The Red Moon

THE RED MOON (Episode 9)

(A new world)
Episode 9
© Bright Daniel

Still in front of Mr Nelson’s residence, in the atmosphere of inquisitiveness, suspension and clarification. No doubt any of the members of Nelson’s family knew about the book but who could that be?
Dera shook her head negatively again which partially proved that she had no knowledge of the book, then all stared at Vera, the twin sister, to clarify herself too. Of course she saw her brother, Michael, picking something on the last day of the red moon but didn’t have the courage to tell the police. Rather she asked, “What book is that?”
“It’s a Death Note” Laman, next in command to Mr Nelson in the force replied. His investigating skills was perfect and reliable. He had carried a lot of investigations positively. His physical appearance has the ability to let one know how serious he is with his job which was one of the reasons Vera relented in telling them about seeing Mike picking something on that day. Now that Mr Nelson has, in one way or the other become a suspect, Laman has taken charge.
“Death Note?” Vera repeated thoughtfully.
“Yes, Death Note” Mr Nelson, the father, interfered. “Have you heard about the story of Shakiti?”
“Yes, Dad!” Dera’s voice came clearly. “Shakiti, the God of death who kills by just writing a name on a book called.. called.. the.. death.. note” the voice slowly went down at the calling of the note coz she was beginning to understand the reality of the story. “Dad, is the story real?” she quiried.
“Yes, Dera, a meteorologists called Gizifa discovered the falling of the note at this region before he was killed by Kira. No doubt Kira is using the note to kill”
“Oh my God!” Dera glanced at her sister.
Verything became clear to Vera coz she remembered again how Lucky and Michael reacted to the breaking news on Gizifa’s death the previous day. She also remembered how strange the brother had been behaving for the past months, then concluded that he was the one who picked the book, hence, he’s Kira!!
She looked at Laman. “Sir, there is no such book here. Moreover, the book must have fallen on the road where someone else might have picked it, so… ” she shrugged her shoulders up with hands spread sideways.
The father took over from her. “Officer Laman, she just told you the truth. To clear your doubts, you can search the house and even the exterior premesis”
“Thank you for the permission, sir” Laman ordered two other policemen – one searched the interior while another the exterior.
All watched silently on how they searched everywhere, which in the process, Dera went closer to her father and held him round the wa-ist emotionally. He patted her back to assure her that everything would be fine. His mind also went to his son, Michael, but couldn’t believe Mike must have found the book, hence became Kira. No.
Suddenly, the men returned. The one who searched around the exterior came back with a small pendulum bob.
“I found this” he handed it to Laman.
After taking a good look at the bob, he said looking at the family. “Do any of you know what this thing is?”
“No” Mr Nelson replied while the daughters shook their head negatively.
Laman tried to know if the bob can be opened. After rubbing fingers on it hærdly, it cracked opened in the presence of all, then he saw an image of a baby. He closed it back immediately and looked up at Mr Nelson. “Where’s your son, sir?”
“At school, any problem?”
“Were you told he was seen at the crime scene of one Nelly Horb whom he claimed to be his girlfriend?”
“Of course I’m a police officer, I knew about it; the men who wanted to take advantage of the girl was killed by Kira”
“Hmmm..” Laman thought for a while. “Please, let your son know that we will like to see him” he put the bob in his pocket.
“Sure, don’t forget I’m with you on this quest of knowing who Kira is. As far as I’m concerned, Kira must be brought to justice and executed”
“Yes sir” Laman gave a weird smile as they proceeded out the premesis.

To be continued

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