boy in motion. At the sight of Nelly, he scanned the picture on the computer then the details of the young thief displayed. He opened a drawer, brought out the death note and wrote the person’s name on it. He closed it.
“Oh my God!” Nelly approached.
Michael allowed her touch the book, hence, she saw Shakiti and scre-med!
“Hey!” Mike got hold of her. “He’s cool, he doesn’t harm anybody”
Meanwhile, Shakiti had positioned his smiling scary face. “Hi, Nelly, I like banana” he waved his hand at her.
“He knows my name? Who’s he?” Nelly asked.
Michael explained to her that he was Shakiti. She couldn’t believe the story of Shakiti, the god of death was real! At time goes on, she became familiar and friendly with him.
That night was a wonderful one for the two lovers and Shakiti too. She cooked, they ate, and made love at night except with Shakiti who watched television while the s€× went on.
In the morning, when Michael entered the bathroom, Nelly stood up unclad, tip toed to the drawer containing the death note then took it and placed it in,side her bag. Of course, Shakiti saw her but pretended never to notice her criminal attitude.
She dressed up in a hurry and left Kuma instantly.
A few minute after Michael came out from the bathroom, he noticed Shakiti giggling for no reason. He also noticed Nelly gone then he swiftly opened the window if he would see her but never set eyes on her. He turned to Shakiti.
“What’s going on?”
Michael opened the drawer to see the death note gone. There was no other person who could take the book but Nelly. He knew that, so he smiled.
“I knew she was in a mission” he turned.
“But she has succeeded in her mission” Shakiti laughed.
“No, rather she just bought a free ticket to hell”
Michael entered into the bathroom and came out with another death note. “I duplicated the note in a way nobody knows the real and the fake one. Last night, while she was asleep, I replaced the real one in the drawer with the fake one coz i never trusted her” he laughed in a deadly manner.
“Wow! this cause for a celebration!” Shakiti brought out a banana then began to eat, while Michael opened the note, took a pen and wrote ‘NELLY LAMBERT, TIME OF DEATH, 1HOUR’. He closed the book smiling a deadly smile…

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