The Red Moon

THE RED MOON (Episode 23)

(A new world)
Episode 23
© Bright Daniel

Death is inevitable; it’s certain that one must die one day but it’s in the hands of God if you gonna die or not. Therefore, when a human being possesses the power to kill, it becomes a curse!!
That was the situation Michael found himself. The very day he found the death note was the day he picked up a curse. He felt like a God after discovering that he could take the life of anybody he wishes to take, hence killing people wasn’t a big deal to him.
He had survived several attempts to kill him due to how smart he is, but here comes another attempt to have him go down to the grave. Is he gonna survive?
Michael stood behind the door of their house with the death note in his hand, while the police surrounded the compound each with a gun pointing at the door.
Dera sat on the staircase crying knowing that her brother had no way to escape from the police. If actually she heard Shakiti telling her that Michael is a master planner, she would have gotten some hope. But was Mike gonna escape from the police? If yes, how possible?
Nevertheless, Shakiti stood right behind for him to open the door and do his magic as he believed coz Michael doesn’t always tell him his plans which always come to him as a surprise. He loves such moments.
“So what are you gonna do now?” Shakiti broke the silence, even though he knew that Mike wouldn’t respond to him. “Are you gonna open the door and allow those bullets into your small head? Well, it’s a bit bigger than a coconut. Sometimes, I wonder if all the smartness you have are contained in,side this head” he tapped his head and giggled at his own words. Yet, Michael never said a word.
Suddenly, a voice from a microphone came from outside saying, “Kira, we know you’re in there, surrender and come out with your hands up! We give you three minutes to do that!”
“Three minutes is a long time” Mike murmured with a deadly smile. He placed the book in,side his bag then slowly opened the door with his hands up. His presence alone marveled the policemen. Nobody could pull the trigger, though waiting for a command before doing that. All remained calmed staring at the young boy – almighty Kira.
“You ain’t gonna stop chasing me, are you?” he began. “I am Kira, the god of the new world. No human can get to me except through me. He who tried to kill me, tries to visit his ancestors” he smiled.
Meanwhile, Dera had been watching from a window. She couldn’t believe how boldly the brother spoke to the policemen even at gunpoint. What gives him such guts? She wondered.
“Kira, you have to surrender now! You have nowhere to go!” the voice came again from the microphone.
“A god never surrender” Mike replied then ran back into the building immediately, thus, dodging a few bullets shot at him. He brought out the death note and began to write names on it as fast as possible – those were the names on the policemen outside. How did he know their names without using his special computer? Even Lucky doesn’t have an answer to that question.
When the policemen noticed that they were dying one after the other, others took on their heels. Michael used that opportunity to disappear again to where nobody knows.
Dera became astonished without moving an itch. The mood she saw her brother made her believed that he had gone out of the correct senses of a normal human being. Obviously, he was possessed by the note and inthusicated by its power.
On the other hand, Lucky reasoned the conditions attached to the life note then threw his gun on the floor. He moved forward from the building leaving Debby’s dead body on the floor. Ashanti followed suit immediately.
He headed straight to the mortuary where Vera’s dead body was taken care of. It was a hallow bungalow with several rooms.
Lucky met the mortuary attendant who opened a drawer where Vera laid unclad.
“Can you leave us alone, please?” Lucky requested.
“Sure” he left.
When Lucky brought out the life note to write her name, Ashanti w¡dened her eyes in disbelief!
“You wanna lose a year of your own life span?” she quired.
“Yes, and I’ll have ninty-nine years left to live” he replied as he wrote down the first name.
“Do you think you have one hundred years to live?”
“I don’t think, I believe, and when I believe, I know” he just finished writing her surname.
“Wow, I love your courage!” Ashanti concluded. “I’ll tell you a secret later” she added.
Both remained quiet for the magic to work coz ‘Vera Nelson’ has been written on the note. Suddenly, the poor unclad girl coughed awake. She gradually opened her eyes without knowing where she was or how stark unclad she was. All she could see was Lucky’s face who came very close to her looking into her eyes smiling.
“Lucky?” she called out.
“Yes, Vera” he replied.
She turned her eyes round the room to see some dead bodies lying on a wheelbed and ground. She sat up to see herself unclad then totally jumped out from the drawer with hands covering her private part.
“What’s going on here!” she glared at Lucky.
“Calm down,” he demonstrated with his hands.
“What am I doing in a.. ” she paused when she saw the life note in Lucky’s hand. “Wait, was I dead?”
Lucky shook his head positively.
She waited for a moment to recall her memory. So she turned to him again and said, “Where is my twin sister and Michael?”
Just then, the mortuary attendant entered looking at both of them. He was speechless.
“Get me something to cover myself, idiot!” Vera’s voice echoed the wh0le building. Even the dead ones could hear her from the land of the dead. The attendant ran out.
“Lucky” Ashanti called knowing that he would be the only one to see or hear her voice. “The secret I wanna tell you is that anyone raised from the dead with the life note cannot be killed with a death note”
“Oh, my God!” Lucky exclaimed within him coz she just gave him a clue on how to catch Kira!!!
Michael later came back to his father’s house when nobody was around. Of course people knew he was at his residence but nobody had the guts to confront him. He sat down on the edge of his bed while Shakiti opened the refrigerator to see it empty.
‘Hmm.. old place, I don’t like this place anymore coz no more banana in here. Can we go back to Kuma?” he requested staring at him. He giggled after seeing how quiet he was. “I know people would be wondering how you killed those men earlier today. They would never know what you sacrificed for it” he giggled again remembering why Michael was able to know the men’s names without his special computer..
After Nelly left Kuma with the fake note, Shakiti admired Michael’s smartness then said to him. “You deserved to be told another secret”
“What secret?” Michael handed many bananas to him knowing that he would request for that as an exchange with the secret, but he rejected it. “Why you not taking..”
“Because you have to sacrifice something more than a banana for what I want to tell you” he interrupted.
“What could that be?”
“Half of your life”
“Explain” Michael sat down.
“You can actually know people’s names by just looking at their faces. For you to have such powers, you have to offer half of your life span. That means if you were gonna live in this human world for ten years, you will then live for five years” Shakiti explained…
He laughed out loud when he remembered it. Obviously, Michael agreed to it that was why he was able to know the names of the men he wrote on the book. He just opened the door with his hands up taking record of their names one after the other before running back in,side the building. That was how he was able to conquer the policemen….

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