The Red Moon

THE RED MOON (Episode 4)

(A new world)
© Bright Daniel

Keeping a secret such as one’s identity is one of the most difficult things to do. Michael believed he was equal to the task, not only that, he believed he could create a world without crime by eliminating all the bad people with the Death Note.
Over night, he began to strategize, thus, giving him a sleepless night. He wore a boxers and a singlet as he stood up from the bed. He looked at Shakiti lying in the air with his eyes closed. “Thank goodness he’s asleep” he began to pick the peals of banana found on the floor. .
“What are you up to?” Shakiti opened his eyes. His voice startled him just on his way to the trash bin to throw away the peals.
He turned. “I thought you were asleep!”
“God of death never sleeps, we keep watch to know who next to kill”
“That’s bad for me I guess” Michael opened one of the drawers where he kept the Death Note.
“Yes, so so bad for you coz you gonna feed me more with banana”
“Learn how to stay hungry, buying more banana to the house will get me more suspicious” he carried the book, tore out a page from the center then began to walk into the bathroom.
“Hey!” Shakiti hurried up to him with a face full of worries. “What are you trying to do, flush out the book in the toilet?”
Michael remained calmed and quiet. The door of the bathroom made a cracking noise when he entered, looked around from the ceiling, walls to the floor, all tiled. A large round barf made of ceramic could be seen at the largest corner while a water system toilet at the smaller space. Silence lingered, even Shakiti wondered what he was upto.
Michael moved closer to the wall, placed his hands around the edges of a tile then pulled it out like a drawer. Shakiti became amazed to see it hallow as if never cemented. He watched him put the book in,side and closed it in a way nobody will have the knowledge of the book there.
“Wow! Clever! Very clever!” Shakiti grinned as he led the way out of the bathroom. The nature of his face makes one wonder if actually he smiles always coz the cheeks are drawn backward exposing his teeth. Nevertheless, he watched Mike open his wardrobe, carried out a flat screen television – not the one in use. He placed it in a carton with other electrical appliances then began to cover it up.
“What are you up to again?” Shakiti became more inquisitive but Mike ignored him. “Are you moving out of the house? Hmm.. I guess you’ve started strategising your strategy”
One of Michael’s shoes had a pocket-like opening with a zip. He folded the paper he tore from the Death Note, slid it in,side then zipped it closed.
“Wow!” Shakiti w¡dened his bold and scary eyeballs in amazement of the cleverness.
More bad people died, killed by Michael, thus, increasing people’s perturbation to know who was behind the killings of only bad people. Yes, they believed it’s an unknown killer they called Kira who must have had a mysterious way of killing them. Investigation continued.
Dera, a loving fragile young girl with voluptuous feminine stature could be seen with Henry Desmond, her boy friend, in,side a room. Their love was at the peak of driving them crazy. He has not only occasionally showered her with love but with material gifts too. Today wasn’t exception; Dera hurriedly brought out several clothes and jewelries he bought for her. Not withstanding the joy in her, she jumped on him on the voluminous bed found in the centre of the room. Both giggled.
“Take it easy on me, baby!” Henry got hold of her from the wa-ist. His skin was fair and smooth. He had a lined up beards from cheeks to jaw like soldier ants matching to war. He didn’t emerge from a rich background and his source of income wasn’t well known by Dera.
“Thank you, boo” she gave him a quick k-ss but suddenly frowned. “Where do you get money for all this? You can’t tell me a pay of a dry cleaner can purchase jewelries”
“It does, baby” he slid her hair backwards.
“You know I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you”
“Nothing gonna happen to me. Come here” he began to k-ss her while his hands rested on her br-ast stimulating the n-pples rom-ntically.
She rubbed her hands from his head to his cheek feeling the gentle rough and touch of the beards which ar-used her s€×ually. Little did he turn her in a way he was ontop taking off his shirt while Dera felt his muscular six-pack. Their breathing rate and acceleration changed passionately at the resumption of the k-ss.
Dera stopped. “Henry?” her voice came like that of a p*ssycat again. “I love you so much. Promise you gonna be okay for me”
Henry smiled broadly, a word never came out from his mouth rather he resumed the k-ss..
Days passed, Michael was still Killing and strategising, Hence, he had never spoken or replied to Shakiti’s sarcastic queries. He secretly carried the television which he put in,side a carton to a secret place he called ‘Vortex’ It’s a large room with computers and one television – the one he brought. Shakiti kept looking at the place strangely still wondering what he was doing. Just as he wondered, Mike put on a rubber hand-glove, an eyeglass, took a scrawdriver and began to loose one of the computers.
Shakiti drew closer. “Are you now a technician? Hmm.. It suits you” tranquility stretched as Mike completely opened the computer.
Only the television was heard.
“Mike Nelson, for days you have refused to talk to me or tell me what your plans are. What Xup!”
Michael never replied neither did Shakiti said any other thing until he covered the computer after soldering an IC. He surveyed the room from corner to corner with hands on his wa-ist then exhaled deeply.
“Done!” he said dryly almost with boldness.
“Finally, he talks!” Shakiti floated to his front. “Now, tell me the done that has been done”
“This place is like a mass of air and water that spins around very fast. That’s why I call it Vortex” He moved to the computer he opened. “I have just upgraded this computer..”
“For what function?”
Mike touched the computer. “With this now, I can know peoples’ names with nobody telling me”
“Wow! How? Explain”
“If I get a picture of anyone who I don’t know his or her name, and scan it into this computer, it’ll tell me the person’s name and details immediately”
Shakiti admired his intelligence. “This gonna be h-rder than I thought. I guess it’ll be hærd now for people to know that you’re Kira”
“Very soon, I’ll become the God of the new world. I rather die than giving one chance to know that I’m Kira” Michael walked towards the door.
“Even Nelly?” Shakiti smiled.
Michael didn’t reply to that as he stared at him. “Let’s go. Now the story begins” he walked out after locking the place…
There was a voyeur named Gizifa, an inquisitive space scientist, a man at his fifties. He has a place he also called Vortex with super computers and other related space objects. He has read so many books and had so many experiences, so the appearance of the red moon and the story of Kira got him interested. He began to think walking tro and fro in the sanctum. “Kira started after the red moon. Does that mean the moon got something to do with him? If Kira is responsible for the death of these people, how does he kill? Mostly, the dead criminals were announced on the television. Wait.. could it be he kills by just seeing their faces and names? Only God of Death, Shakiti, does that with a book called Death Note according to a popular story. Could the story be real? Does Shakiti exist? Could the red moon bring about the book to the world? My goodness!” he exclaimed aloud and went to one of his computers. He backforwarded from the day of the appearance of the red moon watching the sky of every angle of Gezos City. Little did he observe a material falling from the sky. It looks tiny and reddish due the color of the moon. “What’s that?” he paused and zoomed it, Lo and behold, the Death Note visible to his eyes. “Oh my God!” he exclaimed then observed the area it fell. It was at no other place than the residence of Mr Nelson. He rushed out….

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