The Red Moon

THE RED MOON (Episode 24)

(A new world)
Episode 24
© Bright Daniel

The way Michael Nelson gradually turned into a heartless beast was something someone cannot write home about. That alone is an evidence that a man can never be God and God cannot be man.
He sat right in,side his room reflecting on his past actions so far, while Shakiti stood before him with a total stare. There was still a loud pandemonium in the city after discovering how the policemen who attacked Kira mysteriously died. That increased their partubation to know how to capture and execute him.
Those who escaped death went back to sir Rick and told him their experience.
“Kira said he’s a god” One of them began. “No one gets to him except through him. Anyone who tries to kill him, tries to visit his ancestors. Definitely, many of our men has visited their ancestors today” he explained.
“Kira” Sir Rick said walking gradually by taking a step at a time. “How possible can he not be defeated? That little boy is more than what I thought” he murmured as he thought critically. “Prepare, we are going back to Kira the next day!” he commanded.
The resurrection of Vera Nelson from the mortuary was something the mortuary attendant wanted an explanation for, but he was simply told that a miracle happened. Lucky and Vera left the building immediately after she wore a cloth. They weren’t going home but hospital to see Mr Nelson. Meanwhile, Lucky had told her about the life note, the condition attached to it and how he planned to use her to capture Kira. He also showed him Ashanti, but never mentioned Debby and her conditions before he got the life note from her.
Already, the news about Kira residing at his father’s house had gone viral, so nobody, even his siblings agreed to go back home except Dera who always wanted him safe.
In the hospital, Mr Nelson was just receiving a treatment from a doctor when Lucky and Vera entered. Dera stood beside her father as the doctor checked on him, she turned to the door when she noticed the presence of those who entered into the room. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw her twin sister!
“Vera?” she took a step forward. Hearing the name, Mr Nelson totally opened his eyes from the bed while the doctor excused himself.
“Dad?” Vera called then turned to her sister. “Dera?” she briskly walked and hugged her. She also went to the father who kept staring at her as if having no memory of her. Seeing her alive meant only one thing to him; the life note has been found.
“Vera, my daughter” he called but couldn’t raise a hand to touch her – he was paralyzed, but Vera embrassed him.
“What happened, Dad?” she asked.
“Your brother has turned into something else. He has set the city into confusion and pandemonium. He’s now a god that cannot be defeated”
“No, Dad, Michael must be stopped. I must make sure of that. Since he had the guts to take my life, I must take his too”
Lucky stepped forward. “I’ve found the life note. Whosoever that is raised with the book cannot be killed by a death note. Though the condition attached to the note is dangerous, but I have to write two more person’s names who will confront Michael” he explained again telling them the condition the note carries.
Mr Nelson admired his courage. “The life note should be kept a secret otherwise people from different places will come after it and might result to war” he advised.
Hearing that, Ashanti floated forward. “I’m taking my note back after Kira has been captured” she said. Only Lucky and Vera heard her.
“Sir, the life note isn’t gonna stay in this world. The owner gonna take it back to her world” Lucky said.
“Who’s the owner?”
“Ashanti” he smiled then made him and Dera to see her by touching the life note before they left the hospital.
Thereafter, Dera went closer to her father in the silence that circulated the room. Only both of them were there. She looked at him and asked with a very sad voice, “Dad, are they gonna kill Mike?”
The question touched the old man. He couldn’t answer it coz he knew nothing awaits Mike but death whenever he’s captured. Therefore, instead of answering the question, tears dropped from his eyes. Seeing that, Dera also began to shed tears.
“Power of life and death is in the hands of God not any man” he concluded bitterly, while the daughter thought about his statement critically to know if it was an answer to her question.
Lucky and Vera drove to the residence of Debby where they found only the mother crying. Of course she cried because of her dead daughter. She told them where the corpse had been carried to then they began to drive to the place. Vera sat in the front seat with Lucky who handled the steering wheel. She occasionally glanced at him.
“What exactly do you have in common with this Debby of a girl that you wanna wake up losing more of your life span?” she asked.
“She’s the owner of the life note. I wouldn’t have gotten it if I hadn’t killed her” Lucky replied.
“You what!?”
He pulled over in front of their destination. “I needed to see you alive again that’s why I killed her. But there is no big deal, i gonna wake her then convinced her to join hands in fighting Kira” he explained.
Vera kept quiet for a while. She took the book from him saying, “Let me be the one to lose a year of my life span now” she opened the door to leave but Lucky held her back.
“Be careful” he said.
Vera left without saying a word. When she entered into the mortuary, she acted like a sister to Debby and demanded to see her corpse. She saw her lying on a wheelbed still on her clothes and blood stain. She secretly wrote her name on the life note then adjusted away to watch what would happen.
Suddenly, she coughed awake and sat up instantly. She looked at Vera and the environment. She also saw Ashanti.
“Hi, how are you, Debby?” Ashanti giggled.
“What do you think?” she answered with a question again. “By the way where am I and who is this?” she pointed at Vera.
“I’m Vera, let’s go, we have no time” she began to walk out.
“Hey, come back here!” her voice echoed as she followed suite. Any mortuary attendant who saw her gave way to them. Of course, Vera convinced them that it was a miracle.
Debby kept ranting until they got outside where Lucky waited for them beside the car. He straightened up when he saw them coz he knew Debby would be mad at him.
However, when Debby saw him, she slowed down, looked at Vera who also stood beside her boyfriend. Only then did she understand what was going on.
“So you shot me, took the life note and saved your girlfriend” she said calmly.
“Debby, the most important thing now is that you are alive again” Lucky began. “We have a better plan..”
“Spare me that nonsense!” she provorked with a high voice, while Vera w¡dened her eyes looking at her. “What gave you the guts to steal my book. You’re a thief!”
“Enough!” Vera couldn’t stand her. She was beginning to dislike her already.
The arena became quiet.
“Can I have my book back?” Debby broke the silence.
“Sure” Lucky handed the book back to her. Vera entered into the front seat of the car, while Lucky gave Debby sign to enter to the back seat as he took the driver’s seat. After entering, he noticed her still standing outside with her hands folded. So he said from in,side, “Debby, enter the car let’s go!”
“Have you forgotten we had an agreement?” she began. “Since you didn’t meet up the second one which is getting me the death note, I guess you can meet up the first one which is being my boyfriend. So before I enter this car, you must tell this bitch to go to the back seat while I seat in the front seat” she rolled her eyes rudely.
“She called me a bitch?” Vera provorked. “And what’s she talking about?”
Hearing all that, Ashanti exhaled deeply. “Humans are so pathetic” she said….

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