The Red Moon

THE RED MOON (Episode 6)

(A new world)
Episode 6

Lucky went home that night with a heart full of qualm but at the same time a bit happy coz Vera actually wanted to k-ss him. His main focus was on his friend, Michael, who was announced to be Kira by a strange man. He kept thinking about it. “Is Michael Kira?” he thought. The only way to find out would be the death of Gizifa which he looked forward to see and hear.
On the other hand, Michael laid quietly on the bed thinking about the wh0le thing while Shakiti ate banana before him. If a person should come into the room, he or she would only see the banana floating in the air without knowing that a hand is holding it.
As the quietness lingered, Shakiti said with a deep scary voice. “Are you gonna kill that old meteorologists?”
“Yes, he must die otherwise he gonna prove to the police that I’m Kira” Michael sat up on the edge of the bed.
“Then your friend will know that you’re Kira. Or are you gonna kill him too?”
He didn’t reply to that as he thought silently. Suddenly, a knock came from his door. He took the banana from Shakiti then hold it as if he was the one eating it. The door opened and Dera entered. Such a visit had not happened in the last few months. Therefore, Mike wondered what she was doing in his room by that time of the night.
“Any problem, Dera?” he went back to the bed.
“I wanna talk to you about my boyfriend” she replied standing before him.
“Yes” she sat beside him on the bed as she brought out her phone to show him the boyfriend’s image. “His name is Henry Lambert. I love him so much, I can give my life for his sake, but I’m worried” she frowned.
“Why?” Michael found his voice as he stared at the sister coz he never believed she would tell hI’m such a thing.
“My heart tells me he’s a.. a.. ” she swallowed hærd. “Nevermind” she stood up and went out sadly. She believed Henry was into illegal act that fetches him money, so she needed someone to share her feelings, which, obviously, was what she wanted to tell her brother.
Michael became mute staring at the door through which she left, he couldn’t explain the act exhibited by his sister. As he wallowed in thought, Shakiti took the banana from his hand. “Somebody’s head wants to explode” he mocked happily.
As Lucky waited to hear the news about the death of Gizifa, so as Michael was on his way to Vertex to eliminate criminals who would be announced on the television and at the same time kill Gizifa.
He opened the secret vertex, scan in Gizifa’s image on the computer which brought out his full details; Name: Gizifa Donas
Age: 54
City: Gezos city, etc
As Michael looked at the details, a breaking news came from the television where criminals who were caught the previous night were showed with their names tagged below them. Instantly, Michael zipped his shoe opened, brought out a page of the Death Note and began to write their names as fast as possible as if he was pushed by an unknown force. He looked at the last name on the television screen, it was Henry Lambert, he paused when he realized it was Dera’s boyfriend. He could also remember how she said she loves him, so he couldn’t bring himself to write his name on the Death Note. He became weak.
Shakiti laughed from behind. “You don’t wanna write the name of the last person because he’s your sister’s boyfriend. A god is not partial” he concluded.
“But a god does what pleases him”
“Sure, but that might be the falling of the god. Don’t you realise that people will like to know why he didn’t die among the criminals If you decide not to kill him? When they finally pass through his profile and discover that your sister is his girlfriend, all hands will point at you. Remember, you’ve been suspected by Gizifa already who will, in no time, broadcast it to the world. Still on still, if you kill him, your friend gonna suspect you” Shakiti laughed.
Hearing all that, Michael became confused. He didn’t find it funny at all. What would he do next?

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