The Red Moon


(A new world)
Final Episode (Episode 25)
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Nobody should have blamed Debby coz she had an agreement with Lucky and also exhibiting her character at the moment. Therefore, she refused to enter in,side the car except Vera comes our from the front seat. She was so mean!
Already, Vera had been provoked. “I still don’t understand what’s going on here! What agreement is she talking about?” she yelled at Lucky who swiftly came out of the vehicle to meet almighty Debby.
Vera came out too.
Meanwhile, Ashanti watched them from aside.
“You are trying to cause commotion here” Lucky began glaring at Debby. “You just have to forget every agreement we had and enter into the car. We have some task to accomplish coz Kira has to go down!”
“I don’t forget agreements” Debby pushed Vera away and entered into the front seat of the car.
“What f-cking agreement are you both talking about!” Very glared at Lucky.
“She found the life note and before she gave it to me, she made me promise that I’ll be her boyfriend after which I bring the death…” he was interrupted by a slap from Vera. He held his cheek immediately to reduce the pains, while Debby smiled from the car. Such things get her excited.
However, Vera had left the place walking briskly along the road.
“Vera!” Lucky ran after her until he held her back by the hand. “You need to understand something here!” he shrieked.
“That you have a rude bitch as a new girlfriend!?” she yelled back.
“No! I did what I did to save your life!” he brought down his voice then touched his cheek again. “Please, I beg you, just enter in,side the car, I mean to the back seat, everything gonna be fine. You are the one I love not her. But as for now we need to work together and take Kira down”
A long thought and silence took over the road. Vera glanced at Debby as she seated in the front seat smiling then looked at Lucky. She just had to consider and do as he said. So she went back to the car and sat on the back seat. They sped off.
Though all hope had lost on how Kira can be captured, but some people like Sir Rick never gave up. He kept strategising on how to capture him.
Just as he was addressing his men in the police station, Lucky walked in with three ladies; Debby, Vera and Nelly whom Lucky woke from dead with the life note. Their locomotion appeared to be in slow motion in the eyes of others. They wore black tights elastic trousers over a black jacket. On their eyes were black eyes glasses too.
All the men in the station marveled at the sight of the ladies whom was believed dead initially. Sir Rick stared at them when they finally approached closer.
“Lucky, I can’t believe you’re walking with the dead” he said.
“You should, Sir” Lucky replied.
“This only means one thing; the life note has been found”
“Something of that nature”
Sir Rick looked at the girls. “Who’s the dark looking one?” he pointed at Debby. “She looks troublesome”
Before Lucky replied, Debby tapped him and said aloud, “Who’s this disgusting looking man. He looks annoying”
“What?” Sir Rick provorked.
“Hey, hey” Lucky calmed him down letting him know that Debby is Debby and nothing can change that.
He also explained to him how possible to capture Kira with the ladies behind him coz they can’t be killed again with the death note. Sir Rick doubted and requested for the life note which was given to him. When he saw Ashanti, he totally believed. He brought out his gun at that moment, positioned it on his head to kill himself .
The girls looked at one another, while Lucky took a step forward immediately.
“What are you trying to do, sir?”
“To kill myself, after which you write my name on the life note. I can’t wait to put a bullet in,side Kira’s head”
“And can’t afford to lose another year of my life span. I have lost two already”
Sir Rick brought down the gun. “What do you mean?” he asked.
Lucky explained to him the condition attached to the life note. That totally made him keep the gun back to where he found it, staring at Ashanti who smiled at him in a way that shows: NOTHING GOOD COMES EASY.
“Do it” Nelly told him.
“What?” Lucky turned to her.
“He should kill himself. I’ll be the one to write his name on the life note”
“Coz I’m not meeting Mike to kill him but to see him for the last time”
“Me too” Vera interfered. “We need someone who will capture or kill him coz I won’t. He’s my brother”
Lucky looked at Debby to hear from her too. Instantly she said, “What? I’m always different, you should know”. Within her, she was on the mission to take the death note for herself, not to capture Kira…
Back to the residence of Mr Nelson where Michael and Shakiti found refuge, both could be seen in,side the father’s room. Mike opened one of the drawers then saw a gun . He took it looking at it strangely.
“What are you up to now with a gun?” Shakiti began. “Do you want to become a criminal instead of god of the new world? If yes, I’ll be the one to write your name on the death note” he giggled in a mockery manner.
Lucky ignored him as he began to leave the room back to his own room. When he got there, he looked through the window and turned. “Shakiti?” he called calmly.
“Yes, Michael” he replied facing him.
“Is there any other secret that you’ve not told me?”
“Hmm..” Shakiti looked at the ceiling with a finger placed on the jaw. “Yes, there is”
“Tell me the secret” Mike stared.
“Anyone who’s name is written on the life note cannot be killed again with the death note”
Mike took a step forward thinking critically. He knew that the life note has been found and that would be the next strategy they would be used to capture him. Therefore, he stopped at the centre of the room and said aloud, “This is no more a battle of notes but of guns” he brought out the gun, carried his bag which contains the death note to leave the room instantly, but Vera entered immediately which startled him backward along the window side. He pointed the gun at her.
“Vera” he called amazingly.
“Yes, it’s me, Mike, the sister you killed” Vera stood at the centre of the room. “I’ve not come to kill you but to beg you to forgive me for exposing you initially”
Mike couldn’t talk as he still pointed the gun at her. Just then, Nelly also entered.
“And I have come to tell you good bye to hell” she said standing beside Vera.
However, Mike had started sweating from the face. “You tried to betray me” he began breathing hastily. “All of you came on my way to make the world a better place. You tried to prevent me, you tried to kill me, you conspired against me!!” the breathing increased in a way his chest began to move up and down. “I guess I won’t hesitate to kill you for the second time” he pulled the trigger twice on each girl.
Hearing the gun short, Sir Rick entered and shot him twice too. The power of the bullet was strong enough to throw Mike over the window, so he fell down from there with the bag.
Notwithstanding, Debby, who saw all that happened ran towards the window from downstairs where Mike fell. She saw his bag, picked it and disappeared.
Meanwhile Michael had ran away with the bullet. One could see his clothes soaked with blood as he gallop along a lonely road coz one of his legs broke as a result of the fall from the window. The sky rotated in his eyes, buildings and trees became partially visible to him which proved that he was actually dying gradually. When all his strength to run exhausted, he slowly fell down, but to his surprise, someone caught him before he finally hit the ground – that was Dera.
She laid his head on her thighs like a mother trying to br-astfeed a child. She kept crying and touching his cheeks gently. She loved his brother unconditionally.
Michael opened his eyes to see the person who still has such a good heart. Instead of seeing Dera’s image, he saw the image of his late mother.
“Mum?” he called with the remaining life in him and tears in his eyes.
“It isn’t mum, Mike, it’s Dera” she replied increasing her tears.
“I knew you would come to save me my beloved sister. Please, pray for me, Dera. I don’t know what came over me. The death note is a curse and Shakiti is of the devil. It’s clear to me now that I’m not a God, no human being can be God coz he’s the only one that has the power to take and give life. Commit my soul.. in.. in…” he took his last breath without completing his sentence.
“Nooh!” Dera cried.
Just then, Sir Rick arrived with Nelly and Vera who began to shed tears too. Though they were shot by Kira but didn’t die due to a bulletproof that was hidden under their clothes.
People began to gather around to see the almighty Kira, yes, of course his death went viral over the internet and other broadcasting devices. When Mr Nelson heard about the death of his son, he took his last breath.
Few hours later, both the life note and the death note was nowhere to be found again, even Shakiti and Ashanti suddenly disappeared from the sight of those who were able to see them.
On the other hand, Debby, opened the bag where she believed was the death note. Of course she saw it and brought it out with all happiness. The caption was clear on the black thick cover; ‘Death Note’. She opened it, closed it back and hid it under her p-nt.
Three weeks later after Mr Nelson was buried, she met Lucky and Vera at a beach where they sat on the sand. They were surprised to see her. Children, old and young could also be seen on the beach having fun.
“Hi, guys” Debby sat down.
“What are you doing here, Debby?” Vera quired immediately.
“What are you doing here too?” she returned the question. “Don’t be scared, I’ve not come here to take your boyfriend from you. I’ve come to show you this” she brought out the death note.
“Oh, my God!” Lucky exclaimed. “Where did you get that?” he wanted to take it from her but she withdrew her hand swiftly.
“That book is a curse, Debby” Vera said.
“Not until I use it” she stood up to meet a child whom she asked her name. After getting the information, she wrote down the child’s name on the note waiting for her to die. Several minutes passed, yet the child kept playing on the said. So she angry went back to Lucky and Vera who started laughing at her.
“Why are you both laughing?” she asked.
“The note is fake!” they answered at the same time.
Yes, the note was fake. Shakiti changed it coz he knew that Michael was gonna die after which he disappeared with the original.

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