The Red Moon

THE RED MOON (Episode 3)

(A new world)
Episode 3
Written by Bright Daniel

The nearest cab carried Michael to Nelly’s house where she struggled with catburglers who wanted to take advantage of her. This took place in,side the sitting room with the light on, therefore, they were visible except their faces that hid under scary mask. They were two in number, trying to have Nelly stack unclad. She had called Michael before they broke into the house, and also called the police since Michael didn’t pick up his call initially.
Meanwhile, Michael had arrived before the police, carefully watching everything from the window with the Death Note in his hand. He wished he knew the names and see the faces of those pipsqueak forcing themselves to his girlfriend. He lingered.
The burglars hit down Nelly on the flood mercilessly, that even Shakiti had to take a closer view of the scene.
“Humans are so pathetic!” he gro-ned.
Little did Nelly managed to unmask the two guys, surprisingly, their faces looked familiar to her but Michael was the one who knew the guys vividly. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw them. “Riko! Fred!” he muttered their names from the window.
Riko and Fred had been in enermity with him back in school. Nothing they had not done to humiliate him though all their efforts washed down the drain except the very hour when they set him up, beat and disgrace him before students.
Yes, Michael swore to revenge and this was his opportunity to take their lives, so he never never hesitated to write down their names on Death Note. Instantly, the boys fell down and died.
He rushed in. “Nelly, are you okay?”
“I don’t know” she muttered covering herself up. Her eyes fixed on the dead guys wondering what killed them. She looked at Mike with a quivering l-ips. “Are they dead?”
Pretentiously, Michael observed them. “Yes, they are dead” he glanced at her dryly.
“What killed them?” Nelly’s fear arose.
“Yes, what killed them?” Shakiti added mockingly with an offensive laughter. Of course, Mike heard him but ignored. Keeping the book and Shakiti as a secret was the hærdest task for him all his life.
“I don’t know what killed them” he found his voice. “Anyways, they deserve to die. This kind of people shouldn’t have a shelter in this world. They make the world inhabitable to others!”
“What will I tell the police now?”
“You tell them what happened. You didn’t kill them, neither did I coz they were dead before I arrived” Mike snapped.
Of course the police came and concluded they were killed by Kira. Who is this Kira and how can he be found? Those were the questions in everybody’s l-ips even Mr Nelson, the father of Michael, a.k.a Kira.
in,side Michael’s room, a bunch of banana rested on the table and in,side a refrigerator. He had locked everywhere for security reasons, standing before the television while Shakiti folded his legs in the air and placed a hand on his jaw, also staring at the same direction. Tranquility stretched from corner to corner!
“I know what you’re thinking, Mike” Shakiti broke the t
silence, yet, Michael never turned or responded rather placed his two hands on the wa-ist. “You’re thinking about how you gonna keep the book and yourself as Kira a secret coz the suspicion is getting worse day by day. It’s a much burden for you bear little lad. Can I tell you a secret?”
Michael turned. “Tell me” he said faintly.
“Not until I have one of those bununu coz we had a deal. Before I tell you something, I must have a bununu”
“It’s banana not bununu”
“Whatever!” Shakiti float to the table, took a banana and began to eat.
“So what?” Mike spread his hand hopelessly.
“The secret is; anyone who touches the book will see and hear me. So you aren’t only protecting yourself from being found as Kira, you’re also protecting the book from being touched by any person”
“I have strategised myself on how to do that, and as long as I live nobody will find out that I’m Kira. I will use this book for good. I’ll create a new world with” Mike found his boldness.
“The only book that can be used for good is the Life Note” Shakiti threw the last part of the banana up, opened his mouth and it landed in,side. He began to lick his fingers hilariously.
“Life Note?” that caught Michael’s attention. “Is there Life Note too?”
Shakiti ignored the question as he returned to the table for two more bananas. “Yes, there is, even a s€× Note. They work the same way as the Death Note”
“Wow!” Mike stood up. “How can these notes be found?” he grinned satisfactorily.
“I know you’re aiming at the s€× Note. Hmm.. ” Shakiti gro-ned and shook his head. “Humans, they know nothing but s€×. Well, any of these notes can come to your world after the appearance of another red moon. Definitely, you won’t be the one to pick it”
“Who will then?” Mike frownd.
“Don’t be greedy, lad. You already have a lot on your shoulder” he laid on a sleeping posture like a baby on the thighs of his mother. “Time to sleep. I can’t wait to see tomorrow, or probably, I can’t wait to see how people will discover you as Kira” he concluded.
Silence took over the sanctum again. His last words got Mike woozy, hence sending him to a deep thought. “As long as I live nobody will know that I’m Kira!” he boasted for the second time and took the book.
“I must wait and see how that gonna happen” Shakiti closed his eyes with a face of gentle smile

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