The Red Moon

THE RED MOON (Episode 8)

(A new world)
Episode 8

Mike just had to make the promise otherwise becomes suspicious in the eyes of his sister, Dera. Therefore he remained calmed trying to avoid the annoying laughter of Shakiti from behind. He wondered what always makes him laugh when things should be taken serious. He gradually disengaged his sister from his body and walked out to the sitting room where he saw Vera still moody with hands folded. He stared at her silently before proceeding to the door of his own room. At the grabbing of the doorknob, a doorbell sounded from downstairs, he looked at Vera.
“Go check who’s at the door” he instructed her then refused to enter into the room. All his mind went to Lucky. He must be the one pressing the doorbell. How would he prevent him from talking carelessly in the house especially now their father is at home? And he will talk about nothing but the story of Gizifa and Kira making references to him as Kira. Michael exhaled listening to footsteps that approached from the staircase.
Shakiti noticed the fear in him and giggled aloud. “I told you to kill him too, didn’t I?” he gro-ned. “Oh, I forgot, still in the atmosphere of snubbing me until you carryout your plans on your friend. Hmm.. let me relax and watch the upcoming show first”
Quietness took over the room. Only the footsteps from the staircase could be heard, it gradually began to die down until Vera came in with Lucky following closely from behind. He stood at a distance staring at Michael, neither did Mike wink his eyes as he stared back at him. Meanwhile, Vera had made way for them looking at both from a cushion. She couldn’t understand why they were quiet. It’s unlike them!
“It’s obvious now, Mike” Lucky broke the silence.
“What’s obvious?” he returned the question sarcastically.
“Don’t pretend as if you don’t know what I’m talking about”
“I have no idea of you speak, Lucky”
Lucky briskly took a step forward. “Gizi..” he became interrupted by a breaking news displayed on the television, so all, including Vera watched and listened to a female journalist broadcast the news thus: IT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED THAT KIRA IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATH OF GIZIFA DONAS WHO WAS FOUND DEAD ON HIS WAY TO THE POLICE STATION. ACCORDING TO CHRISTIANA, HIS WIFE, HE WAS GOING TO REVEAL WHO HE SUSPECTED TO BE KIRA. NO DOUBTS KIRA KILLED HIM.
Lucky and Mike looked at each other again, yet didn’t say anything. It seemed more like they were communicating with their eyes then mouth.
Vera looked at them again. “So Kira now kills anyone who tries to reveal his identity” she broke the silence.
“Yes, and Kira must be very wicked to do that” Lucky glared at Mike waiting for what he would say.
“I just made a promise to Dera that I must capture Kira who murdered her boyfriend, and I’m not gonna stop until I fulfill my promise” he finally said.
“Yes, Lucky” he turned and finally clutched the doorknob. “Why did you come, Lucky?” his voice echoed from his room.
“I came to watch the breaking news with you, Mike!” Lucky replied dryly. His voice sounded more like there were still unspoken serious conversation between them which, of course, Vera noticed.
“Okay, see you in school tomorrow!”
“Tomorrow we shall see!” he glanced at Vera uncharacteristically as he found his way out of the building.
Nelly, Michael’s girlfriend, was tall, beautiful and smart. She had kept the incident that happened in her apartment in mind wondering how those who wanted to take advantage of her died after which Michael arrived. The conclusion was that Kira killed them but how did Kira know about the incident? Michael and the police were the only one aware. Could Mike be Kira? She wondered.
She could be seen walking in the campus wearing a trouser, a black jacket over a white top and carrying some books in her hands. On her face were a pair of transparent eyeglasses. Though she was in the same school with Michael but different departments. She met Lucky under an ornamental tree looking unhappy.
“Hey, Lucky” she stood beside him.
“Hey, Nelly” he replied without a glance at her.
“You look worried. Or is it about the latest news in town, I mean Kira and his killings?”
“What do you think?”
“I think it’s good. I wish to know who this Kira is coz he saved me from sc-mbags”
Lucky looked at her. “Was Mike there?” he asked suspiciously.
“Yes, immediately they died, he came in” she replied.
That gave Lucky more prove that Michael was Kira. So he couldn’t wait to see him as they agreed.
Nelly became surprise at his question. She asked if he had seen Mike, but the answer was negative. Even Lucky made her understand that he was waiting for him too.
Suddenly, both sighted him coming from the school gate. Students were also trooping in and out.
“That’s him coming” Nelly smiled admiring his handsomeness.
Michael wore a plain trouser, a long sleeve shirt which he tucked in. On his feet were black shiny shoes and on his back was his usual bag without any book in it.
Just as they watched him, students began to run helter and skelter, shouting at the same time. In such situations, they believe that cultists were trying to kill someone. Truly, that was what happened; two students were shot dead at the gate.
Due to the crowd of people running, Michael was nowhere to be found again, even when everything seemed to be over. Nelly and Lucky tried calling his line but was switched off. They became worried.
Meanwhile, more investigation has been carried out on the death of Gizifa. It was discovered that he entered into his Vertex, drove out and came back before he died the next day. Policemen went through his computers and sitelights to see the death note as an object that fell down from the sky on the last day of the appearance of the red moon. Mr Nelson was there, so they all looked amazed. Of course they knew how the book is used, and there was no other person who would be using the book except Kira.
They all drove striaght to the location where the book fell only to discover that it was around the residence of Mr Nelson, then all stared at him suspiciously. There were five policemen. The sound of their siren brought the twins out to know what was happening. There stood at the door watching on how the policemen stared at their father.
“Sir, it seems the book fell around here” one of the men said looking at Mr Nelson.
“Yes, then look for it” he replied.
“Sir, you and I know that the book has been picked already”
“Well,” Mr Nelson spread his hands. “I never saw the book neither did any of my children see it” he called on the twins who arrived instantly. “Did any of you pick any book or note book at this arena on the last day of the red moon?” he asked them.
Dera shook her head negatively. “No” she finally said.
Just then, Vera remembered seeing Michael through the window picking something on that last day of the red moon….

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